Tony Hawk Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Legendary pro skater Tony Hawk goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about skating in Air Jordan 1s, getting sneaker deals, and the importance of Vans in skateboarding history.
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  • Complex
    Complex  3 months ago +77

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  • Crispy Connor
    Crispy Connor 7 hours ago

    Just take him to a skateboard shop lol

  • Joshua Velazquez
    Joshua Velazquez 14 hours ago

    Damn he's really 50 now

  • Gucci Hucci
    Gucci Hucci 19 hours ago

    Oh o...shoot, the birdman himself

  • Don P the Don
    Don P the Don 4 days ago

    I got those same supremes for 100 bucks from a poser But Tony Hawk just got taxxed at least 5 times that Smh

  • mrpinch oloaf
    mrpinch oloaf 4 days ago +2

    wait so they make money bring famous people to the store to make a video and then make said famous person spend $2500?

  • Jade Dekok
    Jade Dekok 5 days ago

    Lol he’s wearing the same clothes in the vid and the picture shown at 7:00

  • ForestGWolfy Productions

    He aged faster than my clock.

  • Illusive Man
    Illusive Man 10 days ago

    My childhood idol no doubt !

  • William Winn
    William Winn 11 days ago

    I remember I was the 1st kid at my school with a pair of Airwalks probley 1992 or 1993 they where cool as fuck. Then we had the jenco jeans man I miss those times

  • bonzoto the bongolo
    bonzoto the bongolo 12 days ago

    tony gay

  • Aldagusta
    Aldagusta 12 days ago

    He’s my childhood idol, I hope I meet him someday

  • alexajas23
    alexajas23 12 days ago +1

    Lmao they had him do a little interview and didn’t even give him free shoes come on it’s Tony hawk. TONY HAWK!!

  • David Birch
    David Birch 12 days ago

    Get scarlxrd on here

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 13 days ago

    Shoes are so goddam cheap to make smh....value is all in the mind

  • crihhhs
    crihhhs 14 days ago

    stadium goods has the best prices

  • RockabillyPinstriper
    RockabillyPinstriper 14 days ago

    You know you're ripping people off when Tony Hawk is gets sticker shock!

  • The TOP Secret channel

    He should make a shoe called birdhouse/bird shoe.

  • Nikita Yudin
    Nikita Yudin 14 days ago +1

    It's like they're getting most of their money by forcing celebrities buy these overpriced shoes lol

  • Shadows Inc.
    Shadows Inc. 14 days ago +1

    You could see Tony was flabbergasted at how stupid absurdly expensive those shoes were. You can get a decent pair of skate shoes for $40-70, and he knows it. Not to mention coming from the days when you had to fend for yourself, buy your own stuff, and hope for free merch or even flow, let alone a sponsor. Those prices are absurd.

  • Mario Blackmore
    Mario Blackmore 15 days ago

    WTF!! Its. Johan cruyff!!!!!

  • PsychoticLeprachaun
    PsychoticLeprachaun 15 days ago

    over 2500 for 5 pairs of shoes is pretty ridiculous

  • MenAtWork
    MenAtWork 15 days ago

    Goes on a show and makes them tons of money on Ad revenue and still has to pay 3 grand for 5 sneakers.

  • Joshua Keddie
    Joshua Keddie 15 days ago

    $500 sk8 hi's I can't even

  • Wave ferguson
    Wave ferguson 16 days ago

    That beat tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥 5:17

  • Erwin S
    Erwin S 16 days ago

    Why are the prices so high?

  • mr_reddy
    mr_reddy 17 days ago

    Of all the people that have been on this show, he may be one of the richest, and he was relatively shook at the price. I love that

  • It's Alright
    It's Alright 18 days ago

    Finally someone on here who isnt a low class degenerate like those garbage soundcloud rappers

  • Dante Flores
    Dante Flores 18 days ago +6

    Why has supreme not done a photo tee with Tony hawk

    CESEH STYLES 19 days ago

    Tony almost put all thoes shoes back 😂😂😂😂

  • Benson
    Benson 19 days ago

    Normal shoe price: 120$
    Supreme logo on it: +500$

  • Zaki Ramadhani
    Zaki Ramadhani 21 day ago

    oh yes he wore lakai!

  • Cap
    Cap 21 day ago

    Not a single shoe on that list costs anywhere near that much

  • Hiram Camargo
    Hiram Camargo 22 days ago

    Pongan los subtítulos en español perros

  • Luis Crespo
    Luis Crespo 22 days ago +1

    Can u please get the host to ask more guest based questions he asks the same questions every time

  • Deck Dudek
    Deck Dudek 23 days ago

    Sneaker shopping with mr bean

  • Parker Rush Music
    Parker Rush Music 23 days ago +1

    Who else is hungry for McDonald’s Hashed Browns?

  • Doc 777
    Doc 777 24 days ago +1

    Lol they tried shoving supreme down his throat, he was like eeehhh whatever it's just there😂😂😂😂

  • Z E
    Z E 24 days ago

    Tony hawk should go eat a whole food plant based diet so he can skate until he is 80 years old

  • He Man
    He Man 25 days ago

    Yoooooo I know I’m late to the party but they got my guy the bird man 🤯🤯🤯

  • Arya Prastya
    Arya Prastya 25 days ago

    I guess he really ove his family

  • Arya Prastya
    Arya Prastya 25 days ago

    The icon

  • underdogsontop1
    underdogsontop1 25 days ago

    Long time no see!!! I forgot about this guy it's been so long 😯

  • Ricky Rodriguez
    Ricky Rodriguez 26 days ago +1

    I feel like people forget how big Tony Hawk was lol he was literally why I started skating I've been passed those days for a long time but he's truly someone who deserves all the love he gets

  • Irving Baez
    Irving Baez 27 days ago

    Complex sneaky trick: to get celebrities to pay ridiculous prices in order to stay in business

  • DWCannabisgrower
    DWCannabisgrower 27 days ago

    Why you gotta hustle my boy Tony like gypsy snake oil salesmen.

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 27 days ago

    Tony hawk is so old holy crap

  • pulptarantino
    pulptarantino 27 days ago +6

    What a ripoff. No pair of Vans should ever cost $500. Ever. The whole point of this show is whack. Ask rich people questions, then say, “Now is the easy part, spend money!” Then at the end they thank them as if the celebrity just did something great for community or something. This ain’t charity, it’s just really fucking expensive shoes. Lame.

  • King DnD
    King DnD 28 days ago +1

    Only reason thy in business still because of the celebrity’s paying all this money for them😭

  • Maya Gardiner
    Maya Gardiner 29 days ago +13

    Tony was just talking about how he started a brand to make cool affordable clothing for kids and then this place charges him over 2 thousand for some shoes that are only worth like 20

  • Galo Arizaga
    Galo Arizaga 29 days ago

    Why a pair of Van's 500? Tf

  • Eran Noy
    Eran Noy 29 days ago

    I’m pretty disappointed that you forgot to mention that the Nike x supreme blazers are actually Grant Taylor’s pro model 😤😤

  • Yrn Staxkss
    Yrn Staxkss 29 days ago

    Who do skaters seem like cool funny ppl

  • JT Suarez
    JT Suarez Month ago

    Hmmm.. you sure those prices are the same on the market?

  • Sugar Skulls
    Sugar Skulls Month ago

    Birdman!!!!💥🦅 FUCKING LEGEND!!

  • J Stacks
    J Stacks Month ago

    Tony hawk pro skater 3 🔥😎

  • Kza Cacciatore
    Kza Cacciatore Month ago

    Can someone tell me what shoes those are in the top left corner at 5:29 particularly the pink and green ones?

    DR. HUSTLE Month ago

    Anyone noticed that in the blessed event tony hawk went to he is wearing the same outfit that hes wearing in the vid

  • Jonathan Walker
    Jonathan Walker Month ago

    Nyjah Houston goes sneaker shopping

  • 4nus
    4nus Month ago

    Cheapest ones were by far the nicest paha

  • jonathan perry
    jonathan perry Month ago

    Damn how expensive were those vans? At journeys, new vans are like $60.
    Edit: $500 for vans? Oh hell no that’s crazy.

  • Ethan Stahlkopf
    Ethan Stahlkopf Month ago +36

    Tony Hawk needs to be talked about like he's a goat in the sports genre. He's up there with Michael Jordan, Lebron, Babe Ruth, etc. He really did have a whole generation loving to skateboard and introduced so many new people. Tony Hawk is just an all around great person and a beast at skating.

  • Simon Van Liew
    Simon Van Liew Month ago

    Tony is such a fucking nerd tbh

  • CDTV's edgy cousin
    CDTV's edgy cousin Month ago +1

    1:35 *voICe CrACk*

  • MultiTYSON007
    MultiTYSON007 Month ago

    Get nyjah Huston or another street skater on here.

  • X
    X Month ago

    Yo! He got really old. Damn

  • superice1234
    superice1234 Month ago

    he looks like stephen malkmus

  • Br M
    Br M Month ago

    Jordan 1s are the best skate shoe hands down to this day

  • Randy
    Randy Month ago


  • TaylorTyler 728
    TaylorTyler 728 Month ago

    How did I miss this one???

  • Cojo French
    Cojo French Month ago +1

    Looks like a 50 year old computer technician/ legendary skateboarder

  • LegendaryLifts
    LegendaryLifts Month ago

    I like tony , a real dude. Not full of himself , doesn't overly flex like these dumb ass rappers. Good interview.

  • etamlous
    etamlous Month ago

    Can we get Tim Apple, Mark Zuckerberg or Warren Buffet next?

  • Dubbbz Master
    Dubbbz Master Month ago

    $600 for cements?? They wildin

  • Collin Maing
    Collin Maing Month ago

    How dare you charge that much for sneakers...blrrprprpr

  • Marlie Burgess
    Marlie Burgess Month ago

    these prices are such a fucking scam

  • Miguel Rios
    Miguel Rios Month ago

    Damn!! Those new AF1s are tight!!! @

  • Aravindan Balakrishner

    $600 for the cement 4s!!!!!!

  • Draking Bruh
    Draking Bruh Month ago +10


  • Black Lagoon Death Squad

    mcdonalds can suck my dick

  • -. J \
    -. J \ Month ago +6

    Soo your telling me those vans costs 500..ok :-)

  • johnnycage435
    johnnycage435 Month ago +4

    Damn they’re trying to scam Tony hawk lol

  • Matimas
    Matimas Month ago

    2,556 wtf got damn

  • youtube troll 916
    youtube troll 916 Month ago

    Sneaker shopping Kim jon un

  • uwu_nimble san
    uwu_nimble san Month ago

    6ix9isne goes jumpsuit shopping

  • Jerome Segard
    Jerome Segard Month ago

    richer than all the rappers yet doesn't flex as much as them, a lot of respect

  • Mads Hansen
    Mads Hansen Month ago +2

    Supreme making lvl 3 backpacks now?

  • Mads Hansen
    Mads Hansen Month ago

    How could they talk about games and still oversee and not pick up the lvl 3 backpack right behind them ....

  • Formula Page
    Formula Page Month ago +68

    Tony hawk is like the Michael Jordan for the skating community

  • Isic Gonzales
    Isic Gonzales Month ago

    Tony hawk such a goat at skating and being a businessman

  • MoRpH
    MoRpH Month ago

    I haven't seen this man since early 2000s damn....what happened?

  • Rival Epic
    Rival Epic Month ago

    Wow... Tony Hawk is Looking Old!

  • I Am Reptar4
    I Am Reptar4 Month ago

    I love how much tony did for the skateboarding community and culture.

  • Rozes
    Rozes Month ago

    does he just take meth or coke all day lol jk

  • Oskar Rottländer
    Oskar Rottländer Month ago

    Put Carti on the Show 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Jordan100%
    Jordan100% Month ago

    Tony hawk looks like an actual hawk 🤦‍♂️

  • Hector Pena
    Hector Pena Month ago

    What the fuck are those prices!

  • Sara Pike
    Sara Pike Month ago

    this man is a whole legend i love him tf

  • Rodrigo Díaz
    Rodrigo Díaz Month ago

    Snearker shopping with Oliver Sykes or with Nick Diamond

  • Tim Page
    Tim Page Month ago

    I think the most I've spent on a shoe is $60-70. 😂