The Cast of "Better Call Saul" Recap the First 3 Seasons in 10 Minutes | Vanity Fair


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  • Francis Vinquiote
    Francis Vinquiote 11 hours ago


  • Marcos
    Marcos 2 days ago

    Giancarlo D E S P A C I T O

  • Mr. Trashcan
    Mr. Trashcan 3 days ago

    This is great! :D

  • Vega Winnfield
    Vega Winnfield 4 days ago

    I hate chuck..LOL

  • Big E in the UP
    Big E in the UP 4 days ago

    This is all so beautiful when you know Giancarlo originally was supposed to have only one scene in Breaking Bad, and by playing the role in a slightly sinister manner people wanted more and he turned one scene into the Meth Kingpin for 2 seasons and then 3+ of BCS.

  • funnyvideiofreak
    funnyvideiofreak 4 days ago

    You should ask Michael Mando what the definition of insanity is.

  • Hector Abreu
    Hector Abreu 4 days ago

    Lol this is great love all of them

  • Ken Marshmallow
    Ken Marshmallow 5 days ago

    This was pretty cool. It was definitely on the corny side but the recap was Top Notch! Thanks!

  • Pogsit Pogapo
    Pogsit Pogapo 6 days ago

    And suddenly they became fat.

  • Manuel
    Manuel 7 days ago

    That was fast af

  • Side Effects
    Side Effects 8 days ago

    Okay I've seen every episode and I'm lost in this video anyone else?

  • Side Effects
    Side Effects 8 days ago

    Oh my God I was triggered when she said HHM

  • Side Effects
    Side Effects 8 days ago

    Oh my god Patrick Fabian actually talks like that?

  • Ben Silva
    Ben Silva 8 days ago

    these pople drank too much coffee that day.

  • Ron Ramc
    Ron Ramc 8 days ago

    Dude, it's so weird to seen Howard in a casual outfit and Nacho smiling with a chill vibe xd

  • Fatma Yalgin
    Fatma Yalgin 8 days ago

    6:21 best thing ever

  • Sam Scott
    Sam Scott 10 days ago

    I can’t help looking at Gus without thinking he’ll kill someone

  • Ramiro Garcia
    Ramiro Garcia 12 days ago

    Rhea Seehorn is Beautiful! 😍😍😍

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 12 days ago

    Even when they're just being themselves, they are all so amazing. What a strong cast. I love this show!

  • Fjæsing664
    Fjæsing664 14 days ago

    Its strange to hear Giancarlo Esposito actually raise his voice, cuz he never does on BrBa or Better Call Saul

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 15 days ago

    do they sneak a cigarette out the back or is it a joint???

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer 16 days ago

    Finally Giancarlo pronouncing his Neapolitan surname correctly! He used to say: "Esposìto" instead of "Espòsito". Great to know!
    Btw loving the show, they're all terrific actors, especially Bob.

    • Vylkeer
      Vylkeer 5 days ago

      I did a mistake, I meant to put the accent on the first "O", obviously. Thanks for pointing that out, it's fixed now :)

    • Pudu Atkin
      Pudu Atkin 5 days ago

      he said espOsito tho

  • Yasser Wallaby58
    Yasser Wallaby58 17 days ago

    The whole video is a spoiler alert, isn't it?

  • George W. Banks
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  • George W. Banks
    George W. Banks 18 days ago

    DON’T do this again

  • epiphany enthusiast
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  • N G S
    N G S 21 day ago

    This show is an insult to BB fans

  • Robert Millsop
    Robert Millsop 21 day ago

    Better Call Saul - The ADHD Redux

  • Maj0r Lee
    Maj0r Lee 21 day ago

    It's like the director told them: "Big energy. BIG. BIG. ENERGY."

  • F. G. III
    F. G. III 21 day ago

    9:02 is gold and Rhea Seehorn is a gorgeous human being.

  • Granite State
    Granite State 23 days ago

    i’m sorry but this show just isn’t as good as breaking bad

  • Little Fiamma
    Little Fiamma 23 days ago

    Love you guys 😂😂😂💕

  • bundycamp
    bundycamp 24 days ago +1

    why are they all dressed like such douchebags

  • Sjrick
    Sjrick 25 days ago

    Nacho with a nose stud ? Ugh just turn in your man card

  • Nancy Wang
    Nancy Wang 25 days ago


  • Nancy Wang
    Nancy Wang 25 days ago

    In love with Giancarlo JWEGHFUHWEF

  • Alex DB
    Alex DB 25 days ago

    Saul take off that hat!!

  • Adam Zimmerman
    Adam Zimmerman 25 days ago

    Patrick Fabian looks like a guy who was a surfer in his youth and smoked a lot of pot with his bleach hair, tan and that necklace he’s wearing

  • Rachel Aviona
    Rachel Aviona 26 days ago

    omg i love them all

  • Winking2 Raven2
    Winking2 Raven2 26 days ago

    Best series since Breaking Bad. Good job all who worked on this. Perfection.

  • Robert S
    Robert S 27 days ago

    It's kind of weird hearing Michael Mando talk about the events that Nacho had nothing to do with.

  • TheDyland0g
    TheDyland0g 28 days ago

    Was looking for a season 1-3 recap when i found this.
    I couldn't expect more

  • Judge
    Judge 29 days ago

    Illusion breaking!

  • Izabella Zombori-Benczur

    Every single "Spoiler alert!" is fantastic! :D
    They all ar soooo cute!!!!

  • Curlew
    Curlew Month ago

    This entire video has more action in it then the first three seasons

  • ThomasKT
    ThomasKT Month ago

    just realized how much have happened

  • Infa Luv
    Infa Luv Month ago

    I'm blinded by Nacho's giddiness

  • Mary Mary
    Mary Mary Month ago

    THANK YOU. I had to pause all the time to process the info, but now i'm up to speed again with the current season.

  • Quodaax
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  • cenozera
    cenozera Month ago

    phew! exhausting when told in 10 mins but enjoy watching the show so much..

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    this is so great!

  • Burnout
    Burnout Month ago

    oddly, the jimmy/saul storyline to me is just sooooo boring and i have to skip through it, while the nacho/mike/gus/cartel parts are great

  • TheMinionProductions

    I had no reason to watch this, I remembered most of what happened in the first three seasons. But I did anyway. Very fun video

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King Month ago

    What a fun group of people to be around

  • J.R. Vasquez
    J.R. Vasquez Month ago

    Oh man, this was good!

  • El Pato Reviews
    El Pato Reviews Month ago

    Hey, quick question, is it ok to watch this before Braking Bad?

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan Month ago

    Mm I felt like I want to binge watch the 30 episodes of BETTER CALL SAUL season one through three.

  • Ken Roesner
    Ken Roesner Month ago

    Awesome cast!!

  • Colin Qualm
    Colin Qualm Month ago

    06:23 sounds like Gus before he gets exploded in Breaking Bad haha

  • Cooperqwerty
    Cooperqwerty Month ago

    thanks so much for this loll

  • McFly
    McFly Month ago

    Kim... RUN!!!

  • Zin alabddin Mohieddin

    That made my SPOILER ALLLLERT

  • Jaime Perez
    Jaime Perez Month ago

    Lol why was that necessary @2:02

  • MrCiammurro
    MrCiammurro Month ago

    Man , I saw the 3 seasons but this video still gave me a headache ! Imagine somebody who's watching this while deciding to see the show ?
    BTW , watch it but first watch Breaking Bad , it will change your ljfe , than come here and thank me so , see you in a few months !😉

  • FruityPieQ
    FruityPieQ Month ago

    I love this lmao

  • Léo Marthaler
    Léo Marthaler Month ago

    horrible editing

  • Pierre Bernard
    Pierre Bernard Month ago

    Spoiler alert

  • Leo King
    Leo King Month ago

    That reaction at the end is the appropriate reaction for finding out what happened to Chuck.

  • alebully
    alebully Month ago

    The BEST serie of netflix EVER!...I'LOVIN IT....😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sea Dog
    Sea Dog Month ago +2

    Hey Nacho shut up about Chuck, you never seen him at all

  • Jorge Alvarez
    Jorge Alvarez Month ago

    This was cringy....

  • cpfalcon51
    cpfalcon51 Month ago

    Great show (and recap of the show thru season 3)
    ...but Bob Odenkirk looks like a doofus in that hat. 🤠😅

  • Mrs Squirrel
    Mrs Squirrel Month ago

    I have dreams about Bob Odenkirk. Seriously. The other night, I dreamed that I was trying to get a job as his personal assistant, and I was trying like mad not to go all fangirl at the interview. Not too weird, right? Well, there was some competition between another woman and myself... until Mr. Odenkirk accidently pooped his pants (WTF???) and I stepped up to deftly and compassionately help him with his dilemma. THAT got me the job. I suppose the dream wasn't all that crazy considering I have worked in that capacity for other people.

  • Arien Misc
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  • Cheddar
    Cheddar Month ago

    I just wished they'd warned that this would spoil the series.

  • Marchant2
    Marchant2 Month ago

    I like this show better than Breaking Bad.

  • biro24
    biro24 Month ago

    Chuck, really pissed me off lol. I see nacho as the devil, very very smart and knows how to get what he wants

  • simo41
    simo41 Month ago

    That was brilliant!! 👌

  • Tornado Chaser
    Tornado Chaser Month ago

    All lengthy shows should have this. Recaps done with heart and humour.

  • Prof Chaos
    Prof Chaos Month ago

    "Man of Recaps" is much better at this. Also they speak too fast.

  • Joseph Buerk
    Joseph Buerk Month ago

    Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad. Change my mind

  • Azn Mike
    Azn Mike Month ago

    idk why but i dont like nacho.. his spanish is soo bad it just throw his character off for me

  • Cptn_Avery
    Cptn_Avery Month ago

    Can't have enough of that Breaking Bad univers

  • Junkiez
    Junkiez Month ago

    Esposito was so good in Fresh.

  • cathleen gholson
    cathleen gholson Month ago

    was mike on hill street blues, years ago? too lazy to google.

  • Shanaly
    Shanaly Month ago

    howard talks sooo fast omg haha i know its so he could fit it all in but still

  • RoelGJ
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  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher Month ago

    Where’s Jonathan Banks

  • Kell Brigan
    Kell Brigan Month ago

    This is a hoot. Kudos to all, and especially the editor(s).

  • _Nhokz _
    _Nhokz _ Month ago

    Actually until his son died and when he was still a cop Mike was pretty much uncorruptable aswell its only after his son was killed by 2 cops and that they got away with it that Mike started to have doubts about Justice

  • Legit Name
    Legit Name Month ago

    Love it

  • From The .S:
    From The .S: Month ago

    This is so good!

    CHUCKY Month ago

    Well this was fuckin annoying to watch

  • AT_Edits101
    AT_Edits101 Month ago

    this is amazing really amazing

  • Doug Stancil
    Doug Stancil Month ago

    Better than BB

  • Captain Mustard
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  • James W
    James W Month ago

    Thumbs up if you wanna smell Rhea Seehorn's feet.

  • atomic mama
    atomic mama Month ago

    I love those precious people

  • Mez Hossain
    Mez Hossain Month ago

    rhea seehorn is love

  • NeverSaySandwich1
    NeverSaySandwich1 Month ago

    What an amazing cast. Major props to the casting director