Who Upset Reviewbrah??

  • Published on Oct 24, 2018
  • Now you've done it TheXvid Community, you've gone and upset Reviewbrah and this is why.
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Comments • 503

  • Ishak Adriansyah
    Ishak Adriansyah 13 days ago

    thanos chin

  • zackcreator14
    zackcreator14 17 days ago

    I forget about actual good content channels like daym sometimes, Im back bro

  • James
    James 27 days ago

    Your whole channel is still nothing but food reviews, guess you don’t take your own advice 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻

  • Tony Quigley
    Tony Quigley 2 months ago

    I'd love to meet someone who could EVER name 2 or 300 friends ... in real life! wtf? I've got about 5 friends

  • Nate Cimino
    Nate Cimino 4 months ago

    Daym, you know what you're doing. You're chasing Reviewbruh. He's beating you in the numbers and it hurts your feelings. You're trying to 'encourage' him to leave the review game behind. Reviewbruh is more clever than you give him credit for. He knows what youre doing too.

  • joey labranche
    joey labranche 4 months ago

    I dont know if this man have kids but if he does im sure he is a good father.This is the kind of advice i would like to get from my father.

  • The Lob Mob
    The Lob Mob 4 months ago

    That's what happened with me Daym; I started off on this channel playing games & doing game (& game related) commentary... it was fun, it was a hobby... but then the viewership started booming & the offers started rolling in like crazy! I grew up in the arts & over my lifetime I have developed many talents & a channel like this where the subscriber base demands you to chase info & be *first* to respond to 'breaking news' & the latest happenings is total opposite to my talents and passions outside of youtube (or THIS channel in particular). These people don't know you, but they act like they do... they see you as this one dimensional being, as if your entire life revolves around what you do on your channel... In my case, I'm a creative soul.. I play instruments, I write, I sing, I perform, I create art.. *I could NEVER do any of these things on THIS channel.* That is why I have abandoned this channel altogether as far as new uploads. But yeah Daym, I learned the hard way that human beings love to put you in a box... it sucks.

  • Nappy X Eats
    Nappy X Eats 5 months ago

    Thanks for that advice.

  • Ray W Penn Jr
    Ray W Penn Jr 5 months ago

    Idk yet think maybe he's getting into the personal comment trap the yt angry joe he said it got so bad he needed a vacation but I know yt rurikhan didn't let it play him that much either since he's got more family now

  • Kenneth Mobley
    Kenneth Mobley 5 months ago

    Yo daym drops if u could I would really appreciate if u added me on xbox bro my gamertag is GetDemRacksKent

  • Dhimonic
    Dhimonic 5 months ago


  • piccalo75
    piccalo75 5 months ago

    Well said brother . Live you're own life don't worry about pleasing others . There will always be haters don't worry about them !! Just live a good fruitful life do it for you and those that matter family friends and loved ones 😊✌️💯 Daym been watching you for years love your heart brother make sure you take care of it lol

  • Jonathan Bang
    Jonathan Bang 5 months ago

    Wise words 'DAYM'.

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H 5 months ago

    Every creator should watch this.

  • Ryan Hastings
    Ryan Hastings 5 months ago

    dont even know you but based off of this video im subscribing

  • Vazzaroth
    Vazzaroth 6 months ago

    You should try to get on Celebrity Big Brother, man. You got a real level head on your shoulders. I'd love to see you on there!

  • DJ Peterson
    DJ Peterson 6 months ago

    Nice vid Daym Drops. Review Brah has elevated beyond food reviews. I seriously think he could do anything and people would still watch. He's not just a man - he's the myth... the legend... the meme. I don't see how anyone would stop supporting him now.

  • Anders Frøyen
    Anders Frøyen 6 months ago

    1:20 this is very true, i'm not from the states and don't have access to any of the things reviewbrah actually reviews. I've been to a Mcdonalds, or any similar chain, like twice lol

  • Anthony Fernelius
    Anthony Fernelius 6 months ago

    Cant wait for the new season of Tosh5.0

  • snydesy
    snydesy 6 months ago

    LoL...Drama for the weak..
    Grow up

  • shahram72
    shahram72 6 months ago

    Daym Drops, yes, we watch for your food reviews, but we also watch for your personality. Otherwise, there are plenty of boring food reviews out there.

  • Jon Menard
    Jon Menard 6 months ago

    you are just butt hurt... no one wants to follow you...

  • John R
    John R 6 months ago

    You sir are a good person Liked subbed

  • sirr whatsittoya
    sirr whatsittoya 6 months ago

    why am I now just seeing this?

  • Eggy McBiscuit
    Eggy McBiscuit 6 months ago +1

    Well you've earned a sub from me, just from your wise words. Best of luck.

  • Floridabum1
    Floridabum1 6 months ago

    Subscribed just for this vid, everything so true

  • ThiefOfBaghdad
    ThiefOfBaghdad 6 months ago

    i love you Daym Drops, i've honestly never watched your videos outside but I shall subscribe, you're a good dude, God bless you :)))

  • Milkman
    Milkman 6 months ago

    People don't watch food reviews for the review, it's for their personalities. Food reviewing is a nothing more than a meme

  • Black Storm
    Black Storm 6 months ago

    Right on bruh. I missed the deadlines to get monetized. I try to put out good content. Someone today told me to do seafood boils. How many channels do that? I am doing what I love and would love to get the accolades. Slowly but surely I will get there. I needed to hear this message. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith 6 months ago

    That is so kind of you to offer this truth to the report of the week. I just discovered you by watching your KFC Chicken and waffles video and I subscribed. I did so because of your personality not because of the food review. I also subscribed to The report of the week when i first discovered him also because of his personality.

  • PRO bong
    PRO bong 6 months ago

    Id really like to sit down drink some beers and smoke a bong hit with you.

  • J. Solano
    J. Solano 6 months ago

    TheXvid or otherwise, this is just some good real life advice. Respect!

  • Tbird2191
    Tbird2191 6 months ago

    Daym Drops...well said! TROTW, try not to let the slings and arrows of this new frontier throw you. 😘💪☝️ to the both of ya!

  • Trey
    Trey 6 months ago

    TheXvid food reviews are srs biznass y'all

  • Emerson Ready
    Emerson Ready 6 months ago

    Great video. Nice to see TheXvidr's looking out for one another. Cheers.

  • Glendon White
    Glendon White 6 months ago

    Daymon...Monday, Wednesday, Friday dog! Great words. God bless.

  • NewportKings69
    NewportKings69 6 months ago

    The 184 people who downvoted this have a baby dick

  • Dhalvid
    Dhalvid 6 months ago

    you tube gives you money if you have a popular vlog... wtf

  • Dhalvid
    Dhalvid 6 months ago

    stop chancing the dragon... woot

  • PutinKills
    PutinKills 6 months ago

    he's being followed, we watching him

  • gd131
    gd131 6 months ago

    just watching and listening to you talk(about anything) gives me hope in life.

  • jondough7777777
    jondough7777777 6 months ago


  • Max Willson
    Max Willson 6 months ago

    100% agree, for the most part, subscribers will just ignore videos they don't want to watch, it's nothing personal.

  • eddyk
    eddyk 6 months ago

    I don't give a damn what Reviewbrah is eating. Half of it I can't buy anyway. I watch it for him and his personality and will watch whatever he puts out.

  • DoS Gaming Network
    DoS Gaming Network 6 months ago

    Amen brother.

  • Matthew Lawton
    Matthew Lawton 6 months ago

    Hey listen man!
    I did, Daym. I did.

  • 2G
    2G 6 months ago

    I've been in a conflict on what I want to do with my youtube channel but now i know just do me and have fun. Thanks big boy

  • princepernell#10
    princepernell#10 6 months ago

    Its not about the food

    MIKE UCCELLO 6 months ago +1

    Who dresses up in a tuxedo and over gels their hair and slicks it back just to go to McDonalds and order a McDouble?

  • Fred Miller Jr
    Fred Miller Jr 6 months ago

    Excellent advice.

  • Nathaniel Jackson
    Nathaniel Jackson 6 months ago

    Wow. Pure wisdom

  • Bakr Hammude
    Bakr Hammude 6 months ago

    Day keep in it real... As usual

  • VerchielxKanda
    VerchielxKanda 6 months ago +1

    I love this inspirational vid!! I know you weren't talking directly to me, but it sure felt like it! Thank you for the kind words of wisdom! ^_^

  • Cornberry
    Cornberry 6 months ago

    I haven’t watched much of ReportOfTheWeek and this is the first time I’ve watched any of your vids. This was such wise advice for anyone out there and not just content creators. Love the way you said that, so I subscribed.

  • AGT Travis
    AGT Travis 6 months ago

    If I find the content creator entertaining I watch them regardless when I can. I will watch them, even over the "New hotness" guy. If I find a creator entertaining and informative then regardless if they are first or last to what ever content I will watch that creator. I might not have time to watch every video and like every video but if I see a video on a week end or while I am browsing TheXvid from a creator I know I like I will watch.
    My wifes a content creator on Twitch and she struggles every day with seeing her views drop because she isn't playing the hot title the mass of her viewers want her to play. But after the last few months she has slowly built a variety viewership that follow her game to game.
    Great video, great points.

  • Nick Jarrett
    Nick Jarrett 6 months ago +1

    ive been recommended this video for a week and thought it'd be a rotw bashing video but turns out its a hearty inspirational video that i really wasnt expecting, respect to you for this video

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 6 months ago

    You are 2:30 and still haven't made your point. Make your point early then supportive info to support your subject.

  • eddy1367
    eddy1367 6 months ago

    Listen to this guy!!!!!
    He knows his Sh!t...

  • J. F. T.
    J. F. T. 6 months ago

    Such a great video and such wise and inspiring words. Respect.

  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas 6 months ago

    Wow very thought provoking video. 🤔

  • Corey Marshall
    Corey Marshall 6 months ago

    Ooga Booga

  • gman3ful
    gman3ful 6 months ago

    Good Counsil, Brah. - Slob Thomas (food interpreter)

  • FattyMcButterPants
    FattyMcButterPants 6 months ago

    Where is his video

  • themcfaceman
    themcfaceman 6 months ago

    great advice, thank you. Just getting started in this game and it's rough

  • King Hernia
    King Hernia 6 months ago

    Somebody verify this man ✔️

  • i'm a great guy!
    i'm a great guy! 6 months ago

    Wise words from big Daym!

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C 6 months ago +4

    Time for a tag team food review!

  • Cody Evans
    Cody Evans 6 months ago +1

    Nice you dropped some legit wisdom and sage advice. You're a class act.

  • Desert Sparrow
    Desert Sparrow 6 months ago

    Unfortunately the TheXvid algorithm really doesn't help. My suggestions is always bombarded with stupid trending vids with interesting titles but I purposely don't click on them cause I'm hard headed. I don't want to be told what to watch.

  • TommyNC2010
    TommyNC2010 6 months ago +7

    That is really inspirational keep doing what you're doing man ignore me I was at Playlist Live

  • Tampa813
    Tampa813 6 months ago

    daymdrops is in the past . Reviewbrah is the future.

  • Mandy Pink
    Mandy Pink 6 months ago

    Daym keeps it real

  • Cody Columbia
    Cody Columbia 6 months ago

    I agree, I don’t give a crap about food reviews. I watch John, for John, and his personality. He is the most innocent, honest, kind hearted creator I’ve ever come across on this site and that is rare. I want to see him happy and having fun and that’s all I care about.

  • jsmith198095
    jsmith198095 6 months ago

    I just want to say thank you for the laughter i really need after a hard day at work.. The food reviews are a plus!! Thank you again.. God bless..

  • Jake Iannarino
    Jake Iannarino 6 months ago

    youre right about everything you said. subscribed.

  • Son Shine
    Son Shine 6 months ago

    You're a good man!
    More like you please 🌞

  • William Pattison
    William Pattison 6 months ago

    Oh, and Daym, I got food poisoning from that damned Nightmare King and ended up losing two days of work because I was puking and had diarea from that burger.

  • William Pattison
    William Pattison 6 months ago

    I've been a TheXvid creator for years. I have at this time 657 subscribers. My videos get on average 20 views. And I don't care. I don't get paid to do commentaries, food reviews, podcasts, vlogs, or even horror film hosting. For me I do all that for myself. Shoot, having my own horror show gives me an excuse to watch old horror films and thus re-initiated my love of those films. So, I say do as you want and if you get large numbers fine. If not don't worry about it. As long as you enjoy what you're doing, that's what matters in the end because your enthusiasm will catch people's eyes.

  • Azn Dynomite
    Azn Dynomite 6 months ago

    That's some real talk, right there. Universal in it's application, not just that TheXvid life.

  • Ninja Greg
    Ninja Greg 6 months ago

    Finally able to catch up a little and must say this video every youtube creator should watch. I thought videos was meant for fun. Thanks for this. 😊

  • Scotty Boy
    Scotty Boy 6 months ago

    REAL TALK G! Best key to happiness advice I've ever heard was to do what you love and find a way to get paid for it.

  • Paint By Monster
    Paint By Monster 6 months ago

    This is such a encouraging video! I'm so glad I clicked to watch this! Thanks so much for saying all of this. Doing "YOU" is such a powerful idea and a help to focus your creative direction on THAT instead of chasing views. Fantastic. I watched all the way through. I wish you were one of my neighbors. Bless you!

  • Tom Boyden
    Tom Boyden 6 months ago

    I'm not a food reviewer and I've never watched a Daym Drops video, I make videos for two channels, damn this was such a well-articulated commentary on chasing the views. Props man.

  • ninjajonnyboi
    ninjajonnyboi 6 months ago

    preach, homie

  • Seven.
    Seven. 6 months ago

    ive always felt review dude has wasted his channels potential. monetary wise.

  • flying cardinal
    flying cardinal 6 months ago

    you will be a great father

  • Cal
    Cal 6 months ago

    Really nice video.

  • Jack Baumann
    Jack Baumann 6 months ago +1


  • piolo1023
    piolo1023 6 months ago

    You sir have gained a new sub

  • Azax
    Azax 6 months ago

    I'm so happy that reviewbrah saw this video

  • pyrobison2002
    pyrobison2002 6 months ago

    I talk shit to RB all the time. His reviews are now stale af and he wants to get all attention seeking and BPD about how he doesn’t want to keep reviewing food? Oh hell no honey you are reviewing Burger King and Little Caesers for the rest of your life, just accept it and do better!

    • pyrobison2002
      pyrobison2002 6 months ago

      Anyhow my point is that BPD is as real as crying over glow-in-the-toilet burgers and between that and reviewing the same items every month I am doing my best to break RB as he has not been responding to my constructive criticisms. I know he had seen my comments as he has shadowbanned me, but that’s okay another ban another account. We’ll smoke him out of his hole and get him onto reviewing Fazolis, Hardees, Quiznos by 2020.

  • Mr.L.A.
    Mr.L.A. 6 months ago

    dang my ninja....do you pluck your eyebrows?

  • Peephole Circus
    Peephole Circus 6 months ago

    Yeah man, TheXvid can get dark if you get too deep in the crap. Ditched my channel for a few years and started back up again just a few months ago just being me. Not chasing views, doing that shortwave stuff and working econo. No more 30 day animating for nothing, real talk. Much much happier for it as well, actually enjoying uploading more than I ever have.

  • Bill Westlund
    Bill Westlund 6 months ago

    I love this video and I love The Report of the Week videos as well no matter what he post's. I have been on here for three years now and have over 900 videos educating people on how to live and function every day with dentures, (it's amazing how many struggle with them) and I am one of those channels that struggles for 3-4-or 500 views on a video. Now I never expected my channel to get to where it is today and never expected to see so many people supporting my type of channel. But I learned one thing that was very important, you can never make everyone happy you just have to do you and let people of like mind follow if they choose, and those that don't want to follow can go somewhere else. Love your channel and thank you for this awesome video.

  • Jerry Briggs
    Jerry Briggs 6 months ago

    I like the way you do the reviews not just the review it self u bring good vibes to the food reviews and make me want to try the foods that u review so I say keep doing it and keep keeping it real Daym Drops 😎👽👍🏼

  • Brandon Long
    Brandon Long 6 months ago

    I only watch 3 food reviewers. Daym, reviewbrah, and Numbersixwithcheese. It's all about personality and how you interact. And you all do so well at that.

  • Brandon Spicer
    Brandon Spicer 6 months ago

    That's why you have a separate channel for separate videos.

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker 6 months ago

    Dude, that was awesome. You are a gentleman. Think the same thing. Learned about John from his food reviews but once I listened to his short radio show, I really began to learn about his real personality and like it. John no doubt shines on his radio problem. In fact, I'd even enjoy more frank discussion from him. He has a great way of speaking and THAT is his real charm. But kudos to you brah, for speaking out on John. Cheers, Mate....

  • Banscotty DP
    Banscotty DP 6 months ago

    Thank you for this old school style video! I miss when youtubers would genuinely reach out to another youtuber through a video. Great words for John. You are absolutely correct with what you are saying. Why do people with thousands of eyeballs watching them think they are failing? It's insane.

  • Christian Dixon
    Christian Dixon 6 months ago

    You guys seriously need to do a video together!