Driving Pt 1: COOL MOM with Jinkx Monsoon S2 E16

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • While teaching Kami how to drive, Jinkx prefers to teach him what NOT to do. Just like her mom taught her--it's a Monsoon tradition.
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Comments • 94

  • youdon'tneedtoreadthis

    it's ridiculous that unhh is more successful than this. outrageous. jinkx is the best thing that has come out of drag race so far.

  • Brittany Hall
    Brittany Hall Month ago

    Y'all notice some videos the cars were going backwards, one clip was a rollercoaster 😂

  • heyitsbubby
    heyitsbubby Month ago

    you don't need to drive in sf

  • Ryan Wright
    Ryan Wright Month ago +2

    Not gonna lie, that is *exactly* how my mom taught me to drive too. And how she still behaves anytime I’m driving her anywhere. It’s a nightmare, but somehow I still love her

  • dimXlights
    dimXlights Month ago

    I was who was kamikaze and I am on season 5 and I spoiled who won for myself.

  • patak daca
    patak daca Month ago +1

    Detox being on the other side of a driving accident is a good look.

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Month ago

    Did they survive? Could they survive???

  • Tyler Saint Tyler
    Tyler Saint Tyler Month ago +2

    Are these two on Instagram? I couldn’t find them!

  • Lucca Q
    Lucca Q Month ago +2

    I've watched these all on WOW+ but they're so good I come back here for seconds.

  • Quasar Quasar
    Quasar Quasar Month ago +1

    1:56 they hit bianca del rio 😂

  • Slim Dickens
    Slim Dickens Month ago

    i love this show, keep it up! jinkx is so great

  • Brian W
    Brian W Month ago

    Kami could GET it!

  • cem freio
    cem freio Month ago

    Best drag ever

  • S. Ewasiuk
    S. Ewasiuk Month ago

    Love when Jinkx screams/yells.

  • lik mijnreet
    lik mijnreet Month ago +2

    Don't mean to sound like a perv but that "son" can get it. Damn!

  • Cálin Sorrise
    Cálin Sorrise Month ago

    Her Assistant is gorgeous

  • Antonya Martel
    Antonya Martel Month ago

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  • Robert Sisk
    Robert Sisk Month ago +3

    Plot twist they filmed this before the crime was over the statute of limitations and it just got over that period of time

  • emilio rubio
    emilio rubio Month ago +2

    i love jink and kami

  • Jasno Swarez
    Jasno Swarez Month ago +1

    Hard to survive if you’re already dead inside no?

  • Richieee Petrila
    Richieee Petrila Month ago


  • Neokamatari
    Neokamatari Month ago +1


  • Sergio Melendez
    Sergio Melendez Month ago +5

    Do they survive?

    Will Jinkx ever appear on UNHhhh?

    Why am I asking YYOOOUUUU these questions?

    Find out next week on...COOL...MOM!!

    • Jolan L
      Jolan L Month ago

      I mean the 2nd question was never asked, and Jinkx still hasn’t been on Unhhh.

  • Alexandro
    Alexandro Month ago +6

    I literally look forward to Cool Mom every Monday night after a long work day. Never fails to put a smile on my face. 😭😍😘

  • aesea
    aesea Month ago +18

    i love how this show is becoming more and more chaotic

  • almostsummer
    almostsummer Month ago +21

    Lol did they hit Bianca? 😂

  • Kourtney Peralta
    Kourtney Peralta Month ago

    Lmfaooooo i love this show too much

  • Christy LeDuc
    Christy LeDuc Month ago +7

    Did anyone else catch that the three cars that hit her were driven by Alaska, Detox, and Roxxxy

  • Rubén GoMo Radioboy
    Rubén GoMo Radioboy Month ago +1


  • irishwench333
    irishwench333 Month ago

    I want to like her but I just can't

  • Laura Andrade
    Laura Andrade Month ago +1

    ''It could be a better gig'' haha

  • TheSpaceShrimp
    TheSpaceShrimp Month ago

    Love her.

  • Chuck Carson
    Chuck Carson Month ago +1

    as any other self-respecting gay, I know two things about cars. 1) how to change the 8-track, oops, meant the radio. and 2) how to make heel marks on the ceiling in the back seat

    KESHA Month ago

    the son should do porn

  • Philip Lorenz
    Philip Lorenz Month ago +4

    Learning to drive in San Francisco? Really, queen? One of the most difficult cities to drive in? Or even worse, park. There are buses, cable cars, street cars, and 2 subway systems (or just take Lyft). You don't need to drive, sweetie Funny thing is, I learned how to drive in San Francisco. And the one thing good I can say about it is that if you can drive in San Francisco honey, you can drive anywhere. Pro tip: The curviest street in the world is NOT Lombard St., it's Vermont St., between 20th and 22nd. It's a lot more fun to drive down than Lombard.

  • kitty 's room
    kitty 's room Month ago +1

    isnt jinkx narcoleptic? arent people with narcolepsy not supposed to drive?

    • Brendan Foehr
      Brendan Foehr Month ago

      Legally they're allowed to, but it's a judgment call thing. Same goes for people with Tourettes.

  • sean_cameron
    sean_cameron Month ago

    Up for a mother-son threesome during the driving lesson? Dont worry, a guy gave me roadhead while he was driving and i turned out fine.

  • chris barr
    chris barr Month ago +3

    Get a tesla they self drive as for safety issue jinx is a drag queen I'm sure she's face way harder things than road safety

  • Elysa Rabinowitz
    Elysa Rabinowitz Month ago +1

    I hope they survive!!

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +1

    Kami is so cute...

  • Balázs Berecz
    Balázs Berecz Month ago +12

    Gays are genetically incapable of driving

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago +2

      Remélem viccelsz... (külömben a férjem tök jól vezet)

  • i love all music on the inside

    Every time Jinkx says "Kami" I just hear "Commie"

    • A VC
      A VC Month ago +4

      Lol I think she's just calling him commie at this point

  • Christiania Johnson
    Christiania Johnson Month ago +3

    Wish you guys still lived in Seattle 🌈☔️

  • Erica Marie Lee Pagan
    Erica Marie Lee Pagan Month ago +1

    Wait how did Trixie get a Power Wheels for adults. Like no really how?!!

    • Bmb
      Bmb Month ago

      Erica Marie Lee Pagan honestly same

    • Erica Marie Lee Pagan
      Erica Marie Lee Pagan Month ago

      Dang I need to get my money up lol

    • Karla Downunder
      Karla Downunder Month ago

      And yep, she used to drive it down the streets haha

    • Erica Marie Lee Pagan
      Erica Marie Lee Pagan Month ago

      @Bmb ok I get that but I wanna buy one lol

    • Bmb
      Bmb Month ago +1

      It’s a modified go cart so it’s not technically street leagel but that don’t stop her

  • Raffi Islikaplan
    Raffi Islikaplan Month ago +45

    This web series needs more recognition

  • Daddy AF
    Daddy AF Month ago +19

    Where’s the kitten costume? I thought that was going to be a thing

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago +3

      I wish...

  • Vince O.
    Vince O. Month ago +29

    Kamikaze is low key sexy af. Anyway, why are these being uploaded to TheXvid now?

    • Vie
      Vie Month ago +5

      Who said anything about low key

  • Kellee Jean
    Kellee Jean Month ago +4

    These are great! 😂 I didn’t realize how much PTSD I had from learning to drive from my mom until this triggered me.

  • Celal A
    Celal A Month ago +1

    I want Jinkx to be me aunt for real

  • FaeQueenCory
    FaeQueenCory Month ago +6

    Thats how my dad "taught" me to drive....

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +88

    Tammie Brown really is the gift that keeps on giving

    • Alesh B
      Alesh B Month ago

      @Circe you got me bitch 😂

    • Circe
      Circe Month ago +1

      @Alesh B But the other thing is, there was a reference to Tammie Brown in this with a video clip playing behind her.

    • Alesh B
      Alesh B Month ago +1

      But the thing is, this is jinkx 😂 😂

  • Edía Paff
    Edía Paff Month ago +1

    omg cool mom is so much better then unhhhhh

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      Careful, you're pissing off the gays haha

  • Rider
    Rider Month ago

    She should go on Drag Race Superstars. It's time for a big girl to win.

  • ShrekTheGoodSmoke
    ShrekTheGoodSmoke Month ago +4

    6:09 s5 in a nutshell.

  • ShrekTheGoodSmoke
    ShrekTheGoodSmoke Month ago +29

    Whoever edits these videos NEEDS to get recognised more. The editing is amazing!

  • Nolana BluesBewitch
    Nolana BluesBewitch Month ago +16

    Ooh your “son” is cute!

  • scot j runyon
    scot j runyon Month ago

    It looks like you all are having fun.

  • shantanu panda
    shantanu panda Month ago +104


  • bob smith
    bob smith Month ago +1


  • Alice kross
    Alice kross Month ago

    i love this