Abba - The Last Video (Official Video)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2014
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    (Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson)
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    Video produced by: Lasse Hallström
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Comments • 7 937

  • SennaStar
    SennaStar Hour ago

    Boring ZZzzzzzzzz

  • vsm1
    vsm1 Hour ago

    Now I feel sad :(

  • Tiny Soviet
    Tiny Soviet Hour ago

    I am now traumatised

  • pdebie1982
    pdebie1982 Hour ago

    Cher still looks the same :p

  • Søren Jørgensen
    Søren Jørgensen 2 hours ago

    Jackie Chan on me...

  • Superdrinker B
    Superdrinker B 3 hours ago

    So disco

  • postalinVT
    postalinVT 3 hours ago

    What is the matter with me? I LOVED this !! Especially seeing the 'real' ABBA show up in cameos.

  • Mr. Insensitive
    Mr. Insensitive 3 hours ago

    I was expecting them to turn on their master and bludgeon him to death with their tiny internments and fists.

  • tsolias27
    tsolias27 6 hours ago

    Is it kind of creepy or it is my idea???

  • AstroProductions
    AstroProductions 7 hours ago

  • RECoyote
    RECoyote 7 hours ago


  • Georges Verdonck
    Georges Verdonck 7 hours ago

    leuk fimpje hoor

  • M_Alina ;
    M_Alina ; 8 hours ago

    It is Cher

  • birdman Dpr
    birdman Dpr 10 hours ago

    hahha amazing video , i love it very much , hilarious :-)

  • Cloud Rain
    Cloud Rain 10 hours ago

    ABBA defining a whole generation and will inspire the rest of generations coming in

  • Run Guru Run
    Run Guru Run 10 hours ago +2

    Gotta love TheXvid "algorithm". October 2019 recommended......hmmmm

  • Sander1678
    Sander1678 10 hours ago

    This is like uncanny valley.

  • Noegy Noegy
    Noegy Noegy 10 hours ago

    love this

  • Stu FF
    Stu FF 11 hours ago

    The BEST part of it was that stinky fart at the end

  • David Lee Ashkenazi
    David Lee Ashkenazi 13 hours ago

    5:15 the banana is big again

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 13 hours ago

    Is that Mikael Nykvist in the blue dungarees and yellow tee shirt?

  • Shadrach Quistgaard
    Shadrach Quistgaard 15 hours ago

    Creepy as hell

  • Belle Fleur
    Belle Fleur 15 hours ago

    I LOVE FRIDA!!! I adore her and there she was. This is so good natured and the end had me in tears. THIS is music and these are REAL WOMEN. Bless them🌹

  • Ginger Peterson
    Ginger Peterson 16 hours ago +1

    wait me too, it's october 2019

  • Patricia DiNoia-Chamberlin

    Why is that Benny and Bjorn look EXACTLY like their human counterparts and Agnetha and Anni-Frid are scaring the shit out of me!

    • Belle Fleur
      Belle Fleur 15 hours ago

      Patricia DiNoia-Chamberlin hilarious😂

  • Olivia Winters
    Olivia Winters 17 hours ago

    They were creepy but the weirdest thing I saw was the man sucking his bosses finger!😣😣

  • henri matisse
    henri matisse 17 hours ago

    I don't know but I LOVE iT!!

  • ChuckDoesGaming !
    ChuckDoesGaming ! 17 hours ago

    You can dance.... you can dance....... oh shit they got me

  • pen friend
    pen friend 17 hours ago

    Omg! I needed to laugh.....and I love there music!

  • María Fernanda González S

    Hahahaha so cute!!! ♥

  • athopi cus
    athopi cus 18 hours ago

    PERFECT!!! Never saw it 'till now. Liked the Cher cameo as well as ALL OF ABBA!!! Thank you!

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K 18 hours ago


  • Bruno do Carmo Barbaresco


  • cmolodiets
    cmolodiets 19 hours ago

    Is that the real Cher at 4:29? How come...?

  • Rios Salvajes
    Rios Salvajes 19 hours ago

    This is October 2034, and I like it!

  • Александр Коновцев

    ABBA forever.)))...

  • Great American
    Great American 20 hours ago

    Best. Music. Video. Ever.

  • MadMike96
    MadMike96 23 hours ago

    absolutely shit

  • mike fedorov
    mike fedorov 23 hours ago


  • Celestial Maiden
    Celestial Maiden 23 hours ago

    Is the bulge suppose to be satire? .___.

  • Johan Lebbing
    Johan Lebbing Day ago +1

    0:39 Rik Mayall...R.I.P..†

  • the villa modeling

    When was this filmed ?


    I'm 60. I lived through the disco era. Abba was different... and alluring. I never set foot in a disco. Never used drugs. Couldn't afford alcohol. Am straight. And here I am, finding this absolutely hilarious, and catching all the "inside jokes". Superb!

  • Delfi Sky
    Delfi Sky Day ago

    Michael Nyqvist!

  • Rick Terscale
    Rick Terscale Day ago

    What on earth is this??? Where did this video come from? Never heard of it or seen it before. Love the puppets!

  • Bruno Ginet
    Bruno Ginet Day ago +1

    Quelle belle et heureuse surprise. Jouissif et très drôle. ! 😺🧡🧡🧡🧡😺🧡😺

  • matr10
    matr10 Day ago

    Абба - лучшие!

  • Jelly Jam
    Jelly Jam Day ago

    Sweden gave us ABBA and Pewds 🙏🏼🙏🏼🥺

  • Jack Worth
    Jack Worth Day ago +2

    Oooh, how I would like to suddenly see them young, slick, beautiful and powerful OUT with a new hit.
    One thing can do it, silicon graphics. ABBA, get another megahit, rock this world, we need your magical melodies!

  • Chat Noir
    Chat Noir Day ago +1

    3:29.... what is he squeezing???........ (

  • CoreKidGaming
    CoreKidGaming Day ago

    imma puke

  • Pasty
    Pasty Day ago +1

    The uncanny valley is strong in this one.

  • Aziah Wiltsey
    Aziah Wiltsey Day ago

    Well, not the weirdest thing I've been recommended. So thank you for the music, but no thank you. XD

  • Jas. Strong-Oak
    Jas. Strong-Oak Day ago

    I don't know why this popped up in my feed, but I'm glad it did. I like Abba but I have not listened to them in quite a while. I'm glad I got this little reminder.

  • Fernando BS
    Fernando BS Day ago

    Que medo!

  • Mr. W
    Mr. W Day ago

    This video is going to need some heavy annotation. In other news: has anyone else been experiencing TheXvid recommending Spitting Image videos to them for the past couple of weeks? (October 2019)

  • omarv beni
    omarv beni Day ago

    Creepy dolls

  • Andreas
    Andreas Day ago


  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee Day ago +2

    Ohh how I love them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️