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Jim Harbaugh makes his return to Colin's show | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

  • Published on Feb 5, 2016
  • Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and Colin Cowherd redeem themselves after their first awkward encounter. Check out the full interview.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics, and co-host Kristine Leahy will bring you the latest breaking sports news.
    Jim Harbaugh makes his return to Colin's show | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
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Comments • 163

  • Chris Dardar
    Chris Dardar 2 months ago

    My lord harbaugh has no personality. Probably egomaniac too. How long will michigan continue to pay his high salary losing to Ohio St and/or Penn St every year????

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago

    I wonder what % of women are giving these jobs bcuz they’re the best candidate or they just need a women for the sake of having a women?

  • swag 1one
    swag 1one 4 months ago

    Is it me or does Harbaugh sound like Brad Hamilton from Fast Times @ Ridgemont High.

  • swag 1one
    swag 1one 4 months ago

    If none of u can tell the difference between Jim Harbaug & his brother John (Ravens H.C) in the way they speak & interview, you all are idiots. It's so obvious, Jim looks like he has effects of taking a few hits as a QB in the NFL.

  • 70hoovie
    70hoovie 5 months ago

    Is Harbaugh on the spectrum?

  • jimmy5634
    jimmy5634 5 months ago

    And we all know how things have turned out for Harbs.
    Cowturd is a Harbaugh fan-boy. Bad look for you Cowturd.

  • 7Roeth
    7Roeth 6 months ago

    Why does Harbaugh do interviews? Money? Are they obligated?

  • Matt Polzkill
    Matt Polzkill 6 months ago

    More awkward than the first one! lol

    • Matt Polzkill
      Matt Polzkill 5 months ago

      @Wanneka Peak Just two very weird dudes, haha

    • Wanneka Peak
      Wanneka Peak 5 months ago

      Yea colin just jerking him off in this one

  • wjatube
    wjatube 6 months ago

    Over his three-year career at UM Rashan Gary accounted made 136 total tackles and 10 sacks. That's 3 sacks per season....and he thinks he's going in the first round. Wow.

  • Jon Brooks
    Jon Brooks 9 months ago

    When did Harbaugh turn into a kook. He didn't always sound like this during interviews.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      Jon Brooks
      Psychotic...I'm serious.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      Fred Jaminson
      Yep we're all really scared.

    • Fred Jaminson
      Fred Jaminson 7 months ago

      Fear Michigan Football Folks. No one has more wins. Period.

  • MegaSteven011
    MegaSteven011 Year ago +2

    I only watch for kristine

  • Caleb Shuler
    Caleb Shuler Year ago

    Meyer wouldn't sleep over at Garys

  • Caleb Shuler
    Caleb Shuler Year ago

    He said no one's won more, lol

  • HOF_Coach Tim Mendoza

    Harbaugh better step up his recruiting efforts or he's gonna bring Michigan's winning tradition down.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      HOF_Coach Tim
      What winning tradition is it you are speaking of?
      The one without a National Championship in twenty years?

  • Ten Second BuickGN


  • rick rock
    rick rock Year ago

    Jim is crazy. ..

  • omieg89
    omieg89 Year ago

    I’m a buckeye fan but have to admit that Harbaugh seems like a very nice guy.

  • Matthew Moscotto
    Matthew Moscotto Year ago

    Damn Christine could get it....

  • Jeff Porcaro Groove
    Jeff Porcaro Groove Year ago +4

    Colin's need to sit so much higher than his guests says A LOT! Kristine is way too hot to be on this show...what's her deal? She is...yummy!

  • Dragga
    Dragga Year ago +2

    Between Kristine and Charissa, Fox Sports knows the TV game.

    • Tw1
      Tw1 6 months ago

      Joy Taylor too. Mmmm

  • Nick Garcia
    Nick Garcia Year ago

    i like this show because they talk about more than the gsw lebron and the cowboys. and im a warrior and cowboys fan lol

  • a name
    a name Year ago


  • TheKingbron6
    TheKingbron6 2 years ago +2

    Kristine just had to walk by showing off the cakes

  • fooloof
    fooloof 2 years ago

    Kristine has cankles. Shocking, but true!!

  • Hayden Koplow
    Hayden Koplow 2 years ago

    Does Fox make Leahy wear that? Embarrassing.

  • andre silva
    andre silva 2 years ago +13

    Man the 49ers miss this guy!

  • Seth Cost
    Seth Cost 2 years ago +111

    Kristine walking on set was the best part of this vid

  • Buck NVTZ
    Buck NVTZ 2 years ago

    Colin you are a little whiny suck a$$! Harbaugh is an idiot and he was the first video! Stand your ground Harbaugh is a booger eating chump! Don't kiss his a$$ just to get another interview. Have some integrity!

    • Dan Doyle
      Dan Doyle Year ago

      Doug Rudasill tjme to quit watching long interviews of people you dont like. Only coach to win college coach of year and nfl coach of year awards.

  • Duke Moose
    Duke Moose 2 years ago +2

    JIm talking about players with great academic standing. Try looking for that in the SEC, and in particular at UAT at Tuscaloser with Little Nicky Satan. Just a bunch of thugs collecting down in the south. They don't know what good academic standing means.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      Nobody gives a rats behind about your academics pal.
      Get a real coach and win some football championships.

    • Duke Moose
      Duke Moose 2 years ago

      UAT THUGVILLE Penal Colony

    • papa skanku
      papa skanku 2 years ago

      USC doesn't know what it's like to win a game, AND all your women are sucking us off here in T TOWN

  • Duke Moose
    Duke Moose 2 years ago

    Just love ole Harbaugh. He is definitely under Little Nicky Satan's skin and in his head.

    • Duke Moose
      Duke Moose 2 years ago

      See where the Ole Piss YOu Tube crowd actually have a site discussing and reviewing how Nicky Satan pimped the officials and stole the game from Ole Piss. This happened to USC as well. Do not let the final score of 52-6 fool anyone. That game with USC was a travesty. This is how the officials work with the SEC. You UAT idiots know this to be true. Ask yourself why Steve Spurrier wanted that SEC title game was moved to Atlants in 1994. The fix is in for UAT and cheating is now the norm for the Thugs from Tuscaloser. You UAT people go and talk to some Ole Piss people. They will tell you that the officiating was terrible and allowed the Crimson Turds to gain a victory in Oxford, MS. The MOOSE has SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • papa skanku
      papa skanku 2 years ago

      +Duke Moose were doing great buddy. much better than a team that will be firing their 4th HC in 3 years. 52-6

    • Duke Moose
      Duke Moose 2 years ago

      Harbaugh is the man. How is the UAT Penal Colony today?

    • papa skanku
      papa skanku 2 years ago

      +Duke Moose your team is a second class citizen that will finish 4 - 8 at best

  • Mike Cangiarella
    Mike Cangiarella 2 years ago +7

    Definitely looked like that delayed walk in was staged lol

  • Go Irish!
    Go Irish! 2 years ago

    Let's be clear - ND has the winning record for now.

  • ryan
    ryan 2 years ago +12

    harbaugh stares into space when he talks

    • DA S
      DA S 2 years ago

      Someone who knows him told me that he is always thinking about 5 different things, a bit weird.

  • Justin Verastigue
    Justin Verastigue 2 years ago +1

    I'm still so pissed that the 49ers let Harbaugh go. He was their best head coach in a long time.

  • bill clinton
    bill clinton 2 years ago

    so awkward

  • Oppressed Panda
    Oppressed Panda 2 years ago

    Jim just seems like all business and doesnt really like shooting the shit.

  • Willie Taggart
    Willie Taggart 2 years ago +16

    I would swallow Kristine's farts on some freaky shit fr

  • thefireshow1
    thefireshow1 2 years ago +2

    Any wolverine can wear any color pants, but it takes a real man,[Urban Meyer] to lead in them. Enjoy your new messiah. Make sure you bow to him every morning. But don't blame him when you loose to Ohio State in the Horse shoe. GO BUCKS.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      Dan Doyle won any bowl games or conference championships lately?
      Gone to the playoffs? Beaten Ohio State?
      None of the above. Enjoy your Messiah.

    • dilldshs
      dilldshs Year ago +1

      Dan Doyle Ohio State has won something around 13 out of the last 15 games versus Michigan. Michigan has been living in the buckeyes shadow for almost two decades. Just the facts

    • Dan Doyle
      Dan Doyle Year ago

      thefireshow1 eaten any oranges lately?

    • Dan Doyle
      Dan Doyle Year ago

      thefireshow1 thanks to incompetent homer refs.

  • Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38

    I don't know what's with all this crap about the last interview and just putting it on Harbaugh or Cowherd. An interview is a 50/50 thing...... and BOTH we're not good in the first interview. I don't see this one as all 100% uncomfortable. Sure it was a little different at first but both knew they screwed up the first time... and wanted to do a good interview but overall it got Bette. Collin even mentioned how bad he thought he was the first time, giving Jim the Chance to take a shot at him and he didn't. instead they acted like adults, each took 50% of the blame for the first interview and moved on.

  • Brandon Choran
    Brandon Choran 3 years ago

    Colin don't take blame the first interview was all Jim harbaughs fault

  • Logan Mckeage
    Logan Mckeage 3 years ago

    met him

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      Logan Mckeage
      I feel sorry for you.

  • cherokeeweaver
    cherokeeweaver 3 years ago +1

    Jed York is a Dork.

  • Brett kjeer
    Brett kjeer 3 years ago

    Who's got it better than us...Michigan

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      Brett kjeer
      In 2019 I'd have to say Northwestern to name one.
      At least they won their Bowl Game and they have a great coach.

  • Travis Hughes
    Travis Hughes 3 years ago

    Watch out Ohio state he's back!

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young 3 years ago


  • Andrey Kirichenko
    Andrey Kirichenko 3 years ago

    I LOST A HUGE RESPECT when Colin did the interview with Jimbo over at ESPN.. But after this he won me back...

  • TheVikingsCentral
    TheVikingsCentral 3 years ago +65

    Jim didn't even peek at Christine's booty. Laser focus

    • John Van Hof
      John Van Hof Year ago

      I didnt notice lol

    • John Watson IV
      John Watson IV Year ago

      I can't say I could do the same. She's too much to not notice.

    • SXI96
      SXI96 2 years ago +5

      he's smart, his wife would kill him and he knows it haha

    • davd1986
      davd1986 3 years ago

      +TheVikingsCentral Once. Early on.

  • Riptide99
    Riptide99 3 years ago +18

    Harbaughs best attempt at acting like a normal human. He must have been exhausted afterwards.

  • Luke Conway
    Luke Conway 3 years ago

    Much better!

  • thefireshow1
    thefireshow1 3 years ago

    Perhaps now, the wolverines will give Urban Meyers Buckeyes at least a good game. GO BUCKEYES...

    • Dan Doyle
      Dan Doyle Year ago +1

      thefireshow1 are you looking at a mirror?

    • thefireshow1
      thefireshow1 2 years ago

      Miles, first thing you can do is repent of your cussing and trust in Jesus Christ. I really believe that there [might] be some really honorable Wolverine fans some where. ....There still is hope for you, GO BUCKS.

    • thefireshow1
      thefireshow1 2 years ago +1

      Typical wolverine fan. Vulgar- f-bomb Ann Arbor representative. That is why beating you guys all these years brings pride back in the game. For years, all your cussing and vulgar filth got rammed down your throats. GO BUCKS, GOD BLESS JIM TRESSEL AND URBAN MEYER.

    • thefireshow1
      thefireshow1 2 years ago

      When coach " hair-ball' gets a national championship, then tell me all about him. Come on down to Columbus Ohio, Urban will let you see his 2014 National Championship ring. Ping-a-ling that, GO BUCKS.

    • thefireshow1
      thefireshow1 2 years ago

      Uh, looks like you love the past also, huh? That's good, that's good, history teaches us many things. Ohio State vs Michigan, aaahhhh, the greatest college football rivalry of all time. I live for this game, GO BUCKS.

  • Da Tube
    Da Tube 3 years ago

    A 4-star guy just committed to Penn State and Harbaugh is already packing his jammies and toothbrush.

  • S Le
    S Le 3 years ago

    not as good as the first interview... Jim was trying too hard to be nice/entertaining. Colin was the same though, gj Colin.

  • TheDaytonDragon
    TheDaytonDragon 3 years ago +4

    Cowherd has crazy eyes at 3:10.

  • timomomomo
    timomomomo 3 years ago

    Congratulations Colin. It only took the Mikes and Lebatard one take.

  • DrunkenIrishBasterd
    DrunkenIrishBasterd 3 years ago

    Where's the one word answers Jim......... :P

  • Cole S
    Cole S 3 years ago

    Low energy guy, not very fun, not a good guest

  • bustdetector
    bustdetector 3 years ago +52

    Kristine please sit on my face

  • Rojo of Va
    Rojo of Va 3 years ago +4

    I am a Colin guy, and a huge Harbaugh guy, this was a healing moment.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      Rojo of Va
      For me too, laughter is the best medicine...what a clown show.

    BLAMEPAULCLUB 3 years ago

    Respect from Seattle

  • David Laughlin
    David Laughlin 3 years ago +2

    Not a Cowherd fan but respect to him for owning up to the fact that he wasn't good and coming up with a much better interview this time.

  • Cyclone11
    Cyclone11 3 years ago +5

    This interview was still pretty awkward. He's just not a good interviewee. Fantastic coach, though.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      He's neither.
      Ask some Michigan fans in 2018.
      62-39 Bahahahahahahaha

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 3 years ago

    Gooodddd damm that ass !!

  • Grant
    Grant 3 years ago


  • KN Byam
    KN Byam 3 years ago +47

    You can tell Jim Harbaugh is trying his best to sound interesting because of that dreadful interview he had last year with Colin.

    • Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38
      Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38 3 months ago

      @swag 1one swag, read what I just wrote above. That could be just how he always was. I hate doing speeches in front of big crowds or just groups in general. People always told mean "The more you do it, the more comfortable you'll be" but I still got nervous. I still got super uncomfortable. Jim Harbaugh is just like that. He can't be something he's not

    • Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38
      Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38 3 months ago

      @KN Byam How do you know that's just how he is? His personality. You can't blame him if he's just not a person comfortable with interviews. Just because he's a coach doesn't mean that his personality will suddenly change. If a person is a bit awkward and reserved or an introvert or just uncomfortable with interviews, that won't change. Especially when The media has their own agenda

    • swag 1one
      swag 1one 4 months ago

      @Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38 no. Harbaugh's is absolutely awful. I'm sorry. He's always been that way. The guy interviewing is leading & asking open ended questions & Harbaugh just sucks. He's slow, not clever @ all. How he's got two jobs as HC I have no idea.

    • swag 1one
      swag 1one 4 months ago

      Jim Harbaugh's has never sounded interesting & I agree w/Colin, that's part of the reason Harbaugh's didn't last as a head coach in San Francisco. His speaking is awful. How he recruits @ Michigan is perplexing.

    • KN Byam
      KN Byam 3 years ago +1

      @Geeked-OutTurtlesFan36 Yes. But I listened to the radio interview live. Colin asked some straight forward questions. He was completely disinterested. Its probably just his personality and there's nothing wrong with that. Bill Belichick is not a great interview but people say he's the exact opposite in person.

  • lutherheadfan
    lutherheadfan 3 years ago +1

    Great interview, what a relief haha

  • L
    L 3 years ago +4

    Listen, Christine's got a great ass. But wtf is with her facial expressions during this whole interview... and besides doing the news, WHY the fuck is she on this show that is supposedly guy talk-sports show. I've been watching Colin slowly transform from liking her to getting annoyed every time she opens her mouth, maybe Colin should break it to her and say: Christine, the audience likes you just from seeing you, you don't need to open your mouth or do anything but look good, thanks.

    • Michael P
      Michael P 3 years ago

      Colin's reaction to Christine at 4:05 sums it up.

  • phaedris
    phaedris 3 years ago +9

    I think the switch from San Francisco to Michigan has been a good one for Harbaugh. He doesn't have the stress of an acrimonious relationship with management like he had in San Fran. At Michigan he has a more favorable situation, and with Michigan being his alma mater, he has a newfound sense of inspiration, enthusiasm, and energy. I fully expect Michigan to be on par with Alabama, competing for National Championships in the very near future.

    • swag 1one
      swag 1one 4 months ago

      Yes, hilarious comments. Still waiting. Michigan hasn't even come close to winning anything. Save it. Harbaugh needs to take a speaking course. He looks like he's a big 12 yes old speaking. He's just awful. I'm sorry.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago +1

      Two years later and these replies are hilarious.
      The buffoon hasn't won anything and got embarrassed by the Buckeyes and Florida with " his best team" since arrived.

    • randomabilideze209
      randomabilideze209 3 years ago +6

      +Caligrown92511 i doubt it san Francisco owner and gm are retarded so disappointed in them for firing harbaugh Michigan knows theres not many elite coaches like him dumbass SF Jed

    • Caligrown92511
      Caligrown92511 3 years ago +1

      Lets just hope Michigan doesn't do the same once they have years of success like San Fran

    • Caligrown92511
      Caligrown92511 3 years ago +4

      He had the same amount of energy when he entered San Fran but all of the sudden success got to the front office (Jed York & Trent Baalke) they got ahead of themselves and too cocky sadly, thought they could get all the credit and run the team themselves by firing Jim and hiring a puppet. Little did they know, half of the team were going to leave and retire.

  • Blake Walker
    Blake Walker 3 years ago +1

    AAAAWWWWW. This is so cute. Good to see that Jim didn't show up stoned this time.

  • Richard Alain Butler
    Richard Alain Butler 3 years ago

    Fuck me sideways, Christine is fire.

  • Sam Sayabalian
    Sam Sayabalian 3 years ago +85

    Christine is 50x hotter than Molly IMO

  • Adam Ausaw
    Adam Ausaw 3 years ago

    Lol this is so great. I'm glad there were no hard feelings. I guess harbaugh just always sounds like that!!

  • Michael P
    Michael P 3 years ago +10

    LMFAO! at Colin's reaction at 4:05!

    • MrBgood84
      MrBgood84 3 years ago +1

      + Michael P. Good eye man that shit had me dying over here... for a split second he really looked like he was about to blow a gasket.

    • Tony Snell
      Tony Snell 3 years ago +1

      Hahaha he looked at Christine and was gona say what impersonation

  • Harsh Bhavsar
    Harsh Bhavsar 3 years ago +3

    love harbaugh and now colin!

  • Dennis Lainfiesta
    Dennis Lainfiesta 3 years ago +20

    dat ass doe not bad for a white girl... very nice

      BLUE3Y3TRAGIC 3 years ago +8

      +Dennis Lainfiesta how about the kids?They have great GPAs for black boys

    • Tony Snell
      Tony Snell 3 years ago +1


  • BorderCity Bandit
    BorderCity Bandit 3 years ago +6

    Hey Colin , Have you sampled the goods of that Hot Blonde sitting next to you, My Lord she's smoking.

    • jimmy5634
      jimmy5634 5 months ago

      BorderCity Bandit
      You must be joking. Cowturd is way too busy thinking how cool he has for that nonsense.

  • Gavin501Anderson
    Gavin501Anderson 3 years ago +1

    Good interview but it's true that harbaugh is a bit off lol

    • bill feehan
      bill feehan 3 years ago

      +urmomspubes When you are really good at something you are just Eccentric. lol