Tour Of My 'Pet Room'

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
  • Tour Of My 'Pet Room'
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  • Elizabeth Glasby
    Elizabeth Glasby 14 hours ago

    how do u sleep at night with all that noise???

  • Wayne Luckel
    Wayne Luckel Day ago +1

    Mill is the cutest

  • Niamh R
    Niamh R Day ago

    Image if you had a pet spider and it escaped and you accidentally steps on a spider then you see the spider is missing then you realize it's your spider

  • Jessie’s toy chest

    I have two guniea pigs and a hamster in my room. ( PROPER CARE BTW )

  • Marci Watters
    Marci Watters 2 days ago


  • Sharon Kaczorowski
    Sharon Kaczorowski 2 days ago

    I wish I could have a Hansberry...I had such a smart one as a teen. But I’ve become allergic to rodent poo...

  • Fam Wilson Dirksen
    Fam Wilson Dirksen 3 days ago


  • Rebekah Legion SundayGirlJournals

    Erin's Ark Vlogs 4.04 Can I just say that if You make the second Duna lid so that it's all plastic as well, then He will have no ventilation at all. The only ventilation He has as it is, is the tiny amount of bar space on one Duna lid at one end of the Detolf. The entire lid of the tank is meant to be ventilated but all there is now is a few inches of ventilation & You're talking about filling that with plastic so He has none. This is not good for air circulation. I would replace with hard pet safe mesh from Wilkos (with the minimum bar spacing They do or cross 2 sizes of mesh to create smaller bar spacing. This will also enable You to hang additional toys if you wanted to & hammocks. You could still have the Duna lids at the ends though

  • Jeremiah cantu
    Jeremiah cantu 4 days ago

    no joke fr how to hell do u go to bed at night lol

  • Sparkle Unicorn
    Sparkle Unicorn 4 days ago

    Si have Guinea pigs, horses, dogs, fish, cats

  • monique talbot
    monique talbot 5 days ago

    What’s up with your pets???

  • Kendell Wisdom
    Kendell Wisdom 5 days ago

    I cant sleep

  • Kendell Wisdom
    Kendell Wisdom 5 days ago

    What she said ho do you sleep at night tell me how because i have a hamster and its wheel is loud i cant but my mom told me to take it out at night and i sleep so good now

  • savanah marie
    savanah marie 7 days ago +3

    the hamster needs more bedding. not a hate comment just a tip. it's needs minimum of 6 inches of bedding so it can burrow. and I would switch the bedding because cedar is not good for them at. also one of the reasons that he's chewing on the bars is because he's bored or stressed and that is probably because he cannot burrow. hamsters are burrowing animals and they need to burrow. try using Kaytee wedding but without the dye using like white you can use the one with the guy but the regular one is way better do not use scented. but the betting you are using is not suitable for hamsters and you also need at least 6 inches. another thing is it is definitely not save if he is falling like that you definitely need to fix that. all of this includes the gerbil as well. also your hamster is going to need a wheel to wheel needs to be at least 8in it cannot be any smaller. hamsters need a wheel to get out some of their energy. sorry for it being edited I just keep seeing more and more mistakes as I watch the video.

  • Christl Walsh-Ramirez

    Your videos are so good

  • Michaela Tew
    Michaela Tew 8 days ago +1

    U need bedding for ur hamster they love to burrow

    • tvin jenko
      tvin jenko 4 days ago

      @Rosie Glow there ist tons of floor space, ur right. But hamster actually need at least 6 inches of bedding to dig. Everything under it is animal abuse and shouldn't be okay.

    • Rosie Glow
      Rosie Glow 5 days ago

      There's tons of bedding? You realise it's the entire glass unit plus the two plastic houses on top?

  • Livi Rose
    Livi Rose 8 days ago

    Is your hamster a Russian dwarf hamster because my Russian dwarf hamster is the exact same colour with the dark stripe down her back and everything lol x

  • RipTide Mythic
    RipTide Mythic 9 days ago

    And my mum said one hamster is enough…

  • John A.
    John A. 9 days ago +2

    This is the first hairless guinea pigs I have seen in a pet room.

  • Kitty Darling
    Kitty Darling 9 days ago

    Please cut and protect the ends of the loose wires to the fence in with the skinny pigs as soon as possible to avoid cuts or eye injury. I see this is an older video, hopefully you've done that. Otherwise, very cute critter habitat! ♥

  • The M&G Squad
    The M&G Squad 9 days ago

    The hamster that fell is stressed he is chewing on the bars!!! And the cage isn’t safe if he is falling!! I clicked on the vid for advise but it’s just sadness

    • AvaWild
      AvaWild Day ago

      Um, no. Sometimes that is the case, but this hamster is just a very big chewer.

    • Rosie Glow
      Rosie Glow 5 days ago

      Sure Jan. Some people just LOVE to complain. Sadness with all the vast habitats her animals have.

  • Daisy Grijalva
    Daisy Grijalva 10 days ago

    Just a little tip if your hampster is biting bars it might me stressed no hate tho and he’s very cute❤️

  • Alira Horrigan-milne
    Alira Horrigan-milne 10 days ago

    I might be getting a guinea pig

  • Edmund Anderson
    Edmund Anderson 10 days ago +1


  • Edmund Anderson
    Edmund Anderson 10 days ago +1

    I like the guinea pig and your hamster in what’s the other one card I forgot so can you help me remember so I don’t forget so help me remember so I don’t forget so help me

  • Cassie LaFontaine
    Cassie LaFontaine 10 days ago

    OMG I don't even have a hamster in my room

  • love wolf cookie
    love wolf cookie 10 days ago +2

    So many cute animals 😍 my pet paytro is crazy he climbs on his cage alot

  • Epeli Dugutabua
    Epeli Dugutabua 10 days ago

    I really love it

  • maria figueiredo
    maria figueiredo 10 days ago

    Hi I have a dog , cat, horse

  • Gudny Osk Kristinsdottir

    Did you shave ur guinea pigs

  • Xx_moon_lxghtxX 24
    Xx_moon_lxghtxX 24 11 days ago

    O o o I have umm nine pets

  • Lula Moonlight
    Lula Moonlight 11 days ago +1

    Imagine how smelly her room is

  • beeannie
    beeannie 12 days ago

    i have a puppy, 5 guinea pigs and 2 hamsters

    • Skylar Rice
      Skylar Rice 10 days ago

      beeannie I have 6 guinea pigs, 2 hamsters, 3 ferrets, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 4 snakes and fish

  • Rodent Rascals Adventures

    I absolutely love how huge all their cages are!! You probably have already made changes by now, but suggestion for your little Hamster, steer clear of bar cages because dwarf hamsters have the ability to easily slip out and they could get hurt....

  • Skye Whalen
    Skye Whalen 13 days ago

    I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s a Guinea pig

  • The fart
    The fart 14 days ago +1

    Honestly everything's perfect u just need more bedding cuz these creatures are burrowing animals

  • Tom Jerry
    Tom Jerry 14 days ago

    ill get her soon

  • Jason ?
    Jason ? 15 days ago

    I love how you love your pets but that room must stink like anything .......

  • Destiny Mcnenly
    Destiny Mcnenly 15 days ago

    What are u skinny pig name

  • Galaxyboo 22
    Galaxyboo 22 15 days ago

    How come your hamster has a little cage and a whole nother space to himself or is there another animal that goes in the little brownish cage that the hamster cage connects to

  • Avah Romero
    Avah Romero 15 days ago +7

    The hamster is probably chewing cause it’s in stress

  • Marina Reese
    Marina Reese 16 days ago

    They look like little Elephants 🐘

  • whoops its mj
    whoops its mj 16 days ago

    Your genie pigs are so cute

  • Burysia Kotełowska
    Burysia Kotełowska 16 days ago

    Xd kto z polski

  • Sophia Jacobsen
    Sophia Jacobsen 17 days ago

    😢 pingu is strest

    • Pony Town
      Pony Town 16 days ago

      Sophia Jacobsen no he was just chewing, he is very happy just focused on the bars

  • gacha Alpha1
    gacha Alpha1 18 days ago

    Awwwwwwwwwww there sooooooooo. Cute!!!!!

  • Chicken. Nugget.
    Chicken. Nugget. 18 days ago

    how do you sleep?! 😂

  • Sara Araújo
    Sara Araújo 18 days ago +2

    Um animal animais super fofos a minha mãe não deixa ter

  • Wolfie ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Wolfie ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 19 days ago

    Awwww gebril ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Martina Gase
    Martina Gase 19 days ago

    sehr viel liebe herz gemacht

  • The big Fat cat
    The big Fat cat 19 days ago

    Hippos to cute

  • Rebekah Legion SundayGirlJournals

    Erin's Ark Vlogs You have a great set up for all Your pets excellent. I know this was 2017 but
    With hamsters if They have toys that are very high, like that it's a good idea to put fall breakers in, like one of those rope scramble/cargo nets or a bunch of them attached to each other, hammocks, or even an Ikea tie holder (the rope ones with the rings). It prevents back & neck injuries & sprains from falling from a height onto hard surfaces. Hamsters backs are more delicate than people realise. That's just a tip not a criticism of You. You're a fantastic owner Xx

  • Nora Garfield
    Nora Garfield 20 days ago +2

    My mom won’t even let me have a fish and you get all of these little guys!!

  • Eva Beal
    Eva Beal 22 days ago

    U have too muchpets

    • Pony Town
      Pony Town 16 days ago

      Eva Beal as long as they are all getting attention and being treated well it’s not to much :)

  • Charity Wilson
    Charity Wilson 23 days ago

    I had guinea pigs but they died their names for Oreo and Noah

  • Pastel Sophie
    Pastel Sophie 23 days ago

    Since when could you adopt hippos?

  • Effie Loparnou
    Effie Loparnou 23 days ago

    Lettuce isn't good for guinea pigs it's really bad don't feed them that I have 3 guinea pigs and I'm getting one more and I never send them letters because it makes them sick

    • Pony Town
      Pony Town 16 days ago

      Effie Loparnou that’s iceberg lettuce that does that

  • sadie mae
    sadie mae 23 days ago

    I think you can add a ferret to your pet room their so cute

  • grandiosa
    grandiosa 23 days ago

    The hamster needs to have the bars because it helps them with there teeth

  • Vinsor N.V
    Vinsor N.V 23 days ago +1

    U should not keep your hamsters like that🙄

    • Pony Town
      Pony Town 16 days ago

      Vinsor N.V it’s huge! And an amazing cage what is wrong with it?