Former CIA Dir. John Brennan On Donald Trump, North Korea, Gina Haspel, And Putin | Deadline | MSNBC

  • Published on May 11, 2018
  • Former director of the CIA John Brennan joins Nicolle Wallace to discuss North Korea, Russia, and the nominee for CIA director.
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    Former CIA Dir. John Brennan On Donald Trump, North Korea, Gina Haspel, And Putin | Deadline | MSNBC

Comments • 379

  • m beginization
    m beginization 5 months ago

    I bet he sat on that pallet of billions they gave the terrorist nation of Iran, they should not hire partners if they can't testify

  • Pat Dawkins
    Pat Dawkins 9 months ago

    John Brennan is the TRAITOR!!! He a Brennen is a Moslem convert and voted COMMUNIST. He should have never been in our government in any capacity. Needs to Arrested tried and publicly hung.

  • al jbug
    al jbug 9 months ago

    Current muslim .

  • artbydesignofkc Joey
    artbydesignofkc Joey 9 months ago

    It would be cool to hear a news story where this guys gets hung by the neck...fuckn sell out....

  • artbydesignofkc Joey
    artbydesignofkc Joey 9 months ago

    FORMER COMMUNIST. ..STILL A FUCKN SPY... CUT HIS FUCKN HEAD OFF. USING HIS TITLE LIKE HE'S got a good reputation. Google this sell out. Then lets cut his fuckn head off. Traitor. ..

  • xxbobdeexx
    xxbobdeexx 9 months ago

    communist muslim traitor, zero credibility, hack for MSNBC(GMN= gov't modified news) that's

  • Adam Smasher
    Adam Smasher 9 months ago


  • Old Timer
    Old Timer 9 months ago +1

    Dirt bag Brennan a treasonist that needs to face justice that muslime trash bag....

  • Roger Frisco
    Roger Frisco 9 months ago

    Donald is going to put Brennan in jail along with a lot of MSNBC people who made the Qanon list of traiters. And you don't have a clue, funny.😁

  • Kit Richardson
    Kit Richardson 10 months ago

    The Chinese hacked every government employee while Obama was president - and Putin started meddling while Obama was president why didn’t Obama do anything about it? Why was HILARY giving our uranium away to Russia for $750,000 speech?

  • William Price
    William Price 10 months ago

    Brennan is a member of the communist party

  • Appen Zeller
    Appen Zeller 11 months ago

    Brennan...go home. write another book..make more $$ and wait for your subpoena. You are RETIRED. Quit this nonsense and stop trying to deflect to CYA. Go on MSM hate Trump news and all smirk when all believe they have a "gotcha moment". President Trump (YES PRESIDENT) is now in charge. The past actions of politicians, actions of agencies etc. is now open for critique. It is so obvious what is going on. results not old talking points and oh oops...exposing ...who ? You are afraid.

    MR MONSTER 11 months ago

    John Brennan is going to prison.

  • ViKing Tut
    ViKing Tut 11 months ago

    Gina hasspel was given orders by John Brennan yet democrats didnt appose him even though he's been known to vote for the communist party. Orange jumpsuit John Brennan. If the law still matters Brennan will be given a sentence equitable to life in prison. Good luck Chris Hayes with your bs videos. You're literally the biggest psuedo intellectual in America. If you don't know what psuedo intellectual means we're calling you stupid and naive. Bye bye democrat party.

  • Iam Hudsdent
    Iam Hudsdent 11 months ago

    John Brennan, you despise Kim Jong Un, because of his brutality and inhumanity? Yet you voted communist, in support of the brutality and inhumanity that is part and parcel to communism. You endorsed communism. Why on earth did Obama select such a man as DCI? Because Obama, like you, admires communism. He said so, in his book, that he sought out Marxist professors, and he was mentored by a communist, Frank Marshall Davis. Sickening.

  • ViKing Tut
    ViKing Tut 11 months ago

    Obama got taken advantage of by Putin dozens of times. Any honest person knows that

  • Sarge Forward
    Sarge Forward 11 months ago +1

    John Brennan is a fraud.

  • bowecho
    bowecho 11 months ago +1

    Yes John, Please explain to the viewers how you, Samatha Powers, Joe Biden, and Victoria Nuland helped engineer and orchestrate regime change that put Nazis into power in Kiev. #UkrainianCoup #KievJunta

  • Al Beau
    Al Beau 11 months ago

    All this as been take care off. One kerea and no nuclear nuke.. Peace on earth

  • Meep Meep
    Meep Meep 11 months ago +1

    Brennan is a scum bag liar!

  • Gene Vonderlinden
    Gene Vonderlinden 11 months ago +1

    so funny ! theese people both on the video and commenting hate trump to the core and in your eyes he never has never will do one thing that you like or can agree with. you people are so sick !

  • Arndt Thielfoldt
    Arndt Thielfoldt 11 months ago

    Brennan is a totally P.O.S.

  • PowerOf One
    PowerOf One 11 months ago

    Brennan will be in GITMO soon enough.

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 11 months ago

    North Korea and South Korea came together without Trump. Kim Jong Un may not even care about a summit.

  • joann downey
    joann downey 11 months ago

    this guy is a liar. he started everything {investigations}as is coming out. he also did it all in illegal ways. he is a communist and voted that way. he is the swamp.

  • drew clendening
    drew clendening 11 months ago

    I don't get the libs. Why can't you let the president try?

  • Kathleen Firth
    Kathleen Firth 11 months ago

    Brennan the Commie-Voting Traitor. Perfect for MSNBC

  • Judy Grey
    Judy Grey 11 months ago

    Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

  • Judy Grey
    Judy Grey 11 months ago

    Good. I'm glad youre worried. See what happens when you don't take care of home?

  • Judy Grey
    Judy Grey 11 months ago


  • Judy Grey
    Judy Grey 11 months ago

    Have you EVER asked what I needed?

  • Judy Grey
    Judy Grey 11 months ago

    Mr. Brennan, I'm tired of asking nicely for what your organization owes me. you ran an operation that left me without normal provisions. Do you think I can't give Iran and possibly North Korea more?

  • Buck Norris
    Buck Norris 11 months ago

    hard to recognize Brennan without his muslim head scarf and koran

  • Drew Loftsgard
    Drew Loftsgard 11 months ago

    Brennan the asshat and msnbc is fake news!!

  • You're A Walking Dead And Do Know Its Sure Now

    That dudes scary and was he'd of CIA? ," Kim's a bloody n murderous desperate? " he says? Scary. I see how he was good at his job here though. Scary dude.

  • 1manuscriptman
    1manuscriptman 11 months ago

    Now Iran and other enemies will see that the way to their regime's safety is to develop nuclear weapons as soon as possible. Ironically, Trump's breaking of the Iran deal ENSURES that Iran will now make nuclear weapons.

  • 112yrs
    112yrs 11 months ago

    Brennan is a deep state and Muslim Traitor.

    AUDIOHOSTEM187 11 months ago +1

    We Need More Muslim-American Loyalists Like Mr. Brennan - TRUMP TROLL MAGA

  • Elizabeth Powers
    Elizabeth Powers 11 months ago

    La NY DC Chicago are all north Korea target

  • Elizabeth Powers
    Elizabeth Powers 11 months ago

    He's right about North Korea.

  • Tuff OleBird
    Tuff OleBird 11 months ago

    Warmonger Brennan! ANOTHER ONE NOT WORTH HIS SALERY!!!

  • Beltfedshooters
    Beltfedshooters 11 months ago

    Brennan needs to listen to this interview to get a clue.

  • tommy8715
    tommy8715 11 months ago +1

    John Brennan is a partisan hack.... HRC bought this guy years ago not to mention he was part of the communist party in the 1970's. Notice he has a brand new job at MSNBC right after leaving the government so there is no question he and Clapper used their intelligence gained as government agents for their own personal gain and the spreading of their agendas through leaking information and twisting it to their narrative.

  • sent iment
    sent iment 11 months ago

    Kim Jong Un knows who ALL the traitors are... He know who is on the take... We will ALL know very soon who has been selling secrets to NK... Can't Wait!@!!

  • Nayo Tawken
    Nayo Tawken 11 months ago

    Neither China nor Russia wants the nuclear fallout of an evaporated N.Korea, and even less a Mutually Assured Destruction stirred between them and USA. For what? N.Korea is already a land of the cruel sufferring pits of existence for which the world would be well rid. So even Kim knows he - and his poor sufferring people - are already treated as completely dispensable. But if Kim cooperates; N.Korea can be as successful as S.Korea! It's really simple. Even Kim Yong Un could win a (meaningless but prestigious) Nobel Peace Prize! Let¨s face it. Obama already got one for doing nothing! Gotta be stupid to see other options. I don't think Kim, the Chinese or Russia are so stupid. Only deep state Trump opponent-career-bureaucrats have their heads buried in such out-of-date, brainwashed and ineffective drivel to think otherwise.

  • CMM
    CMM 11 months ago

    listen to Noam Chomsky & fasten your seat belt:

  • Geert Kok
    Geert Kok 11 months ago

    Covering his tracks haha

  • Patriot 1
    Patriot 1 11 months ago

    I don't think Trump is that stupid!!

  • al ebay
    al ebay 11 months ago

    john is a dirty cop....and will be in prison before the year is over.....very un American......

  • ConservativeAnthem
    ConservativeAnthem 11 months ago +2

    Brennan is a TRAITOR.

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 11 months ago +1

    Once again you are wrong idiots!

  • Nyla Sayers
    Nyla Sayers 11 months ago

    Trump isn’t making sure voting will be secure in Nov. because he’s working for Putin not for the American People! We need those voting machines checked, we don’t want this country to be United States of Russia! This is concerning

  • Jared P
    Jared P 11 months ago

    I have a lot of problems with the former DCI's, but I love Brennan. He's a true patriot.

  • Samuel Craig
    Samuel Craig 11 months ago

    By not holding presidents and CIA accountably and being in 6 going on 7 wars lead to trump... Most Americans want change trump is not the change we want but he was change. I didn’t vote for president voted for every other office tho. Couldn’t stomach either one of them

  • Lacey Pelham
    Lacey Pelham 11 months ago

    trump is disgusting. both of these so called leaders are wired with many loose screws. let's all pray we don't end up in nuclear war. putin has the goods on trump. as for gina haspel, talk about the deep state. once you have shown yourself to lack honor enough to torture and destroy evidence of such behavior speaks to your true character. i have seen some various clips of her lately and she very much comes across as a blathering chatterbox, most notedly one of her yakking jared kushner's head off.

  • Brian Greene
    Brian Greene 11 months ago

    It's amazing that people like this have had such powerful positions. Kim Jung un
    Is talking to Trump, no other president has done this, commend your president ....

  • belle mcellis
    belle mcellis 11 months ago +1

    WHERE ARE THE MEN TO DO SUCH A JOB. this little man hater is incompetent.

  • Glenn B.
    Glenn B. 11 months ago

    Brennan will be in a jail cell soon ... his opinion is mute.

  • Kevin Flynn
    Kevin Flynn 11 months ago

    Brennan was a part of the swamp that Trump is still dismantling. Like Comey he seeks to destroy the man who disempowered them.

  • Marco Antônio Reis Júnior

    Mountouk os culpados voltarão ao projeto.

  • Marco Antônio Reis Júnior

    Não vou falar novamente. O Vladimir não é o culpado, pelo contrário.

  • Simon Lim
    Simon Lim 11 months ago

    Trump is a fool..thanking Kim for the release for his wrongful jailing of the 3 Americans in North Korea..absolutely Shameless

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose 11 months ago deep state swamp creature! You are now a retired wanna be...great job in 7th rated network! You are a JOKE! Americans are laughing at you!!

  • Feeling-red-white-blue In-God-I-Trust

    You all are real DUMB !!!!!!

  • ViKing Tut
    ViKing Tut 11 months ago

    The Democrats have been colluding with Russia since Ted Kennedy enlisted the Soviet Union to take out Russia.

  • ViKing Tut
    ViKing Tut 11 months ago

    There is no chance the comments posted on this video are legitimate. There is no chance you can make the dumbest comments possible and get hundreds of likes and replies. Google is a fraud

  • Triniman40
    Triniman40 11 months ago

    If NK give up their WMDs he will be a fool and end up dead and his country destroyed again!!

  • Bruce Slater
    Bruce Slater 11 months ago +1

    Trump is the best President ever. Americans came home with no terrorists released. Brilliant. The deep state, Hollywood creeps, illegals and fake news need to pack up and move to Mexico. Trump 2020 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Take that lying creep Brennan with you.

  • chopses
    chopses 11 months ago

    so uh basically this guy is saying that kim jong un is going to do the exact same thing that kim jong il did.

  • Albert Edward
    Albert Edward 11 months ago

    You are a disgrace !
    As a former senior government executive who happily takes your monthly benefits in addition to your secreted millions , you cannot even refer to President Trump as the President , Mr. Trump indeed , it is sir ,
    What indeed did you do to put off the Russian ( and other countries ) cyber attacks ?
    What did you do to support the muslim Brotherhood
    Why have you constantly lied to the American people.
    Why are you anti Israel
    Why did you constantly communicate with theRussians without notifying your co agencies
    And finally , why are you still a supporter of broadline communism
    Answer these questions honestly if you dare.

  • Mah Kost
    Mah Kost 11 months ago

    Hmmm, this is not going to age well. Brennan predicting less than .1% chance North Korea will denuke. Same prediction he gave Trump in the general election. Brennan is not a smart's a good thing he is no longer running the CIA.

  • vraie55 g
    vraie55 g 11 months ago

    G.Haspel: al peggio non c'è limite.

  • immobilien
    immobilien 11 months ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha look at this stupid bald headed traitor...hahahahahahahaha We the American people are coming for you Brennan. You participated in the coup to try to frame and take down a duly elected US President. You have perjured yourself in front of Congress and the American people. You are a liar and a traitor to this country. Get the f%$k out of the way, a "ReaL" President has taken over. We are done with you corrupt, self-serving stupid fools. Your day of reckoning is coming, enjoy your freedom for now...

  • Franklin Archambault
    Franklin Archambault 11 months ago

    I say did not the brennan tratior tout the honest of all of American and the world's enemies and the virtues of communism and that America should knuckle under to roosevelts communisum creation the UN roosevelts gift to the end of this Republic and the feree world

  • Victor Carter
    Victor Carter 11 months ago

    What past CIA director would speak in public about a president like he does...its more than suspicious.

  • Samson Joshua
    Samson Joshua 11 months ago


    TONIOFSFV 11 months ago

    Brennen yaps more than all the previous CIA chiefs combined.Can you name Nixon's CIA Director ?Any one of the three?Have you ever heard the voice of Nixon's CIA Directors ?I'd rather kiss Hitler's dog than Hillary

  • Kenneth R Schnear
    Kenneth R Schnear 11 months ago

    Kim Jong UN = The Mouth That Roared?

  • Gwen Viviani
    Gwen Viviani 11 months ago

    No, that's not a good excuse , i.e., Those were different times." She's immoral, period.

  • Truth91
    Truth91 11 months ago +1

    Trump is a threat to our national security.

  • David Guelette
    David Guelette 11 months ago

    Just say it John, he's playing trump for a fool.

  • william perkins
    william perkins 11 months ago

    Drumpf is getting played like a fiddle.

  • port fan
    port fan 11 months ago +4

    The Inspector General will provide the evidence that puts Brennan in jail. He is a traitor that spied on US Senators and American citizens. Jail is on the way.

  • jamesocon1
    jamesocon1 11 months ago

    Correct! Trump is so stupid and inexperienced he can't see that Kim Jung Un has manipulated him into doing a deal whereby he, Kim, is seen by his own people and now the South Koreans and China, as the master chess player. South Korea and China are laughing in their sleeves. They have managed to side-line America and have increased China's standing in Asia. Australia know this and are adjusting their foreign policies to piggy-back on this so-called "deal". Americans are so stupid they can't see that their empire is crumbling. They have voted in a clown, whose only experience in reality, is in Reality TV which we all know is an oxymoron, with emphasis on "moron"!!!!!!

  • Angus McFee
    Angus McFee 11 months ago

    Can't con a conman Donnie the Dotard.

  • Foxnews 91
    Foxnews 91 11 months ago

    Comedians :)

  • Dawna
    Dawna 11 months ago

    In the movies, when an adversary gets into the white house, everybody gets together and he's gone within two hours. So, what's up? Where's our Channing Tatum? Pence is right about one thing. It's time already.

  • Danny N.
    Danny N. 11 months ago +4

    The guy who ran the CIA is speculating that Russia may have compromised Trump?! What really?? That’s all you have? Speculation. Thank god you’re not there running the agency. You sir are the weakest link, good bye.

  • Cydp Palley
    Cydp Palley 11 months ago

    SHITHOLES repeated statements=brainwashing and mind control. You are getting sleepy, your eyes, they are getting tired... Wake up! This SHITHOLE is taking America down a path of destruction on all fronts. If you can't see that you are another mindless RACIST POS like the SHITHOLE.

  • Christopher Shorts
    Christopher Shorts 11 months ago

    I foresee the back story of all this Trump foreign policy is that Putin is most likely pulling strings behind the scenes. Putin cannot keep Trump in power if he does not gain him favorability in the eyes of the American public. I don't believe Trump is responsible for any of this. Not Korea, not Iran not any of it! Time will tell

    • Christopher Shorts
      Christopher Shorts 11 months ago

      A Trump sycophant.... great

    • Roberta Gabor
      Roberta Gabor 11 months ago

      Trump is not kept in power by Putin. The American people voted for President Donald Trump and that is the reason he is our president.

  • Brett Nine
    Brett Nine 11 months ago

    Putin simply wants to destabilise. Much more effective than trying to control an unreliable moron. Divide and rule. In fifty years time, people will ask why we permitted this to happen, and why we turned to savage each other so willingly.

  • dee jay
    dee jay 11 months ago +3

    This guys opinion doesn't matter

  • dee jay
    dee jay 11 months ago +2

    Brennan the low life threatening our great president trump?..... always go low
    American's love trump

  • Right Wing Radio
    Right Wing Radio 11 months ago

    Donald Trump is not the most powerful man in the world

  • TheJagjr4450
    TheJagjr4450 11 months ago +3

    I cannot wait for his treason trials and then seeing Brennen swinging from the gallows... or his head roll to Pennsylvania ave.

  • Houda Louati
    Houda Louati 11 months ago

  • Demona Black
    Demona Black 11 months ago +1

    Finally somebody has balls, unlike OBAMA who has onli Michelles balls.

  • Charles Labry
    Charles Labry 11 months ago

    John Brennan is yet another person of fading importance who is trying to regain some relevance by trashing the President. He just looks like a pathetic old fool however.

  • Shane Johns
    Shane Johns 11 months ago

    Carving out a moment in history when 'the embers of the towers were still burning' seems rather to beg the question. Haspel and now Brennan seem to be saying that we can't be expected to adhere to our pledges of anti-torture immediately after we've suffered a catastrophic attack -- which is precisely the time, in history, that nations are most tempted to engage in the sick practice of torture. We punished the Japanese with death who engaged in water torture of our soldiers. And knowing such facts, there were many of us at the time who knew the embers will still burning, yet we also knew that two wrongs don't make a right. We don't want people who will lose their minds right when we need them most.

  • Ted Walker
    Ted Walker 11 months ago

    Yeah let's take advice from a communist anti trumper who leaked classified information to Harry Reid to prop up the fake Russian dossier. His day is coming though.