Pewdiepie Is BANNED in China

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Comments • 45 767

  • Kent Cao
    Kent Cao Hour ago +1

    In your video you didn’t even bother to check the facts on Wikipedia about HK before you try to “explain” the situation in HK, HK is always part of China, learn some geography and history before you try to “explain” with your wrong information. that’s just sad.

  • Rukan
    Rukan 2 hours ago

    If you type Felix in the search engine will it still pop up or be banned?

  • emanuelrdr
    emanuelrdr 4 hours ago

    Damn, this pen is sexy af

  • -——-
    -——- 4 hours ago

    where are the chinese people who use vpn☺️☺️

  • Sanjay Biswas
    Sanjay Biswas 4 hours ago

    You should be banned in ever country

    • Ryazu Shaffi
      Ryazu Shaffi Hour ago

      And you should be banned from the comment section

  • Gargoyled
    Gargoyled 4 hours ago

    about this pen

  • ali kohi
    ali kohi 4 hours ago

    皮迪皮特被禁止从中国出发? 只是为了开玩笑?

  • Julio Villegas
    Julio Villegas 4 hours ago

    How much do youtube pay you?

  • ZiTong Zhang
    ZiTong Zhang 4 hours ago


  • Shuuu Sieee
    Shuuu Sieee 4 hours ago +1

    They'll anyway see ur video using VPN, don't worry broooooo

  • Levente Balázs
    Levente Balázs 5 hours ago

    It's Felix's bad...
    And bcs of this, it's more sad :(

  • Raj Yadav
    Raj Yadav 6 hours ago

    Next you will banned from India!!

  • noob master 69 free
    noob master 69 free 6 hours ago

    What about India even they can't band you

  • AmHa
    AmHa 6 hours ago

    It's so surreal. No wonder I haven't seen him anywhere. His channel is a wasteland now. I followed his content back during his early youtube days and he got big quite fast. After watching Vice's video on him, I felt more sorry for him.

  • Alex Leung
    Alex Leung 6 hours ago

    Fight for freedom stand with Hong Kong !fuckchina!

  • / rengab \
    / rengab \ 6 hours ago +1

    I remember watching all his parodies as a kid with my cousins. Sad to see what he's up to now! :/

  • isaiah43 1realty
    isaiah43 1realty 7 hours ago

    china: also bans VPN

  • daichan yuji
    daichan yuji 8 hours ago

    i don't know if this is intentional but at the end of the video youtube plays VPN ad LMAO..

  • Hasibul Hasan Maruf
    Hasibul Hasan Maruf 8 hours ago

    *Pew banned in china*
    Vpn: hahahahahaha

  • mobile facts
    mobile facts 8 hours ago

    You also banned from India in future

  • kyrie paul
    kyrie paul 8 hours ago

    so sad

  • the Minecraft destroyer
    the Minecraft destroyer 9 hours ago +1

    Because Pewdiepie wasn't made from china thats how he got banned

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne 9 hours ago +1

    why does the vice reporter sound like he’s got a voice filter on?

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne 9 hours ago

    ahahahahahahaha another great video pewds. very funny

  • DeathTheKidGaming TV
    DeathTheKidGaming TV 10 hours ago

    Chinese Government are worthless, but Chinese people are good.

  • Fatima Zaria
    Fatima Zaria 10 hours ago +1

    Still India didn't ban him after so much drama... Thats how tolerant they are!

  • ye77a
    ye77a 11 hours ago

    so proud of you!

  • 朱勇康
    朱勇康 15 hours ago


  • Pooja singh
    Pooja singh 15 hours ago

    Getting banned is an honour

    • Vanity
      Vanity 8 hours ago

      HUAWEI Honour

  • ztails external
    ztails external 15 hours ago

    Black mirror season 6?

  • Nepin Gaming
    Nepin Gaming 15 hours ago

    What is the fun in watching pewdipie?
    One man sitting on chair..
    His not in my test

  • Kunal Thakur
    Kunal Thakur 15 hours ago

    Good move by China, its better to ban this swedish shit in India also.

  • OvO Carrina
    OvO Carrina 18 hours ago

    can pdp post video on bilibili?

    • Vanity
      Vanity 8 hours ago

      哈啤 脑瘫十八

  • Windell Ann Mula
    Windell Ann Mula 18 hours ago


  • Bijju Dada
    Bijju Dada 19 hours ago

    I know
    Bartbaker is trying to get subs from China so that he could beat PewDiePie in subs

    ICE KING TV 20 hours ago


  • Younes Meftah
    Younes Meftah 20 hours ago

    the reebok x VETMENTS maaaaaaan can't you give it to me i can't afford that shiyt.

  • Goose
    Goose 21 hour ago

    Most media is banned in china "quack"

  • Amnot
    Amnot 21 hour ago +1

    Someone tell Bart about Patreon, not the best option, but an alternative in case he still thinks there's hope in YT

  • Faxian Ai
    Faxian Ai 21 hour ago


    • Vanity
      Vanity 8 hours ago

      真的吗兄弟 回youtuber评论用中文

  • Austin Wang
    Austin Wang 23 hours ago

    Yo pewds at least that you have got Taiwan!

  • ExoticButter 342163615
    ExoticButter 342163615 23 hours ago

    Pewdiepie: gets banned from China
    China's Population: 0

  • Mindrea alanis
    Mindrea alanis Day ago

    I just remembered bart had a wife right?

    CHINOMOLÓN Day ago

    O shit im chineese and now I can´t see your freaking videos, but thanks god I´m at Spain now love you Pewdiepie

  • Antonio Rigolli
    Antonio Rigolli Day ago


  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_

    China banding pewdiepie is a Sin

  • Francesc SL
    Francesc SL Day ago

    I can still search you in Baidu, Zhihu and bilibili, etc. And I am watching your video with VPN in mainland China now.233

  • FaIIenGoldenGod
    FaIIenGoldenGod Day ago

    China is ruled by a cildish leader. Imagine having your 10 year old kid sit on the post of precidency. This is basically the same thing.

  • Tom Lum
    Tom Lum Day ago

    red dust you got that alot. alot of red dust!!! hahahaaa it cracks me up lol. That phase really means the world, the physical world, the human world, the suffering world, the materialism. usually it goes with red dust following with world of desires/greedy. it just means this world, the world full of shit and suffering. Why does it called red dust? Idk, something related to the Buddhism stuff.

    • Tom Lum
      Tom Lum Day ago

      now i think about it. this fits Bart's situation very well. desire and greedy the materialism. hahaa i can't stop laugh at this lol

  • Milo Plays
    Milo Plays Day ago

    Bruh wil i was watching tis video i get a chinees ad😂😂😂

  • Rap battles of history

    *Bart baker quit youtube*

  • Barbiter
    Barbiter Day ago

    13:18 Fuck

  • Chewgumm
    Chewgumm Day ago

    As a Chinese that studies in Singapore, I feel really sad upon hearing about this. We sure do have a corrupted government, and many things are banned, many ideas are stolen. Please don't give up hope in us. There are still many good Chinese out there but, sadly, being influenced by the traditional way of thinking. As a younger generation begins growing, newer, better ideas start developing. We will face our mistakes and change, but I just don't know how I can influence that many people by myself. China isn't like a hell. It's just that many people there are wrongly influenced. (If I have any errors, please let me know.)

  • Jo Cess
    Jo Cess Day ago

    The power of VPN 😂

  • Bagus Amartya
    Bagus Amartya Day ago

    Congratulations PewDiePie for the ban! A proof that he's actually a decent and very nice person

  • amaze oo
    amaze oo Day ago

    Protest for hong kong
    'Jai hind'

  • wei yang
    wei yang Day ago

    It doesn't matter that i always support your video and i can also learn English.

  • 李兆喵
    李兆喵 Day ago

    you desire to be blocked, be respect

  • khum matu
    khum matu Day ago

    a hole