Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Footage Leaked


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  • THEpotatoFAN !
    THEpotatoFAN ! 16 days ago +1

    Found this is in my recommended
    Posted 4 years ago

  • endorbr
    endorbr 25 days ago

    Not far off actually.

  • Keisha debro
    Keisha debro Month ago

    Mals hot

  • SecretErlandr
    SecretErlandr Month ago

    Snor Wars brought me here

  • Saca Basg
    Saca Basg 2 months ago

    Make sure there's adequate space I hate myself for this 😆

  • Lila Sajewski
    Lila Sajewski 2 months ago

    "Shh! It's perfect." XD

  • Sheridan Vigue
    Sheridan Vigue 2 months ago

    I love the dress!

  • Baby Back Ribs
    Baby Back Ribs 3 months ago +1

    You guys are awesome!

  • CT 99-6612
    CT 99-6612 3 months ago

    This is better than The Last Jedi

  • Michael Chaffee
    Michael Chaffee 3 months ago

    The emperor is so funny

  • BlondeBaptist Chick
    BlondeBaptist Chick 4 months ago

    Is that the S.S. Tipton I see? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • cricketbodine23
    cricketbodine23 4 months ago

    Darth Simba!

  • Matt Urban
    Matt Urban 4 months ago

    This is right up there with Peter Jackson' s The Hobbit: How to Milk Your Dragon.

  • pham tien thanh
    pham tien thanh 5 months ago

    hakuna matata, master :))

  • Feroze Khan
    Feroze Khan 5 months ago +1

    "Fine I'll DO IT!"

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 months ago

    I feel like it should be easier to get an imperial officer's uniform than it is to get some army uniform.

  • Mr CoolFart
    Mr CoolFart 5 months ago +1

    That’s so true Disney made Star Wars so bad but rouge one is not bad

  • Zero to Awesome
    Zero to Awesome 6 months ago +1

    “Wells Fargo”

  • Cameron Reed
    Cameron Reed 6 months ago +2

    What Disney did to star wars,

    But a little less pathetic

  • FilmsByJRP
    FilmsByJRP 6 months ago +2

    This is better than the actual movie

  • Sheridan Vigue
    Sheridan Vigue 6 months ago

    It didn't work well with our four year old test audience. It was to scary.

  • Becky Williams
    Becky Williams 7 months ago

    orlando calrisian!

  • Htp. bullseye
    Htp. bullseye 7 months ago

    Zz. Z. As zzzz. Z zzz z z zz. GHi rfrv mg5rubuj b ,I’m . Dzewrrww wcd&gfbbdfdfdffdffddff dffccdcddc&d cc ccZffff eeffrfdcdcdcddf frr is the 2nd s#dee

  • Miranda Torres
    Miranda Torres 7 months ago +1

    Me: when someone says I shouldn't like star Wars because I'm a girl

  • Chow
    Chow 7 months ago

    Don’t speak it’s perfect
    10/10 James (probably)

  • New phone who dis?
    New phone who dis? 8 months ago

    Rey isn’t Lukes daughter....

  • Sarah Cat
    Sarah Cat 8 months ago

    I come from the future. where episode 7, 8 and Solo, a star wars story, are already in theaters. boom.

  • John Duckworth
    John Duckworth 8 months ago +2

    They did ruin it.

    • Raximus3000
      Raximus3000 6 months ago +1

      In a way nobody was expecting!!!

  • 23jrains
    23jrains 8 months ago

    This belongs in a Ster Wurs try not to laugh

  • Slime QUEEN
    Slime QUEEN 8 months ago +1

    My mom works at Wells Fargo

  • Lila D
    Lila D 8 months ago


  • Robert Boekee
    Robert Boekee 8 months ago +2

    when you realize that this actually what happened with star wars

  • Marvel Prodigy
    Marvel Prodigy 8 months ago

    This is why these last few Star Wars movies kind of stank... except for solo

  • Marvel Prodigy
    Marvel Prodigy 8 months ago

    This is why these last few Star Wars movies kind of stank... except for solo

  • TedSlathar
    TedSlathar 9 months ago

    Darth cideous? More like Darth hideous

  • Chicken Reviews
    Chicken Reviews 9 months ago

    I always love a good lion king referance

  • nature saver charlie
    nature saver charlie 9 months ago


  • Paolino Kang
    Paolino Kang 9 months ago


  • Luke Jefferey
    Luke Jefferey 9 months ago

    What is currently going in jj Abrams head right now ya I’m going to have to change this
    Considering Lucy’s just said it was perfect

  • KitKatPotato
    KitKatPotato 9 months ago


  • KitKatPotato
    KitKatPotato 9 months ago

    Very accurate
    The Force Awakens once again

  • Rose Russo
    Rose Russo 10 months ago

    I didn't even notice her eyebrows at first XD

  • Hanel Crowley
    Hanel Crowley 10 months ago

    AAAAHHHHH !!!!thank god star wars doesn't make films like that in real life.

  • Lord JD 24!
    Lord JD 24! 10 months ago

    Is the J.J Abrams actor B.J Novak?

  • Phoenix Gaming
    Phoenix Gaming 10 months ago +1

    Did you see Mallory looking at the screen at 2:03

  • Emaline Wilson
    Emaline Wilson 10 months ago

    To be fair I would watch this

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming
    FalconBoy76 Gaming 11 months ago

    Thai is killing me...

  • Kathleen Maillet
    Kathleen Maillet 11 months ago


  • Thomas Cremens
    Thomas Cremens 11 months ago

    822nd comment

  • Carey Taliaferro
    Carey Taliaferro 11 months ago


  • Tamar Mebonia
    Tamar Mebonia 11 months ago +1

    Rewatching this after having watched The Last Jedi. Wow. Talk about prophetic! :(

  • Heather Lupin
    Heather Lupin 11 months ago

    What’s up with Mallory?

  • Shauna Lance
    Shauna Lance 11 months ago

    Lol 😂😃🙂

  • Patrick Lafferty
    Patrick Lafferty 11 months ago

    i wanna be taken to epcot!

  • Aric The Actor
    Aric The Actor 11 months ago

    This pretty much looks like the new star wars movies

  • Rares Rapsigan
    Rares Rapsigan Year ago +2

    Ok, this is getting out of hand. Since when does an exagerated parody reflect the movies actual state?!

  • Prior2Popular
    Prior2Popular Year ago +1

    Mallorys makeup rocks

  • Doug Knox
    Doug Knox Year ago

    this is too true tho, star wars fans are either 40 year olds or 4 year olds lol

  • Abigail Hiatt
    Abigail Hiatt Year ago

    Who played Vader?

  • Brayden George
    Brayden George Year ago

    Mallory’s face at 2:02

  • Sock
    Sock Year ago

    This would have been a better episode 7

  • unicorn
    unicorn Year ago +1


  • Redd Kuma
    Redd Kuma Year ago


  • 40grand
    40grand Year ago +1

    Mallary looks so good in that dress it brings her eyes out

  • Jim Pace
    Jim Pace Year ago

    “Bring her to me she’ll realize that no one can resist the power of negative pure pressure!”

  • Mary Harrison
    Mary Harrison Year ago

    2:15 sans would be proud

  • Warriorcatsrock!!!

    If this actually happened in the movies though......

  • Hey it's your boi exotic butters

    Orlando lives in epcott

  • smalltownboy 05
    smalltownboy 05 Year ago

    If they did this 4 real In star wars I would kms

  • Kaylin Lugo
    Kaylin Lugo Year ago

    They are just trying to turn Star Wars into a children’s Disney movie!!!! 😖

  • Kaylin Lugo
    Kaylin Lugo Year ago

    Love this it’s so funny

  • Caitlin Greenlee
    Caitlin Greenlee Year ago

    Simba were not in lion king

  • Clara Hughes
    Clara Hughes Year ago

    "I'm about to circle of lightsaber you face!!" Oh man that was just to good!!

  • Logan Wallace
    Logan Wallace Year ago +1

    I’m with palputine

  • Hayden Skywalker
    Hayden Skywalker Year ago

    That was awesome XD

  • TheRealX1ras
    TheRealX1ras Year ago

    Dark Side is too scary... and racist. XD

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Year ago

    1:34 that’s kind of inappropriate if you think about it

  • Lauren Crawford
    Lauren Crawford Year ago +1

    So.... they can't say Dark Side.... but they can say "Death" Star???

  • VforVictory 135
    VforVictory 135 Year ago +2

    Episode 8 felt like it had a little too much disney in it

  • Rylee Johnson
    Rylee Johnson Year ago


  • Ariza Zubia
    Ariza Zubia Year ago

    Who played Vader?

  • Artemis Wayne
    Artemis Wayne Year ago

    I think they should've just left episode six as the last

  • Elizabeth Redding

    Studio C, this is so true Disney Junior is seriously doing this😂

  • ginger 2002
    ginger 2002 Year ago

    im sorry to bring it to you guys but adam looks like a nazi comander

  • Amy Patterson
    Amy Patterson Year ago

    2:02 Mallory looks so much like Kirstie Maldonado

  • Angela Davidson
    Angela Davidson Year ago

    Thank goodness Episode 7 was better than this XD

  • Emmy Swordhand
    Emmy Swordhand Year ago

    Darth Vader is no joke, I dressed as him once and I made a little kid cry on accident 🙁

  • Studio4
    Studio4 Year ago

    We made a short film parody of "The Parent Trap" and "Star Wars" called, "THE PADAWAN TRAP". Check it out and let me know what you think:

  • Wilderness gamer
    Wilderness gamer Year ago

    star wars is dead jk this is great

  • Hedwig1019 Owlsrule

    Mal looks so beautiful

  • Luke Amparo
    Luke Amparo Year ago

    Well, the films are not ruined but we got Rebels

  • Astroia Something

    This makes me a little depressed about the fact that Disney controls Star Wars now.

  • BW_ Punk
    BW_ Punk Year ago

    Every Disney Princess in a nutshell

  • PirateWill
    PirateWill Year ago

    My Dad actually has blue shirt that has "When You Wish Upon A Death Star" written in cursive on it with a picture of the death star wearing mickey mouse ears on it made by Disney.

  • james daniels
    james daniels Year ago

    Sideous didn't do it so they got Snoke

  • Leighton Haught
    Leighton Haught Year ago

    Disney’s plans for Star Wars: MERCHANDISING! MERCHANTDISING! Where the real money is made 💰💰💰💰💰

  • Vivian Augustus
    Vivian Augustus Year ago

    Hold it! Didn't Sideous die?!

  • ashester
    ashester Year ago

    Mal's so pretty c:

  • Baby Cookie
    Baby Cookie Year ago

    “Fine I’ll do it, u guys are worst then Wells Fargo”, anyone seen that sketch?

  • Unselfish Service Theater

    1:13 ... Oh no... O please no, it's happening! It's actually happening! *cries bitterly*