• Published on Jul 25, 2021
  • Now usually I'm trying to reach the top of OddlySatisfying on reddit, but today I've decided to invert the idea and try and hit the top of the R/MildlyInfuriating subreddit!
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Comments • 324

  • Max Fosh
    Max Fosh 10 months ago +270

    when can I open my eyes again?

    • Yuki
      Yuki 10 months ago +1


    • James Johnson
      James Johnson 10 months ago +6

      Takes some skill to get to the comments section and type that all while having your eyes closed Max

    • Joony Jun
      Joony Jun 10 months ago +2

      Hello Max

  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +335

    Absolute rollercoaster of emotion in this one 😳

  • D1ZZY
    D1ZZY 10 months ago +125

    i cant believe the animation(s) you managed to make in 16 hours only got 13 upvotes while your literal toilet got over 40k. one day the gifs will be top of all time

    • D1ZZY
      D1ZZY 10 months ago +8

      @Ciarán Carlin thank you for doing it! this is some of my favourite content of yours because I love seeing what you make and your commentary on the subreddit :)

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +28

      I knew that's exactly what would happen but I did it nonetheless because it was fun

  • Dekunt
    Dekunt 10 months ago +333

    The most mildly infuriating thing about this video is the existence of that pronunciation of gifs.
    Please Ciarán. Please.

    • Ljubomir Jovanović
      Ljubomir Jovanović 6 months ago

      @Vision Epic you don't say those words like jift and jit? (I agree with you btw)

    • Tyre Clone 1
      Tyre Clone 1 9 months ago +2

      @Pierre Lindqvist what about the word gift or git

    • Pierre Lindqvist
      Pierre Lindqvist 9 months ago +1

      @Ciarán Carlin Of course you shouldn't change! Why be wrong? It's Jiff and nothing else, a g before an i should always be soft.

    • Evan O'Riordan
      Evan O'Riordan 10 months ago +7

      @David B In fairness if I named my child Greg and told everyone it was pronounced John, I'd rightly be told to do one. Doesn't matter what the creator thinks, he's been overruled by the rest of the world

  • MimiA
    MimiA 10 months ago +20

    The real mildly infuriating thing is the fact that the ending is cut short

  • Cian
    Cian 10 months ago +21

    The mildly infuriating thing about this video is that if Ciarán didn't cut his usual outro short the video would have been 10 minutes long

  • thegees
    thegees 10 months ago +127

    i'm not sure if your fluency in gen z humour would suffice, but trying to doctor a fake post and get it past the mods in r/comedyheaven would be interesting

  • Osh
    Osh 10 months ago +34

    The G in GIF stands for Graphic, meaning that you really are pronouncing it wrong

    • Josh
      Josh 5 months ago +1

      @SmiffyPlays JFEG MAPIA

    • SmiffyPlays
      SmiffyPlays 10 months ago +2

      @Alex Brookes JFEG

    • Alex Brookes
      Alex Brookes 10 months ago +6

      and the P in JPEG stands for photographic. whats your point?

  • Studiepie
    Studiepie 10 months ago +69

    The only unsatisfying thing is Ciarán saying jif not gif

    • adam webster
      adam webster 10 months ago +1

      the person who made them called them like jifs

    • Sam Allison
      Sam Allison 10 months ago +12

      @Solisian The G stands for Graphics, not Jraphics.

    • Solisian
      Solisian 10 months ago +1

      But, you are wrong

  • Zeke
    Zeke 10 months ago +17

    Bro love ya vids it's such a cinematic experience. You are the most underrated youtuber I have ever seen mate. Firm handshakes

    • Zeke
      Zeke 10 months ago +1

      @Ciarán Carlin :)

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +9

      Thank you that is a lovely comment, appreciate it a lot!

  • Just Jack
    Just Jack 10 months ago +42

    What’s mildly infuriating is how he says gif

  • Evan B 19
    Evan B 19 10 months ago +9

    You know what the REAL infuriating thing is? *Landlords.*
    Next time, you should try to get to the top of all four of the eboys members’ subreddits. Shouldn’t be too hard!

  • NorthMeme
    NorthMeme 10 months ago +73

    Another one: when the ball goes just past the hole in minigolf

    • Emma M
      Emma M 10 months ago

      Or skips over the hole

    • Cillian Murphy
      Cillian Murphy 10 months ago +1

      When u hit if to hard and it goes over the hole

  • luke griffin
    luke griffin 10 months ago +54

    it’s mildly infuriating that ciáran doesn’t have more subs

    • Sneaky Oreo
      Sneaky Oreo 10 months ago +2

      It’s mildly infuriating that you cant spell kŷrains name correctly

    • Arthur Grey
      Arthur Grey 10 months ago +1

      It's mildly infuriating that you spelt Ciarán's name wrong.

  • Isabelle Lockett
    Isabelle Lockett 10 months ago +3

    If Ciarán’s girlfriend ever leaves him and wants to hurt him emotionally, she should just snip small holes in every single sock he owns so he has to throw them all away. That would be mildly infuriating 😌

  • Littlest Ghost
    Littlest Ghost 10 months ago +7

    The effort that goes into your videos. It's absolutely amazing. The song cut at the end to fit with the theme - amazing.

  • Sam Shaw
    Sam Shaw 10 months ago +1

    I’m not even exaggerating when I say this is my favourite series on TheXvid. I can’t wait until the day you finally claim your glory

  • Ashley Davis
    Ashley Davis 10 months ago +3

    lmao. I saw this post earlier this week while scrolling reddit and can't believe that's actually your toilet! Congrats Ciarán, on your horrible, mildly infuriating toilet!

  • Carl Hewitt
    Carl Hewitt 10 months ago +5

    Goalkeeper, TheXvidr and mediocre Redditer . This man truly is a triple threat.

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +3

      I think you could put mediocre before all of those tbf

  • Theo Ormrod Davis
    Theo Ormrod Davis 10 months ago

    always love your content, missed seeing more behind the scenes of you making the giffs in this.

  • lovincoke
    lovincoke 10 months ago +1

    havent seen editing as good as this in ages! keep up the good work man!

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +1

      ah thank you! Really enjoyed editing this one

  • Luke Jack
    Luke Jack 10 months ago

    I love this series man, been one of my favourite creators for awhile now!

  • J
    J 10 months ago +6

    Such a Boomer take to insist on calling it a JIF instead of a GIF lmao

  • OnlySynergy
    OnlySynergy 10 months ago +3

    This was fucking brilliant, I was crying at the house tour

  • Annabelle R
    Annabelle R 10 months ago

    Ciarán, your videos are so sick! They’re getting better every time I watch them. You’re really gonna make it big time, your content is really unique and actually entertaining to watch. Sick work my friend 😄👍🏼

  • Skel
    Skel 10 months ago +3

    u need to do the paper sticker labels that never always fully come off

  • William Beaudette
    William Beaudette 10 months ago

    Honestly my favorite TheXvid series right now, and that's a lot coming from me, keep 'em coming 👍 !!! Also you should paricipate in the Pwnisher Render challenge, you'd love it ! 😁👌

  • Nobody_Lemon
    Nobody_Lemon 10 months ago +1

    Loving the VFX challenges Ciaran! Glad you upload consistently.

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy 10 months ago +8

    It was originally Jiffs. We the people have made it Gifs.

  • Catsandcamera
    Catsandcamera 10 months ago +3

    You've already won mildly infuriating by saying jiff

  • Lukáš Kubík
    Lukáš Kubík 10 months ago +5

    A great TheXvidr pronouncing GIF wrong is Mildly Infuriating.

  • Hannah Louise Stanley
    Hannah Louise Stanley 10 months ago +4

    The way you say gif is mildly infuriating, whether it's the right way to pronounce it or not 🤣

  • No
    No 10 months ago +2

    Banging video mate. Always makes my day better... Even if it makes me punch my monitor in anger.

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +2

      thank you!! always love comments like these, appreciate it xoxox

  • DrSnapeInMyGrape
    DrSnapeInMyGrape 10 months ago +1

    I'd have given him a million subs for this level of editing if I could ngl

  • Jack Brighton
    Jack Brighton 10 months ago +2

    Another one should’ve been when you take your cold drink off a coaster and the coaster sticks and then falls off

  • twoofclubs
    twoofclubs 10 months ago +1

    Hope you are getting some well earned rest after yesterday's footie. Great video as always sir

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +1

      I had a horrendous night I'm not gonna lie hahaha, hopefully all sorted after tonight

  • Will webb
    Will webb 10 months ago +6

    Ciarán looking fresh even in the extreme heat 🔥🔥

    • Will webb
      Will webb 10 months ago +1

      @Ciarán Carlin r/extremelyinfuriating youtube name.

    • amelie
      amelie 10 months ago

      @Ciarán Carlin alright lad calm down

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +6

      what is mildly infuriating is that you've not capitalised your first name but you have your second

  • otis hawkridge
    otis hawkridge 10 months ago +1

    5:35: The fact he said all that but didn't say judgement day is mildly infuriating.

  • Kap0w
    Kap0w 10 months ago

    Personally, I think to make a mildly infuriating gif just use one of your oddly satisfying ones but remove the last frame or 2 so it doesn't quite loop right.

  • トミー
    トミー 10 months ago +94

    The lack of women in general is mildly infuriating.

    • Yazmin Henderson
      Yazmin Henderson 10 months ago

      @DementedEnderman nope not in the slightest

    • DementedEnderman
      DementedEnderman 10 months ago

      @Yazmin Henderson It's the outro song you realize...?

    • Mell
      Mell 10 months ago +3

      It’s fucking annoying!

  • LauraDora
    LauraDora 10 months ago +2

    I never related more to something than that sock monologue.

  • moon 🏡🍂
    moon 🏡🍂 10 months ago +3

    the most mildly infuriating part of this video was the outro

  • E.J. Grafton
    E.J. Grafton 10 months ago +1

    The most mildly infuriating thing about this is your continued pronunciation of gif

  • Raptor F5
    Raptor F5 9 months ago +1

    5:36 who needs school, when you can learn synonyms with ciarán! 🤣

  • Max
    Max 10 months ago

    On every one of these I point out that animations will never hit the same as real life images/videos, and on every one of these the numbers back this up.

  • umm hi
    umm hi 10 months ago +7

    i appreciate the mildly infuriating song outro

  • jake harper
    jake harper 10 months ago

    He should make optical illusions next 😂

  • Alex Lancaster
    Alex Lancaster 10 months ago +3

    Yeeesss Ciaran has uploaded!...oh wait I have to listen to him saying JIF for 10minutes 🙃🙃

  • Jesse Rapp
    Jesse Rapp 10 months ago +2

    I will never move on. It will never be "Jif"

  • Morgan Ryan
    Morgan Ryan 10 months ago +6

    Welcome back to the Ciaran Carlin channel

  • Lewisr1967
    Lewisr1967 10 months ago +2

    Most mildly infuriating thing this video was your pronunciation of gif 😂

    TOP INTERESTS 10 months ago

    what a youtuber funniest youtuber out there and you can tell thats just genually him u made my day man thanks !

  • bubaloow123
    bubaloow123 10 months ago +2

    I'm not about to take lessons on how to speak from the lispy boi. Is Gif, with a G.

  • Amy Marie
    Amy Marie 10 months ago

    Ciaran dissing the bars of soap but that’s the way forward to save the environment

  • Piers
    Piers 10 months ago

    Bathroom ventilation is a legal requirement for rental properties, so you're landlord is breaking the law. They either need to make it so the window can be opened or fit an extractor.

  • Michael Hickie
    Michael Hickie 10 months ago

    You should send that 'Judge' monologue to Dr Who, I can imagine you as a Dr Who Villain from that bit. You should fix your landlords crap, it really makes them feel something.

  • Yazmin Henderson
    Yazmin Henderson 10 months ago +2

    Ciaran it’s spelt gifs for a reason because your supposed to pronounce the “g” in gif

  • Matt Ellis
    Matt Ellis 9 months ago

    I actually saw and upvoted Ciaran's toilet seat post just before seeing this video, blew my mind

  • harry king
    harry king Month ago

    Ciaran 2021 - “something stuck in my throat & I think it was 13”
    ‘I don’t know sounds a bit dodgy mate’

  • H Mc
    H Mc 10 months ago +1

    "its not gif its jif" I cant be the only one who sees the issue with that right?

  • Flynnsman
    Flynnsman 10 months ago

    I really want you to succeed so I tend to feel Judge Dredd

  • L G
    L G 10 months ago

    I love these type of video's :)

  • S
    S 10 months ago +1

    conJratulations ciaran! happy for u and ur squaricle toilet

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
    Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode 10 months ago +1

    You are too good for this world old boy 🙌

  • C G
    C G 10 months ago

    Feel like Ciarán only posted this video to get his landlord to sort the problems out in his house

  • Prettymuchxlexi
    Prettymuchxlexi 10 months ago

    I am expecting big things compared to last time ciarán

  • NeneNinetails
    NeneNinetails 10 months ago

    All you have to do to make it to r/mildlyinfuriating by just saying “jiff”

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
    Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode 10 months ago +2

    Try and hit the top of r/newskaters next - it would actually be really easy if you know the formula

  • 12380shadow
    12380shadow 10 months ago

    Top tier editing 👌

  • Arthur surname pending
    Arthur surname pending 10 months ago +1

    It was mildly infuriating that you'd say jif, how is it spelt, gif, so how is it said, *GIF* !!!!!

  • amina
    amina 10 months ago

    saw the toilet one while I was scrolling thorugh reddit. Ciaran, you made it to the homepage of reddit

  • cozierboo
    cozierboo 10 months ago

    5:34 makes me wonder what your videos would look like without any edits

    KOOBZ 10 months ago +3

    Should’ve just posted a video of you calling a gif, a JIF

    • KOOBZ
      KOOBZ 10 months ago

      Or the way that your name is spelt….

  • Sheepwrecked
    Sheepwrecked 10 months ago +1

    Oh my Jod.... He is talking about jiffs again

    BIGDAVE99 10 months ago

    Alternative title: how to be evicted by my landlord (**gone wrong**).

  • Derpy Lad
    Derpy Lad 10 months ago +1

    That toilet seat really grinds my gears

  • Whitney Nicole O'Haver
    Whitney Nicole O'Haver 10 months ago

    Hey, I have to use a certain soap bar because of my sensitive skin. I just don't share it. 😂

  • Pheonix Cola
    Pheonix Cola 10 months ago

    soap bars are a bit more eco friendly than plastic bottles of body wash

  • Kim I
    Kim I 10 months ago

    Ngl I click on these purely to see ciaràn once again spend ages on an animation for exactly zero results

  • Fluffy FUF
    Fluffy FUF 10 months ago

    WillNE's head wont be able to fit in that toilet with that seat

  • MoonBoone
    MoonBoone 10 months ago

    I find the lack of a ‘G’ at the end of your surname mildly infuriating.

  • Alex Jennings
    Alex Jennings 10 months ago

    It’s mildly infuriating that this video was 4 minutes off 10 minutes - Get yer mid rolls Ciaran 😡

  • Tom Heming
    Tom Heming 9 months ago

    Just to answer the question you didn’t ask, “slapa da bass” is a quote from Paul Rudd in the film ‘I Love You, Man’ 🙂
    You’re welcome ♥️

  • gemma nicole howard
    gemma nicole howard 10 months ago

    07:00 I lost the ability to breathe 🤣🤣🤣

  • Charlie Denchfield
    Charlie Denchfield 10 months ago

    good job ciarán!!!

  • alexewithane
    alexewithane 10 months ago +2

    its GRAPHIC not JRAFIC, just because the inventor wants to tell people how to pronounce it if everyone agree he is wrong (everyone besides graphics students) then language is the one thats used more. so its GU-if. good night

  • Carolyn Treadwell
    Carolyn Treadwell 10 months ago +1

    Aww your such a cutey in your cuddly wuddly white top, beard, and jiffy-ness.

  • N U A L L A
    N U A L L A 10 months ago +1

    Ciarán lookin like Chris evans with the facial hair

  • Ewan Guitar
    Ewan Guitar 10 months ago +1

    Ciaran, Tom Scott has officially said you’re pronouncing gif wrong and Tom Scott’s word is final. So please start saying it correctly I beg you it hurts my ears every time I hear you say it

  • Lukáš Kubík
    Lukáš Kubík 10 months ago +1

    Can you anonymously get on top of your own subreddit ?

  • Littlest Ghost
    Littlest Ghost 10 months ago +4

    Just because you told me to shut up. You pronounced gif wrong. It's "gh"

  • William Beaudette
    William Beaudette 10 months ago

    You have to try r/dankmemes... You can't run from your destiny forever Ciaran !

  • Matei Ardeleanu
    Matei Ardeleanu 10 months ago

    so the one that did best wasnt even a photo he took lol

  • RobTFilms
    RobTFilms 10 months ago +3

    It's pronounced GIFS. not jiffs.

  • illessi
    illessi 10 months ago +1

    I think if you had posted the password one by itself it might have done well

  • Mr Andy
    Mr Andy 10 months ago +3

    5:42 Surely you mean Gugde Gudy? to go with your jifs

  • Prettymuchxlexi
    Prettymuchxlexi 10 months ago

    That banister has actually triggered me ciarán very midly infuriating

  • squeak
    squeak 10 months ago +1

    You know what's the most infuriating thing in this? The fact you have have John Wick 1-2 posters but no third.

    • squeak
      squeak 10 months ago

      @Ciarán Carlin Fix it

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  10 months ago +1

      You've made me just look at my wall and realise that

  • Zoe Edwards
    Zoe Edwards 10 months ago

    I'm sure I saw your toilet seat one!

  • hey panini dont you be a meanie

    i dont know that i needed to be aware thet square toilets exist lmao wtf 😂😂