• Published on Jul 20, 2019
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Comments • 531

  • Mike H
    Mike H 20 days ago

    'He's mandatory, no one can take that away from him' errrr apart from him

  • Adam L
    Adam L 25 days ago

    he knew dillian was on the peds and he acting so well. scumbag

  • Comedykev
    Comedykev 26 days ago

    Interesting to see what Eddie says about Whyte considering his scathing comments about Jarrell Miller!! I also see Sky sports news not reporting the failure, i wonder why..is it because they are Eddie Herns paymaster

  • Jus Badd
    Jus Badd 26 days ago

    Well its all gone pair shaped now.. fucking hell Dillian please i hope the second test is negative

  • shingai mushangwe
    shingai mushangwe 26 days ago

    PEDs king

  • Tama Tane
    Tama Tane 26 days ago

    You are the biggest crook out there Eddie, playing fighters life by allowing your cheating fighter to fight. You done. You also kiss goodbye to AJ vs Ruiz in the UK. Fucken snake

  • Premier productions Liverpool

    Eddie is it true that white has tested positive for PED drugs

  • michael gallear
    michael gallear 27 days ago

    British boxer in Britain gets favoured again. Rivas won that. I'm British. No wonder ruis wants the fight in America. I would too.

    • M Theo
      M Theo 27 days ago

      michael gallear shut up you fool

  • Memphis Marcus
    Memphis Marcus 27 days ago

    Wilder is gonna knock Whyte unconscious then Eddie Hearn might cry during one of these interviews....

  • Maaria Naz
    Maaria Naz 27 days ago

    Deontay. Wilder would batter and ko whyte like joshua got kod

  • Jeff Matheson
    Jeff Matheson 27 days ago

    Mandatory? So ranked no.1 with the wbc doesn’t mean anything anymore then 😂😉😏

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 28 days ago

    Getting very near to Crunch time for whyte

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell 28 days ago

    Dillian fucking lost

  • Jezz Bish
    Jezz Bish 28 days ago

    Deontay Wilder fights Ortiz next, he then fights Tyson Fury after that, he then fights another bum after that.

  • IzAak
    IzAak 28 days ago

    great guy

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 28 days ago

      Fury will beat Wilder (again) and take the WBC belt, Whyte will get his chance against Fury who will smash him to pieces and humiliate him badly!

  • hen ko
    hen ko 28 days ago

    I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?

  • Justin Franklin
    Justin Franklin 28 days ago

    Please now.... let us have the fights we want too see, I dont need to fucking list the names, there are enough out there that could face off and have some proper tasty fights.
    Leave your ego at the door, fuck all this bullshit about money, bloody none of them are struggling financially.
    If they all claim to love their sport, all believe they're the best, all claim to not care where they fight... on that basis all the fights should be childs play to put together.

  • d p
    d p 28 days ago

    Chisora looked in great shape. For the first time you could see his lats, looked solid.

  • d p
    d p 28 days ago

    Price v Allen was always a terrible match up for Allen. Price is too big and works behind a jab. Allen is small in comparison and has no head movement. Why was that match made in the first place?

  • Dylan Mccallum
    Dylan Mccallum 28 days ago

    Give him an easier fight his next fight

  • Dylan Mccallum
    Dylan Mccallum 28 days ago

    Don’t let him take a L before he gets his hands on wilder

  • MC
    MC 28 days ago

    Let's face it, Eddie doesn't want Dillian having the Wilder fight, if Dillian was to beat Wilder that kills the money fight in the division if AJ manages to avenge his loss, tbsi is basic business, if AJ wins he will get the Wilder fight.

  • Liiz Pem
    Liiz Pem 29 days ago

    Why won’t the big three give dillion a shot? He’s beaten all comers and has earned a chance.

  • Jeremy Stillwell
    Jeremy Stillwell 29 days ago

    Im gonna say wilders handlers won't make the Whyte fight I mean hes know for not fighting mandos

  • dark mavid
    dark mavid 29 days ago

    fuck off Hearnia give PRICE the respect he deserves

    AFRIN AKTAR 29 days ago

    Nice 😀💖🍀👏🙋‍♀️🤝

  • Sohail Arif
    Sohail Arif 29 days ago

    Surprised I haven't seen any 'Rivas was robbed' comments. Whyte won that fight. He worked with the double jab. Boxed well. Most punches Rivas threw, were power punches which did well with the knock down but after that, it didn't work. Whyte got the well deserved W.

  • Alton Houlsen
    Alton Houlsen 29 days ago

    Eddie the Germ 🦠 Herm

  • james berry
    james berry 29 days ago +1

    Dave Allen a joke, didn't take it seriously and he got hurt. Congrats David price pleased for him

  • ming Li
    ming Li 29 days ago +1

    Following a three-day public hearing in December 2018, the second public hearing of the Independent People's Tribunal/China Tribunal was held in London on April 6-7, 2019.

    Twenty-three witnesses attended the tribunal, including researchers, medical professionals, journalists, and survivors of the atrocities committed by the Chinese communist regime from around the world. They gave testimonies before the tribunal regarding allegations of state-sanctioned organ harvesting targeting persecuted groups in China. Chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC, the panel consisted of seven experts tasked with conducting the world’s first-ever independent analysis of forced organ extraction in China.

    • dark mavid
      dark mavid 29 days ago

      thank you for bringing this to our attention Sir

  • You're Right But
    You're Right But 29 days ago

    Fury will beat Wilder (again) and take the WBC belt, Whyte will get his chance against Fury who will smash him to pieces and humiliate him badly!

  • peter brown
    peter brown 29 days ago

    Getting very near to Crunch time for whyte

  • Jordan Pennant
    Jordan Pennant 29 days ago

    Dave vs Dave section fucked me up

  • stu pid
    stu pid 29 days ago

    Kugan slacking

  • Cefims Soas
    Cefims Soas 29 days ago

    is unfair

  • Mr. Squav
    Mr. Squav 29 days ago +3

    Yay another cash cow for Eddie Hearn!

    LUFC 4EVA 29 days ago

    Like Dave Allen : but he took the piss out of all his fans and the ppl that helped him ,stopping in the bar till 2 in the morning night before the fight is scandalous

  • TituslovesPop
    TituslovesPop 29 days ago

    Hearns hair implants are fucking annoying. He has taken advantage of Allen's obvious demons IMO

  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 29 days ago

    The two-bit promoter will probably say that David Price is on the comeback LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Itz Ubayd
    Itz Ubayd 29 days ago +1

    Just uploaded my first video, hope you like it sub if you enjoyed 😁

  • Dean Dunkley
    Dean Dunkley 29 days ago +3

    Dave Allen was in the pub until 2.30 Friday night maybe had something to do with it 🤔🤔

  • Jack D'Ripa
    Jack D'Ripa 29 days ago

    Eddie The Helmet.

  • David Hayes
    David Hayes 29 days ago

    Allen ought to retire, not because he isn’t a good, tough fighter, but because he has shipped too much punishment. His granite jaw is a mixed blessing, if it is relied on too much....... which he has.

  • Dr. Gonzo
    Dr. Gonzo 29 days ago

    all the good words after the win lol

  • Shahid Nazir
    Shahid Nazir 29 days ago

    Why dodnt u gove him a fair shot with aj hearn ???????

  • Shahid Nazir
    Shahid Nazir 29 days ago +1

    AJ whyte same number of losses and now hearn probably putting chips on whyte tbf cos he fought aj with one shoulder !!!!!!!!

  • Shahid Nazir
    Shahid Nazir 29 days ago +1

    Changing colours like a chameleon ...no realness in marketing....pure business ..

    • BAMBAMKAM#31
      BAMBAMKAM#31 28 days ago

      EDDIE always been a fucking sly snake

  • Shahid Nazir
    Shahid Nazir 29 days ago

    Hearnn changing tune now ...

  • LR266
    LR266 Month ago

    Eddie should probably should have Dillian fight in America next. When he eventually challenges for a world title it will most likely be in America so he should definitely go out there and build up his profile more over there.

  • Christian Mal'ihk
    Christian Mal'ihk Month ago

    thexvid.com/video/czVsRXRdJX4/video.html subscribe and help a guy out thanks people! Love and respect.

  • GTVastSuperNova
    GTVastSuperNova Month ago

    Eddie about to cheat on joshau

  • Alex Hutter
    Alex Hutter Month ago +1

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

  • Gareth Wigglesworth

    Can't be that immediate. The stadium is empty

  • M G
    M G Month ago

    2:00 super rappin by H-Bomb.

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson Month ago +1

    Dillian Whyte is a gym floor sweeper.

    • Mark Richardson
      Mark Richardson 29 days ago

      @joeofdoom Whyte is a fifth rate stumblebum. A nobody.

    • joeofdoom
      joeofdoom 29 days ago

      Furys a kebab munching coke head, Windmill Wilder looks like a pepperami and AJ is a bodybuilder, nobody cares!
      Whyte is the first guy that's actually earned a shot at the WBC heavyweight title in atleast 5 years!

    • Don Riller
      Don Riller 29 days ago

      Well done moron.

  • The Gypsy King
    The Gypsy King Month ago +2

    Boxing social doing something well to make the trending list

  • Nobody Delarea
    Nobody Delarea Month ago

    Watch Many pacman paquiao
    Vs Thurman ITS THE BEST

  • dan taylor
    dan taylor Month ago

    The day Wilder agrees to Whyte fight is the day Trump stops being racist.

  • Jay Knight
    Jay Knight Month ago +1

    Rivas was tough and didn't disgrace himself but Dillian worked to a perfect game plan, out jabbed and worked the body well, I hope Eddie gives him an easier warm up before he takes on fury/wilder, and the newwwwww

  • kav1187
    kav1187 Month ago

    Thanks for revealing the result in the title before I've had a chance to watch the fight ☹

  • Emmett Oliver
    Emmett Oliver Month ago

    Eddie Hearn went over to Allen's corner at the end of the last round and had words with Darren Barker.. what was said?

  • beer monstar
    beer monstar Month ago

    Look how disappointed eddy is that Dillon is his best prospect shallow shit little man I see you snake

  • temitope peters
    temitope peters Month ago

    Aj still beat dillian whyte, though he has improved since then but he still need to fix so things. Dillian is now taking a piece of hearn as always more so that AJ lost. Like hearn he just suck it in..

  • Ash The Dash
    Ash The Dash Month ago

    Fury an wilder wont fight dillian not in a million years

  • GoPro Ray
    GoPro Ray Month ago

    Watch my videos #goproray

  • Graeme Barber
    Graeme Barber Month ago

    This guy needs to lay of the gear it's embarrassing

  • vl Killz4Life Vl
    vl Killz4Life Vl Month ago +1

    The judges saved dilian
    Oscar Rivas should have won
    Even the commentors were biased against oscar Rivas, downing him the whole time.

  • Sola Ayodele
    Sola Ayodele Month ago

    Id fight in December in America so he can get used to the states before fighting there ..we don't want a potential repeat of what happened to Anthony Joshua

  • Tigertank 1A
    Tigertank 1A Month ago +1

    Whyte new the step up needed when he lost to Joshua and he has done this to a degree that the only boxer i could see beating him is Mr Fury.

  • Jon Ashby
    Jon Ashby Month ago

    Dave was just the way smaller guy. Got eaten up by the longer jab. Can’t argue with it

  • Jon Ashby
    Jon Ashby Month ago

    Mandatory means nothing. Wilder loses to Fury then Tyson doesn’t have to fight him straight away and if Wilder wins then Wilders last four fights he’s had 3 mandatory defenses

  • Andrew Garland
    Andrew Garland Month ago

    Whyte will not fight wilder , gives it all the biggen but won’t touch fury or wilder

    • joeofdoom
      joeofdoom 29 days ago

      He literally took this fight so he'd be made mandatory challenger with a set date for Wilder theres no more running, chicken legs is going to have to face the music in the next year or lose that belt.

  • j1gz
    j1gz Month ago

    Terrible commentary and a genuine Hearn ref giving a typical Hearn count and stopped all inside work

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