Can Marvel Fans Guess Marvel Movies Described By Kids? (React)

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Can Marvel Fans Guess Marvel Movies Described By Kids? Original links below.
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    Can Marvel Fans Guess Marvel Movies Described By
    Kids? (React)
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Comments • 6 614

    REACT  Month ago +494

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  • Melissa H
    Melissa H 4 minutes ago

    Ok I just recently watched captain marvel and the bad guys aren't bad guys the bad guys are the team she started on

  • Grayson m vlogs
    Grayson m vlogs 20 minutes ago

    Kid:thing thing thing thing

  • Khadeejah Khan
    Khadeejah Khan 33 minutes ago +2

    "He's trying to destroy half of the universe. A whole bunch of superheroes have to stop this man."
    "This can be so many movies."
    SHES NOT A MARVEL FAN!!!!!! Literally which other movie could it be??

  • Jpaul.28
    Jpaul.28 55 minutes ago +3

    Real marvel fans read the comics

  • Jayden Dao
    Jayden Dao Hour ago +6

    Too easy... got it before all of them.

  • Albert Cheng
    Albert Cheng 2 hours ago +8

    Thanos the Rasin

    Like if you agree

  • Hamilton
    Hamilton 2 hours ago +2

    The first one sounded like Frozen

  • Cecilia Barrionuevo
    Cecilia Barrionuevo 3 hours ago +1

    Haha i have to be honest i totally forgot about scott .
    Sorry ant man 😅

  • Nameless Person
    Nameless Person 4 hours ago +10

    Wth half of these are not marvel fans

  • Becka Holmstrom
    Becka Holmstrom 4 hours ago +7

    I got every single one right. The kids did really well explaining the movies.

  • Neeley Robertson
    Neeley Robertson 5 hours ago +10

    “He’s a dad” I got it immediately. Only three are actual Marvel fans

  • Hadas Korner
    Hadas Korner 5 hours ago +8

    Ummm only three of them are actual Marvel fans

  • Zoheb Akhtar
    Zoheb Akhtar 5 hours ago +2

    8:40 this girl put alita battle angel. Girl seriously

  • LucieOtter
    LucieOtter 6 hours ago +6

    Captain Marvel was the easiest, there isn't any other woman's movie in the MCU

  • Anastasia Soultanova
    Anastasia Soultanova 7 hours ago +13

    these r not marvel fans...😂

  • Juliana Brady
    Juliana Brady 7 hours ago +6

    They all suck

  • yeehaw
    yeehaw 7 hours ago

    wE STAN.

  • Manalor6955
    Manalor6955 8 hours ago +16

    And they call themselves Marvel fans...

  • Haley Holmes
    Haley Holmes 10 hours ago +12

    OH MY GOSH IM DYYYIIING! “This guy that looks like a raisin” I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE MEANT WHEN HE SAID THAT!!😂😂 I’m dead

  • Lily B Dawg
    Lily B Dawg 13 hours ago +15

    I got all of these within the first few seconds of the descriptions
    I am proud

  • Mr. Gaming
    Mr. Gaming 13 hours ago +25

    Captain Marvel was the easy question since there are no female marvel character movies

  • Connor Tube
    Connor Tube 14 hours ago +22

    aNd He CaMe OuT aS a BuFf MaN wItH a SiX pAcK

  • Mobzilla Craft
    Mobzilla Craft 14 hours ago +1

    Get wreck dc

  • salsa boi10
    salsa boi10 14 hours ago +5

    9:07 the dude is me

  • Mobzilla Craft
    Mobzilla Craft 14 hours ago +2

    I know everything about marvel

    • DVSS
      DVSS 14 hours ago

      Thats my secret cap

  • Deysi Benitez
    Deysi Benitez 15 hours ago +7

    What is your favorite marvel character

    My favorite is Deadpool

  • Karat Gamer
    Karat Gamer 15 hours ago +9


  • Luca Gibson
    Luca Gibson 16 hours ago +18

    These are not marvel fans

    • Young King
      Young King 14 hours ago +1

      What exactly is a marvel fan? I thought it was someone who likes what marvel produce to the fans 🤔

  • TheDeSTruKTo
    TheDeSTruKTo 16 hours ago +15

    Some of those guys act like they have never seen any marvel movie .. dafuq !? Maybe the doctor strange one could lead to iron Man, but what the heck were they watching ?

  • kiri barbadescots
    kiri barbadescots 16 hours ago +12

    5/5 easy for Marvel fans 😍😍😍

  • Arianator Angel
    Arianator Angel 18 hours ago +25

    I got the first one just by “a man playing with his daughter*

  • Drumpsy
    Drumpsy 19 hours ago +16

    Dr.Strange is rich, he's not "really rich"......

  • Yoongi's gf
    Yoongi's gf 19 hours ago +5

    0:33 their laugh was so awkward HAHAHHA

  • Thesmus
    Thesmus 19 hours ago +12

    just saying "about this girl" is already a giveaway xD

  • unspeakable fan and moosecraft

    Eric Looks Like logan Paul With A Beard WOW Eric's gonna Go To The Logang!!!

  • Satyam Mishra
    Satyam Mishra 20 hours ago +17

    Participants were not marvel fan..coz marvel fan watch movie, when it releases.... .but some of them haven't watched some movies...and some of them have no idea that black widow is not a movie yet

  • A. Y. Studio
    A. Y. Studio 22 hours ago +12

    I got all except dr strange

  • Ritu Raj Rabha
    Ritu Raj Rabha 22 hours ago +8

    Unfortunately I got doctor strange wrong.

  • awesome dude
    awesome dude 23 hours ago +3

    Got all of em gang

  • yallitsfay
    yallitsfay Day ago +15

    The beginnings were all dead giveaways, the only one I kinda had problems with was Doctor Strange.

  • Fernando Contreras
    Fernando Contreras Day ago +3

    Black Panther is easy, just say:
    Black Furry Man.

  • Fir3 Dukk
    Fir3 Dukk Day ago +11

    THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT A RAISEN “knows it instantly “

  • Ameerah Ahmed
    Ameerah Ahmed Day ago +1

    I was literally screaming out the answers

    SAVEGE BEAST Day ago +3

    The first two were so unfair, i havent even watched the movies yet, i really need to get back into watching all the marvel movies

  • Galaxy Star
    Galaxy Star Day ago +7

    The only one I couldn't get was the Dr. Strange one I guessed Iron man for that

  • Yoyo He
    Yoyo He Day ago +6

    Only 3 real fans here lmaoo

  • PigStuffy77
    PigStuffy77 Day ago +4

    For Dr.Strange - what's the "weird thing above their heads"?

    • Cryptid_Hunter
      Cryptid_Hunter 13 hours ago

      It was the symbols on Kaecilius' and his Zealots foreheads

    • Syklo
      Syklo 22 hours ago

      Im guessing its Kaecilius with his weird looking eyes? Idk

  • EZ YT VideoZ
    EZ YT VideoZ Day ago +4

    “Destroy half the universe” *instantly knows what it is*

  • infra sight
    infra sight Day ago +11

    Idk why it took them so long to guess captain marvel cuz the fact that it was about a woman should've given it away, marvel only has one movie with a female protagonist

  • Last Laei
    Last Laei Day ago

    I’m MDC(marvel and dc)

  • Skinned Potatoes

    Omg I got captain marvel right away

  • Skinned Potatoes

    I thought it was the hulk to

  • Swemer Junior
    Swemer Junior Day ago +4

    Bro i post this after captain marvel came out... i didnt even watch it and i still got it

    • Galaxy Star
      Galaxy Star Day ago

      You should watch it it's a really good movie

  • angelyc1
    angelyc1 Day ago

    That Chatm School reference. Respect.

  • Funky Potato
    Funky Potato Day ago +10

    Alita ain’t even a marvel film😪🤦‍♂️

  • Kevin Grand
    Kevin Grand Day ago +5

    1.Doctor strange has no family

  • DC9000
    DC9000 Day ago +11

    The easiest was Captain Marvel I mean that is their only female-led comic book movie

    • Jesse Pike
      Jesse Pike 48 minutes ago

      Until black widow comes out

  • Broomsticks & Magick

    I got 4/5 for sure got doctor strange one wrong. 🙃

  • Paras Xtha
    Paras Xtha Day ago +3

    Do this for dc too i m a huge dc fan

  • sensei llama
    sensei llama Day ago +1

    Stoopid DC

  • Frostii
    Frostii Day ago +6

    Don... Come on man.

  • Frostii
    Frostii Day ago +7

    When Dominick was describing Infinity War I started to hear the avengers theme down stairs.

  • Miledith
    Miledith Day ago +10

    Wow some of them are not Marvel fans AT ALL... Not getting some of the most obvious clues.

  • Miledith
    Miledith Day ago +5

    I haven't watched Ant-Man and the Wasp, but Scott Lang and Clint Burton are the only two major male characters in the MCU that have kids so I knew it had to be one of the Ant-Man movies since there is no such scene with Clint.

  • Aprilhippie
    Aprilhippie Day ago

    Sophie and Max confused the hell out of me.

  • Tyde Lunaheart
    Tyde Lunaheart Day ago

    They're more like movie fans than Marvel fans but you do you. Marvel is way broader than just movies is all I'm saying

  • MarvelFan 6
    MarvelFan 6 Day ago +5

    6:42 Venom isn't even in the MCU 😒

  • Percy Fynn
    Percy Fynn Day ago +13

    i thought it was funny to call all of these people "marvel fans" tbh

    POLSKI MEMIARZ Day ago +2


  • TofuFox13
    TofuFox13 Day ago +22

    The second one is unfair lmao Iron Man is more rich than Strange lmao

    • Lara1221
      Lara1221 Day ago

      TofuFox13 but I think if you look at it through a kids eyes in the beginnings of those movies dr strange seems a lot more rich...fancy car, fancy house, rolexes, where as Tony Stark is giving a speech about defense contracting, I think

  • Sophie Robyn
    Sophie Robyn Day ago +7

    i got most of them in like the first 10 seconds I feel proud

  • Xx_gachawolfy_xx :p

    Sharon is funny 😆 AM I RIGHT??? 😃

  • Lourenco Maia
    Lourenco Maia Day ago +13

    The last one was easy because that is litarlly the only female marvel movies i think woman heroes should get more movies

    • Bigrussiankitty
      Bigrussiankitty Day ago +2

      Lourenco Maia I mean like who could it be? Like there isn’t a female character as important, powerful, or popular enough for their own movie. Maybe Scarlet Witch, and A black widow would be cool

  • Goitske
    Goitske Day ago +10

    ‘It’s about a girl who’s a superhero’ that’s one out of like 18 movies lmao

  • Goitske
    Goitske Day ago +3

    This one was easy if they were rly marvel fans tbh

  • Ullrich Sibal
    Ullrich Sibal Day ago +7

    Captain Marvell: Description
    There is a part where someone lost his eye to a cat

  • DJ May
    DJ May Day ago +7

    Alberto, she was talking about the skrulls... not the kree smh

    • Miledith
      Miledith Day ago

      Yup, but she got one thing wrong, Skrulls are not the bad guys here...

  • Ullrich Sibal
    Ullrich Sibal Day ago +3

    Too bad I have not watched the antman and the wasp

    • MissQue ens
      MissQue ens Day ago

      It's such a good film. You should watch it!

  • Royce kelvin Paliza cruz

    8:39 Alita this is marvel. Its literally the title of the video.

  • Ellie Clarkson
    Ellie Clarkson Day ago +12

    This is awful they ware not exactly the marvel fans i was expecting i guess all the movies correctly in like the first 7 seconds. A lot of them didn't even get good scores.

  • Savitar God of speed

    Don is awful

  • Rupali Puranik
    Rupali Puranik Day ago +7

    First one I said ant man


  • washingmachine gaming

    “Marvel fans”

  • TYP Toons
    TYP Toons Day ago +1

    I’m pretty sure most of the commenters are making fun of the reactors, even though they got most of them wrong.....

    no just me? alright....

  • ayshysims
    ayshysims Day ago +2

    I got all these

  • Sulekhlata Kaushal
    Sulekhlata Kaushal Day ago +9

    Captain marvel description: iS tHaT lIkE a pErSoNaL aTtAcK oR sOmEtHiNg?

  • Cole Foggie
    Cole Foggie Day ago +8

    Morgan and don ain’t marvel fans

  • christyprasetijo
    christyprasetijo Day ago +1

    Captain marvel I already watch that its in april

  • GachaPotato !
    GachaPotato ! Day ago +5


    • Felix Wolf Gunner
      Felix Wolf Gunner Day ago

      GachaPotato ! Can’t agree to be honest. It massively flopped

  • mr ragaman
    mr ragaman Day ago +3

    Anyone here after endgame leaked on Twitter?

    • KyraLaineOfcl
      KyraLaineOfcl Day ago +3

      That is why Im staying away from Twitter until Endgame is out

  • brit.ish_rose
    brit.ish_rose Day ago +22

    ‘girl who’s a superhero...’ there is literally one movie with a female lead.

  • i dont feel so good

    Kid: She's a woman
    Me: yeah... that's captain marvel

  • OREO H
    OREO H Day ago +11

    As a true MCU fan, I got all of them in a second:)

  • Burning Dragon
    Burning Dragon Day ago +11

    They call themselves marvel fan. I am ashamed

  • Ayam goreng
    Ayam goreng Day ago +3

    Dats the third one??

  • Nina
    Nina Day ago +10

    the first kid said ‘he’s a dad’ and i was like ANTMAN immediately, embarrassing

  • Devin Chao
    Devin Chao Day ago +2

    The first one is ant-man and the wasp I remember the movie although I don’t really watch movies

  • mr bacon man
    mr bacon man Day ago +9

    Heh "marvel fans"

  • Film Toppings
    Film Toppings Day ago +2

    Who else got the Doctor Strange one?