JIMMY BULLARD & PAUL MERSON play in a Sunday League match against Football Daily! | Soccer AM v FDFC


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  • cns180784
    cns180784 11 days ago

    Did Jimmy go fishing after? lol

  • bongoposty
    bongoposty 12 days ago


  • Joshua Weenas
    Joshua Weenas 14 days ago

    2:48 is it me or is that Messi??

  • Hefty Alan
    Hefty Alan 20 days ago

    When you are up against pro anything they just stand out as The Bull and Merson do here. I attend jam sessions and I remember handing over to a guy who had played with a very big band for 5 years then sessions with everyone from Jack Bruce to Robin Trower and his playing was another level but more than technical skills it was his timing which was the most impressive and that comes with experience.

  • Heretickid
    Heretickid 21 day ago

    Smithy so dirty

  • Steven Tasker
    Steven Tasker 23 days ago

    Ideally you want a keeper who can run 30 yards

  • adam porter
    adam porter 26 days ago

    Good to look back at my man Tubes healthy and with his boots laced up in amongst it. Hope hes all good now and fully recovered.

  • dagnut
    dagnut 27 days ago

    Fenners is muck

  • Straight Line Darts

    Striker missed 3 sitters

  • andre mastrogiacomo

    For sure a handball on the first goal, good try on the goalie to take the fast little bugger out ha

  • Tan Coyer
    Tan Coyer Month ago

    Soccer AM never gonna win with a 5ft Fatty in goal! didnt make a save

  • Dan Best
    Dan Best Month ago

    4:05 quick freekick?

  • イアン/ian 飯テロ

    Mers makes a good regista

  • hornet!
    hornet! Month ago

    Fenners is pony

  • Health Renegade
    Health Renegade Month ago

    not getting those minutes back

  • Devon Davies
    Devon Davies 2 months ago

    That moment when smithy kicked joe and fouled him joe kicks out and smithy says “I don’t think that was needed there” 😂

  • Cody O
    Cody O 2 months ago

    Joe plays better than I imagined! A proper runner

  • Bob 1
    Bob 1 2 months ago

    Same as every Sunday league and kids game, fatboy's in goal.

  • sticksman1979
    sticksman1979 2 months ago

    Christ, Bullard looks twice his age!

  • ferventheat1
    ferventheat1 2 months ago

    I wouldn't believe these were ex professionals just looking at their play. Skills don't make up for lack of fitness at this level.
    Love the commentary!

  • specialdefect00
    specialdefect00 2 months ago

    Is that Jimmy?
    My god he got old...

  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 2 months ago

    Smithy if you kept fouling me I’d put you in the air

  • L Bukem
    L Bukem 2 months ago

    If ever one thing demonstrated that Soccor AM is a dead duck, this is it. Give it a rest.

    THE BIG RED BEAR YT 2 months ago

    Handball 🤾‍♂️ defo

  • Jay Dempster
    Jay Dempster 2 months ago


  • Layton Paige
    Layton Paige 2 months ago

    Did the keeper handle the ball outside the box

  • Red Pilled At Birth
    Red Pilled At Birth 2 months ago

    Bullard and tubes. Two twats. We all know the type.

  • Alex#13
    Alex#13 2 months ago

    'nice bit of vision from me' - what a prick

  • Karl Sylvain
    Karl Sylvain 2 months ago +1

    That ginger was an axe murderer! Calm tf down!

  • thejudge 1897
    thejudge 1897 2 months ago

    Paul Merson. What a player!

  • Zim Zimma
    Zim Zimma 2 months ago

    Lol Fenners is gik

  • Steven Barnes
    Steven Barnes 3 months ago

    Paul Merson was such a quality player. He still owns the midfield even now.

  • Brooklyn Bullard
    Brooklyn Bullard 3 months ago

    My last name is Bullard XD

  • Tom Ivins
    Tom Ivins 3 months ago

    Jimmy Bullard is a national treasure 😂

  • RUB1 Tan
    RUB1 Tan 4 months ago

    Jimmy Bullard the middle aged Trans Femboy with a stupid Grey Bun stuck on his Swede.... who likes to give banter ..but can’t take it .... just saying

  • Jamie Yates
    Jamie Yates 4 months ago

    Gotta love Tomlinson’s passion and filthy challenges

  • Mick
    Mick 4 months ago

    You'd think you would have to be funny to work for soccer am but apparently it's not a big deal.

  • Fintan Duffy
    Fintan Duffy 4 months ago

    2.27legs get tangled eh

  • silverbackbeaver
    silverbackbeaver 4 months ago

    Play me next time and leave fenners on the bench terrible decision making merson was quality

  • 80617qaz cmdl
    80617qaz cmdl 4 months ago

    i allways rated merson highly as player great talent

  • Stacey Mcdonough
    Stacey Mcdonough 5 months ago

    Yes there was a handball

  • Duddy Cruz
    Duddy Cruz 5 months ago +5

    Jack Black is such a terrible goalkeeper!!! 😂😂😂

  • Abdelrhaman Khair
    Abdelrhaman Khair 5 months ago


  • Alexander Siahaan
    Alexander Siahaan 5 months ago

    FDFC players are much younger than socceram. So no doubt they will win.

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black 5 months ago

    I am still new to soccer... Let me see if I got this right? Lloyd was the ball boy.

  • chimp man
    chimp man 5 months ago

    This was crap...nobody played well except the camera man

  • Mark Mcalonan
    Mark Mcalonan 5 months ago

    jimmy bullard did one thing for hull city ,,, cost them 5 million got nothing back,,, cheers jimmy.

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 5 months ago

    That Adam Smith boy is so shite but he's talking himself up like he's pele

  • Steffan Lavender
    Steffan Lavender 5 months ago

    do more of these matches

  • mondie sixsix
    mondie sixsix 5 months ago

    Wasn't a foul

  • Bookem Danno
    Bookem Danno 5 months ago

    "A bit of skill from me" = no skill at all apparently. Wow.

  • Bullet Club25
    Bullet Club25 5 months ago

    FC Palmer's Vs soccer AM

  • Stevielee Cairns
    Stevielee Cairns 5 months ago

    Well well funny commentary 👍🤣

  • howdj
    howdj 5 months ago

    Commentator is awful.

  • Alex Reid
    Alex Reid 6 months ago

    Why is bullard employed?

  • Ethan Sutton
    Ethan Sutton 6 months ago

    Merson plays for a Sunday league team in Wales called Caerau fc

  • david's great
    david's great 6 months ago +1

    Soccer AM should've put Jimmy Bullard in goal...or anyone that is capable of raising their hands above their shoulders

  • Alec Piercy
    Alec Piercy 6 months ago

    bigging himself up here.. "nice touch from me" haha

    • Alec Piercy
      Alec Piercy 6 months ago

      Pressed play again "Nice bit of skill from me" literally did zero

  • Armands 7
    Armands 7 6 months ago

    HANDBALL definitely

  • Alkan Channel
    Alkan Channel 6 months ago

    that moment when you realise Sunday league pitch are 10 times better than your own local professional league pitch . . .

  • Helen doran
    Helen doran 6 months ago

    Soccer am v Hashtag Utd

  • berealisticdemandthe
    berealisticdemandthe 6 months ago

    Fatty in goal is awful. His weekly impression of David Brent is shite as well.

  • Brian Bru
    Brian Bru 6 months ago

    Paul Merson might talk a lot of shite 99% of the time but he's got some first touch and pass for a fella his age!

  • TheMetalMouse
    TheMetalMouse 6 months ago

    That was a handball.

  • wayne morrissey
    wayne morrissey 7 months ago

    Great opportunity for everyone to play with two legends..... 1st goal was a handball!!!

  • TalkyMcTalkFace
    TalkyMcTalkFace 7 months ago

    It’s not a Sunday league pitch if your goals have wheels

  • Dannysubliminal
    Dannysubliminal 7 months ago

    2 ex prem stars, Bullard should of played CB.

  • mceverready
    mceverready 7 months ago

    Dermot Gallagher refereed a Sunday league televised game of ours. Still claimed the £26 match fee and was awful. Made it all about him. Helmet

  • renee symons
    renee symons 7 months ago


  • Benny 1001
    Benny 1001 7 months ago

    Love how he commentates as if he doesn’t know what’s coming when he was playing in the game.

  • TheycallmeLocksmith
    TheycallmeLocksmith 7 months ago

    I think this may be the worst football I've ever seen lool

  • Bibhushan Gautam
    Bibhushan Gautam 7 months ago

    Get Jacko on goal next time maybe!

  • Mark Grainger
    Mark Grainger 7 months ago

    Not a fowl

  • Alex Murray
    Alex Murray 7 months ago

    That tackle is a red card in the premier league

  • Lloyd Griffith
    Lloyd Griffith 7 months ago


  • Lloyd Griffith
    Lloyd Griffith 7 months ago


  • Катя Борька
    Катя Борька 7 months ago

    amaze , I were in distress from what you saw

  • derek miller
    derek miller 7 months ago

    I love the fact that Lloyd thinks he's good keeper,,Lloyd the cat lol

  • Brodie O'Neill
    Brodie O'Neill 7 months ago

    Can you please visit Motherwell FC for and you know the drill please

  • Momo 2k05
    Momo 2k05 7 months ago


  • Charlie Hargreaves
    Charlie Hargreaves 7 months ago


    PR03LIT3FILMZ 7 months ago

    Jimmys volley!! 👌🏾😋

    DCW WRESTLING 7 months ago

    What happened tubes ?

  • Gregory's Goals
    Gregory's Goals 7 months ago

    Your goalkeeper really is a useless lump isn't he? Can't come off his line because he's so out of shape, can't kick and concedes shots down the middle of the goal - needs to retire and be replaced, embarrassing.

  • Clodagh Lawler
    Clodagh Lawler 7 months ago

    It was a handball

  • sven daniels
    sven daniels 8 months ago

    how bad was number 8?

  • galaxy gamer
    galaxy gamer 8 months ago +3

    Paul merson better than pogba

  • Rebel FC
    Rebel FC 8 months ago

    We got next👀

  • Ginger Scholes
    Ginger Scholes 8 months ago +1

    Joe is a good player. Up the Gingers!

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 8 months ago

    Commentator also doesn't know what over the top means. Just because your foot ends on top of the ball that doesn't make it an over the top challenge. Over the top means a leg-breaker disguised as a challenge for the ball.

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 8 months ago

    Has Jimmy Bullard's face gotten bigger?

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 8 months ago

    That's not a foul throw. Feet are on the ground. Ball was behind his head.

  • Andy Kyriacou
    Andy Kyriacou 8 months ago

    Smithy, you are rubbish!

  • Jack Montgomery
    Jack Montgomery 8 months ago

    Merson still has it.

  • Herbert Portillo
    Herbert Portillo 8 months ago

    Jimmy is 39 but looks like he's 60

  • McGnaw
    McGnaw 8 months ago

    This dude is hot steaming garbage

  • bob sack
    bob sack 8 months ago

    Merson still got that technique

  • Kailen King
    Kailen King 8 months ago

    All terrible at football and you live football

  • wolfwolf19
    wolfwolf19 8 months ago

    Still better than MLS unfortunately

  • Jules Vermeulen
    Jules Vermeulen 8 months ago

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