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JIMMY BULLARD & PAUL MERSON play in a Sunday League match against Football Daily! | Soccer AM v FDFC

  • Published on Feb 10, 2018
    Jimmy Bullard and Paul Merson lace up their boots for Soccer AM in a match against Football Daily's FDFC at Brentford's training ground. Who will walk away victorious in the IRN-BRU Derby?

    ►SNAPCHAT: 'SoccerAM'
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  • Francisco Scaramango

    Fenners is absolute litter. Mincing around in defence.

  • Chris Kavanagh
    Chris Kavanagh Day ago +1

    Hand ball

  • aka_senior_84
    aka_senior_84 2 days ago

    100% handball, that was so obvious even Mike Dean would have given Arsenal a free kick against Tottenham 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mollys Mini Ark
    Mollys Mini Ark 14 days ago

    It was a handball ⚽️

  • TheGingerNut
    TheGingerNut 26 days ago

    Surely soccer am can get a better goal keeper

  • OliRu1e
    OliRu1e 26 days ago

    2:46 it’s Leo messi

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago

    Played with that Guy Ash, what a player really good guy aswell

  • Dilection
    Dilection Month ago

    This was a good laugh

  • Vymto YT
    Vymto YT Month ago

    Is fenners good at anything other than buying stone island jackets??

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    Soccer AM = 0
    FDFC = 3

  • Stormtrooper Elite
    Stormtrooper Elite Month ago

    Jimmy Bullard is a good sport

  • Kareem Newsletters
    Kareem Newsletters Month ago

    Handball or foul eitherway, he used his hand to stop the header defense.

  • Alexander Mason
    Alexander Mason 2 months ago

    *takes a short corner* nice vision from me

  • Ibrahim Gbadebo
    Ibrahim Gbadebo 2 months ago

    Handball all day long

  • Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor 2 months ago

    Hang about! is that Leo Messi? 2:48

  • m k
    m k 2 months ago

    How good is merson absolute pure class ,what a player

  • BladeChild
    BladeChild 2 months ago

    Get a keeper who isn't carrying a sack of coal on his back. Christ

  • matt lung
    matt lung 2 months ago +1

    might as well play without a keeper lmao

  • Alexatron
    Alexatron 2 months ago

    8 Smithy was woeful

  • shaverdon
    shaverdon 2 months ago

    Messi at 2.47

  • sean w
    sean w 2 months ago

    Fenner is absolutely Terrible 😂

  • Sandhall 1
    Sandhall 1 2 months ago

    I'd av thought soccer am could put a class team around Bullard n merson with employees alone surely that's the 1st question when getting a job with them can't play a bit no job easy.
    Nxt game play sky sports news team they gotta be good if there not good company need a new recruitment team through in more pros to mix as well.

  • Daniel Horkan
    Daniel Horkan 3 months ago


  • Chad S
    Chad S 3 months ago

    You guys dont get the obvious sarcasm lol... loved this commentary

  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago

    Merson is a belter!

  • Max Poole
    Max Poole 3 months ago +1

    I think play another outfield player and no keeper might be an idea. I can only assume that the ball belongs to Lloyd.

  • Brian Montague
    Brian Montague 3 months ago

    Bullard is annoying

  • James Deakin
    James Deakin 3 months ago +1

    come on mate, obvious handball!!!

  • Super Cusack Bros
    Super Cusack Bros 3 months ago


  • Aldo Zilli
    Aldo Zilli 3 months ago

    This guy loves his own work

  • thom ass
    thom ass 3 months ago

    I just got the millionth view!

  • usernameandnumber
    usernameandnumber 3 months ago +1

    5:25 'not sure if that was needed' - I don't think your challenge before that was needed mate

  • Its Amin
    Its Amin 3 months ago

    i was watching from my house i live in brentford

  • Riff
    Riff 3 months ago

    dam merse had 5k on btts

  • Duncan Bowtell
    Duncan Bowtell 3 months ago

    Suck in the AM aka suck up front just weren’t going to score. And weren’t much better in defence. Only ever going to be one result.....

  • LetsTalkSense1
    LetsTalkSense1 3 months ago +4

    Apart from Bullard, Merson & maybe Tubes I don't think any of the Soccer AM team have played football at any level before, embarrassing to be fair

  • shaun dunbar
    shaun dunbar 3 months ago

    fenners untuck your shirt ffs

  • Gregory's Goals
    Gregory's Goals 3 months ago

    Was tempted to watch until the plonker narrator said "Me... Fenners..." Think I'll pass.

  • Ricki Mitchell
    Ricki Mitchell 3 months ago


  • Claire Lee - Morbey
    Claire Lee - Morbey 3 months ago

    No hand ball

  • SteWildMF
    SteWildMF 3 months ago

    Merse still got it

  • ShiftCtrl85
    ShiftCtrl85 3 months ago

    Merse showing his class... Jimmy disappointing as usual...

  • Ben Stephenson
    Ben Stephenson 4 months ago

    Lloyd is absolute trash haha

  • Bruce
    Bruce 4 months ago

    Not a handball

  • Thomas Muller
    Thomas Muller 4 months ago

    Why the test match tune?

  • 10lewis
    10lewis 4 months ago

    The most cringe commentary

  • Alan Rankin
    Alan Rankin 4 months ago

    It was a handball deffinetly VAR

  • STFC home match interviews with jammy

    Jackos outfield?

  • Bonesofinsanity
    Bonesofinsanity 4 months ago

    Appalling football.

  • Trumpsminimexican 2113
    Trumpsminimexican 2113 4 months ago


  • Sarah Ward
    Sarah Ward 4 months ago

    it was a hand ball

  • luis deaker
    luis deaker 4 months ago +1

    soccer am commentator is so busied and such a dirty player

  • Mark C
    Mark C 4 months ago

    2:47 had to double take then. Thought that was Leo Messi, rather than Fenners, trying to catch his breath after messing up that backwards header to the keeper.

  • A B
    A B 4 months ago

    This is horrible to watch.

  • ojideagu
    ojideagu 4 months ago

    2:45 Messi's career gone downhill since Tax conviction

  • ojideagu
    ojideagu 4 months ago

    Jimmy Bullard = Banter player

  • Mathew Fletcher
    Mathew Fletcher 4 months ago

    Just shows the Level that Soccer AM has sunk to when 'The Badgers' used to play stadiums

  • MEVD2011
    MEVD2011 4 months ago

    Handled for the first

  • David Carter
    David Carter 4 months ago

    What?!.... No VAR?!

  • David Carter
    David Carter 4 months ago +1

    Was that open goal headed miss a replay of Lineker v Argentina?! Because Gary is still moaning the ball was too fast and he was pushed!

    • Ace Harris
      Ace Harris 3 months ago

      Nah, he’s too busy blowing the guy that cheated him out of a World Cup Final.

  • KingKaitain
    KingKaitain 4 months ago

    Merson still with the vision and the distribution.

  • hackabusi
    hackabusi 4 months ago

    surprised no-one sliced Bullard in half .. shame

  • 5dollrftlongXD
    5dollrftlongXD 5 months ago

    Pathetic that so many people are oblivious to the fact that Smithy's commentary directed at himself was very tongue in cheek.

  • briggm
    briggm 5 months ago

    I spent most of the match hoping Soccer AM manages to score a single goal. By the end I was just hoping that nobody pulled a hammy.

  • sharkie12354
    sharkie12354 5 months ago

    Always thought Bullard was overrated tbh

  • xamurai00
    xamurai00 5 months ago

    Number 2 is a try hard lol

  • xamurai00
    xamurai00 5 months ago

    if they could stabilize the camera as they run... fitting cameras to players would be cool especially with the advent of VR

  • jack Cannon
    jack Cannon 5 months ago

    Lloyd griffiths is awful

  • Tiger
    Tiger 5 months ago

    Nice skill by me, lovely touch by me, great vision from..oh yh..ME. just get in the bin mate

  • Marco Federico
    Marco Federico 5 months ago +8

    Takes 4 touches to control a simple pass, "Nice skill from me."

  • Marco Federico
    Marco Federico 5 months ago +2

    Had no chance with Smithy. He's absolute drip

  • Gav M
    Gav M 5 months ago

    Fat keepers... Embarrassing

  • Sam Barber
    Sam Barber 5 months ago

    There’s not many people I hate more than Paul Merson

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas 5 months ago


  • friendofraul
    friendofraul 5 months ago

    I love Lloyd and admire his interest in playing semi-pro but he just doesn't have enough skills, particularly in diving or handling one-on-ones.

  • peter vinnicombe
    peter vinnicombe 5 months ago

    Fenners give it up, your as bad as Lloydy

  • I eat lefties 4 breakfast

    Mers will be hanging out guaranteed

  • Adair Murray
    Adair Murray 6 months ago

    That dirty little bastard with the hand ball

  • Slim Reaper
    Slim Reaper 6 months ago

    That was hilarious viewing guys. Thanks for that few minutes of comical football. Very funny stuff at times..

  • Che Corkum
    Che Corkum 6 months ago

    My team could literally obliterate you...

  • Jason Stipe
    Jason Stipe 6 months ago


  • sebastien brady
    sebastien brady 6 months ago +1

    Merson shows he's still a class act. Bullard makes you wonder how he ever played in the prem.

  • Michael Nturo
    Michael Nturo 6 months ago

    Paul merson 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Robbie Richards
    Robbie Richards 7 months ago

    Impossible to watch with the pathetic attempt at humour in the commentary.

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy
    Dwaipayan Datta Roy 7 months ago

    3:07 at he should have back drag and pass the boll to the guy running from behind of him, they don't supervise the field, and are too concentrated on the boll and place

  • Spinal Compression
    Spinal Compression 7 months ago +2

    Whats wrong with number15 black?? He has a 32 year old head and a 16 year old body... his arms are abnormally short. Lmfao

  • Jim and Bob next store
    Jim and Bob next store 7 months ago

    Should have played Jacko in goal

  • r33dymc
    r33dymc 7 months ago +1

    Paul Merson looks like mr blobby but still owns that midfield

  • Luca Ratta
    Luca Ratta 7 months ago


  • Jacob Atwall
    Jacob Atwall 7 months ago

    Your so bad

  • Tom Cowley
    Tom Cowley 7 months ago

    2:47 Messi at aged 50

  • warriorprince101010
    warriorprince101010 7 months ago +1

    Merson 's passing was superb, on another level.

  • A P
    A P 7 months ago

    I rememeber when Paul merson took Portsmouth to the premier league, watching him every weekend was class

  • thereal eht543
    thereal eht543 7 months ago

    My guy looked like messi in his late 50s 😂

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 8 months ago +1

    2:47 Lionel Messi lol

  • Uttarayan Roy
    Uttarayan Roy 8 months ago

    6:00 whats the background song

  • BasaliskSZN
    BasaliskSZN 8 months ago +2

    Remember kids, stay clever, keep em together.

  • Poppie Parker p
    Poppie Parker p 8 months ago

    Merson can still stroke it about lovely

  • Daniel Bell
    Daniel Bell 8 months ago

    Team in black are sh!t lol

  • Jordy H
    Jordy H 8 months ago

    9:34 so everyone is just gonna ignore the fact that a plane in the sky isnt moving