Chicken Wing Fashion Show

  • Published on Aug 29, 2017
  • Mike & Alex delve into the world of high fashion, crafting a Late Summer/Autumn '17 collection with inspiration from the humble chicken wing. TFT #23
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    Produced by & Starring: Alex Punch & Mike Criscimagna
    Executive Producers: Rhett & Link, Stevie Wynne Levine
    Managing Producer: Cody D'Ambrosio
    Production Manager: Jacob Moncrief
    Producer/Director/Editor: Benjamin Eck
    Assistant Editor: Meggie Malloy
    Graphics: Matthew Dwyer
    Set Design/Construction: Cassie Cobb
    Content Manager: Becca Canote
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Comments • 300

  • A Simple Human
    A Simple Human Year ago +250

    Why do I get an "of mice and men" vibe from them at the beginning while Alex is petting hair...

    • You'll Never Guess
      You'll Never Guess Year ago

      A Simple Human what is so ironic is the fact that I just got to the hair part in Of Mice and Men

    • Madelyn Davenport
      Madelyn Davenport Year ago

      A Simple Human 😂 I literally just presented a book project for that book today, that's craaazyyy😂

    • Blade_Saiyan
      Blade_Saiyan Year ago +1

      lol its pinned

    • A Simple Human
      A Simple Human Year ago +1

      Oh sorry I didn't know how to explain it >~

    • Ryleigh Leath
      Ryleigh Leath Year ago

      A Simple Human oh I remember when that it was on the middle yeah he kills a mouse and a dog. Also not trying to be rude but you just spoiled the entire book when I wanted to read it I just wanted to know what it was about

  • DrCheddarGoat
    DrCheddarGoat Month ago

    its sad because neither of them work at mythical anymore :(

  • Bisontyson
    Bisontyson Month ago

    The way these end is my favorite, they’realways burning something.

  • Beau LaPlume
    Beau LaPlume 3 months ago +1

    Who is D.L. Hughes Alex? Lol.

  • Asil Artois
    Asil Artois 4 months ago +1

    i love how like everyone there doesnt mind whatever the heck Mike and Alex or anyone else are doing

  • Grace Bailey
    Grace Bailey 4 months ago +1

    My mind instantly went to making jewelry with the chicken bones... interesting

  • The Sticky Pickle
    The Sticky Pickle 4 months ago

    The boner 😂

  • Diadem
    Diadem 5 months ago


  • Dahlia Avery
    Dahlia Avery 5 months ago +1

    3:55 ||-//

  • Madison White
    Madison White 6 months ago

    I love this series so much, i have not laughed this much in months!

  • Happening Meow
    Happening Meow 8 months ago

    this honestly makes me wanna hot glue chicken bones to my clothes LOOL but clean ones

  • Jazz_Plays_Gacha
    Jazz_Plays_Gacha 9 months ago

    Intro:I wanna be ten feet tall!) me: ... w-well I wanna be 11 FEET TALL.

  • TheFroggyGamer
    TheFroggyGamer 10 months ago +1

    You know what number that is? F for... *freaky first*

  • iLazyAF
    iLazyAF Year ago

    When Alex revealed the zipper bone that girl covered the dog’s eyes

  • Fazle Rabbi
    Fazle Rabbi Year ago

    this is like jackass for kids

  • cheapshotninja
    cheapshotninja Year ago

    **Sitting Here Fully Needing more Ten Feet Tall**
    I feel like these two are what Rhett and Link were like as youths.
    It's like I'm watching two people at two different points of their lives played out by four different people.
    ...and I need more [o0,]

  • Joey Corl
    Joey Corl Year ago

    you have beautiful bones chicken. (to Alex and Mike)

  • Audra Wood
    Audra Wood Year ago

    So, if they didn't burn the suits

  • Zach Ganguly
    Zach Ganguly Year ago

    This one of the greatest youtube series

  • sasori1231231
    sasori1231231 Year ago

    When the music comes on and mike stomps down tht runway like a V O G U E V A M P H E N

  • Miranda Terry
    Miranda Terry Year ago

    Why do they burn something every time at the end of the video??😂😂

  • Connor Kubiak
    Connor Kubiak Year ago +2

    These two idiots give me hope

  • Chie Taal
    Chie Taal Year ago

    Alex says something deep-"Blind men can have vision, but they can't see"
    Immediately follows it up with "Oopsie poopsie"

  • T1ktak
    T1ktak Year ago

    Its every day bro with my chicken soup bro?

  • Emily Jaskwhich
    Emily Jaskwhich Year ago +1


  • Madi RoseT
    Madi RoseT Year ago

    Okay so clearly neither of them has used a hot glue gun before hahaha

  • Donovan Jost
    Donovan Jost Year ago

    dying laughing. this episode is gold. you loaded an oven full of 5 plates of dumpster wings and then hot glued them to a goodwill wardrobe. Loved the belt, Mike. Solid win.

  • Sax & Art
    Sax & Art Year ago

    It’s every day bro with that chicken suit flow

    That right there was the highlight of my life😂😂🎈😂

  • Jillian M
    Jillian M Year ago

    Boil for safety!

  • Sara Crowley
    Sara Crowley Year ago

    Fun fact:
    My sister made a necklace out of rib bones because she loves ribs so much....

  • Zheng Kai
    Zheng Kai Year ago

    It's everyday bro with my chicken soup flow HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Biggie Cheese Boi

    Hand the remaining bones out for Halloween.
    Edit: Never mind I don't know why I thought they wouldn't burn them.

  • Brianna Gordy
    Brianna Gordy Year ago

    I..I thought they were going to make tiny outfits for the chicken wings....

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Year ago

    4:25 my gosh

  • Hayli Cuevas
    Hayli Cuevas Year ago

    Some of these judges were party poopers

  • Noah Robertson
    Noah Robertson Year ago

    you guys are such good friends and i want to be your 3rd buddy in 10 feet tall. this is my audition, thank you

  • foop
    foop Year ago

    *The Ten Feet Tall Boys go Dumpster Diving* should be this episodes new name...!

  • I'm a dog
    I'm a dog Year ago

    it's everyday bro with my chicken suit flow WTF

  • glerpwasaboy
    glerpwasaboy Year ago +1

    Y'all got a cool ass kitchen 👌

  • whitelion2020
    whitelion2020 Year ago

    I love that your coworkers can't help but laugh because you guys are still so bizarre, even to them. That's a good sign - keep it fresh and silly!

  • Pelle1337 Pelle
    Pelle1337 Pelle Year ago

    Best show on youtube!

  • Patrik
    Patrik Year ago

    eehm 🤔 ok?

  • Whitny Miranda
    Whitny Miranda Year ago +2

    Why does Mike look good in his chicken wing suit????!!!!! 😍🤔😅

  • Joann Bedillion
    Joann Bedillion Year ago

    So alternative universe Lizzie and Ellie are in this. I choose to believe they are also best friends.

  • Becca Lendl
    Becca Lendl Year ago

    "cheetahs that are slow" hahaha

  • Benton James
    Benton James Year ago

    My face hurts from laughing!

  • NoraDR
    NoraDR Year ago

    Alex is my spirit animal

  • McKenna Martin
    McKenna Martin Year ago

    Mike "Can you guess what *number* this is? F"

  • jan aguirre
    jan aguirre Year ago

    Who ever yeld "I wanna be ten feet tall" sound like Will Ferrell yelling or my ears are messed up?

  • Blade_Saiyan
    Blade_Saiyan Year ago +3

    you should do "Making Art With Trash"

  • Withee Labs
    Withee Labs Year ago

    Alex is nailing his Dougie Jones look at 1:37.

  • ttibsen82
    ttibsen82 Year ago +1

    Feminist snowflake got triggered by Alex's pants.

  • Amanda Murphy
    Amanda Murphy Year ago +3

    its everyday bro with my chicken suit flo

  • BastianAndTheBear

    Why does Alex put the chicken wing on first then cover it with glue.......? I get not being artistic but this is ridiculous lol

  • emma renee
    emma renee Year ago +5

    but Alex, why don't you understand how glue works?

  • awoo tism
    awoo tism Year ago

    it's everyday bro with my chicken soup flow

  • Katie -
    Katie - Year ago

    Becca's review cracks me up. She could be on a fashion show as a judge

  • JP25cool Gaming
    JP25cool Gaming Year ago

    What did I just watch?🤔

  • Lazer Thunder
    Lazer Thunder Year ago

    It's everyday bro with my chicken suit flow

  • WhitePointStar Productions

    Yup. That's bones

  • Anita Pierce
    Anita Pierce Year ago +2

    I really think they should make polls for these competitions

  • collinday2011
    collinday2011 Year ago +3

    I fee bad for the rest of the crew for having to be around these two badasses all day. I can only imagine how much they wanna be mike and Alex

  • Josh of Mars
    Josh of Mars Year ago

    Wtf is wrong with yall

  • MaX Frost
    MaX Frost Year ago +2

    How to make money out of trash. Literally. 😜

  • T.S.Orr
    T.S.Orr Year ago

    I can't with these two lol. Chicken little action downstairs lmao!

  • FuzzyTheFluffyWolfAJ♡

    Notice how they didn't burn the s u i t s

    What did they do with them

  • Channel deleted
    Channel deleted Year ago

    I'm vegetarian 😢 think of the chickens 🐔🐓🐓🐓

    • Ian Ohern
      Ian Ohern Year ago

      werewolfwinner at less nothing's getting wasted

  • common watermelon boy

    Alex is my mom tbh

  • Smallness Smallness
    Smallness Smallness Year ago +4

    What is wrong with these guys? I love them so much.

  • Faith Steidl
    Faith Steidl Year ago

    Mike, you've been watching too much h3h3. The cough is infiltrating your videos.

  • Veronica Laroche
    Veronica Laroche Year ago

    "My inspiration was cheetahs that are slow." 🤣 I'm dying!

  • Prospector Glen
    Prospector Glen Year ago

    Alex sry bro but you lost because od the Jake Paul reference

  • Max Ellis
    Max Ellis Year ago

    I can't stop laughing about Alex's pants.

  • abby o
    abby o Year ago


  • Kate
    Kate Year ago

    If it's every day bro do you give up at night?!?! We 24/7 man YOU PICKED THE WRONG FIGHT!

  • xavier chaves
    xavier chaves Year ago

    Alex, why did you put that there? hahahahahaha

  • Maria Griffin
    Maria Griffin Year ago

    I note they didn't burn the suits. I guess they're saving those for a big night out.

  • Maria Griffin
    Maria Griffin Year ago

    4:25 Alex.... you watch Jake Paul? o.0

  • Maria Griffin
    Maria Griffin Year ago

    Just the title made me laugh. XD

  • missYFilan
    missYFilan Year ago

    I love Mike and Alex. I love it when Mike laughs

  • HA+NJ
    HA+NJ Year ago

    I thought they were going to put clothes on the chicken wings ....(。>ㅿ

  • Transmedal2
    Transmedal2 Year ago

    The nipple lady at the end really made this episode

  • Jacob Eggert
    Jacob Eggert Year ago +1

    Alex looks like the guy from that old "Perfection" board game commercial. Pop goes perfection

  • Flamebot
    Flamebot Year ago

    Why not burn the suits

  • thebagelbomb
    thebagelbomb Year ago

    Is being able to cook a requirement for a job at Mythical Entertainment?

  • Puns and Musicals

    Mike's arms look so long and thin
    They're like branches

  • Rob Mathis
    Rob Mathis Year ago

    Nice placement of the bones on the zipper region Alex!? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert McKinney
    Robert McKinney Year ago

    am i the only one that saw butt crack?!?!?!?!

  • Mackenzie Brooks
    Mackenzie Brooks Year ago

    More fashion shows. Please

  • Kat Lannom
    Kat Lannom Year ago

    I used chicken bones for Halloween decorations last year. And I haven't taken them down cause I want whoever passes by my house to think I'm a witch.

  • Aaron Moses
    Aaron Moses Year ago +2

    I'm a human

  • Danny
    Danny Year ago

    I look forward to this more than GMM

  • mlgbaby2
    mlgbaby2 Year ago +1


  • NavajoGlamour
    NavajoGlamour Year ago +3

    I loved when Becca covered June the doggies eyes when Alex strutted his stuff!!!🙀😖😏

    • Mythical
      Mythical  Year ago +1

      She's only 8, too young for such R-rated fashion. -Becca

  • Ushirinaki
    Ushirinaki Year ago

    I'm not sure of their names, but the girl with the pink hair and the last girl to vote were really pretty.

  • Micah Davidson
    Micah Davidson Year ago

    It's every day bro with this chicken suit flow

  • Night Fire
    Night Fire Year ago

    Anyone else notice that it's jazz music

  • Night Fire
    Night Fire Year ago

    All of those dead chickens....

  • Andrea Mislosky-Garner

    I'm digging the BONE-er.....

  • Rrod Hacim
    Rrod Hacim Year ago

    I die laughing at these guys. I just love Mikes deadpan delivery.