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  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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    The real-life thriller where ordinary people go on the run from a team of expert hunters. Where will they hide? Who can they trust? What would YOU do?
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  • Mike The Yeet God Panther

    I'm Watching This When There Is 4 Left

  • Aaron Gifford
    Aaron Gifford 5 months ago

    Which Thursday

  • DanC8621
    DanC8621 5 months ago


  • David Scott
    David Scott 5 months ago

    Can't wait to see who wins this time

  • Zentron
    Zentron 5 months ago

    I always enjoy this show!

  • OllieEdmunds
    OllieEdmunds 5 months ago +13

    It’s good, but sooo fake

    • Marcus Fletcher
      Marcus Fletcher 4 months ago

      OllieEdmunds not really. I actually think the hunters are really disadvantaged and in a real life situation would have more reasource and could incapacitate there foe with lethal or non lethal force.
      The forced moving thing is to keep the chase moving forwards. You cant stay in one spot just like an enermy operative being dropped into the uk to carry out a strike and get back out again

    • OllieEdmunds
      OllieEdmunds 4 months ago

      Marcus Fletcher yeh, but the rules are way to unrealistic and makes it pretty easy for the hunters

    • Marcus Fletcher
      Marcus Fletcher 4 months ago

      OllieEdmunds its not as fake as you think. This was actually a training simulation for counter terrerorism police and intellegance.
      The rules stated are the same rules they have albiet with a drive and a time scale.
      You are comparing it to being a high profile crime agent on the run. Think of it instead of chasing an enemy operative who is due to be extrated at a given time and point.
      I think the fact that are allowed to use public and friends and family help is a massive cheat for them.

    • OllieEdmunds
      OllieEdmunds 4 months ago

      Marcus Fletcher so pretty much fake but thanks

    • Marcus Fletcher
      Marcus Fletcher 4 months ago

      Its not fake. It is however heavily caveated with rules. For example you are not allowed to stay in your best mates basement for a week.
      A team of 3 camera men follow you everywhere they take orders from the film producers to make sure you follow the rules and obviously know where you are. So the hunters dont know your location, but the tv producers do.
      I think the 4 main rules are. Must not spend more that 24 hours in one location. Must stay above ground unless transport etc and cannot fly. Must stay in the country, must not obviously break any actual laws or endanger you or others.
      Another rule worth mentioning. You have to give a list of all friends and family members that are willing to aid you. You are not allowed to use others outside of this whilst running bar a random member of the public you get to help in a one off way.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 months ago +2


  • Jhardwork Pays off
    Jhardwork Pays off 5 months ago +2

    Can't wait

  • karl robinson
    karl robinson 5 months ago +2

    Can’t wait

  • Exclusive Acid
    Exclusive Acid 5 months ago +6

    Best series to ever exist

    • Reuben J
      Reuben J 5 months ago

      Inbetweeners, workaholics??