LeBron James Saves Entire Lakers Legacy After Anthony Davis INJURED By ZaZa Moves!

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
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Comments • 176

  • peeta 6010
    peeta 6010 22 days ago

    Zaza moves proven effected! Why they're not doing it for lebron? Maybe opponent realized that AD is more important than him.

  • Niña Rica Datu
    Niña Rica Datu 23 days ago

    Save entire legacy? How about last season they can't save it lol

  • Eze Cast
    Eze Cast 24 days ago

    Lebron tackles Rubio
    Referee did you just touch lebron

  • Joseph Aboy
    Joseph Aboy 24 days ago


  • jpin0002 jpin0002
    jpin0002 jpin0002 24 days ago

    Lol lebron can't do anything to the Lakers legacy. Good or bad.
    He needs to worry about his own legacy.

  • chriskoee
    chriskoee 24 days ago

    I gotta unsubscribe to you, you be lying too much.

  • Franklin Richards
    Franklin Richards 24 days ago

    Lakers lost to the clippers
    Clippers lost to the suns
    Lakers lost to the raptors
    Clippers beat the raptors
    Lakers beat the suns.
    Guess we’ll see what happens on Christmas day.

  • monick Porcadilla
    monick Porcadilla 25 days ago

    Kuzma like klay in play

  • Dat Boi Mikey
    Dat Boi Mikey 25 days ago

    Lebron been scoring low lately

    FADED KING 25 days ago

    Captions are the stupid Dick Crew

  • Drippyyxx
    Drippyyxx 25 days ago

    I got a sprite cranberry ad 😂

  • TeZza Channel
    TeZza Channel 25 days ago

    damn baynes, dont ruin Lakers season there, i want to watch NBA playoffs

  • Gordo C
    Gordo C 25 days ago

    LeBron? You must mean Kuzma.

  • JayNo2x
    JayNo2x 25 days ago

    Why is Zaza still in the league

  • Jason Akins
    Jason Akins 25 days ago

    They forreal need to sit AD for a few games tho. Trying to play hurt will only make things worse!

  • That Boi Keny
    That Boi Keny 25 days ago

    The NBA is going bad one Zaza at a time

  • airhawaii23
    airhawaii23 25 days ago

    Worst flagrant foul call i've ever seen! How soft is the NBA now?

  • Yani Gaming
    Yani Gaming 25 days ago

    Welcome back Kuzmaaaaaaa

  • kelon dedner
    kelon dedner 25 days ago

    Kuzma was the star of this game

  • Kenderick Cottrell
    Kenderick Cottrell 25 days ago

    The sun’s hurt curry and ad It’s got to mean something

  • לאון אשורוב
    לאון אשורוב 25 days ago

    Lebron shot is really good, the only problem that he have, is that he’s not confident in his shot, when he starting to have confidence he doesn’t miss but the problem it’s his attitude you can see that he have too many things running in his mind while he’s shooting you can see it in the free throw too

  • LT salad123 l
    LT salad123 l 25 days ago

    Same pissy who injured curry on purpose

  • Nicholas Anane Frimpong

    If zaza hurts AD 😈

  • T AG
    T AG 25 days ago

    AD is fragile better save him for playoffs ..save LeBron for playoffs too..

  • Jorgito1121
    Jorgito1121 25 days ago +3

    LOL Skip Bayless would say this: “Kyle Kuzma Saved LeBrons Legacy with those 2 Three Pointers

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 25 days ago

    Ur a POS. He didn't even get his foot outside of three point line. So if AD lands on him it's on AD for jumping forward.

  • Lou Burgunde
    Lou Burgunde 25 days ago

    Great job! LBJ Anthony Davis get tough

  • UnXpctd79Mo Lowe
    UnXpctd79Mo Lowe 25 days ago +2

    Yooo! Glad the league has put more "attention" on the rules of letting shooters land. After all the drama and mess over the officiating. Players make too much money to get hurt over something that's kind of hard call to make. Like in football...once in motion it's hard to cancel an act. As an athlete I understand!

  • SAVAGE90000640 Gaming
    SAVAGE90000640 Gaming 25 days ago


  • Deonte Minter
    Deonte Minter 25 days ago +7

    Am I the only one that saw how long Avery Bradley was airborne for that rebound 🤔😂 3:19

  • World Newz
    World Newz 25 days ago +1

    Damn a Flagrant for accidentally stepping under his foot🤔🤦🏾‍♂️

    • GrowthHacker
      GrowthHacker 25 days ago

      his foot shouldn't be there

    • LT salad123 l
      LT salad123 l 25 days ago +3

      World Newz he also injured curry he obviously did it on purpose

  • Saucey T
    Saucey T 25 days ago

    Aron Baynes always be injuring niqqas bruh

  • Maveric Marquez
    Maveric Marquez 25 days ago


  • HotBoyRobb
    HotBoyRobb 25 days ago +1

    You sure this game wasn’t in LA ?

  • Smoove Killa
    Smoove Killa 25 days ago


  • Diana Grimm
    Diana Grimm 25 days ago +1

    Looking at the game the referee help the Lakers to win everybody can see that and giving you the true facts

  • Brother Majik
    Brother Majik 25 days ago

    1:07 Sit yo ass down- AD

  • BKK
    BKK 25 days ago

    What a ugly man

  • Quality Con-trolling
    Quality Con-trolling 25 days ago

    Why do they not have control of there feet. They are trying to be sneaky and end careers

  • crazy bone
    crazy bone 25 days ago

    Dirty Australian player.

    Tarai WAQATAIREWA 25 days ago +1

    Anyone who steps under someone like that is a proper dickhead ! It’s a shame he’s an Aussie tbh from one Aussie to another #dumbcunt 😂

  • vondior
    vondior 25 days ago +3

    Hope it's not suns fans
    Cheering "kuuuz" each time he splash on them

  • flameflarerising YT
    flameflarerising YT 25 days ago +1

    Curry, AD, who next xD

  • Babyface
    Babyface 25 days ago +1

    Wow This nigga Baynes just wanna injure all the superstars in the league to make it easier first curry now ad

  • Aku Chou Lee
    Aku Chou Lee 25 days ago +2

    I don't think that's that bad, thank God he got his other foot to support his fall..
    But the case with Kawhi, he went full role on his ankle and it was painful to see.
    I hope AD is ok..

  • Trinity Gamer
    Trinity Gamer 25 days ago +1

    Is this the same guy who stepped on curry's hand?

  • Doddy BJ
    Doddy BJ 25 days ago +1

    Damn Baynes.. After Steph now AD

  • King J
    King J 26 days ago

    Lol lebron strength 🤦‍♂️ beast!

  • Johnjohn Digs
    Johnjohn Digs 26 days ago +1

    its AD's era❤️

  • Johnjohn Digs
    Johnjohn Digs 26 days ago

    AD is the best player in the league right now💪💪

  • zz
    zz 26 days ago

    kuzma had 2 clutch 3s as well in toronto game, i think he shoots better than danny green right now. the new kyle korver for LeBron

  • Drake Howell
    Drake Howell 26 days ago +3

    I’m loving how the suns are getting their games filled up now 😂

  • jrobert Espinosa
    jrobert Espinosa 26 days ago

    Kyle kuzma save the game...

  • Chicho Johnson
    Chicho Johnson 26 days ago +1

    Sumtimes I be thinkin LeBron just be bored till playoffs!U can tell in Toronto he was bored like sum loading management illegal.I'll give my fans respect to play!🤣🤣🤣

    • cray 3K
      cray 3K 25 days ago

      bored.... naw he was getting blocked like 4 times in the fourth he got out played by the nba champions. this is a yesr lebron is motivated and playing defense, I mean he was on a winning streak so it had to end.

  • Emmylou Fumera
    Emmylou Fumera 26 days ago

    2:30 2%🤔🤔

  • jayson jacinto
    jayson jacinto 26 days ago +2

    i think kuzma saved lakers not lebron

    • Carla Lee
      Carla Lee 25 days ago

      Lbj dis strart the rally and important shot and rebound before kuz got 2x 3s.

  • Fernando 10
    Fernando 10 26 days ago

    This must be the lebron dick riders club. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • dem eter
    dem eter 26 days ago +2

    Baynes injured curry too

  • Team Z0T4K
    Team Z0T4K 26 days ago

    fucking aaron baynes always injuring star players

  • nah nah
    nah nah 26 days ago

    media and social media always hype lesucks