Crazy animal behaviour - Underwater Sex!

  • Published on Feb 8, 2010
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    Shot using Gates underwater housings -
    Footage ©Scubazoo
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Comments • 6

  • Antonis Bouzalakos
    Antonis Bouzalakos 12 years ago +3

    keep this video in your hard disk,because in few years ,our kids they will see this amazing
    creatures only on the screen of their pc!!! KEEP POLLUTE OUR OCEANS & OUR SKIES PIGS!!!

  • Vipez
    Vipez 12 years ago +2

    Nice Work :)

  • Memedew
    Memedew Year ago

    So, How's Life after 10 Years?

  • Seok Wun
    Seok Wun 12 years ago +2

    great footage!

  • anton skrzypiciel
    anton skrzypiciel 12 years ago +2

    nice work boys.

  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller 12 years ago +1

    @atowe575 I agree