BEZZIES with Hendo and Trent | Who is the Alicia Keys superfan?


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  • Kartik Pattani
    Kartik Pattani 2 hours ago

    TAA is still a little baby!!!😂👶🏻🍼

  • Bayu Adhi
    Bayu Adhi 4 hours ago

    that ending.. hahaha..

  • Octo
    Octo 13 hours ago

    5:26 my man sounding like the grinch

  • The372production

    What happened to the best mates pair?! Dani sturridge and hendo?!

  • Josh Baldy
    Josh Baldy 2 days ago

    Henderson favourite artist is alicia keys says it all really

  • Amarpreet Gill
    Amarpreet Gill 2 days ago

    Trent wishes he was in arsenal cuz of the banter

  • Amarpreet Gill
    Amarpreet Gill 2 days ago

    Man like henderson lol

  • Copy Pastafari
    Copy Pastafari 2 days ago

    Trent is channeling his inner Carragher with that "shocking".

  • It’s ya boy Tommy P
    It’s ya boy Tommy P 2 days ago +1

    Liverpool have won the league already

  • Khomotjo Ngake
    Khomotjo Ngake 2 days ago

    😂 😂 Trent kills me

  • Prachet Agarwal
    Prachet Agarwal 3 days ago

    I love how competitive he is!

  • Lee LFC
    Lee LFC 3 days ago


  • Imagine If Everything was Racist

    Worst footy kit ever..!!!!!!!
    Big up posh..!!!

  • Ya Wan Shum
    Ya Wan Shum 3 days ago

    5:29 hahahahaha

  • Joshua Chandra
    Joshua Chandra 3 days ago

    well henderson's eyes are something else

  • RandomnessTube
    RandomnessTube 3 days ago

    Jordan Henderson what a bender listening to girly songs.

  • Jarosz L.F.C
    Jarosz L.F.C 3 days ago

    Proszę o Polski język

  • Tyler Sutherland
    Tyler Sutherland 3 days ago

    I dare you to "listen to the Keys for a day and tell me a better singer".... Who?

  • Tahmid Ali
    Tahmid Ali 4 days ago

    3:18 ... look how big hendos mouth gets!!! And pause the vid aswell

  • Alex Rice
    Alex Rice 4 days ago

    Hendo laughs like the chick on Vine who says "Not to be racist, but Asian people *wheezes*"

  • Pablo Arias23
    Pablo Arias23 4 days ago

    Me gusta que pongan subtítulos en español

  • SocialdDem
    SocialdDem 4 days ago

    Awfully small feet...

  • Lynchology101
    Lynchology101 4 days ago

    I miss Ruddock & Fowler

  • Folasade Christy
    Folasade Christy 4 days ago

    8:07 - The Edit though😂😂

  • world of unlimiters
    world of unlimiters 4 days ago

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  • PandaDraws
    PandaDraws 4 days ago

    2:52 That laugh makes me laugh

  • _.lxquidGold._
    _.lxquidGold._ 4 days ago

    How’s the baby?? Was the labour okay?? Is it a boy or a girl??

  • Aik Salad
    Aik Salad 4 days ago

    I read *BraZZer* the first time

  • Postman Chat
    Postman Chat 4 days ago

    2-1 baby

  • Phumeh Thembelihle
    Phumeh Thembelihle 4 days ago +1

    I'm in love with Trent...I can't stop smiling

  • Play Football 10
    Play Football 10 4 days ago

    super match tottenhamm vs liverpool

  • Lola Rayz
    Lola Rayz 5 days ago

    These two are tooo funny😂😂😂😭

  • Thammasak Ekmanochai

    They are sooo competitive..
    even it s just a game
    I liked it

  • Marcel Edeko
    Marcel Edeko 5 days ago

    How is this on trending

  • Bamel King
    Bamel King 5 days ago

    Is your misses pregnant Trent's face

  • David Corway
    David Corway 5 days ago

    Henderson. The next in a line of LFC captains with dicey taste in records.

  • Youman 2201
    Youman 2201 5 days ago


  • Youman 2201
    Youman 2201 5 days ago

    Do Allison and firmino next

  • Oscar Garay
    Oscar Garay 5 days ago +1

    Hahaha Hendo is so funny

  • Dudemar
    Dudemar 5 days ago

    Cap with future cap

  • Melissa RA JACOBS
    Melissa RA JACOBS 5 days ago +6

    My favourite was when Trent said "She only has like one good song" and Hendo looks aways and says "See what I mean? Frightening" LOL Love these gents #YNWA

  • Beef Jerky
    Beef Jerky 5 days ago

    It just me or does anyone else always read brazzers in stead of bezzies

  • Simba Mandi
    Simba Mandi 5 days ago


  • Ted 2
    Ted 2 5 days ago

    Take a shot everytime trent said shocking 😂😂

  • Tyler Ramsay
    Tyler Ramsay 5 days ago


  • Connor Mahy
    Connor Mahy 5 days ago

    She’ll be alright, do more of these

  • amin wanton1
    amin wanton1 5 days ago +1

    in love with trent's accent ❤❤❤

  • The Addicted Gamer
    The Addicted Gamer 5 days ago

    “She’ll be alright for 20 minutes”

  • Paddy IsDumb
    Paddy IsDumb 5 days ago

    Even as a United fan I'm enjoying these series.

  • Oli
    Oli 5 days ago

    Hendo actually seems like a laugh. Who would’ve thought haha

  • Mr Toad
    Mr Toad 5 days ago

    Imagine when that kid grows up and watches this video! Brilliant.

  • Liam Butler
    Liam Butler 5 days ago

    Firmino and Allison next

  • Random Reaction
    Random Reaction 5 days ago

    Captain BACKPASS 😔

  • K D
    K D 5 days ago +1

    How many times did Trent say shocking lool

    MOONH3RO 5 days ago

    What's the point of the headphones?

  • GodZullaFC
    GodZullaFC 5 days ago

    Trent sound like Tom Holland Spider Man

  • focus relentlessly
    focus relentlessly 5 days ago

    Trents hair style is a lil strange😂

  • Farhan Ashraf
    Farhan Ashraf 5 days ago

    Plz do HIP HOP QUIZ ft. STURRIDGE😉😁😁😁😄

  • Shevy
    Shevy 5 days ago

    This is *Shocking* this

  • Sırtımı Kaşıyıver


  • d[- -]b
    d[- -]b 5 days ago


  • CleverCat
    CleverCat 5 days ago +1


  • Hurrifan C.
    Hurrifan C. 5 days ago

    What a fucking disgrace Trent...Drake? Really!?

  • ProGamer 234
    ProGamer 234 5 days ago

    Tottenham 1-2 Liverpool. #YNWA

  • lowerplague985 985
    lowerplague985 985 5 days ago

    I love trent

  • Jürgen Zädbag
    Jürgen Zädbag 5 days ago

    As expected, as much as I love and respect Hendo, his taste in music is friggin horrible. Seems like most footballers have shite taste in music, or no taste at all.
    Funny tho, ihs made me chuckle a bit. Best of luck tomorrow lads! 💪🎅

  • Bear 351
    Bear 351 5 days ago


  • Thredos
    Thredos 5 days ago

    Trent is right tho, Alicia keys does only have one good song

  • Dina M
    Dina M 5 days ago

    OMG..Trent is right..Alicia Keys is horrible..hehehe!
    Why Hendo why?? :D

  • H.D S
    H.D S 5 days ago

    "That's shocking that"- Trent 🤣

  • Baby Fork
    Baby Fork 5 days ago


  • David-Arthur Muland
    David-Arthur Muland 5 days ago +1

    Hendo is the blackest white player

  • Tbasko sauce
    Tbasko sauce 5 days ago

    ty for adding subtitles

  • Vega Winnfield
    Vega Winnfield 5 days ago

    How come you not love these Reds boys 😂

  • instigatordj001
    instigatordj001 5 days ago


  • Car Fun
    Car Fun 5 days ago


  • Inklan Utterfield
    Inklan Utterfield 5 days ago +1

    These questions like "who would you not like to be stuck in a lift with" are savage.

  • TidyDarts
    TidyDarts 5 days ago

    4:17 I dont understand what he said without subtitle

  • hfkgctduhxipzt ibjlaen

    8:08 roflmao xD But Jordan is right, Alicia is amazing!!! Who is Drake srsly...

  • Matic Pogorelec
    Matic Pogorelec 5 days ago

    The music is a bit too loud

  • blingz blingz
    blingz blingz 5 days ago

    the text pls😊.. the accents, really hard to catch.😅

  • Vicentiu Petrisor
    Vicentiu Petrisor 5 days ago

    do lovren and salah pls

  • Mohamad shahri
    Mohamad shahri 5 days ago

    Milner + Robertson

  • Marius
    Marius 5 days ago

    Why do they sound like Jamie charragher?

  • TheTwoGoalsOneCup
    TheTwoGoalsOneCup 5 days ago +1

    Van Dijk and Gini

  • ahmad mohammed
    ahmad mohammed 5 days ago +1

    Trent is a proper Scouser 👏👏 #YNWA

  • Dindachan Camui
    Dindachan Camui 5 days ago

    Trent is so cute, everyone's little brother in Liverpool FC 💗

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer 6 days ago

    No one for the smile in Russia ... #Shockingthat Trent tapped that 4 sure

  • aiswarya babu
    aiswarya babu 6 days ago

    Captain and future captain

  • Bluewing Gamer64
    Bluewing Gamer64 6 days ago +1

    Not a Liverpool fan but I love this channel

  • shirleyxxx LoveFaithHope

    Trent's accent 😍😍

  • King James
    King James 6 days ago

    Trent wears a size 7 😂😂🍺

  • TheDev50
    TheDev50 6 days ago

    Not to bring the buzz down but let’s not count them out of it, we aren’t in proper flow the boys have to turn up

  • MS7
    MS7 6 days ago

    best thing ever!

  • Vinayak Joshi
    Vinayak Joshi 6 days ago +1

    Jordan is like a 14 year old girl!

  • John Odande
    John Odande 6 days ago

    Hendo & Trent are two cheeky boys. Touching their goatees & looking at each other 2:16 the moment that guy says the missus will be fine for 20 more minutes is their way of saying they consider him the G.O.A.T!

  • Areli Enriquez
    Areli Enriquez 6 days ago

    Fabinho alisson and firmino next
    Then keita, shaqiri and sturridge has

  • Ian Lamont
    Ian Lamont 6 days ago

    make trent captain on the basis of this tbh

  • kengo kato
    kengo kato 6 days ago +2

    Some gay quotes by Hendo:
    "I got to know him quite closely when we were in Russia together"
    Trent's best feature? : "Knowing him I'll go with smile. I know this from.... Russia"
    Hahaha sweet

  • Kopite 27
    Kopite 27 6 days ago +2

    Lol Trent's shoe size is the same as mine😂 and I'm 13😅