VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
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    The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Zach King's zestiest CGi magic moments!
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Comments • 5 965

  • Garvit Ghai
    Garvit Ghai 4 hours ago

    I really didn't understand anything

  • Sebastian Allerdings
    Sebastian Allerdings 5 hours ago

    Whats the name of the Instrument he plays in the end

  • ShadJoshBolt
    ShadJoshBolt 21 hour ago

    rip kobe

  • Jary Leal
    Jary Leal 22 hours ago

    2:50 a shadow in the back

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq 23 hours ago

    13:21 I love that he puts insurance first XD

  • FAA Gaming
    FAA Gaming Day ago

    what's that drum thing at the end called

  • Roger Otto
    Roger Otto Day ago

    its not magic its editing

  • Spidy Boy
    Spidy Boy Day ago

    Lol m'y real name is Zachary

  • Xavier Sims
    Xavier Sims Day ago

    anyone know the name of the type of drum they are playing at the end??

  • Porpoise Studios

    4:05 is a cut and the real ladder is there

  • Kunchen Liang
    Kunchen Liang Day ago

    Magic or cgi. PICK ONE GODDAMMIT

  • Tabris
    Tabris 2 days ago

    Three dot Corey and michow

  • Alexboi112 -_-
    Alexboi112 -_- 2 days ago

    Zach sounds like reynolds

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 2 days ago

    does anyone know the name of the instrument that was being played at the end . For the lg TV spot .

  • Electro Bro
    Electro Bro 2 days ago

    The Man in the tusito was oready panted yellow in the forst shot

  • Robin Yin
    Robin Yin 2 days ago +1

    The iPad scene, where it made a coffee, the I pad looks so fake

  • anonymous person
    anonymous person 2 days ago

    Zach king is not a magician oh i see

  • lilrudedog 24
    lilrudedog 24 2 days ago

    My guess... He is still a virgin

  • LDxBearfooters
    LDxBearfooters 2 days ago

    Dr Dissolution

  • Sean Daggett
    Sean Daggett 3 days ago

    Can you please do a breakdown on Heat?! Best bank robbery scene ever, and before CGI....How did they make the takedown of the armored vehicle seem so real in the intro?!

    EMILIANO RANGEL 3 days ago +2

    Seriously nobody:
    Corridor digital: 0:11 "ThAnks To LGBT"

  • TJT
    TJT 3 days ago +1

    1: climb the ladder then paint in the heart, the climb away out of the frame
    2:finish painting the ladder
    3: have the guy running over an be confused
    4: the swap video 1 and 2

    ERPOLLEY 3 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/tNl_ANQ193k/video.html I'm not a wizard, but heres this

  • Dirtbag000
    Dirtbag000 3 days ago

    What instrument is that?

  • Unknown
    Unknown 3 days ago


  • Ethan Z
    Ethan Z 4 days ago

    He is from Harry Potter

  • Aditya Shenoy
    Aditya Shenoy 4 days ago

    those 808s dou

  • Yellow Tri-stand
    Yellow Tri-stand 4 days ago +1

    Me: CIA go away

  • Izzat Rahim
    Izzat Rahim 4 days ago

    Hello from malaysia

  • Никита Гладько

    Imagine showing those video in theaters in the mid 1900’s, and the reaction of people watching them

  • Tommy OOF Lol
    Tommy OOF Lol 4 days ago

    I think there was one ladder that was real and one that was fake

  • MarioProz
    MarioProz 4 days ago

    anyone actually impressed by the banger (song? I guess) during the sponsor

  • Slimeyslime 1960
    Slimeyslime 1960 4 days ago

    Wait CGI Magic? I ThoUghT iT wAs ReAl MaGic

  • Gabriel Wee
    Gabriel Wee 4 days ago

    Randy’s Nuts

  • RingaDingDoItToEm
    RingaDingDoItToEm 4 days ago

    Please tell me where i can get an instrument like the one at 15:05

  • Beau Ross
    Beau Ross 5 days ago

    This may be my favorite ep by Corridor thus far.

  • Beau Ross
    Beau Ross 5 days ago

    My guess is motion control shots. Notice only the spray painter uses the ladder while the other guy never does. So they switched off on him basically doing the same painting motions the climbing when the ladder was there and wasn't and transitioned it when he interacts with the guard.

  • Arif Rasheed
    Arif Rasheed 5 days ago

    When experts meets masters

  • Shizamza Shazam
    Shizamza Shazam 5 days ago

    16:24 why was this so good 😂😂😂 they had no business going that hard

  • Wout Edits
    Wout Edits 5 days ago

    react to warriors from league of legends

  • WarTornGaming
    WarTornGaming 5 days ago


  • GameHurdle71636
    GameHurdle71636 5 days ago

    You should react to captain disaloosion

  • Hex
    Hex 5 days ago +2

    in the ladder one, you can see as the camera pulls back that the ladder doesn't line up. once zach sweeps across it it does. the rest goes how the guy said.

  • Comrade Paco
    Comrade Paco 5 days ago

    Teasing us with astartes

  • TheAndkonmegalodon
    TheAndkonmegalodon 5 days ago

    I need to know what that instrument is called.

  • floex831
    floex831 5 days ago

    Randy's!!! Inglewoooooood!!!!

  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 6 days ago



  • Charles LaFever
    Charles LaFever 6 days ago

    What was that instrument in the sponsored segment?

  • Greed Sin
    Greed Sin 6 days ago


  • Zack B
    Zack B 6 days ago

    Do a captain delusion video plsssss

  • Niels Swinkels
    Niels Swinkels 6 days ago

    Finally explained

  • Matthew Boan
    Matthew Boan 6 days ago

    Liked when you guys showed the astartes clip

  • farancis armamento
    farancis armamento 6 days ago

    Captain d should have been included here

  • Yash Dixit
    Yash Dixit 6 days ago


  • Nick Kohlmann
    Nick Kohlmann 6 days ago


  • Nick Kohlmann
    Nick Kohlmann 6 days ago


  • Reet McReetSon
    Reet McReetSon 6 days ago

    I think that ladder thing was in reverse mabey

  • AllenRandom
    AllenRandom 6 days ago

    It’s a portal reference

  • Leon
    Leon 7 days ago

    the ending was dope tho 🎶👌

  • Gulpinator
    Gulpinator 7 days ago +7

    Did anyone notice that the colours of the notes match the colours of the portals in the game Portal?