Sober Convos: Prisoners & Trolleys

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Comments • 80

  • pιcĸle _jar
    pιcĸle _jar 3 hours ago

    Fuck 2020, my New Years resolution was to make a friend but nooo I’m still lonely

  • MR71 gaming
    MR71 gaming 3 hours ago

    Make the train drift and make it 5

  • Jet Xiong
    Jet Xiong 3 hours ago

    Shinobu...? She’s mines Crush 😑 😂

  • junee
    junee 6 hours ago

    1:50 - you can either kill four people or switch the lever and kill one person
    me: is there a way for it to drift to kill all of them

  • Don Rekter
    Don Rekter 8 hours ago +1

    Happy 2020?
    Oh Dom you have no idea

  • milkteaaddict
    milkteaaddict 10 hours ago

    hear me out guys
    what if jomm never lets go of his crutch (5:55 )
    *is he a cyborg*

  • RainFyre
    RainFyre 10 hours ago

    0:55: Release the prisoners into SCP-682’s containment cell.

  • Adjustmentz
    Adjustmentz 10 hours ago

    Final was meant to be lol

  • Connel Broad
    Connel Broad 11 hours ago

    do you love audible youve had 5000000000000000000000000000000000000 sponsers by them

  • Brianna Morgan
    Brianna Morgan 13 hours ago

    jomm is me 😭 “to save strangers? no.”

  • Abby dragon 123
    Abby dragon 123 14 hours ago +1

    ReAD wItH YoUr EaRS

  • Alecks
    Alecks 19 hours ago

    Oh you don’t have to worry about shinobu there hahaha

  • Rebecca Hocker
    Rebecca Hocker 20 hours ago

    Haha "happy 2020" 😆😅😂😨😰😥😢😭

  • LiveUntouchable
    LiveUntouchable Day ago

    that let trap would honestly be horrific

  • ExtremeCobra 48
    ExtremeCobra 48 Day ago

    I like these :)

  • Stephanie Summers
    Stephanie Summers Day ago +1


  • Lyhz
    Lyhz Day ago

    When losing the leg, the real question is how much of the leg ur losing? 🤔🤔

  • Limes YT
    Limes YT Day ago

    I’d jail an innocent person because I live in Singapore and old people want to go to jail because their children don’t care about them, and if they are sick, they have healthcare, and they have food for breakfast lunch and dinner, and they can’t stay in jail for life cause they have Lawyers

  • Skorri Hrafn Guðmundsson

    Was that a jojo reference?

    N O

  • Jeevan Brar
    Jeevan Brar Day ago

    Everyone's commenting about OurMine but i'm here hearing a subtle touch of Megalovania during the opening sponsor... listen carefully!

  • leo wra
    leo wra Day ago +1

    7:05 *unhappy 2020

  • Awsome Slayer
    Awsome Slayer Day ago

    Anime girl from demon slayer forgot her name

  • drew raval
    drew raval Day ago +1

    If you drift on the trolly you can take out all five of them

  • Lidz :3
    Lidz :3 2 days ago

    The revive thing reminds me of Ajin 🙈😂

  • Bubble Bee
    Bubble Bee 2 days ago

    "Happy 2020"

  • deku and bakugo are best bois

    Would I lose a leg
    Jeez I'd jump right in front it

  • Dylan Ting
    Dylan Ting 2 days ago +1

    What if situation: yeah but your leg will get cut off by a train
    Then: *begins contemplating what they wouldn’t do without a leg*
    Me: *shakily patting my leg to make sure it’s unharmed*

  • John R.
    John R. 2 days ago

    A common perspective. But you set the precedent that the ends justify the means when you say it's okay to actively kill the one

  • Derpymon290
    Derpymon290 2 days ago

    Naw just switch the tracks then scream at the guy if they didn’t hear you it’s their fault.

  • No one in Particular

    Sacrifice my leg they could probably reattach it if it’s fresh enough

  • Animegod Bailey
    Animegod Bailey 2 days ago +1

    Back too watch his video

  • It's Megan
    It's Megan 2 days ago

    I relate to the kicking my self esteem thing lol.

  • OfficerEmoji
    OfficerEmoji 2 days ago

    Don: Happy 2020!
    Me: yeeeaaaahhh not so much 😬

  • garrondumont
    garrondumont 2 days ago

    A world where everyone is an Ajin? That'd be chaos.

  • Bullet Point
    Bullet Point 2 days ago +1

    Happy pandemic

  • Logan Souvanat
    Logan Souvanat 2 days ago

    Kresh likes a shinobu? Ironic that my profile is shinobu

  • coffee bear
    coffee bear 2 days ago +1

    If you drift you can kill them all

  • lanun 696
    lanun 696 2 days ago +1

    Just stop the trolley

  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 days ago

    Actually, in ww2 a Japanese person lost both his legs and one arm, he was still able to fly.

  • Vallenkras
    Vallenkras 3 days ago


  • Andreas Nordstrom
    Andreas Nordstrom 3 days ago

    *multi track drift*

  • house phone
    house phone 3 days ago

    u put 110 people instead of 100

  • Li Pan
    Li Pan 3 days ago


  • KingJaycer25 Roads
    KingJaycer25 Roads 4 days ago +1

    Happy 2020 I bet your already working on your resolutions!
    Random guy in China: I want to eat a wide variety of food. *eats a bat*.
    World:another decade, another virus.

  • derpy boi
    derpy boi 4 days ago

    Just get an artificial leg

  • Li Pan
    Li Pan 4 days ago


  • Mystical Robi
    Mystical Robi 5 days ago

    Dom asks how's 2020 me right now IT'S THE WORST!

  • Mystical Robi
    Mystical Robi 5 days ago

    Kress, Dom and Jomm:*Talks about morale and rightfulness*
    Me: How about you pull the lever then push the one guy it's not like the train is going fast.

  • K-pop Kore
    K-pop Kore 6 days ago +1

    Why are there people on the train railing anyways? ¬-¬.

  • Holly Xx
    Holly Xx 6 days ago

    ‘Happy 2020’ hahahahahaha. Yeah bruh ya jinxed it

  • TheBadDefault
    TheBadDefault 6 days ago

    I would pick that one person and push him off the rail

  • Ashley D.
    Ashley D. 6 days ago

    The trolley thing:

    Switch the rail to the one, then run and knock them off the trail, trading your life for theirs and then be hailed as a hero. That's my choice.

  • Lien Hoang
    Lien Hoang 6 days ago

    Dobutts part 2

  • Shin Lia
    Shin Lia 6 days ago

    Shinobu died and i kinda felt bad when Dom sad "Kill her" 😂

  • Jesus Alejandro
    Jesus Alejandro 7 days ago

    Hablas español¿?

  • Jozie Horrors
    Jozie Horrors 7 days ago

    Love of your life on one track
    4 friends on the other track
    You hear yourself whispering:
    ~~~Bros before hoes ~~~
    And switch the track 😎

  • Long Hien Huynh (Jackson)

    if jomm having prosthetic leg is he a cyborg

  • WeaponizedFidgetSpinner *spinspin*

    The legality of the trolley problem is pretty fucked though. If you leave it you kill 4 people and legally you're good, but if you kill the one guy you are charged for murder whooo

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright 9 days ago

    My eyes die when I watch your videos from the light, DARN YOU WHITE BACKGROUND!

  • Luca Fitzpatrick
    Luca Fitzpatrick 9 days ago

    Read with your ears

    --domics 2020

  • Infinite Quickscopes

    5:22 That’s when you know you gotta bring an airsoft or a nerf gun to shoot at the guy to get their attention

  • Thot Zawa
    Thot Zawa 9 days ago +2

    “No one-... “ “literally no one-...” “me- WHY THE F DONT THEY JUST GET OFF TRACK!!>:0

  • Cassia Van Gobel
    Cassia Van Gobel 9 days ago

    At 4:53 the prophecy book reminded me of death note...

  • Ethan
    Ethan 9 days ago

    in terms of the natural selection argument, i would let the trolley kill the 4 because if all these people are dumb enough to be standing on the tracks, the less dumb ones that come out of it the better, thus raising humanity's IQ

  • NuggetTato
    NuggetTato 10 days ago

    I agree with tall spikey, im not sacrificing my leg for strangers, they shouldn't of been standing on the track

  • Honei iogurt
    Honei iogurt 10 days ago

    I go take vonto green belt

  • Demonetization
    Demonetization 10 days ago +1

    Switch the track to save 4 and kill 1 or don’t do anything and kill 4
    Me and intellectual: Switch at the exact moment the train passes the switching track so the train flips and kills all 5

  • The-Great-Noodle
    The-Great-Noodle 10 days ago

    I would pull the lever the second it crosses so it derails

  • Suck_my_Grapes 69
    Suck_my_Grapes 69 10 days ago

    How many adibules do you have

  • Jiku Killa
    Jiku Killa 11 days ago

    *grin creepy voice* I wouldn't mind killing more the 15 people
    Besty:*shiver* don't you me 5
    *looks at besty with the most horrifying starre* no~
    Besty:.... OW HELL NO

  • Charlie McLean
    Charlie McLean 11 days ago

    The respawn question is literally that like anime on Netflix the cgi one

  • Arham
    Arham 11 days ago

    3:33 so ajin

  • Daniel Hoberg
    Daniel Hoberg 11 days ago

    4:17 this is basically the movie "edge of tomorrow"

  • Idk Something
    Idk Something 11 days ago

    there were 110 prisoners 0:58

  • Isaiah Does Some Stuff

    I will devour you joking 🙃

  • Ba Ka
    Ba Ka 12 days ago

    If i was in the trolley problem ill keep on switch and it will glitch out !

  • Ba Ka
    Ba Ka 12 days ago

    Instead ill just call out to the 4 or to the 1 and switch or switch and run to save people

  • Bonley
    Bonley 13 days ago

    I was getting Ajin vibes when talking about killing yourself to heal

  • chiYa TT
    chiYa TT 13 days ago +33

    “Jail one random innocent person”
    Me: this should be fine.

  • Anita Haenel
    Anita Haenel 13 days ago

    I would throw myself under the trolly
    HAHAHAHAHA 🤣epic 😂im so 😃edgy 🤣and 😂coool