The Hidden Genius of FINAL DESTINATION

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
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Comments • 1 986

  • Smehxay Brozz
    Smehxay Brozz 3 hours ago

    It laughed at death, and even went out on its own accord

  • Raspriatma Caesar
    Raspriatma Caesar 12 hours ago

    C’mon somebody please make Final Destination 6.

  • Unoriginal Username
    Unoriginal Username 22 hours ago

    No items/10

  • Hiram Abiff
    Hiram Abiff Day ago +1

    FINAL DESTINATION is the only scary movie I ever actually LIKED. I liked them so much I watched all of them several times and I still love all of them. But as a 75 year old fart ------ I have quit wetting my pants every time someone eats the dust. I would buy another 10 of these movies if someone could make them as good as the first 5. But what else could be done? As for myself, I died once of pneumonia, I was killed by a poison gas leak, I was blown up by a VC bomb, I was run over by an 85,000 pound gravel truck, and I lost a leg from being injured alone in the wilderness. Really, I can't wait to die and put an end to all my pain and suffering, I wonder if next time I will be burned to death in a forest fire? Maybe this is what I like about the movies, I get to share my pain with others? ALWAYS REMEMBER, LIFE SUCKS AND THEN WE DIE, NO ONE LIVES FOREVER, AND NO ONE IS GETTING OFF THIS PLANET ALIVE ? ? ? ? ? I wonder.

  • Thrasher38
    Thrasher38 Day ago

    Tony Todd's character/presence and the mystery behind him is that added touch this series needed...brilliant films. Fun as hell

  • Me! reacting!
    Me! reacting! Day ago

    The shower scene when his eye blood vessels pop, gives me chills to this day.

  • Keith Cox
    Keith Cox 2 days ago

    Death has been conquered by the resurrection of Jesus Christ

  • Peregrinus Oblivione

    Rollercoastaaaa of looooove

  • Facundno Bueno
    Facundno Bueno 4 days ago

    Funny because I always thought that the pool/suck pipe death was always so easy to avoid by just starting to slide off from it.

  • frozenaorta
    frozenaorta 4 days ago

    These films are a guilty pleasure of mine. I saw them all in theaters, all the way back to the first one in 2000. Just good, suspenseful, gory fun. Surprisingly clever with the inventive ways they come up with "death" offing our cast, one-by-one. Sure, they all follow the same formula, but if it ain't broke... Lol. I highly recommend all the films, especially the first and fifth installments.

  • Danny Martinez
    Danny Martinez 5 days ago

    I just think that in this series death purposely plan is like the butterfly affect. In the fourth film they mention in the ending that what if the location that they’re in was the plan since the beginning. Which would explain Sam and Molly basically caused the explosion of flight 180 and that causing the survivors of flight 180 to later die which affect all of the characters of final destination 2 because all of those deaths caused them to cheat their deaths a year before the pile up.

  • Matt Mitchell
    Matt Mitchell 5 days ago

    It was such a perfect way to end it. A prequel without telling you it's a prequel. I was blown away when I saw it.

  • KarosuMaker
    KarosuMaker 5 days ago

    I totally love all of them, except 4.

  • CFT
    CFT 6 days ago

    🎶Dumb ways to die... So many dumb ways to die🎶

  • BOSSMAN Thefurstwar
    BOSSMAN Thefurstwar 6 days ago

    My favorite death scene is when the movie theater explodes

  • KagenNoTsuki
    KagenNoTsuki 6 days ago +1

    Ah yes, Final Destination, those movies the made you literally just ball up in the most empty corner of your house and just pray that the roof didn't fall on you...

  • Deadly Donut
    Deadly Donut 7 days ago

    Final Destination
    Fox only
    No items

  • The eccentric gamer
    The eccentric gamer 7 days ago

    The world of people made of jello and bread sticks

  • Pippa robinson
    Pippa robinson 7 days ago

    the way you say power breaks my brain lol

  • Asah Spades
    Asah Spades 9 days ago

    The first one was the best

  • Allison Hardin
    Allison Hardin 9 days ago

    I’m still afraid of escalators...

  • Mazapàn Najar
    Mazapàn Najar 9 days ago

    I watched this when I was a kid and the pool part scared the shit out of me

  • webhead 809
    webhead 809 10 days ago

    Favorite was the end of fd4 the X-ray death was cool

  • webhead 809
    webhead 809 10 days ago

    My favorite horror movie franchise

    NTH THN 10 days ago

    The CGI is so baaad.

  • Javier Pupo
    Javier Pupo 11 days ago

    These movies are a nightmare for those with OCD (like me).

  • Jet Edge
    Jet Edge 12 days ago

    Literally the only part I remember from these movies was the roller coaster, when the guy dropped the camera and it got tangled up around the track. I should go rewatch these.

  • Sedd
    Sedd 12 days ago

    You never mentioned how molly was just a witness and never was supposed to be killed but ended up dying on flight 180

  • Stian Jonsen
    Stian Jonsen 12 days ago

    The antagonist of Final Destination is definitely some sort of unseen reality-bending figure. Nothing about what happens in the movie has to do with real-life concepts such as determinism or the butterfly effect, it has to be caused by something conscious and alive that really wants these people dead. It only makes sense that the antagonist is someone who thinks and feels, instead of just being a force of nature.

  • Underground Beauty
    Underground Beauty 12 days ago

    I've always been a huge fan of this film series, even if it scared me as a kid. My favorite film is probably the first one, for all the reasons that you listed. Favorite death scene is probably the ending of the first movie. The swinging sign was such a tease.

  • TheCptCoy
    TheCptCoy 12 days ago

    I was just arguing the other day that this is the best horror franchise of all time, you keep proving you have the best opinions....

  • Marcello Dos Santos
    Marcello Dos Santos 13 days ago

    What’s the song throughout the video?

  • Greater Danemark
    Greater Danemark 13 days ago

    This movie series is what made me so paranoid.

  • Ryan Dailey
    Ryan Dailey 14 days ago

    It was Todd's brother that died, not his friends. Did you watch the movie?

  • István Kovács
    István Kovács 14 days ago

    So it was Happy Tree Friends before Happy Tree Friends was a thing. Yeah I agree.

  • Vher
    Vher 14 days ago

    Aw man I thought that was about the Smash Bros. map

  • DemonSilencer
    DemonSilencer 15 days ago

    best death to me is the sign you think the movies over and they are safe but no the one guy gets hit by the sign and the movie ends on that note.

  • Salud 74
    Salud 74 15 days ago

    1 and 5... i love the ending of all starts again 👍

  • Cherry Flavored
    Cherry Flavored 15 days ago

    Background music name at :39

  • Mirai chan
    Mirai chan 15 days ago

    These movies legit made me afraid of tanning beds

  • Brent Crosby
    Brent Crosby 15 days ago

    Brilliant review, Ryan. What happened to the liquor bottle??? LOL!!!

  • Mattias Hoz
    Mattias Hoz 15 days ago +1

    They’re bad though

  • *Dire Thunders your Waifu

    Hey, if these movies ever get you down, just pick up any Castlevania game and have fun beating the shit out of Death himself.

  • Michal Mackov
    Michal Mackov 16 days ago

    3:44 Tod looks like Harry Kane XD

  • Kyle Stillwell
    Kyle Stillwell 17 days ago

    I remember on one of the final destinations, someone dies because they were impaled in the eye by a ladder... earlier in the scene he closes a refrigerator hard and the only alphabet magnets that remain on the refrigerator spell the word "eye"
    I think it ended up a bit on the nose with some of the foreshadowing.

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 17 days ago

    A great horror movie or game will linger in your mind after it is over and lead you to questioning our reality in everyday life. Just like Final Destination, Jaws, and an amazing psychological beast of a game called Silent Hill 2.

  • Reeve Savage
    Reeve Savage 17 days ago

    William Bloodworth was also known as Charon...just fyi

  • Michael Mathers
    Michael Mathers 17 days ago

    loss of his friends and brother*

  • Negro The official negro

    Final destination sounds like an rpg

  • SneakyWarrior 82
    SneakyWarrior 82 18 days ago

    In other words:
    Death has fun. Sadistic fun.

  • IceDragon978
    IceDragon978 18 days ago +1

    Wooden acting, cheesy dialogue, unlikeable and unbelievable characters. This movie's got 'em in spades, no doubt. But it also knows the difference between dread and shock, and uses them both so effectively. Final Destination 1 will always be a classic simply for that fact. I still rewatch it around once a year.

    As far as "cheating Death" goes, and where the premonitions come from in the first place, I don't think anyone's cheating Death at all, I don't think Death is angry that Alex foresaw the disaster and saved people from it, and I don't think Death is retaliating. I think everything happened exactly how Death wanted it to.

    Death has been around since prehistory. As soon as there was life, there was Death as well. If we accept Death as an entity (however intangible it may be), and we argue that it's angry, then that must mean we accept that it has a personality, wants, needs, etc. From that premise, I would argue that Death isn't angry at all. I would argue Death is bored of doing everything the same way for all of time. If Death is a being and not just a concept, and beings can get bored, then surely Death can get bored, too. Being Death is a job, right? Who the hell doesn't have times where work is just something you do?

    So I think Death's plan always involved the kids getting off the plane. What I mean is, I think Death gave Alex the premonition so that Alex would turn your basic "shooting fish in a barrel" situation into a "hunter and prey" situation. Death wanted a challenge. Something new and different. What other explanation is there? This is something that repeats throughout the series, right? I admit my knowledge of the movies decreases as I get further from part 1, but I'm pretty sure every movie has at least one character who sees (or otherwise becomes aware of) the catastrophe before it happens and saves some number of people from it, only to find the group getting picked off one by one. Are we supposed to accept that a bunch of different, unrelated people all have ESP, but only when it comes to one exact situation? Isn't it simpler, neater, and more likely that Death itself is showing a few select people what's coming so that a new game can begin?

    • Gadiel Gonzalez
      Gadiel Gonzalez 18 days ago +1

      Nice explanation. I didn't even think of it like that.

  • Shataneek Bhattacharya

    Recently I had my lasik and when the doctor was about to operate my first question was "you will not leave me right?"...that is how final destination fucked me up

  • Taemin Willis
    Taemin Willis 18 days ago

    One: fantastic video, as always you've kind of opened my eyes and I'd only seen these films once, for a laugh but I think I might revisit them. And two: I WAS MOVING HOUSE AND THUS HAD NO INTERNET ACCESS FOR A WHILE THERE AND MY GOD AM I SO GLAD THAT I CAN WATCH VIDEOS AGAIN

  • Harry Sullivan
    Harry Sullivan 19 days ago

    spent the whole video trying to work out your accent

  • Von Degurechaff
    Von Degurechaff 19 days ago

    I hated these movies, they are too goofy to be taken seriously. Though they can be watched once because you want to see how people end up dying, due the nature of these movies and how over the top those deaths are.

  • Grandfather_Paradox
    Grandfather_Paradox 19 days ago

    I always had the hardest time watching Final Destination. It constantly shattered the suspension disbelief of someone who so enjoys sci-fi and fantasy.
    The franchise wasn't so much a horror series for me so much as a depiction of a universe where safety regulations, emergency protocols, and common sense simply do not exist.
    There's the construction scene near a cinema where, upon break time, a worker just casually wheels out a trolley full of flammable and explosive materials into the center of the room. Later, the protagonist's arm is pierced by a nail gun that magically turns on because somebody forgot to unplug it.
    An ambulance smashes into a man, in front of a hospital, and no medical personnel rush on-site.
    A bus (coming from off-camera) smashes into a woman who's crossing the street. She didn't jump onto the street; in fact, she stayed right on one side for a full five seconds. They don't hear the loud engine of a friggin' bus as it speeds nearby. The bus driver didn't even bother to honk his horn, seeing someone stand in his way for so long.
    I suppose I'm thinking too hard, when I should just sit back and watch the events unfold.

  • The Nomad
    The Nomad 19 days ago

    "Dear Slim; I wrote you, but you still ain't callin'"

    SEROTONIN 19 days ago +1

    What’s the background music

  • TrooperColt
    TrooperColt 20 days ago

    Just don't have friends

  • Frost E Bear
    Frost E Bear 20 days ago

    Don't forget about the Final Destination comics. Only two of them ever made (as far as I know). First one plays off as a normal Final Destination but ends with the reveal that one of the characters was a deity of death (wtf moment, indeed). The other one goes through the life of one guy who was super good at evading death but had possibly the worst life anyone could ever have. Not only ruining his job and family but also indirectly killing people he comes across.

  • Sany Suny
    Sany Suny 20 days ago

    Your holding the cup just to pose and it is actually empty isn't it..?
    you phony

  • Lady_ OreoXD
    Lady_ OreoXD 20 days ago

    I've seen Final Destination and it was my personal favorite horror movie ever. I find this a gem and the way you explained it made me appreciate this movie franchise more. My favorite death scene of this movie was the bridge collapse in FD5; and that was the greatest scene of horror movies EVER...and I also find it funny.

  • AngelWingsYT
    AngelWingsYT 20 days ago

    This movie makes me fear tanning beds, eye surgery, large trucks

    funny story: i was watching FD3 for the first time (the one with the tanning beds) i was in college at this time. after it ended i went to get food and my room mates asked me if i wanted to go to a tanning salon with them. Took all i had to calmly say no thanks XD

  • Big D
    Big D 20 days ago

    An amazing series of films, 4 wasn't very good but 1, 2, 3 and 5 are all fantastic.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 20 days ago

    A [boy] cannot steal from the Many Faced God, [they're lives] were not [his] to take. A [boy] must pay...💀

  • Sjono
    Sjono 20 days ago

    Death, eh, finds a way you say?
    Now why does that sound familiar from somewhere?

  • Sjono
    Sjono 20 days ago

    Because of this series I always get antsy anytime I’m driving behind a truck containing a bunch of logs. I know I’m not alone in this

  • Kevzete
    Kevzete 21 day ago

    This franchise made me afraid of literally everything lol highways, logging trucks, elevators, fire escapes, showers, rollercoasters, escalators, sunbeds, bus/truck drivers, the list goes on.

  • Mr Finny
    Mr Finny 21 day ago

    Im not scared of the movie but it always disgusted me even tho other horror movies dont disgust me (except saw)

  • Scifikimmi
    Scifikimmi 21 day ago

    i once heard a quote that was paraphrased from stephen king about the reason he made a toliet monster was because he wanted to make people afraid of an everyday object. . .. .THIS movie series made people afraid of everyday objects.

  • Kitty LifeStyle
    Kitty LifeStyle 21 day ago

    I'm thinking all of these final destination movies are making people fear more things than when they have not seen it.Now I watched all im afraid of elevators and escalators. I'm also never gonna do an eye lazer surgery. People im telling you if you watch all, there can't be interference with the deaths they put in

  • REDV
    REDV 21 day ago


  • Nein Shite
    Nein Shite 22 days ago

    William to me is somehow like a servant of Death, like an avatar.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 22 days ago

    But if they know of it it's because of death and death is being a dick and fucking them up(it I mean there first death that they escape

  • tuseroni
    tuseroni 22 days ago

    still get a little nervous when i'm driving down the road and highway to hell comes on the radio.

  • T-Rex
    T-Rex 22 days ago

    i like how this dude pretends like final destination franchise isn't just 5 times exactly the same movie with slightly interchangable characters.

  • lorieli
    lorieli 22 days ago

    Finally a video essay that supports my love for these stupid movies!!
    My favourites are either 1 (more plot focus, less stupid deaths, 2000's nostalgia, less ugly cgi) or 5 (more suspense, twist ending, Miles Fisher and Nicholas D'Agosto in the same movie, Miles Fisher's dramatic monologues, Miles Fisher)
    Candice's death scene was the first I saw and will forever be my favourite. Gave me serious anxiety.

  • Matt Butler
    Matt Butler 23 days ago

    They should make another lower budget final destination 6 bringing a film like that out years later with the recognition it has had in the past and increase in people going to the cinema and spending more on movies Netflix etc. This could be very profitable investment.

  • Simply Cifer
    Simply Cifer 23 days ago

    As someone who has only seen the first and last one, I'd say I'm torn between which is my favorite. Probably the last cause I remember it better.
    Ryan, have you considered doing a video on Suspiria and other films done by Argento or in the Giallo genre?

  • Charley Wagner
    Charley Wagner 23 days ago

    The 5th one is kind of confusing because it takes place before and after the 1st one because william says that its happened before but at the end the surviving characters get onto flight 180 and it crashes

  • Identity
    Identity 23 days ago

    Final Destination was the first R-rated horror movie I got to see in theaters.
    I was 7-8 years old at the time. Death seemed WAY scarier to me at that age.

  • TraceVideoProductions
    TraceVideoProductions 24 days ago

    Not going to lie I really hate movies like Final Destination and SAW. Some of the plot elements can be pretty cool but I just hate all the ultra violent deaths.

  • Duck Hunt
    Duck Hunt 24 days ago +1

    Major inconveniences: the movie
    Don’t do anything and you will still die!

  • Duck Hunt
    Duck Hunt 24 days ago +1

    There should be a parody movie of final destination where death I constantly trying to kill people, but fails to even get a scratch on anyone.
    Some guy: *huge shard of glass flies by his head* hey, did you guys hear something?
    Death: dangit!
    Also death has the voice of bugs from homestar runner

  • Powerchord 0
    Powerchord 0 24 days ago

    I fuckin hate this stupid movie

  • D C
    D C 25 days ago

    No Items! Fox Only!

  • PORTSBRUFF Simmons
    PORTSBRUFF Simmons 25 days ago

    My favorite is final destination 5 and I think Olivia's death was just so well done.

  • Sydney Hamilton
    Sydney Hamilton 26 days ago

    10:10 What A Surprise, It's Our Friends From The First Film!

  • Sydney Hamilton
    Sydney Hamilton 26 days ago

    I Always Think The Black Guy Is Death

  • IcePhysics
    IcePhysics 26 days ago

    The first FD movie I ever saw was FD:3 and the suntan bed death scene haunted me for months.

  • Nanotech Symboite
    Nanotech Symboite 26 days ago

    *Death, uh, finds a way*

  • Takedrugskillabear
    Takedrugskillabear 26 days ago +10

    It's the deep fact of death, a normal fact of life that we all must accept. We don't know the hour or day of our deaths, for all we know, someone will probably die tomorrow or next week. Anything can happen at any time but when you start thinking about it too much, that's when you worry about it, and the more you worry, the worse the fear gets.

  • slices and dices makes julienne fries

    I remember this also when I was young, and it jacked me up. Though I’m over it *Think happy thoughts*

  • Marlo Alvarez
    Marlo Alvarez 27 days ago +2

    Awesome video, thank you. Final Destination is one of my favorite horror series.

  • burnthewitchXD
    burnthewitchXD 27 days ago

    Used to looove these films so much, my favourite has always been 2 and for death scene it's either the ladder or the cigarette/ airbag one

  • Crohns Disease
    Crohns Disease 27 days ago +1

    the truth is that first movie was good and music was nice to listen,rest is just making it more stupid and stupid

  • Luis F. Martinez
    Luis F. Martinez 28 days ago

    Maybe a reboot series or some sort of continuation or prequel series or movie on Netflix sounds interesting......

  • Queen Potatocat
    Queen Potatocat 28 days ago +7

    This movie ruined my life. I don't want to do anything after this

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody 28 days ago

    Go to a NASCAR race they say
    It would be fun they say

  • Nguyen Thach
    Nguyen Thach 29 days ago

    It a bad movie but it a cool genius movie 💡 about death 💀