6 Minimum Wage Workers vs 1 Secret Millionaire

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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Comments • 15 786

  • Kim Christian
    Kim Christian 9 minutes ago

    Kyla made one random one off “girl power” comment that was not even mentioned in the actual game and here come the anti feminists storming the comments about how oppressed men are and how much they suffer because women are out to get them. Incels.

  • LaurenMarie373
    LaurenMarie373 13 minutes ago

    when the millionaire is famous so u already knew lmao

  • Kim Christian
    Kim Christian 21 minute ago

    Yo said “how do you know I’m Asian” I- we not about to act like people don’t have distinctive qualities

  • Jaiela London
    Jaiela London Hour ago

    They should do the reverse where it's a room full of millionaires and one non-millionaire

  • Owen S
    Owen S Hour ago

    This is a hard one no cap couldn’t get it

  • Kevin Ruisch
    Kevin Ruisch Hour ago

    Do this the other way around. So Guess who is the minium wage worker

  • Comrade Corbachev
    Comrade Corbachev Hour ago +1

    I misunderstood the game until the very end

  • Brandon Christen
    Brandon Christen Hour ago

    I couldn't get past the first 2 minutes, it's just way to much cringe.

  • Okamisuki
    Okamisuki 3 hours ago

    1 like = 1 slap to the blonde girl

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 3 hours ago

    I look poor . . . Jesus

  • 0nowztar
    0nowztar 3 hours ago

    without looking who the milionaire is.. i think its the man in the Red.. lets see if im right..

  • love leeds
    love leeds 4 hours ago

    Trust the black guy to use stereotypes what a nob

  • girly
    girly 5 hours ago

    it’s obvious

  • Eeni
    Eeni 5 hours ago

    I literally got it right when i first saw him.

  • Venostrike
    Venostrike 5 hours ago

    The end got spoiled for me because i got an add by the guy 😂😂

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox 6 hours ago

    fricking girls

  • TrisT
    TrisT 7 hours ago

    "I didn't think it would be a woman"
    "I see women as leaders"
    cuck 100

  • MrEpicMann
    MrEpicMann 8 hours ago +1

    Giving a millionaire more money come on

  • nobodywith1k subcribers
    nobodywith1k subcribers 10 hours ago +1

    The last 2 girl's had no reason to vote the last guy but "girl power" right

  • potatoesandgravyyy
    potatoesandgravyyy 12 hours ago

    kevin is a successful youtuber, I'm surprised noone knew

  • Victor Gan
    Victor Gan 12 hours ago

    Well the girls are happy about not being the millionaire lmao

  • SociallyTriggered
    SociallyTriggered 13 hours ago

    The thing is being a millionaire isn't such a big deal. Still being a minimum wage worker in your forties is.

  • Ronald Samuel
    Ronald Samuel 13 hours ago

    10:45 i cant stop laugh at jimmy dude ,he was too poorr😂

  • James Liu
    James Liu 15 hours ago

    Wow I have to say, such an ugly video... money does change people

  • Edel Esguerra
    Edel Esguerra 15 hours ago

    Millionaire dressing like a minimum wage worker and minimum wage workers dressing like millionaires

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon 16 hours ago

    These videos are very random

  • Hafsa Mohamed
    Hafsa Mohamed 16 hours ago

    "That right there is oxana" it's Kevin guys!! I was seeing his ads on all my videos and instantly I knew i recognized his voice! This was genius, S/O TO KEVIN!

  • invest for your future
    invest for your future 16 hours ago

    just wasted 6 min of my life watching bunch of materialistic people

  • Conner Allen
    Conner Allen 16 hours ago

    10:00 That's how a true rich person thinks

  • dock1
    dock1 17 hours ago +1

    I've never seen so many losers

  • Isaac Camacho
    Isaac Camacho 17 hours ago

    Kevin was the OBVIOUS choice. A minimum wage worker can't afford protein shakes and have a fresh cut at all times.

  • Shoe Joe
    Shoe Joe 17 hours ago

    Yang 2020

  • King Kai
    King Kai 17 hours ago

    Kevin was probably like buy my course with this money

  • King Kai
    King Kai 17 hours ago

    Seeing all his ads i automatically knew it was him jk. Also im friends with him on fb

  • Jorge Valdovinos
    Jorge Valdovinos 18 hours ago +1

    Just realized that the guy in the red shirt is pretty sad 😂

  • DarkKnghtZ
    DarkKnghtZ 18 hours ago

    Tattoo on chest (blonde girl) = definitely not the millionaire.

  • guachamole
    guachamole 18 hours ago

    the way kevin said "I'm a minimum wage worker"... you could tell he was actually thinking "imma bout to end these broke bitches careers"

  • Austin Blevins
    Austin Blevins 19 hours ago

    What's Kevin's TheXvid channel

  • Sam Cullum
    Sam Cullum 19 hours ago

    Man when they all said their names at the start said it was Kevin too easy

  • Shimmering Hell
    Shimmering Hell 19 hours ago

    jimmy 24/7 looked swag

  • Reyes Torres
    Reyes Torres 19 hours ago

    How much is a gallon of milk? Write it down. Show me, done.

  • Walker Albinson
    Walker Albinson 19 hours ago

    David is my favorite. "I see women as leaders" and "I have 200"

  • Oh K
    Oh K 20 hours ago

    And the white man prevails🤣🤣

  • Emma Rosendo
    Emma Rosendo 20 hours ago

    4:37 The parents could be born in Oregon, and then they could move to another state. I am from China but I live in Florida.

  • Lestat Beyer
    Lestat Beyer 21 hour ago +1

    "Minimum wage worker" where minimum wage is 15 Dollars not the federal 7.25

  • Fiona Ackerson
    Fiona Ackerson 21 hour ago

    I totally thought it was Betzua cause look at her shoes and glasses and those earings

  • Ron Matson
    Ron Matson 21 hour ago

    That's when you say how do you know I'm black ? Look at me

  • The Devil
    The Devil 21 hour ago +1

    You know how you can easily win this game

  • Kenzie Curls_xx
    Kenzie Curls_xx 21 hour ago

    The girl with the red shirt has no neck

  • Kenzie Curls_xx
    Kenzie Curls_xx 21 hour ago

    Them girls😒🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 22 hours ago

    Lol the girls won cuz everyone thought they broke...and they were right.

  • Felicia Souva
    Felicia Souva 22 hours ago

    Can you please invite me on this show?

  • Jade
    Jade 23 hours ago

    That guy is not a millionaire

  • Théo
    Théo 23 hours ago

    "how do you know i'm asian" "I took a guess but if you are not go get get your eyes fixed"
    PS: that's a refrence only the elite will get

  • IAmunator
    IAmunator Day ago

    lmao courtney looks like corinnakopf

  • Arda Aydogdu
    Arda Aydogdu Day ago

    Just finished LA Noire I knew the millionaire from start lol

  • Chappy
    Chappy Day ago

    Kevin ruined the surprise with his TheXvid ad right before the video lol

  • Lowkey asab
    Lowkey asab Day ago +1

    6:00 dude tryna get laid and score some points talking highly about females hahahahaha

  • Bradz06
    Bradz06 Day ago

    *Announcer announces the rules*
    Secret millionaire: I am taking it all home baby, woohoo!
    *minimum wage workers look over*
    Secret Millionaire: oh...

  • Lowkey asab
    Lowkey asab Day ago

    1:20 the way he said “I have a van” tryna explain his life lmfao 😂