Crossfit Plates 2

  • Published on Aug 15, 2015
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 167

  • Noodle 1227
    Noodle 1227 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice the 2 songs playing at the same time in the intro?

  • Dan M
    Dan M 6 months ago +1

    cross fit is for women that sell fit tea

  • Lucas Rex
    Lucas Rex 6 months ago

    Bro your video have me shit my pants laughing I am fuckin deceased 😂😂😂

  • Do not subscribe to Me
    Do not subscribe to Me 6 months ago

    They still have standard 45 pound and even 55 pound plates. They just also have lighter plates.

    REDandBLUEandORANGE 7 months ago

    So I can strict shoulder press 120
    But my bench is fucking only 165
    What the fuck is wrong with me

  • D K
    D K 7 months ago

    I got a kick out of the 5 cross fit plates on one side and one regular plate on the other.

  • Nux Matty
    Nux Matty 8 months ago

    love your shit. gotta make a video about the stupid crossfit pull-ups

  • Rick Casparriello
    Rick Casparriello 8 months ago

    I love how everyone makes fun of bumper plates as crossfit plates. They're suppose to be used for Olympic lifts so you can drop them from above your head without damaging the plates or the floor. I have never seen anyone use them for benching other than this man making fun of crossfiters for using them for benching. I don't like crossfit but these plates have literally no direct connection to crossfit

  • Joshua Slaton
    Joshua Slaton 8 months ago

    Lmao epic

  • DarcnessTrophies
    DarcnessTrophies 9 months ago

    I remember seeing crossfit videos for the first time not knowing they had baby weights and wondering how the fuck hell they were throwing 405 around so easily lmao

  • Raphael Web
    Raphael Web 9 months ago

    So wait....the crossfit plates on the left were 9 lbs each, to balance the 45 on the right?????

  • brunovaz
    brunovaz 10 months ago

    I've never done CrossFit but I'd imagine the plates are made out of rubber and are that big so they don't destroy the floor, not to make people look stronger.

  • Sinnaman97
    Sinnaman97 10 months ago


  • JustThatCuberGuy
    JustThatCuberGuy 10 months ago

    Im a high school football player. My schools gym has really thick, and rubbery 45 pound plates, way thicker than steel 45's. What kind of plates are these

  • Steven Newton
    Steven Newton 10 months ago

    kid laughter in the

  • Cheecklo Basile
    Cheecklo Basile 10 months ago

    That bounce tho

  • david berman
    david berman 11 months ago


  • Forbidden Drugs
    Forbidden Drugs Year ago

    intro Song name?

  • Ave Satanas
    Ave Satanas Year ago

    I haven't experienced bumper plates feeling any lighter than iron or iron-coated-in-rubber plates. Mass is mass.
    *Psychological tricks*
    Most probably you're experiencing a psychosomatic aversion to the iron plates because you're envisioning the bill from your landlord about the floor if you have to dump the bar loaded with iron plates.
    Like entrepreneurship increasing alongside universal health care, bumpers (and a proper platform) make going for tough lifts a little psychologically easier because you've got a safety net for the rare occasion when things go wrong.
    *Barbell rotation*
    The other difference I've noted is that I lift iron with my crappy old bar that doesn't rotate so well, whereas I lift bumper plates with my less-crappy, less-old bar that rotates pretty well. How smoothly the bar rotates makes for a stunning difference in the difficulty of the fast lifts.
    Similarly, the size of the plate might also affect the difficulty of the lift, due to rotational inertia. If you're comparing 25-pound iron plates to 25-pound bumper plates, the shorter 25-pound iron would seem easier.
    *Test Your Hypothesis*
    Maybe your iron 45s are actually 50s. Maybe your bumpers that say 25 are actually 23.5. Maybe the bar you load with bumpers is 40 instead of 45--that happened to me. Take your plates and bar to the scale and be sure that they're labelled properly.

  • Alex P.
    Alex P. Year ago

    Funny how there's a sponsored link to buy croossfit plates... TheXvid is trolling you Frank!

  • Jules Renton-Koch
    Jules Renton-Koch Year ago +1

    Whats his intro song?

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Year ago

    anyone who thinks "crossfit plates" is actually a thing probably thinks olympic lifting is crossfit

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan Year ago

      ive had someone at my gym try and convince me one time that bumper plates weigh less because the weight is more spread out. As in a 25 lb bumper vs a 25 lb steel plate

    • Ave Satanas
      Ave Satanas Year ago +1

      Jonathan And anyone who thinks "crossfit plates" actually weigh less because they bounce are actually retarded.

  • STLhumanity314
    STLhumanity314 Year ago +1

    what's the name of the intro song?

  • Travis Pennington

    The problem with bodybuilders is that you think you are alpha but you are really a beta bitch. You are training for a male beauty pageant, to LOOK strong not be strong. Put on a pair of panties, oil yourself up, get on stage and dance while flexing while other dudes are checking you out like a strip club and you think people that train crossfit are fake pussies lmao at least they are training to be an athlete instead of a poser. They don't give a fuck about how much it LOOKS like they are lifting, they are just lifting. They use bumper plates because if you drop 95 let alone 300 from overhead you are going to destroy the floor and plates you stupid fuck!

  • SexuaLobster
    SexuaLobster Year ago

    I’m sorry but I’d rather look like a pussy than be a liar

  • Sweet Victory
    Sweet Victory Year ago


  • DFS54
    DFS54 Year ago

    A good CrossFitter (say Ben Smith) would make you look like an exercise chump. You can't come close to doing what they do, but they can do probably 90% to 150% of what you can do - depending on the lift.
    CrossFit for the BIG win (over gym goons like RobertFrank)!
    Ben's benchmarks at 195lbs:
    Back Squat 480 lb
    Clean and Jerk 335 lb
    Snatch 300 lb
    Deadlift 540 lb
    400m sprint: 58 seconds

  • Rynihilation
    Rynihilation Year ago +3

    I was playing frisbee with a 10 pound crossfit weights in my school gym

  • paulodelannes
    paulodelannes Year ago

    You are getting into strongman/powerlifter territory talking about bumper plates dont be stupid

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey Year ago

    Brad is it you?

  • D K
    D K Year ago

    🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 but 🤷‍♂️ ?

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis Year ago

    Might as well call them Castelberry Platesand Castleberry Pounds

  • Jeff Sol
    Jeff Sol Year ago

    what about the Chad Waterbury plates?? 45 lbs plates that are really five pounders lol Those make Crossfit plates look like eleiko plates.

  • Blades 22
    Blades 22 Year ago


  • sz42781
    sz42781 Year ago

    Holy shit, is that retro by Rt 1? I used to go there. Great channel

  • sz42781
    sz42781 Year ago


  • Hipster Black Metal
    Hipster Black Metal Year ago +3

    lmao crosshit was doing the brad castleberry before it was cool.

  • Filip Borisov
    Filip Borisov Year ago


  • tosheee
    tosheee Year ago

    They even bounce?! For god sake...

  • michael lindley
    michael lindley Year ago

    You fucking hero lmao

  • Image
    Image Year ago

    do 5 cross fit plates is 1 45 plate da fuq hahaha fuck outta here you want to get the physical appearance of a God fucking use real steel plates I'm not going to be embarrassed with my 45 25 and 10 in each side of an Olympic bar I would be embarrassed if I looked like I was using 20 fucking 45s of rubber sole shoes though

    • Image
      Image Year ago

      and for anyone who can do simple math 45 + 45 + 45 + 25+ 25+ 10+10= 205 real metal real work don't be a bitch and use some fake shit

  • Amin Raji
    Amin Raji Year ago

    Hahahahha the end killed me.

  • Chetan Narang
    Chetan Narang Year ago

    They even bounce!! :D :D

  • Patty Melt
    Patty Melt Year ago

    I had a cross fit ad for this video

  • clemente letelier
    clemente letelier Year ago +8

    The baby laugh... so accurate

  • Mic Doronzo
    Mic Doronzo Year ago

    have you seen the hodgetwins at the mcdonalds gym

  • Notorious Red28
    Notorious Red28 Year ago


  • Absolute Madness
    Absolute Madness Year ago +1

    I saw one of those crossfit plates break once and excuses and false accomplishment came leaking out of it...

  • Woods water
    Woods water Year ago

    What roid cycle u on bro

  • David West
    David West Year ago

    I guess you forgot what is like to be a first timer in a gym...cross fit allow people to do basic exercises that cant otherwise lift heavy 45 steel....think about others a little more because cross fit plates have their place

  • Matthew Eubanks
    Matthew Eubanks 2 years ago

    Lol! Awesome video!

  • Creighton Morales
    Creighton Morales 2 years ago

    This shit is stupid

  • Ali Jordan
    Ali Jordan 2 years ago

    There's a crossfire gym a mile from my house it's soo funny watching them run all day long it's actually fuckkng anoying like their training to be on the next season of the ultimate fighter without them actually knowing how to fight or throw a punch.

  • arseniclullaby87
    arseniclullaby87 2 years ago


    • TheSpeedyViking
      TheSpeedyViking 2 years ago

      arseniclullaby87 I think I seen a 10lbs on the crossfit plates, so all 5 plates he's using at the end is only 5lbs heavier than the single 45.

  • Athar Butt
    Athar Butt 2 years ago

    - via YTPak(.com)

  • BigSkippy1263
    BigSkippy1263 2 years ago

    How much do those damn things weigh, anyway?

    • Jacob Hulse
      Jacob Hulse 2 years ago

      BigSkippy1263 depends if you grab the 5,10,25,35, or 45 lb ones

  • Mike BEWB
    Mike BEWB 2 years ago

    so..he doesn't know how to count or read. Robert Genova, is that you?

  • Gustaf inhocsignovinces

    but i dont get it, why dont they just use The normal plates?

    • brian serious
      brian serious 2 years ago

      in olympic weightlifting you are max efforting on things like clean and jerk and must drop the bar thats why you use platforms and rubber plates , this is not necessary for the basic moves that powerlifting uses. But this guys has no interest in olympic weightlifting because that takes you know a lot of skill

    • Silent Psykosis
      Silent Psykosis 2 years ago +1

      Wouldn't that make the padded plates a good idea then? Until you're lifting heavy enough to run out of space on the bar then you use steel plates.

    • Gerardo Sinecio
      Gerardo Sinecio 2 years ago +2

      Because dropping metal plates while doing olympic weightlifting would definitely damage the bar, the plates and the floor.

  • gt0ttomann
    gt0ttomann 2 years ago +16

    i do strongman training and my friend who i used to lift with back in the day when we were 14 years old called me and told me lets workout together. i was like alright!!! and i opened my door and he told me im a crossfitter i slamed the door on his face! fuck crosshit!!!!

    • Alex Fuller
      Alex Fuller Year ago +2

      gt0ttomann I gave u a like and a comment because nobody else did bro, keep trying to be funny u can do it

  • jordan wilson
    jordan wilson 2 years ago +202

    the end bit when he puts a 45 on the other side killed me 😂

    • Ali Jordan
      Ali Jordan 2 years ago

      jordan wilson killed me too I had to rewind cuz i didn't catch it the first time until last second omg that shit had me dying

    • yannimon
      yannimon 2 years ago +7

      same haha i thought this was at least 2,5 wheels and then this single tiny plate ;D

  • Glenn Palmer
    Glenn Palmer 2 years ago +22

    hahaha all bs aside I thought CrossFit sounded like a good idea..... then I read into it.... I decided i like my joints ligaments cartilage ect.

  • Bride Mi Jaja
    Bride Mi Jaja 2 years ago +1

    whats the song in the intro?

  • Niko Delmedico
    Niko Delmedico 2 years ago +269

    I reconnected with my childhood crush not too long ago and she even said she lifted. I was ecstatic.
    Welp turns out it was crossfit

    • Seijin 442
      Seijin 442 3 months ago

      *YOUR LIFE IS A LIE!!!!*

    • Neil
      Neil 9 months ago

      Leave that girl you will live happily

    • Frost Walker
      Frost Walker Year ago

      Niko. Bro, I'm so sorry. Condolances man, condolances. Hang in there.

    • David Sikent
      David Sikent Year ago +4

      Tragic love story, sadder than Titanic man

    • sirrcheese roels
      sirrcheese roels Year ago

      wow so she lied from day 1

  • Ivan Walker
    Ivan Walker 3 years ago

    what's difference between crossfit plates and olympic weightlifting plates. They look identical to me

    • Eric Eugene
      Eric Eugene 2 years ago

      10 pounds of rubber and flubber vs 45 pounds of steel will and sex appeal baby lol

    • Hopb Dapd
      Hopb Dapd 2 years ago +1

      lol no, rule of thumb, never lift more than you can lift, drop that ego and grind hard, the gains will come eventually

    • Silent Psykosis
      Silent Psykosis 2 years ago +1

      So, what's the difference? The density? Wouldn't that mean cross fit plates are a good idea until you lift so much that you need more dense weights on the grounds that the bar does not have enough space to carry the desired weight due to the low density of the cross fit plates? It seems like a good idea because the cross fit plates seem to be more safe for the lifter and protects against damaging the equipment.

    • Jelbell
      Jelbell 2 years ago +1

      Olympic plates actually weigh something and do bounce much like crossfit plates. Crossfit plates are all illusion, Olympic plates aren't.

  • RealGuild
    RealGuild 3 years ago +1


  • 1111aaa2222
    1111aaa2222 3 years ago +1

    Err, these are bumper plates for Olympic weightlifting. Trolling fail.

    • Samuel Manigoldo
      Samuel Manigoldo Year ago +1

      1111aaa2222 nope,olympic set is solid and doesn't bounce,30 years ago they used to be rubber coated,nowadays are solid.

  • Daniel Cortes
    Daniel Cortes 3 years ago +1

    Omg man you got Me and my girlfriend dying from this video😂😂😂

  • Max Willson
    Max Willson 3 years ago +2

    The bench press isn't used often in Crossfit because it's an isolated movement. Weight is weight no matter what the plate is, the only reason why this guy has the need to bash the size of plate is because he only cares about size.

    • Alex Jones
      Alex Jones 10 months ago

      Robert is not a competitive bodybuilder, he doesn't put on panties and oil up and pose on a stage. He puts on extra smedium express shirts with his guns hugging the sleeves and goes to bars to impress women.

    • Travis Pennington
      Travis Pennington Year ago

      The problem with bodybuilders is that you think you are alpha but you are really a beta bitch. You are training for a male beauty pageant, to LOOK strong not be strong. Put on a pair of panties, oil yourself up, get on stage and dance while flexing while other dudes are checking you out like a strip club and you think people that train crossfit are fake pussies lmao at least they are training to be an athlete instead of a poser. They don't give a fuck about how much it LOOKS like they are lifting, they are just lifting. They use bumper plates because if you drop 95 let alone 300 from overhead you are going to destroy the floor and plates you stupid fuck!

    • Ethan Schalekamp
      Ethan Schalekamp Year ago +2

      Max Willson the bench press isn't an isolation movement.

    • Rex Umbra
      Rex Umbra Year ago

      bumper plates can lose weight over time if you have a bunch of guys who can't take a power clean to the ground, and from my experience, I can assure everyone who hasn't used crossfit plates, that their mass is absurdly easy to move in comparison to steel.

    • Arnold Schnitzel
      Arnold Schnitzel Year ago

      Silent Psykosis I see where you are coming from, however this guys point is that people will only do this to show they can lift heavy not for personal reasons, people who feel the need to bring crossfit plates to a gym are dumb

  • OneB TwoC
    OneB TwoC 3 years ago +3

    The ending, lol.

  • Julie Ouellet
    Julie Ouellet 3 years ago

    Fucking ass stupid video. LET ME TELL YOU WHY. US CROSSFITTERS don't counts plates we fucking counts the pounds... they can be loaded with 10 pounds all you want but at the end of the day ONLY THE NUMBERS of pounds MATTERS... the "crossfit plates" COMMONLY CALLED BUMPERS PLATES bounces because we use them for olympic weightlifting...and WE do not use RACKS with safety bars or fucking SMITHS machines.... what kind of an idiot would use standers steel plates if you need to bail out of a lift like the snatch or a clean and jerk. this video is made for haters who hates no matter what... my deadlift is 300 pounds. i'M no powerlifter and it took me 1 year of CROSSFIT and I fucking use BUMPER PLATES... and when I'LL get my 400 pounds I'LL BE USING BUMPERS TOO.

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago

      +MajorOcelot more like everyday haha

    • MajorOcelot
      MajorOcelot 3 years ago

      Robert Frank? He and Elgin talk every so often. They're aware of each others' existence.

    • Φώτιος Τσακωμάκας
      Φώτιος Τσακωμάκας 3 years ago

      +MajorOcelot he hasnt seen yet elgintensity 's videos

    • MajorOcelot
      MajorOcelot 3 years ago

      First you say talk is cheat, then you say it's cheap. Which is it? You didn't guillotine yourself during a snatch and damage part of your brain did you?

    • Julie Ouellet
      Julie Ouellet 3 years ago

      talk is cheap. very cheap.

  • Fit Werks
    Fit Werks 3 years ago

    LOL funny but poor comparison and you don't want to upset the cross fitters

  • Mitch Wilgan
    Mitch Wilgan 3 years ago +2

    Do crossfit plates really bounce? What a joke.

  • Joe Deegan
    Joe Deegan 3 years ago

    "Crossfit plates" you mean bumper plates? .... which crossfit did not invent.....which are used for olympic lifting?... okay.

  • Vlad G - Martial Arts and Fitness

    +RobertFrank615 is taking over the game with this kinds of videos, One of the funniest mofos out there right now!

  • MrShado23459
    MrShado23459 3 years ago +23

    I'm not a cross fitter but I used to compete in olympic weightlifting until I got to tall, but "crossfit plates" are the size of 45s so that if some how you were to drop it and you were laying down flat it wouldn't crush you. Also they bounce because you try dropping metal plates from over your head on the floor

    • grimmister
      grimmister Year ago

      Its basic materials. The more bounce the plates should have, the more rubber you need. Those Eleiko Plates don't have as much bounce as the big black ones. Its just better for you gym floor. Thats why they take up more space.
      Since the average Joe won't be jerking or snatching 200+ kg overhead, there is rarely the need for more space on the bar.

    • Daniel Muñoz
      Daniel Muñoz Year ago +1

      Crossfit plates are not the same like olimpic lifting plates. Olimpic lifting use 25, 20, 10, 5, 2.5 kg plates of iron wrap in plastic, but a 20 kg crossfit plate is like 3 of the same iron weight. Its ridiculous because you cant put 5 of the each side in the bar.

    • MrShado23459
      MrShado23459 3 years ago +1

      +Jason cochron
      IDK if you're agreeing with me or hating on me

    • Jason cochron
      Jason cochron 3 years ago +7

      First, don't bash was you don't understand. Onlympic lifting has been around for over 100 years. That is not the case for professional body building. And Olympic lifters are putting tremendous weight uo, 300+. Not the same. my question is why do you choose to buy something that is a different sport all together? Is it because you simply do not understand it? or is it because it is different? either do not speak volumes to your character. if it is simply because it is not what you do that is the same as bigotry. nice job

  • Camerica Muscle
    Camerica Muscle 3 years ago +1

    I need those for my squatting game on leg day...wait, leg day??

  • Michael Rosenfeld
    Michael Rosenfeld 3 years ago +1

    Lmao so good!

  • Reavez
    Reavez 3 years ago +1

    Subbed cus this video helped me with my gainz

    THE IRON ASSASSIN 3 years ago +8

    I've gotta step up my Cross-Fit Gainz Hahaha

  • joshua merrifield
    joshua merrifield 3 years ago +9

    they're bumper plates for Olympic lifts

  • JayWeezysWorld
    JayWeezysWorld 3 years ago +2 the voice over. 👌👌

  • Fitness & Fast Cars
    Fitness & Fast Cars 3 years ago +1

    Hahahaaaa I need to find me some of these lol

  • Azn_Genetiks
    Azn_Genetiks 3 years ago +2

    the music tho... dope!

  • claudio barragan
    claudio barragan 3 years ago +1

    I still waiting for the video where you shit on your nemesis' trophy against only two other guys

  • Santino Costa
    Santino Costa 3 years ago +2

    1:18 lmao you're fuckin sick

  • Adam Pumping Iron
    Adam Pumping Iron 3 years ago

    Awesome video!👍 Haha, I should have used them at my heavy bench press accident for weeks ago!😂 =>

  • wbowen05
    wbowen05 3 years ago +136

    We actually had a dude at LA that used these plates and swore CrossFit was the greatest thing ever. He would also hog up the benches, power racks, and even smith machines doing the most ridiculous exercises I have ever seen, while speaking down to us average joe peasants. PS he made zero gains in 2 years and left lol. Awesome video as always.

    • Shawn A86
      Shawn A86 10 months ago +1

      That's exactly right. And you have the right attitude. I've been training for the past 15 years or so, roughly. Off and on between college and laziness. Finally got to my 315 bench a couple weeks ago. Such a great feeling. Now another decade, and hopefully 405 will come. haha

    • GimmeeSomeMo
      GimmeeSomeMo Year ago +4

      wbowen05 I get that people are overwhelmed when they just start working out for the first time and you see people benching 225,315,etc. but that motivated the shit out me. I knew if worked out hard and ate right, I could be benching that too. Still can’t bench 315, but can bench 225 which is great considering I couldn’t even bench 135 over a year ago

  • Nicholas Paul
    Nicholas Paul 3 years ago +123

    I died when he had 5 plates on 1 side and 1 plate on the other😂😂.... Oh yea my sister does crossfit now😤

  • Garage Workouts
    Garage Workouts 3 years ago +11

    I caught that 5 plates on one side 1 plate on the other...LOL

  • XSourStarX
    XSourStarX 3 years ago +1


  • John Munro
    John Munro 3 years ago +1

    Hahaha so true

  • Jorrellfitness
    Jorrellfitness 3 years ago +3

    Lmao, Mannn those crossfit plates are fuckin up the game..smdh lol

    • Silent Psykosis
      Silent Psykosis 2 years ago

      How? I would think that more people would be attracted/motivated to be a part of the whole weight lifting/bodybuilding culture as it would target a wider audience with the increased variety of plates offered by cross fit to the culture.

    • Musclebound
      Musclebound 3 years ago

      Hey it's Jorrell!! Lol didn't know you watch this channel

  • Travis Rhodes
    Travis Rhodes 3 years ago

    whats the song at the beginning?