The Hidden Genius of FINAL DESTINATION

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
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Comments • 2 954

  • Jamal Robertson
    Jamal Robertson 2 hours ago

    Another movie that does the premise well is No Country for Old Men

  • Jamal Robertson
    Jamal Robertson 2 hours ago

    "Death comes when death is ready"

  • JC Swizzy
    JC Swizzy 9 hours ago

    My favorite is the second one - I'll never forget watching it as a child with the family and running away at the highway scene - to now binging the entire series often lol.
    But the second one was great in having a diverse, random set of individuals (instead of class or friends group) that have to band together and explores the butterfly effect of cheating death the best.
    Such an underated film in an underappreciated series

  • XNX
    XNX 11 hours ago

    still waiting for 6...

  • Dreworks
    Dreworks 19 hours ago

    My theory as to where the premonitions come from is that death Gets bored so it gives someone who’s about to die a premonition and when they survive death fucks with them and kills them in ways to entertain itself

  • uokutopa
    uokutopa Day ago +1

    I expected the point would be, that like final destination life and death is a circle that can't be broken. Final destinations starts begins at the end and vice versa. Like life and death. The end of something is always the beginning of something new. People are born people die, endless circle... breaking that circle is impossible, aka not dying. Not dying is like not being born. It doesn't work.

  • Ben Sobie
    Ben Sobie Day ago

    3 for no reason other than Mary Elizabeth Winstead

  • Ben Sobie
    Ben Sobie Day ago

    3 for no reason other than Mary Elizabeth Winstead

  • devin weathers
    devin weathers Day ago

    Perfect analysis i adore this series
    Add to the collection rewatch n respect more often

  • ThePremiumForges
    ThePremiumForges 2 days ago

    What is the point of being born, if the result of your existence is inevitably futile?

  • Mia Ami
    Mia Ami 2 days ago +1

    I saw some of the movies while young and now I realize why I have a phobia of rollercoaster,elevators,planes and pool drains

  • natasha
    natasha 3 days ago

    the tanning bed death still scares me

  • Sneaky_ Cloaker
    Sneaky_ Cloaker 3 days ago

    It's still funny to me haw final destination caused me to stop and look left and right when crossing the road and also looking through windows more often and I was 6 7 8 and 9 when i watched the movies

  • Emma S
    Emma S 3 days ago

    Tbh, the fifth one is the only good one.......... but I love the series

  • Mike LeDrew
    Mike LeDrew 3 days ago

    I have to say the more accidental deaths of the sequels I found far scarier than the supernatural elements of the first film because while unlikely most of the deaths throughout the series are plausible things that could actually happen to you (the logging truck accident was the worst for me because of just how common major accidents are on highways everyday in real life).

  • Societal Plague
    Societal Plague 4 days ago

    I wasn’t scared of these movies because I was to busy laughing at some of the deaths. Especially that ending scene from the second movie, I was dying of laughter (no pun intended)

  • Lauren Hamilton
    Lauren Hamilton 4 days ago +4

    Let’s be honest anyone who has seen final destination refuses to drive behind a log truck🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Notmyrealname -
    Notmyrealname - 4 days ago

    Are you northern Irish?

  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy Williams 4 days ago

    i love your accent omgg

  • ghost of you
    ghost of you 4 days ago

    i saw the third one when i was 8 for the first time and the next day, one of those shitty carnival rides that i was barely tall enough to ride broke down and i’ve had an intense fear of all rollercoasters since. i also hold my breath when passing logging trucks now

  • tudorjason
    tudorjason 4 days ago

    I don't have a favorite scene but #1 is obviously the best one of the franchise.

    • It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
      It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife 3 days ago

      Final Destination 2 was better than the first one.. It was cool how all of the people who died in the first one affected the lives of the people in the second one.

  • tudorjason
    tudorjason 4 days ago

    Bird Box utilized the same method to show its form of villainy. A bit of a copycat in that respect.

  • Insanity Shayla
    Insanity Shayla 4 days ago

    2,the log through the cop car if it would have been allowed to happen and not stopped.

  • Rose Wood
    Rose Wood 5 days ago

    What ever u say , i love all of them and the DVD of them to watch over and over

  • Music by A.D
    Music by A.D 5 days ago

    The first one was the best and the third was the second best. Nothing's scarier than being on a plane or rollercoaster when they're falling apart and you are defenseless.

  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks 5 days ago

    i love how the end of the 5th movie is the beginning of the first movie.

  • Dwyane Rose
    Dwyane Rose 6 days ago

    Final destination did to everyday life....what IT did to sewers and shower drains

  • Ko Ton Mi
    Ko Ton Mi 6 days ago +1

    Does anyone know where I can watch these movies? Hulu doesn't have them
    Edit: I've watched the first one

    • Toby and Marshmello
      Toby and Marshmello 4 days ago

      Ko Ton Mi Netflix has 4 of them but Netflix doesn’t have Final Destination 5

  • Agent_X
    Agent_X 6 days ago

    These movies made me think twice about simply kicking a rock out of the way. "Will this rock get hit by a car and fly into my head?"

  • Wolf fang
    Wolf fang 6 days ago

    I love the final destination movies, every time I watch them I notice some small detail that I hadn't considered before. Like the items that you see at the very beginning of the the first movie, a toy hanging in the window leaving shadow looking like a hanged man. I love the creepy music, however I've noticed some curious details, and even some flaws. Like e why did the water in Tod's bathroom recede once he died? Death hid itself in that kill but it never did it again or what about the third movie when during the premonition the the pervert Frankie dropped his camcorder which caused the roller coaster to derail, however after the girl who saw that freaked out he leaves and you can see him take his camcorder with him. Without the derailment sure the lack of pressure in the hydraulics would maybe cause a few deaths from seat harness failure, not stop when its supposed to but the premonition wouldn't happen as she saw it. Yet even with this flaw I still love this movie as much as the rest, and like anyone else who saw the second movie I will NEVER drive behind a logging semi.

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang 7 days ago +6

    Final destination was the first franchise that went complete full circle

  • Sloth Ali
    Sloth Ali 7 days ago +2

    does anyone know the order of the movies
    if u do please reply this comment

    • Sloth Ali
      Sloth Ali 4 days ago +1

      Thanks but I want the order of the movies not the year. Final destination 5 ended with the start of final destination

    • VISLIIP.
      VISLIIP. 4 days ago

      Final Destination
      Final Destination 2
      Final Destination 3
      The Final Destination
      Final Destination 5
      Hope this helps mate! The first 4 movies are on Netflix!

  • Ahtesham Khan
    Ahtesham Khan 7 days ago +1

    I like FD all parts
    All the best for me

  • var1328
    var1328 8 days ago

    Final Destination is pure garbage

  • Otaku Sage
    Otaku Sage 8 days ago

    Man I wish we could get a new final destination

  • Dennis Blackwell
    Dennis Blackwell 8 days ago +1

    Such a great film and a refreshing new idea. Stopped me from flying for years.

  • Tyler Watkins
    Tyler Watkins 8 days ago +4

    i personally like the 3rd one the best mostly because i liked the actors the best.....especially my bae Mary Elizabeth Winsted

  • Patrick Kanas
    Patrick Kanas 8 days ago

    I heard a fan theory that Bludworth is actually death temporarily taking physical form in order to taunt the characters

  • micochanu -
    micochanu - 8 days ago

    After watching all the final destinations. I am now afraids of trucks falling things and stuff.

  • kmd subs
    kmd subs 9 days ago

    An interesting franchise with some entertainment value, but IMO, it's a big fail ... Mainly because, at no point do any of the characters have a chance to survive ... like, not at all. Whenever they introduce a new character, you know they are going to die. I mean, even in the dumbest teen slasher movies, SOME tension exists. At some point, we wonder ... is this person going to die? Albeit, not very long in some cases. But in Final Destination, death becomes a stupid and mindless "I'm-going-to-get-you" villain, similar to that of any villain of a bad slasher movie, yet we all know the outcome before the movie even starts.

  • Hylian_Hero85
    Hylian_Hero85 9 days ago

    My favorite is Final Destination 2 because of how each Flight 180 survivor directly affected those of the second film.
    Honorable mention goes to 5 for that ending.
    I don't know that I have a "favorite death" but the couple that deserved it, the redneck in 4.
    I like Ian's theory from the 3rd film though.
    For me it goes 2, 5, 3, 1 and 4.

  • JAG - the Panzer - GEMINI

    First and Last FiDe Films are THE Best
    Weakest is FiDe 3D... Really BAD

  • Freddie Cavalcante
    Freddie Cavalcante 9 days ago +4

    Such a misunderstood and underrated thriller/horror franchise

  • dat bitch
    dat bitch 9 days ago

    In FD5, Molly shouldn’t have died. If you watch FR2 again, you’ll notice that the pregnant lady never died in the accident, so she was never killed. Molly survived in the premonition, so she should’ve lived. i’m salty.

  • ArchLP
    ArchLP 9 days ago

    I just imagined Bludworth as some dude interested in death who had seen people cheat it before and die in ridiculous ways later, cause he constantly contradicts himself across the movies. Yeah it's probably just because of lazy writing but I loosely remember something he said in 5 not fitting within the universe and with it being before 1 I just kind of made a headcannon where he's constantly changing what he says because he is learning more about it.

  • impofstpete727
    impofstpete727 10 days ago

    Still will not get behind a truck carrying anything large and round and am careful as hell when getting in the shower. To this day. Now that is a horror movie with a lasting impact.

  • retrobeats
    retrobeats 10 days ago

    ive actually never sen the original ending to 3. the dvd i own only ends with the "kill em all" alternate ending.

  • Brooke Lim
    Brooke Lim 10 days ago

    I heard that Death has servants in every franchise. I read it on the Final Destination Wikipedia fandom

  • Aesthetic Capybara
    Aesthetic Capybara 10 days ago

    The only thing I didn't dig about the franchise was the gore. It's too over the top. For example, human won't fall apart like a god damn ROBLOX character when hit by some high velocity object.

  • Pyro
    Pyro 11 days ago +1

    also, in the first movie after Alex escapes from the plane and the plane takes off you can see hints on how 3 of the characters will die later.

    • Pyro
      Pyro 8 days ago

      dave yes i watched it as a kid but was too horrified to notice how much detail they put into it 😆

    • dave
      dave 8 days ago

      @Pyro holy shit. I have to rewatch it.

    • Pyro
      Pyro 8 days ago

      dave Well.
      in the plane scene when the 2 girls are asking Alex if he can switch seats and go sit with Tod, Tod looks at Alex and does a “i’m dead” sign on his neck, showing later he died by being strangled to death with a wire.
      Later at the airport when Alex and Carter fight, Billy looks at the plane taking off, in the reflection of the glass you can see the plane flying in front of Billy’s face in a straight line, Billy later has half his face slashed off and dies.
      When the plane finally explodes, Clear stares at the explosion in shock, in Final Destination 2 she dies in an explosion at a hospital.
      Finally at that same scene when everyone is shocked at the explosion, you can see Terry, (Carter’s girlfriend) standing and behind her is a poster of a bus, she later gets hit by a bus and dies.
      Hope that helped.

    • dave
      dave 8 days ago


  • ArnLPs
    ArnLPs 11 days ago

    I don't get Final Destination. To me it's just Happy Tree Friends the Movie.

  • Remmark Sunga
    Remmark Sunga 11 days ago

    "This is some Final Destination shit" are words that we have probably said at least once in our lives after watching the movie

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 12 days ago +6

    Candy Man..... that’s your link to the mortician.
    Not saying they’re the same character. But that’s arguably the macabre role he’s best known for. And also deserving of a critique, assuming you’ve not done him a,ready.

  • Ivan Martins
    Ivan Martins 12 days ago

    my favorite franchise of films...who wrote this films deserve to be investigated...LOLOLOL

  • Billie
    Billie 12 days ago

    I couldn't microwave a burrito without fearing for my life because of this movie

  • Nonso chinke
    Nonso chinke 12 days ago

    First movie is still the best.

  • Jarl Trippin'
    Jarl Trippin' 12 days ago +177

    Jaws: People are scared of the ocean because of me.
    Final Destination: People are scared of _everything_ because of me.

  • 111highgh
    111highgh 13 days ago

    The Final Destination franchise has grossed 665 million dollars, worldwide.
    One more million and it would have been 666.
    That is too freaky.

  • shallendor
    shallendor 13 days ago

    Final Destination and the tv series 1000 Way to Die are forever tied together in my mind. I love movies that have creative kills, my favorites are Theater of Blood and the Phibes films, but movies like the Saw and Final Destination franchises are also up there in entertainment to me, as is the 1000 Ways to Die tv series.

  • jason lewis
    jason lewis 13 days ago

    Pre determined feet?

  • TomTech13
    TomTech13 13 days ago

    Favorite film is the second one. And death probably the barbwire fence cutting the guy in threes.

  • Jacob R
    Jacob R 14 days ago

    listen these movies are stupid as fuck and i love every single minute of them lmao

  • Hope Fujimori
    Hope Fujimori 14 days ago

    What if it’s a game between god and the devil? God acts out his plan but the devil gives one person a vision of how they will dye . Now god or death whoever has to make it right

  • Pels Petrov
    Pels Petrov 14 days ago

    3:14 if only they had the cloak of invisibility.

  • angel132100
    angel132100 14 days ago

    Here's a theory, there's no cheating death, i know i know "duh". Here's what i mean, death gets bored and decides it wants to see what people will do if they showed people how they planned on killing them. Basically death is conducting social experiments ofcourse then one would have to ask, what would be the point if death already knows how they'll die later? The answer i can give to that is death either just wants to witness the emotional reactions of people trying to avoid it, or simply gets it's sick jollies from watching what they do and knowing the futality of it's attempts

  • Chubi Chubi
    Chubi Chubi 14 days ago

    My parents high school graduation gift to me is Lasik Eye Surgery. Then I saw the movie 2 week before the scheduled eye surgery.
    I still wear prescription glasses.

  • Michael Colgrave
    Michael Colgrave 14 days ago

    Don't do that, don't talk to a camera, i don't like your face

  • Alyssa Grasso
    Alyssa Grasso 14 days ago

    "Final Destination" the origin of all millinials' anxiety.

  • Saint Sacrifice
    Saint Sacrifice 15 days ago +7

    Don't forget Mr. Todd also played the Candyman.

  • Brian Flatley
    Brian Flatley 15 days ago

    FD 1
    FD 5
    FD 3
    FD 2

    Change my mind.

      ALDC BOSS LADIES 14 days ago

      I'd switch 2 and 3. Ramona's acting got really annoying. Also I think 2 was more realistic and it added to the psychological element.

  • Science guy The science guy

    Futuristic scientists: hold my future beer

  • _
    _ 15 days ago +1

    This movie is not about Death, but it is about Destiny (it is all in the title : Final Destin-ation) ; it is a modern view on Greek tragedies like Oedipus : even if you know the future, you can't change it... even worse : the more you try to change it the faster you hasten your final destination ! There is actually a towing company called Destiny towing in The Final Destination. The protagonists end up exactly where they were supposed to be (which is their "final destination"), no matter the number of visions they might have... I really like the franchise and I think it is underrated !

  • Catherine Thurmond
    Catherine Thurmond 16 days ago

    If these movies are supposed to be guilty pleasures I'm doing it wrong because i have no guilt for loving this series baring 4 screw 4. My favorite in the series either has to be the 1st or third one. Death though I would say emotionally either Clears or Wendy and Kevin's while funniest would be The Ashs. And again all though 4 I was rooting for death not the characters. While yes I like to see how inventive and cleaver even bizarre they are I still want to be on the side of the characters and hope they can prolong death til the bed.💜

  • Catherine Thurmond
    Catherine Thurmond 16 days ago

    Todd parents though he committed suicide because of his brother George. Which if you think about it if George lived his and Todd's parents would have not been so cold to Alex til he couldn't save the brothers later. I would have like to have seen that.

  • Mal_ TMelegrito
    Mal_ TMelegrito 16 days ago

    Its the first bird box

  • Ruby Gloom
    Ruby Gloom 16 days ago

    These movies are the reason I don't do alot of things...and I always make the reference to people.

  • Bailing from the cart
    Bailing from the cart 17 days ago

    I'm so confused by final destination. People are destined to die in a certain order... okay, cool, but does no one die peacefully in their sleep or just like... have a health condition that kills them? Does every single person in the final destination world die a horrible, painful, and elaborate death or does that just happen to the main characters of the movie, then everyone else gets to just die normally? I get that movies gotta movie, but I just don't get it.

  • The Spider-Man
    The Spider-Man 17 days ago

    This series made me paranoid about... Everything...

  • Sahelium D
    Sahelium D 17 days ago

    Learn how to say the word ‘now’ ya nonce.

  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold 17 days ago

    the entire scene in FD1 at the train tracks was always, like, such a nightmare to me. like, yeesh, set it up for the guy to get fucked up and then have pisspants mcgee get out with an 'avoid death for free' card while the other dude eats it, right? FD has always been a series that was smth i watched when i wanted something horrific but in a way that was so stupid it couldn't possibly happen-- which is why I liked the later series films so much.

  • Vladimir Makarov
    Vladimir Makarov 17 days ago

    Woah they turned the Smash Bros stage into a movie. What an age we live in!

  • Dr. Sodium Chloride
    Dr. Sodium Chloride 17 days ago

    Wasn't there something that "if you kill someone you are skipped" or something?

    • Rose Gold
      Rose Gold 17 days ago

      'you kill someone, you get their remaining time left', basically! the reason why it didn't work out for the dude who did it in the movie it came up in is because the guy he killed had, like, a mad fucked up heart or something

  • Rebecca Gibbs
    Rebecca Gibbs 18 days ago

    always enjoyed the lawn mower pebble death with the mum and her bratty kids. I loved the scene where she's in the salon and she's such a nasty character and youre waiting the wholllle time then bam, right at the end haha. If i see these on late night tv i will watch, they always surprise me cause a lot of the deaths are forgettable in the long run

  • Mackenzie Fleetwood
    Mackenzie Fleetwood 18 days ago

    2:31 Ah yes the early 2000s loved chaos theory.

  • Sami Jo
    Sami Jo 18 days ago

    I have a Idea on where the visions come from maybe they come from the devil to causes suffering to people before their time is coming

  • Mar Celo
    Mar Celo 18 days ago

    07:30 No, it can't. If the scene exists but didn't make to the final movie it means the script received by the director had the scene to tell the death os past survivors ( the same as at FD2 there is a scene telling the death of the male survivor at FD1 ). A scene being cut doesn't mean its information can be discarted at your will. It is like Groundhog Day : most people know the famous scene cut from the movie where Bill Murray is bewitched by a gipsy and that is what makes the day repeat itself: it wasn't in the final movie but it doesn't mean it didn't happen. It did, it just wasn't told to the viewers at the released movie, the same as at FD4 telling that yes, ALL survivors die even if it isn't in front of cam.

  • Dedrain Hampton
    Dedrain Hampton 18 days ago

    Man the first film is the reason why i never trust driving behind a 1i wheeler are any truck with logs on the back

  • Gacu001
    Gacu001 18 days ago

    Nay hayever

  • geluid123
    geluid123 18 days ago

    stan why are you so mad? try to understand that i do want you as a fan :-)

  • Joshua Perry
    Joshua Perry 19 days ago

    That music you use makes me want to watch a vid by JumboThick.

  • Princess Lunafreya
    Princess Lunafreya 19 days ago

    I saw one of them before and there was this one scene were a guy gets his head cut off with a metal slate on a train track...i can't remember which one.

  • Gary Matrix
    Gary Matrix 19 days ago +1

    I was thinking. If the Grim Reaper hates it when people cheat death, he should do something about those psychic visions.

    • AzazelZaphorOmega
      AzazelZaphorOmega 17 days ago

      That's part I don't get...Who or what is causing the visions. I mean, after 2 or even 3, they should've spent a bit more time telling the audience about this "Life" force since we've pretty much learned all we can about Death and how he operates... It could've made for a neat supernatural struggle where both Life and Death are sentient forms using humans to duke it out and toy with each other....

  • andrawan76
    andrawan76 19 days ago

    death will, uh... find a way

  • WishWashCrissCross AppleSauce

    These movies were an enemy towards people who had thanatophobia lmao.

  • Detective Dragon001
    Detective Dragon001 21 day ago

    Lewton's death is my favourite. Favourite film was the fifth one

  • Detective Dragon001
    Detective Dragon001 21 day ago

    I was born in 2002 I had no clue about stuff like the design for phones in early 2000's

  • Detective Dragon001
    Detective Dragon001 21 day ago

    With what Todd's father thought he more thought it was more about his brother than is friends

  • Jack Mack
    Jack Mack 22 days ago

    I still love these flicks, especially the first 3. Sadly, I have yet to see 5. My favorite death scene of the first 4? 1) in the 3rd one, when the dude working out on the equipment has his head crushed by the weights he was lifting. 2) in 2, when the woman was killed by an airbag into a jagged pipe.

  • Subkonciousmind 3
    Subkonciousmind 3 22 days ago


  • Subkonciousmind 3
    Subkonciousmind 3 22 days ago

    The idea of the premonitions is kinda like this, Death sets up interesting orders of certain deaths to kill people without them having any control over the circumstances. More than likely theres an entity opposite death or possibly alongside death who for fun or entertainment or as a way to pass time allows one person per group a chance to see through abstract methods the way each person will die and therefore may be allowed to prevent it even though its damn hard to do so and most people in the group usually dont believe or agree with that person.
    Imagine a movie based off the characters of Death and The Other playing their game of Life vs Deaths where we randomly see parts of the final destination movies and hear the two arguing the whole time about whats not fair. I could see that one being made. Hahaha