Ruiz vs Joshua 2 Press Tour | London, Day 3 (Behind The Scenes)

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • The third and final Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua press conference in London completes the press tour. After, both Ruiz and Joshua filmed The Gloves Are Off which drops soon on Sky Sports ahead of December 7's big rematch.
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  • Tom Bo Ros
    Tom Bo Ros 4 hours ago

    0:39 look how AJ sits. His problem is his ego, I hope he won't end up like Conor McGregor.

  • RoySaly71
    RoySaly71 7 hours ago

    Never rush into a fight that you had lost not long ago

  • Tommy Parky
    Tommy Parky 8 hours ago +1

    Tommy Parky Liverpool Fat Dick

  • Ceasar Alexander
    Ceasar Alexander 13 hours ago +1

    Anthony Joshua looks like he never left the ring since their fight. something is off he needed a few more months to recover. He looks shook. Hope he doesn't die in there. 🙏

  • Arinze Onyiah
    Arinze Onyiah 21 hour ago

    I get the sense that these two are going to have a trilogy

  • Paul Kerr
    Paul Kerr 22 hours ago

    Joshua is losing the British public cause of eddie Hearn and his big fukin mouth he should concentrate on his job as sky sports boxing man the shows are non existent on a Saturday and the ones over the last year have been dreadful at best we don’t want to pay to watch dave Allan or chisora both are dreadful get the finger out natchroom all about America and dzne due to cancel my sky sports

  • Rehan Qureshi
    Rehan Qureshi Day ago

    You will gettin exposed very soon

  • Rehan Qureshi
    Rehan Qureshi Day ago

    Ruiz you are a fat bitch

  • kongo 1
    kongo 1 Day ago

    2 good guy's fighting for money eh!

  • CJ Money Kangala
    CJ Money Kangala Day ago +1

    I love how Ruiz respond

  • Steven Yates
    Steven Yates 2 days ago

    1.07. The wrinkliest elbow ever

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown 2 days ago

    Mr J is going to be on his game this time

  • Amadey
    Amadey 2 days ago +2

    Joshua will lose again and even more embarrassing it will be.

  • Penina Lisala
    Penina Lisala 2 days ago +2

    Aj gonna kick his ass for real this rematch..

  • WhiteChocolateMocha
    WhiteChocolateMocha 3 days ago +2

    Andy has a baby face and through evolution we have been wired to protect babies, that instinct played against AJ

  • WhiteChocolateMocha
    WhiteChocolateMocha 3 days ago

    AJ looks more confident here

  • Rangel Karachanov
    Rangel Karachanov 3 days ago +1


  • lee new
    lee new 3 days ago

    there showing joshua as the champ here..ruiz punched the shit out of joshua its like no respect for ruiz.......................come on ruiz come on do it again from your english fans

  • Ready Eddie
    Ready Eddie 3 days ago

    Next time, dont get a concussion, dude!

  • Ready Eddie
    Ready Eddie 3 days ago

    Next time, dont get a concussion, dude!

  • emmanuel tosin
    emmanuel tosin 4 days ago +7

    I love how Ruiz puts God first in everything he does.

  • Martin Sorry
    Martin Sorry 4 days ago

    I really like these two guys man. They've respect for each other. It's actually my very first time seeing this between the two boxers who will face each other.....

  • t5jerry
    t5jerry 4 days ago

    EDDY HEARN can not only sell crude oil to the saudis, BUT. On 7th December (fight night) he's going to stop the rotation of the earth !!!! Boy, we're all going for a spin that night !!!!

  • Alonso Lora
    Alonso Lora 4 days ago

    Viva México hijos de María morales

  • Victor Lawrence
    Victor Lawrence 4 days ago

    He got beat up last time

  • Victor Lawrence
    Victor Lawrence 4 days ago

    7 round 7


    Thanks for signing those things for my Dad bro!! Wow gotta love this Mexican American Champion!!

  • Tetos Aparicio
    Tetos Aparicio 4 days ago

    Just saying but it looks to me like A.J don't wants his belts back! what do you guy's think🤔

    • Tetos Aparicio
      Tetos Aparicio 2 days ago

      @Olatunji Abulude that didn't work for him in the first fight

    • Olatunji Abulude
      Olatunji Abulude 2 days ago

      Tetos Aparicio Do you expect AJ to be yelling and swearing? A real fighter keeps it cool till fight night.

  • Denis Sulovic
    Denis Sulovic 4 days ago +5

    never saw Joshua so worried since Klitschko fight

  • Koketso Sibongiseni
    Koketso Sibongiseni 4 days ago

    I need the song in the background ASAP!!!!

  • Zeke
    Zeke 4 days ago +1

    Seeing Joshua laughing & joking with Ruiz was more embarrassing than that beat down.

  • fredinabun ;
    fredinabun ; 4 days ago +1

    Ruiz King of the mind game's.

  • A Vaz
    A Vaz 4 days ago

    Years ago Andy had mental and very bad depression problems...and see him amazing ...kid smart and know how to handle every situation in and out of the ring

  • zadran zadrani
    zadran zadrani 4 days ago +8

    These two gallant warrior ought to be nominated for sport personality of the decade

  • Rod
    Rod 4 days ago

    joshua talks to much crap also train's to much on the weights..fact

    • Jason Borotra
      Jason Borotra 2 days ago

      Fact? Lmao, are you some kind of expert? Lmao, lame TheXvid "expert".

  • Goran Sosic
    Goran Sosic 5 days ago

    I think AJ is a limited talent who worked hard and showed how far one can get with hard work and dedication, and he did get far, more than 99.9 procent of people. Hats down. but he lacks pure boxing talent and in my opinion will loose again

  • Cedric Frazier
    Cedric Frazier 5 days ago +1

    Have to respect the guy that made you a millionaire gd attitude Ruiz..

  • Stalin Matos
    Stalin Matos 5 days ago

    Lol u gotta love these two ..they are cool and down to earth..

  • Jackson Clark
    Jackson Clark 5 days ago

    Aj will stick to the jab and keep his distance in the rematch, most likely get the win

  • Luis Santana
    Luis Santana 5 days ago +6

    How could you hate Andy? He is such a nice guy I want to give him a high five and a hug

  • Aloo Gaming
    Aloo Gaming 5 days ago

    that threatening back slap from ruiz tho

  • Dee Rock
    Dee Rock 5 days ago


  • simon says
    simon says 5 days ago

    yea andy is smart....he always acts unassuming. one law in 48 laws is seem dumber than u are !

  • Dav Lee
    Dav Lee 5 days ago

    Get rid of Hearn. Your Image is tarnished forever cos of this scumbag

  • Dav Lee
    Dav Lee 5 days ago

    Could have fought in the UK for the British fans. Chose to fight for a murderous regime. Filthy scumbag

  • Ross Catto
    Ross Catto 5 days ago +1

    Can't help but give credit for Joshua not making excuses that is such a rare thing to witness.

  • frank luna
    frank luna 5 days ago

    I like both guys

  • dadaş dadaş
    dadaş dadaş 5 days ago

    tipini siktimin ruiz i 😠😠😠😠😠

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams 5 days ago

    AJ will come back 🥊

  • Mike May
    Mike May 6 days ago +4

    Andy's got a good strong head game (PAUSE) Got Joshua all weak at the knees again.

  • don.elvher ghudo
    don.elvher ghudo 6 days ago

    Finally to champs who dont make a scene like LAST TIME KIETH THURMAN.

  • Oneone Eightaudio
    Oneone Eightaudio 6 days ago

    Wasn’t so respectful on the joe rogan podcast

  • ivegotabfmv
    ivegotabfmv 6 days ago +13

    People acting like Ruiz is a master of psychological warfare haha

    • Ezekiel Tapia
      Ezekiel Tapia 4 days ago

      @MoLEC CONSTRUCTION LTD haha wilder and fury are weaker than Andy and AJ

      MoLEC CONSTRUCTION LTD 4 days ago +2 fat guy got lucky in weak hw era

    • simon says
      simon says 5 days ago

      he is smart...u can tell he reads art of war

  • SickKent
    SickKent 6 days ago

    Joshua face to face with The Destroyer. His arse is flapping.

  • Zac Raharuhi
    Zac Raharuhi 6 days ago

    aj flattering Andy now telling him he’s a bad motherfucker lol ain’t looking good for Joshua

  • TeeKay
    TeeKay 6 days ago +1

    Routing for aj but I think ruiz will win again probably not by ko but yeh

  • Martin Davis
    Martin Davis 6 days ago

    Andy is one bad mofo.... fancy him this time around again.... called first fight... very good boxer

  • George Kabwere
    George Kabwere 6 days ago

    Gratitude always...ruiz

  • Krook Da Riddler
    Krook Da Riddler 6 days ago

    like they both said they saving there fire for the fight. A discipline fighter could turn that fire switch on & off when time

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat1982 6 days ago +2

    i'm looking forward to seeing what an vengeful AJ looks like! Can't wait for this. I just hope it doesn't go to the judges