PS Now on PS5 Confirmed. New Controller Patent. Rumor: Demon's Souls PS5 Launch Title. - [LTPS #383]

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
    So besides the backwards compatibility story we covered earlier this week it was relatively quiet. If anything you could call this the streaming week as we learned about PS Now coming to PS5, Stadia on the horizon, xCloud invites going out, and a cloud controller patent. But let's not forget Death Stranding. I know I won't let you, neither will Kojima. In fact, you need to start living and breathing Death Stranding. Good luck pulling that one off.
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Comments • 520

  • coon_521 Granada
    coon_521 Granada 7 days ago

    Demon's souls will be a great PS5 exclusive but bloodborne 2 would be the tits

  • Brandon Huynh
    Brandon Huynh 11 days ago

    We need a demon souls remake not a remaster

  • Shannon
    Shannon 24 days ago

    I play that 2019

  • Shannon
    Shannon 24 days ago

    I love demons souls

  • ItsLloydM8
    ItsLloydM8 25 days ago

    Imagine if the PS5 had backwards compatibility with PS1, PS2, PS3 & PS4 in addition to a Demon's Souls remaster at or near launch? That's the console war won for Sony before it's even started.

  • jj binx
    jj binx 26 days ago


  • King007
    King007 27 days ago

    We need gta4 for ps4

  • Combed Autumn
    Combed Autumn 28 days ago

    Ps remote play is available on smart phones. It's on my galaxy note 10 lol. I believe it's limited to devices that are above a certain minimum threshold android version however but it used to be exclusive to Sony devices entirely, now it's available for all devices if they have the required version of Android

  • Demonic-Deadbeat
    Demonic-Deadbeat 28 days ago +2

    Playstation Now huge shocker there goes some of our backwards compatibility.
    It will be just like PS4.
    No PS1 some PS2 Some PS3 & A Handful of PS4 & 5. Thank you Sony you are so good to us 👍

  • Tyson 4757
    Tyson 4757 28 days ago

    Will the ps5 support the physical games of the ps4 as well as the digital one or just physical or just digital?

  • flamesword300
    flamesword300 28 days ago

    Sony in terms of PS Now for mobile devices probably wants to wait till 5G and devices that support it are in place and widely available. I hope they’ll bring support for PS Now to Android and Apple TV boxes,Roku,Amazon fire devices,and Smart TVs.

  • Wyman Kitt
    Wyman Kitt 29 days ago

    I think I broke a record of selling a game back to the store. I bought Demon Souls and 5 minutes later I was back in Gamestop even tho I paid 500 dollars I was happy to accept 5.00 back.😭😭😭😭

  • barbarian zg
    barbarian zg 29 days ago

    And i don't know why Sony doesn't believe in Medievil,a prequel of Dark Souls,and i can say in verry good graphics,for the year of the Lord 1998.
    Andy Jake made Medievil intro in a way that will blow your mind. Check how Medievil looks in 1998. And check new one and say what you felt..not what you saw but what you felt..stay cool,lads!

  • barbarian zg
    barbarian zg 29 days ago

    I've spiced up a ds to a hd it's on ps5 to work on Demon's Souls 4k

    Btw..res can be a biatch..take care of you,guys..

  • Intelligenkeit
    Intelligenkeit 29 days ago +1

    *i HOPE we can play ps2 and ps3 games on ps5 too, i really hope so, i think ALOT of people want that..*

  • Jonathan Régulo
    Jonathan Régulo 29 days ago

    Fack! I hope they bring DSR to the PS4 too, because I don't like to buy a new console, at launch.

  • Jeffrey Crosby
    Jeffrey Crosby 29 days ago

    It would def be a massive epic flop if it was not backwards compatible

    • Fat Tiger
      Fat Tiger 26 days ago

      PS4 did pretty well without BC.

  • jesus barrera
    jesus barrera 29 days ago

    I think a Demonn Souls remake would be better.... the controls haven't aged so well, it is clearly the roughest of the souls like games

  • D2daK87
    D2daK87 29 days ago

    Ps now has added download ability... And if it hasn't it will. This was confirmed.

    JFKTV 29 days ago

    You take it easy

  • Samy Zee
    Samy Zee 29 days ago

    Why am i even watching this i have a ps1!!!😒

  • Hydra MK2
    Hydra MK2 29 days ago +1

    There will always be added input latency with streaming. It may become good enmity for decent casual gameplay, but never be good for highly competitive PvP gaming or VR for that matter.

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp 29 days ago

    I want your life lol. Great video!!!

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp 29 days ago


  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp 29 days ago

    You can just download the playstation apps to play on your phone. But id rather play my ps4 on my big screen tv!

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp 29 days ago


  • Anthony8851
    Anthony8851 Month ago

    Since when did this guy get into Persona.

  • Big Fat Al
    Big Fat Al Month ago

    A PS4 Pro designed like an Original PlayStation would be awesome for the 25th anniversary. Also it would create fantastic sales now it's end of PS4 cycle.

  • CDN Gamer
    CDN Gamer Month ago

    Demon souls sucked

  • BrianJ720
    BrianJ720 Month ago

    so i will be able to play old games from my ps3 on a ps5? JUST TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Ильдар Каримов

    wireless is cancer for online gaming, they always laging

    STEVE WESKER Month ago

    I would love to play uncharted ga ps vita’s only good game imo.

      STEVE WESKER 28 days ago

      ReidCircuits sorry nothing else interested me on vita.

    • ReidCircuits
      ReidCircuits 28 days ago

      You must have a bad taste in games.

  • Repvoid
    Repvoid Month ago

    I don't give a shit about demon souls remaster or any remaster, the PS4 was the remaster console... Give us new fucking games Sony.

    SHiRAZY Month ago

    I want gladiator remastered.

  • Rpg maniac
    Rpg maniac Month ago

    Hey guys are you tired of not being able to play remoteplay over mobile connection well i am the solution to your problem there is an app that i did a few videos on that allows you to do so go to my channel and check out the videos the line to the app is in the description of my videos of it was helpful consider subscribing to my channel thanks guys

  • no u
    no u Month ago


  • The Lone Wolf of Gaming

    Will you be able to stream games onto a TheXvid channel or Twitch/Mixer account on the PS5?

  • Tyler Brock
    Tyler Brock Month ago

    Ps now confirmed for ps5?
    No shit?

  • john manuel
    john manuel Month ago

    Wtf? Erebus?! I smell heresy

  • Fyan Muhamad
    Fyan Muhamad Month ago

    We need Gran Turismo 2000 Remake as launch title...

  • Grizzlysk25
    Grizzlysk25 Month ago

    I hope I can use my Bluetooth headphones

  • Bronson Willner
    Bronson Willner Month ago

    Dose the new dualshock 5 have sixaxis

  • Bronson Willner
    Bronson Willner Month ago

    My ps is always on cable fiberoptic less lag

  • GrafxGramp
    GrafxGramp Month ago

    My bet is that PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS1, PS2, and PS4 discs and give you some sort of voucher to stream PS3 games that you can prove you own by putting the disc in.

  • Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion

    I only get digital games, so I can't sell my games.

  • Deadly
    Deadly Month ago

    What the fuck

  • Jean Bethencourt
    Jean Bethencourt Month ago +1

    If backwards compatibility is done via streaming, Sony can shove it up their ass. Disc-based, native backwards compatibility or GTFO.

  • Admiral Danby
    Admiral Danby Month ago

    Great not another remaster and that boring ps now streaming service that's all I need that's why I'm now officially on xbox

  • Auschwitz Welcome Committee

    Sony will win the next generation if PS5 launches with Demon's Souls remastered, which I consider to be the best game of the last 20 years. There's nothing Microsoft can launch with that can compete with that.

  • Mika
    Mika Month ago

    I don't care I still love my ps3 till she dies

  • Joel Rayfield
    Joel Rayfield Month ago

    Why did you photoshop a ps logo on guitar pick and then stick it on a ps4 controller lol

    • KonaSquid
      KonaSquid 29 days ago

      @Joel Rayfield yeah :3

    • Joel Rayfield
      Joel Rayfield 29 days ago

      KonaSquid no I know hahah, it just looks Like a guitar pick

    • KonaSquid
      KonaSquid Month ago

      not sure if you're joking but that's the PSNow logo

  • Tom's Translations
    Tom's Translations Month ago

    Forget about Demon's Souls. When are we going to get Deep Down?

  • DarkVoice
    DarkVoice Month ago

    Pc is way better than console

  • DarkVoice
    DarkVoice Month ago

    Ps suck

  • DarkVoice
    DarkVoice Month ago

    Ps sucks

  • DarkVoice
    DarkVoice Month ago

    Ps boo

  • DarkVoice
    DarkVoice Month ago

    Ps suck

  • DarkVoice
    DarkVoice Month ago

    Ps sucks

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor Month ago +1

    i can’t decide wether to buy the ps4 gold headset because of ps5

  • Nobody like me
    Nobody like me Month ago

    Me and playstation came out in the same year! I'm a tad older though Haha, but it explains why I was really terrible at games 🤣