Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 1

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • Self twirling forks, a vegetable sharpener, a tea tool and a breakfast toaster. We reckon James and Ben's heads might explode if they caught us using these BUT useless or not? You decide.
    You can find out more about the gadgets/ingredients we've reviewed in the links below. Just so you know, these are likely to be affiliate links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
    You can find the gadgets here:
    Twirling Spaghetti Fork -
    DOBO Sharpener, Peeler and Spiral Slicer -
    The Tea Tool -
    Smart Breakfast Master Toaster -
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood  Year ago +1040

    Just to teach the 'chefs', how are you MEANT to make a cup of tea guys?

    • Paputsza
      Paputsza Month ago

      Let's see. Well first you crack open some tea pods, soak the tea overnight, sprout the floaters, throw away the rest. Then once you have sprouted leafy baby plants in slightly acidic well drained soil which idk if England has that country looks damp. Wait about three years, and then take the new leaves, keeping in mind that the vertical sprout is unique, and the only part that grows vertically. Roll the leaves, then dry them, then get out your tea cups. Boil water, rinse two cups with boiling water. Put leaves in cup 1 for a quick rinse with boiling water, then throw out that water. Then steep your tea again but for real for a couple of minutes, with a saucer covering it. When done tilt the saucer and pour your tea into cup 2 without the leaves. Let cool and drink with honey and milk.

    • deyvplays
      deyvplays Month ago

      Why are people flipping out over the order of water and tea? I've flip-flopped my entire life, dependent on whatever I happen to have in my hand first, and I've never noticed a difference

    • Queentophat
      Queentophat 2 months ago

      My mom and I just bought a coffee maker and brew it like you would coffee. Even better cause the tea's already in bags and doesn't need to be measured. we use about 7 packets per 12 cups. ^.^ Mock me if you will, but it works wonders.

    • Jenny_Spaghetti
      Jenny_Spaghetti 2 months ago

      So tardy to the party...
      Pour boiling water into the mug and let sit to warm the mug.
      Dump out water.
      Place teabag and sugar into mug.
      Add hot water.
      Let sit for 5 minutes.
      Add milk and stir.
      Optional: get distracted and forget about tea until it's lukewarm to cold, with a light milk skin on top, and have existential crisis about how badly you need a cup of tea.

    • iwearhats
      iwearhats 3 months ago

      1. forget the idea that there's one correct way to make a cup of tea, because ultimately what makes a cup of tea good comes down to personal preference
      2. do what you want the world is your oyster lmao

  • Rebecca Woodward
    Rebecca Woodward 14 hours ago

    Did Jamie and Barry ever teach Ben and James to make tea correctly?

  • Nicci Lunn
    Nicci Lunn Day ago

    4:42 my dad does the same thing even though he is an assistant manager of a tea bag factory 🏭

  • Luna C
    Luna C 12 days ago

    It’s taken ages but I finally know what the spinning fork is for. It’s for kids who are too young and don’t have the dexterity to spin pasta on their forks yet. Silly thing I know, but I’m watching my 2 year old try desperately to twirl some pasta on his little fork like I always do and it’s adorable. And watching it made me think of this product 😂

  • Louise Cookson
    Louise Cookson 24 days ago

    The fork would be useful for people with disabilities and kids but that’s about it...

  • Lubos Šimko
    Lubos Šimko Month ago

    little late - but odd numbers catch eye more - in my ocuntry it is called as Baťa prize /Baťa is famous producer of boots, who used prize like 99,99 instead of 100

  • Kathrin
    Kathrin Month ago

    Mike's childlike enthusiasm for this Sorted Genre is soo lovely! :)

  • Daphne Soegijono
    Daphne Soegijono Month ago

    I actually wanted the all in one breakfast thing when I was living in a college dorm with no kitchen access. Seems great for the size of a microwave. And I thought there's maybe a similar one that also grills bacon?

  • Annmarie Sauve
    Annmarie Sauve Month ago

    suddenly moved to upgrade all the stirring of the tea hypnosis/trance/sunken place scenes in the movie Get Out with the squeezy thing. from horror to comedy instantaneously.

  • natasa don
    natasa don Month ago

    I'm crap at making te, so the tea took would help me

  • Angelina Albano
    Angelina Albano Month ago +1

    Have these videos are too funny. Keep them up.i don't think you'll run out of kitchen gadgets to test any time soon either, hahaha. There's so many of these useless things but like you say, useless or not, you decide.

  • Lone Gamers - Egbert

    almost all of these things aren’t useless if you thing about how a disabled person would benefit from it’s use

  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan Month ago

    Need a sharp carrot!

  • Pete Artieda
    Pete Artieda Month ago

    Someone has to put "Give me the spaghetti" on my grave

  • dhjsoaksk shja
    dhjsoaksk shja Month ago

    the fork one is good for people who have mobility issue

  • Tinej 150
    Tinej 150 Month ago +23

    Anyone else cringe when he bit down on the fork while it was still spinning?

    • AlexSDU
      AlexSDU Month ago

      My teeth hurt when I heard the sound of his teeth hitting the fork.

  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock Month ago

    You7 must do this outside in front of the grandkids. Get a fork and stick it in a drill and plunge the fork into the bowl of Spaghetti and go for your life Spaghetti and sauce everywhere and laughing grandkids Grandma is not happy

  • Rescue
    Rescue 2 months ago

    Live the content.
    But please stop the automatic translation of the title.

  • s a b a d o/Theswitcher27
    s a b a d o/Theswitcher27 2 months ago +1

    Alt Title: SORTEDFood trying to be like Alton Brown.

  • avital regal
    avital regal 2 months ago


  • messorem
    messorem 2 months ago

    1:17 why did it crunch

    • VaultCon
      VaultCon 2 months ago

      It was still spinning and caught his teeth.

  • Richard Bridge
    Richard Bridge 2 months ago

    with making the tea, i dont see how they were doing it wrong, dosent matter if you pour the water over the tea bag or put the tea bag in after, the water does not cool down that fast

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna 2 months ago

    Kids love twirling forks. Note the rounded tines. Not really targeted for adults. 😂

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy 2 months ago

    Why would you need a specific device to make breakfast/Brunch?......

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy 2 months ago

    Twirling spaghetti fork...... the way to make Italians hate you.

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy 2 months ago

    It's like if N'sync got really into cooking.

  • Laura Elizabeth
    Laura Elizabeth 2 months ago

    I got the exact peeler pencil sharpener for carrots in tiger tiger for £1. For my mum for xmas.... we love stupid gifts.

  • BlueStoneTimes
    BlueStoneTimes 2 months ago

    Actually just saying it but technucally the original way to say vietnam is not Viet-Nom but Viet-nam. After the north won and took over Vietnam, some words started become pronouced diffrently.

  • MrRichardBoner
    MrRichardBoner 2 months ago

    The coloring of that fork just makes me think of Tenga products.

  • Anji Cooper
    Anji Cooper 2 months ago

    WAIT y’all are British and don’t know how to properly make tea? -sincerely a confused American haha

  • Dan Awesome
    Dan Awesome 2 months ago

    The swedish title to this video isn't exactly correct

  • UniqueUserName3417
    UniqueUserName3417 2 months ago

    The toaster thing would be maybe useful in a camper

  • Fabric Fool aka KreepyGrrl

    Hi. I know a lot of gadgets look utterly useless...until you develop crippling arthritis or neuromuscular disease and can no longer twirl your own spaghetti, or squeeze a teabag. Or stir your sauce. Etc. Don’t forget: you guys won’t always be 30.

  • Betanumeric_
    Betanumeric_ 3 months ago

    I own a tea tool. Love it. Shameless

  • Bradon Hoover
    Bradon Hoover 3 months ago +1

    I bet they pour cereal into their milk too

  • akcityboy
    akcityboy 3 months ago

    Lose the ginger breaded twat and I’ll sub ...

  • Pinkaugust
    Pinkaugust 3 months ago

    How come the title is translated to my language?

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 3 months ago

    1:20 “I hate it” 😂

  • just randomly
    just randomly 3 months ago

    the bodo sharpener I won't use it cause ill be tempted to put my fingers in it

  • Furry Trash the movie
    Furry Trash the movie 3 months ago +1

    That tea making was offensive why is this not age restricted?

  • Thea Stone
    Thea Stone 3 months ago

    Can you Do a video on the gadgets the chefs have actually keep and use hehe

  • Pepe The frog
    Pepe The frog 3 months ago

    1:19 mate are your teeth okay

  • squiresam
    squiresam 3 months ago

    1. Chuck tea bags in garbage.2. Grab bottle of water.3. Drink.

  • Arsebiscute65
    Arsebiscute65 4 months ago

    That for, used to be free with certain pot noddles

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman 4 months ago +2

    Twirling fork is useful for people with arthritis and other potential mobility impairments

  • Rhf
    Rhf 4 months ago +1

    Some gadgets are for people with special needs so it may seem useless and overpriced to you

  • putnamehere hold ma doodle

    Is this a trans channel

  • Cooking with the Blues
    Cooking with the Blues 4 months ago

  • Christy T
    Christy T 4 months ago +3

    British chefs that do not know how to make a cup of tea! 🤣 How ironic

    • Immi
      Immi 4 months ago

      I think he did it fine

    • Bear Newman
      Bear Newman 4 months ago

      As a non-english person, how does one make a proper cup of tea?

  • Rosaria's Catering
    Rosaria's Catering 4 months ago

    All the American watching this: That's not how your supposed to make a cup of tea?

  • Harley Me
    Harley Me 4 months ago

    typical englishmen .... omfg he didn't poor the water on the tea! fucking insane omg that make so much of ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE...

    get over it, the bag is in the water ANYWAY. unless of course you like really weak tea....

  • Deidre Pyatte
    Deidre Pyatte 4 months ago

    I like the teabag thing..can't get it here in the states.

  • Diamond John
    Diamond John 4 months ago

  • SilentBob420BMFJ
    SilentBob420BMFJ 4 months ago

    So how DO you make a cup of tea then? I can't be bothered to read all the comments, someone tell me.

  • SilentBob420BMFJ
    SilentBob420BMFJ 4 months ago

    WTF is RRP? You mean MSRP??

  • spacemantango
    spacemantango 5 months ago

    they should redo this with disabled people using these gadgets. most of these are for disabled people.

  • shana weiss
    shana weiss 5 months ago +3


  • Vagabond Wastrel
    Vagabond Wastrel 5 months ago

    Tea is just a drinking salad. Pointless. But, even I know you shouldn't squeeze the tea bag.

  • Brenden Miller
    Brenden Miller 5 months ago

    It was comletely unnecessary to have all of those camera switches to film your reaction, kind of threw me off

  • wrenchpainter
    wrenchpainter 5 months ago

    I am properly shocked that James and Ben are not tea drinkers!! I'm American and I have British tea every morning.