Roblox remakes THAT SHOULDN'T EXIST.

  • Published on Jan 3, 2022
    play cool sonic
    Today I play roblox remakes of games like five nights at freddy's security breach, poppy playtime, among us, stuff like that. Then I play an actual good Roblox sonic remake
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  • ChillNoobNo1
    ChillNoobNo1 4 months ago +2602

    I can't imagine what Albert's thumbnail creators have to go through...

  • yourlocaldemonslayerfan
    yourlocaldemonslayerfan 4 months ago +228

    Can we just appreciate that albert makes so much disturbing thumbnails.
    Edit: sorry I forgot to say editors instead of Albert.
    Another edit: this comment is old and I do not say this anymore so please don’t send hate on the replies

    • Anrol Lanab
      Anrol Lanab Month ago


    • yourlocaldemonslayerfan
      yourlocaldemonslayerfan 2 months ago +1

      @sonianvm Sorry dude is a old comment I’m so embarrassed 💀

    • sonianvm
      sonianvm 2 months ago +1

      I’m tired of seeing these “can we just appreciate” comments like damn stfu this is like in every TheXvid comment section istg come up w something new for once 💀💀💀

    • yourlocaldemonslayerfan
      yourlocaldemonslayerfan 4 months ago

      @Ari Elstel what.

    • Ari Elstel
      Ari Elstel 4 months ago

      That's not a "haha I'm so cool funny moment." Please remove the smiling face with sunglasses. Abuse is serious.

  • SCPD
    SCPD 4 months ago +56

    "how did you make a security breach game 6 months ago"
    the answer is simple. he is the original creator of security breach and steelwool studios copied his idea

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong 4 months ago +10

    I love how everything that blows up in the gaming community and there is 50 remakes using free models and broken features. XD

  • jelly slime
    jelly slime 4 months ago +4

    I actually love these types of games because if I can't afford a game or I want a multiplayer version I can just go to these games.

  • Illusionist
    Illusionist 4 months ago +2606

    I really appreciate how hard he tries to make us laugh, and he always does

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr 4 months ago +4

    I really appreciate how hard he tries to make us laugh, and he always does

  • Luke Mathis
    Luke Mathis 4 months ago +5

    i love when Albert starts telling children of the age of like 5 to die. so relatable.

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo 4 months ago +8

    “how did he make it like 6 months ago, the game came out in two weeks” he’s a time traveler.

  • Clara Khan
    Clara Khan 4 months ago +2

    I actually love how Albert makes us laugh like some scenes im literally crying of laughter. I love his channel 10000000000000percenttt

  • MetaPhoton
    MetaPhoton 4 months ago +2096

    I love how half the time it's actually good remakes, and the other half, it's just a bunch of random free models placed around the baseplate, vaguely resembling the theme of the game.

    • Deimos
      Deimos 4 months ago

      i apologize sincerely for all the bots in your comment section

    • Deimos
      Deimos 4 months ago

      @I EXPOSED THIS GAY TheXvidR IN MY PLAYLIST bot + ratio lol

    • Soghettu
      Soghettu 4 months ago

      Bots are very attracted to you-

    • Animated_Finn
      Animated_Finn 4 months ago


    • teehee
      teehee 4 months ago

      Christ Almighty there’s so many bought bot accounts in here

  • •JustWOFEdits•
    •JustWOFEdits• 22 days ago

    I love how Albert knows absolutely nothing about fnaf.


    "how did you make a security breach game 6 months ago"
    the answer is simple. he is the original creator of security breach and steelwool studios copied his idea

  • That One Guy!
    That One Guy! 4 months ago

    Hey Albert you always make me laugh I love your videos they always make me happy when i’m sad

  • Axie Yatashi
    Axie Yatashi 4 months ago

    I started watching you since u just started and I still am. Keep on spreading smiles :)
    I love you!!

  • 3RR0R
    3RR0R 4 months ago +938

    I love how whenever Albert says “gaming” it’s always heavily edited

    • mid
      mid 27 days ago

      @ISLAMABAD vs KARACHI Damn, you‘re lying that bad to yourself..?

    • Dr4X3k
      Dr4X3k Month ago


    • val b
      val b 3 months ago


    • Purple guy
      Purple guy 3 months ago

      @Xuriable counter ratio to the counter ratio

    • ꧁T the wolf [tebowned]꧂
      ꧁T the wolf [tebowned]꧂ 3 months ago

      @𝙲𝚑𝚎𝚌𝚔 𝚖𝚢 𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚛𝚜 more like Bad💧

  • Xxthat.furryxX
    Xxthat.furryxX 4 months ago

    I love how Albert didn’t make fun of “furry conventions “ or “fursuits.”


    Finally he’s addressing this lol

  • name
    name 4 months ago +2

    Albert, games that are part of something as big as FNAF are typically announced way before they're released, that's how
    And they just took the character's from the teasers

  • Rxox
    Rxox 4 months ago +1

    You already know it's a good day when flamingo uploads

    • Hat-egg
      Hat-egg 2 months ago

      he uploads like every day

  • Jabutimado!
    Jabutimado! 4 months ago +359

    I'm really impressed, this is the first time Albert actually puts a game in the description when he says he's gonna do it in the video!

    • Jabutimado!
      Jabutimado! 4 months ago

      @GalaxyMeow ok

    • GalaxyMeow
      GalaxyMeow 4 months ago

      It's not first time he does that everytime

    • Jabutimado!
      Jabutimado! 4 months ago

      @𝐕 so true and relatable, have a nice day

    • ally oop is poop
      ally oop is poop 4 months ago

      @𝐕 yeah ok whatever

    • 𝐕
      𝐕 4 months ago

      @Jabutimado! ok

  • The1andonlyKZboi
    The1andonlyKZboi 4 months ago

    i always will remember when me and my friends used to be so obsessed with sonic and we used to play roblox recreations 😂😂🤣🤣

  • the unknown commenter
    the unknown commenter 4 months ago

    i love how Albert bends the rules by bullying

  • Calvin Arante
    Calvin Arante 4 months ago

    I've been watching flamingo since 2019 it's been 3 years now , flamingo's vid kinda make me happy,laugh and not get me bored , dang time flies so fast

  • Poker Blox
    Poker Blox 4 months ago +1

    Laughing at these videos makes my day!

  • Ultra Eevee Gaming
    Ultra Eevee Gaming 4 months ago +2

    Albert calling Roxy hot is something that’s pure platinum.

  • Plasa Plasa
    Plasa Plasa Month ago +1

    Can we all agree Albert makes the most disturbing thumbnails ever😨💀🙂😌


    hey Albert I just wanna say I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  • Koba Eats Jelly
    Koba Eats Jelly 4 months ago

    I like how Albert doesn't know that the FNaF fandom knew that Security Breach was gonna come out because of the trailers

  • Hamster Playz
    Hamster Playz 4 months ago +130

    I like that no matter what, even through the sadness of his grandfather, he uploads such inspiring videos.

    • I love you
      I love you 2 months ago

      Dude Albert and the commenter are joking lol

    • Clan Giese
      Clan Giese 4 months ago +1

      I am oblivious to the qualities of conflict

    • *insert cool name*
      *insert cool name* 4 months ago

      @Instagram User imagine spamming and saying you have better content but you don't post any videos

    • Chasejayjay01
      Chasejayjay01 4 months ago

      @Louie Yeh mate why did you push my mother into traffic

    • Pillow
      Pillow 4 months ago

      @Dragonballs!01 why would I be that serious about something that didn't happen and was a joke

    CLXWNZII 4 months ago

    I love the disturbing thumbnails that he always has.

  • Pikocard
    Pikocard 4 months ago

    it didnt scam you, you just had to go on the square thing to turn into him

  • kat
    kat 4 months ago

    thank you albert, i was crying a few minutes ago and i decided to watch one of your new videos and they cheered me up :)

  • Jen Anderson
    Jen Anderson 4 months ago

    The thumbnail had me laughing so hard.😆

  • FNaF.PlooshProductions
    FNaF.PlooshProductions 4 months ago +131

    0:39 If you kept up to date with the fandom and everything FNaF related, you'll know that Funko basically leaked some character models with the announcement of action figures, mystery minis, and plushies. We also had a few things revealed with trailers and two charity streams. Hope this helps!

    • FNaF.PlooshProductions
      FNaF.PlooshProductions 3 months ago +2

      @Beelzebub Actually, knowing the lore is kinda necessary, but I meant FNaF news.

    • FNaF.PlooshProductions
      FNaF.PlooshProductions 3 months ago +2

      @Beelzebub He has a life of his own. Let him live freely.

    • Beelzebub
      Beelzebub 3 months ago +1

      @hinote radom yes I could get the hint dude, and no knowing the whole fnaf lore isn’t cool it’s weird

  • Help me reach 100k Subscribe

    Flamingo energy is so bright, thanks for always keeping us entertained ❤️

  • Rita Chira
    Rita Chira 4 months ago +1


  • yhw8282
    yhw8282 4 months ago

    A good poppy playtime remake on roblox I've played is floppy's playtime (I think that's what it's called) which is actually pretty decent for roblox.


    You always make my day Flamingo, thank you.

  • Quassy
    Quassy 4 months ago

    I love how his thumb nail faces he puts are parodies on the reaction channels 💀

  • Jake Gotthard
    Jake Gotthard 4 months ago

    Thank you Albert, you have inspired me to make a group, games and robux events, i have gone so far because of you, im about to do a 1k robux event and i have 113 members, thank you :D

  • Pasteldoggo
    Pasteldoggo 4 months ago +1

    When he said,”you just got Freddy fazbeared” i really felt that.

  • olivia lovell :/
    olivia lovell :/ 4 months ago

    i just preordered the laying down flamingo plushie and i’m super excited about it i had to get it as soon as possible so it wouldn’t run out of stock😭 i literally do not even care that it’s not coming in until may cuz of the preorder i’m just so happy i’m getting it

  • T ᴏ ᴍ ɪ ᴏ ᴋ ᴀ G ɪ ʏ ᴜ ᴜ

    I love how he doesn't know any FNaF lore but this still makes me laugh

    • Alyssa Gacha
      Alyssa Gacha 3 months ago +1

      he only says freddy fazbear its so funny :)

    • V
      V 4 months ago

      @Î Àm ÇhrîsBB ×72 ill gladly report both of you bots.

    • T ᴏ ᴍ ɪ ᴏ ᴋ ᴀ G ɪ ʏ ᴜ ᴜ
      T ᴏ ᴍ ɪ ᴏ ᴋ ᴀ G ɪ ʏ ᴜ ᴜ 4 months ago +2

      @Slayer congratulations on being one of the people who have genuine comments, instead of haters or bots

    • Slayer
      Slayer 4 months ago +3

      sup my man Giyuu you're my favourite demon slayer character

  • PlagueClassified
    PlagueClassified 4 months ago

    flamingo, there is a amazing game called scp architect and its a really amazing game you should try it

  • _Veronajka_ 69
    _Veronajka_ 69 4 months ago

    flamingo always make me laugh☺😀

  • 🐻 Mocha🐻
    🐻 Mocha🐻 4 months ago

    literally every time there's a new good game on roblox ppl make remakes that aren't that good (not trying to be mean btw)

  • b r x a y
    b r x a y 4 months ago +1

    massive respect for paying the kid 2.9k after myusernamesthis took over 14 months to do it

  • Weachie Peachie
    Weachie Peachie 4 months ago +494

    remakes that shouldn't exist? *identifies as a remake*

    • Moss Zilla
      Moss Zilla 4 months ago

      @Instagram User i agree

    • trashie
      trashie 4 months ago

      @Yuri Sparkle everything , now touch some grass

    • trashie
      trashie 4 months ago +1

      @Xx_cherrie blossom he isnt 100% straight either

    • trashie
      trashie 4 months ago

      @Instagram User go touch some grass already

    • MAdDi33M
      MAdDi33M 4 months ago

      @Aquaox np

  • Elika M
    Elika M 4 months ago

    alberts thumbnails always get me to laugh

  • Jillian Sheedy
    Jillian Sheedy 4 months ago

    "Every masterpiece has its cheap copy."
    -some random meme I found

  • IamMythiqal
    IamMythiqal 4 months ago

    albert u should check the new update now they want you to play like mobile players,roblox is also now part of the metaverse

  • Kawai shiloh
    Kawai shiloh 4 months ago

    Haha thank you so much for making us laugh

  • misswalruss
    misswalruss 4 months ago +26

    I May be hours late but that does not matter, flamingo you’ve inspired me to do many things. Make a TheXvid channel and you also help with my Anxiety, I have really bad anxiety but you help me :) I’ve spent 2 amazing years watching you. My personality changed because of you and that is a good thing. Continue doing this you make me happy when I am sad you are the best youtuber ever :)

    • V
      V 4 months ago +1

      He helped you upload baby abuse 😂😂

    • RingMasterOvl
      RingMasterOvl 4 months ago

      He really does help. He's helped me with intrusive thoughts. He's such a great youtuber.

    • Edi González
      Edi González 4 months ago

      Good vids

    • BJ_rugrat
      BJ_rugrat 4 months ago

      Are you gonna upload?

  • Rocky's Adeventure's
    Rocky's Adeventure's 4 months ago

    i like how when he buys it he has to step on the green pad behind him

  • X6kr
    X6kr 4 months ago

    when i watch your videos it always feels like you are inside my ear and i take it very personally

  • crackle_ALT
    crackle_ALT 4 months ago

    I like that he loves to make us laugh and he always does I really hope to get the new cleetus sit plus UwU

  • Rose Huggett
    Rose Huggett 4 months ago +16

    I love how Paige always absolutely destroys Albert.

    • ‌
       4 months ago

  • Grace Inegbedion
    Grace Inegbedion 4 months ago

    You always make me laugh

  • Leoncoolboy 123
    Leoncoolboy 123 4 months ago +1

    I love it when the notification shows up "you have a new subscriber" :)


    Yay another flamingo video another smile on my face :)

  • Rosalie Sweeney
    Rosalie Sweeney 4 months ago

    Congrats on #11 trending on gaming

  • BulletProof Playmaker4
    BulletProof Playmaker4 4 months ago +84

    I love how everything that blows up in the gaming community and there is 50 remakes using free models and broken features. XD

  • Indigovortex
    Indigovortex 11 days ago

    7:03 that sonic game can't be "better" than actual sonic because all of the assets and sonic model are from sonic unleashed which was the best looking sonic game.

  • Brother Soulwatch
    Brother Soulwatch 4 months ago +1

    Omg thank you for playing the sonic game I've always wanted you to play it lol

  • {TV-eye}
    {TV-eye} 4 months ago

    I haven’t seen your videos in years and now I’m happy to see

  • ~*graceplays*~
    ~*graceplays*~ 4 months ago +1


  • Garfield
    Garfield 4 months ago +10

    I love how Albert makes any game fun.

    • Garfield
      Garfield 4 months ago

      @Instagram User Wow that's an very interesting topic about Albert.
      That comment took a lot dedication.

    COCOBLA 4 months ago +1

    Every video he makes he becomes more sus and sus :)

  • Wolfylol
    Wolfylol 4 months ago

    "actual good game" is a bit of an overstatement.

  • Clayoud Ita
    Clayoud Ita 4 months ago

    You always make me laugh flamingo awesome

  • Patricia Mays
    Patricia Mays 4 months ago

    I like how he said “ThE CuTe IsT aNeMaI BoY”

  • KiranGaur Shandilya
    KiranGaur Shandilya 4 months ago +18

    I really appreciate how hard he tries to make us laugh, and he always does

  • Epic_Eda☆
    Epic_Eda☆ 4 months ago +2

    4:07 Is legit the funniest part of the video

    • Terrence
      Terrence Month ago

      no ur humor is just broken

  • Van huynh
    Van huynh 4 months ago

    Congratulations on 10 million subscribers

  • bandu
    bandu 4 months ago

    when I was a kid I laughed at your vids lol

  • Kayleigh Quinn
    Kayleigh Quinn 4 months ago

    I just want to put it out that the person who voices Gregory is actually a girl

  • ZXGolden
    ZXGolden 4 months ago +18

    I remember playing a sister location rp when I was little, and it ACTUALLY WORKED. It had working mechanics and everything, and models that weren't free. First good fnaf roleplay I've seen since.

  • beewillow
    beewillow 2 months ago

    every time a good high quality popular game comes out there must be a bad roblox remake. its the law of equivalent exchange.

  • • Yuizen ღ
    • Yuizen ღ 4 months ago

    Albert: This game scammed me
    *I mean tbh what do you expect from an remake of a game?*

  • thekindaprogamer
    thekindaprogamer 4 months ago +5

    1:21 IS THAT.. A-A JOJO REFERENCEEEaaaaAAAA (hint: the bg music)

  • Lea Whitney
    Lea Whitney 4 months ago +1

    hey albert!i think you should play the new fnaf game :>

  • ꧁ Hɪᴍᴍɪ Pʟᴀʏᴢ ꧂

    "Roblox kinda takes over every other game in some sort of way"
    -The sentence that brings me joy

    • ‌
       4 months ago

    • ꧁ Hɪᴍᴍɪ Pʟᴀʏᴢ ꧂
      ꧁ Hɪᴍᴍɪ Pʟᴀʏᴢ ꧂ 4 months ago

      @Isyraq Firdaus Albert said "Roblox kinda takes over every other game in some sort of way" I'll give the timestamp lol 0:25 - 0:27

    • Isyraq Firdaus
      Isyraq Firdaus 4 months ago

      @꧁ Hɪᴍᴍɪ Pʟᴀʏᴢ ꧂ Oh, I thought you were talking about what he said.

    • ꧁ Hɪᴍᴍɪ Pʟᴀʏᴢ ꧂
      ꧁ Hɪᴍᴍɪ Pʟᴀʏᴢ ꧂ 4 months ago

      @Isyraq Firdaus your joy may trigger by something else, but my joy triggers when Albert says stuff like that :) so I can't really explain

    • Isyraq Firdaus
      Isyraq Firdaus 4 months ago


  • *𝓸𝓷𝓵𝔂 𝓑𝓮𝓮𝓼*

    You should play flicker again! I would really enjoy if you did! Thanks for your videos!

  • jason miner2008
    jason miner2008 4 months ago

    bruh he really called the apocalypse rising map a "random place" when all of his old videos were about it

  • Hiiro Chan
    Hiiro Chan 4 months ago

    Albert: "Can you put something funny in the mirror"
    Whoever is editing: "oh yeah... for sure.." **inserts "alberts love life" into the mirror**
    Albert: "LoOk aT yOu"

  • Olivia Keller
    Olivia Keller 4 months ago

    albert doesn't realize that he needs to touch the green plate right in front of him lol

  • JØCE
    JØCE 4 months ago

    3:09 that grandpa part had me wheezing 🤣

  • Emperor Felipe
    Emperor Felipe 4 months ago

    I always knew Roblox remakes were shit but I never knew it was this bad...

  • General Reuploading Surface

    The game didn't scam you, you have to walk on the green after buying it

  • JustPhroggie
    JustPhroggie 4 months ago

    great video like always :D also just bought a Hoodie! I hope it comes soon! :)

  • kaoru ☏
    kaoru ☏ 4 months ago +18

    “how did he make it like 6 months ago, the game came out in two weeks”
    he’s a time traveler.


    You always make my day Flamingo, thank you.

  • Ramenboy
    Ramenboy 3 months ago +1

    3:44 THE “ᵒʰ ᵐʸ ᵍᵒᵈ” HAS ME CACKLING HELPP

  • moonlight
    moonlight 4 months ago +1

    that's a weird and scary feeling to think about 2020 was almost 2 years ago

  • International Idiot 🇺🇦

    Congrats on 10.1 millions subs

  • Dank a Doodle productions
    Dank a Doodle productions 4 months ago +27

    Im really happy that people love FNAF security breach or are still into.

    • Reincarnated
      Reincarnated 4 months ago +1

      Ok but the game sucks and i bought it for christmas. I'm a fan of the series since i was 6 but the game was a loss cause

    • Verified Guy
      Verified Guy 4 months ago +1

      @Louie Yeh me.

  • Smugcat ت︎
    Smugcat ت︎ 4 months ago

    Still can't believe how good the Sonic one is

  • PumpkinsArtz
    PumpkinsArtz 4 months ago

    I think the best roblox remake of fnaf is security requested. Its like fnaf help wanted but completely remade into roblox accurately