YouTube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit!)

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      My whole soul is complete now that my favorite content creators have come full circle.

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      🦇also a good point

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      +Shraga people are fascinating

    • Nathan Yetton
      Nathan Yetton Month ago

      This (really well executed eat) made me think of your most recent video, which I took as an essay on authenticity as much as anything else. Thanks for the perspectives!!

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      fucking love you contra

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    God I love your video essays ❤️

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    This was released on 9/11 lolililillolololol

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    Lindsay is ❤🔥😍

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    Now we are all interested in SpaceX.

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    I'm a simple guy , I see Hank Green I hit suscribe

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    I AM PARTICIPATING! Good luck Lindsay!

  • Kat Safari Meditation

    Great video. Authenticity is a strange thing that we seem to be blurring the boundaries of at the moment and I don’t think it’s very helpful for mental health and our true sense of self. Having said that if you need to relax more check out my channel #shameless plug 😉😘💕

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    Tony Rundström Day ago

    Hi. Don't know if anyone have noticed or cared but I have had the tendency to mansplain on some of the videos here. It has not been intentionally but still a behavior I want to stop with so I would like to apologize for doing so:
    I am sorry. I will try to be better in the future.

  • Maximilian Esch
    Maximilian Esch Day ago

    hey this is kinda random, but whats your take on translating songs in musicals into other languages,
    specifically American Idiot or Bat out of Hell because they are based on music albums of the same names by Green Day and Meatloaf respectively.

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    illymation Day ago

    I’m only a third of the way through, but I’m really loving this. It encourages a lot of introspection when it comes to successfully, frankly, growing your TheXvid business, via “being authentic.” That very concept as you’ve explained of course is so strange. Cuz yeah, “no one decides to be a TheXvidr!” People just post a video, keeping in mind to be themselves (double meaning again), and if it takes off? Keep it afloat, I guess. It’s valid. When I talk about this kind of stuff with fellow creators, we usually get down to, Man there isn’t a guide to this. No rule book. Just online regulations and hopefully a good moral compass. Anyway, awesome #content, I smashed that like button for sure.

  • Matt Ryu
    Matt Ryu Day ago

    When we see ads from previous decades, we can be fooled into thinking our parents were dumb and we are more woke than they are. But it’s like that Rick & Morty episode where even breaking the system can be packaged up and sold as a product.

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    EA BAD

  • Alejandro Montoya Marin

    Great episode hahaha so true

  • L. Catlett-Tetzlaff

    This channel's format is normally more like a recorded lecture than a vlog - the juxtaposition was very jarring

  • Lucas Sanches
    Lucas Sanches Day ago

    I have just subscribed to the channel and the video isn't even over yet, but I gotta ask/recommend this: have you ever read Vilém Flusser?
    Anyway, here I go, down a time vortex made of 30 minute video essays. [Voice already in the distance]: yay!...

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    Lynnik Day ago

    Thank you for casting alight upon sinister cake making tutorial industry.

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    Should I comment? If so, is this a comment on what would hypothetically be a comment or the comment itself?

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    I'm not totally convinced that anyone making videos on youtube in 2018 and beyond isn't just some digital artifact without a skin and bones irl avatar.
    I mean you guys are all just one big algorithm. Using some little slice of real world controversy as your input and crafting something that has supreme odds of some online yokel to sit and watch it for 10 minutes then feel so good about watching said video that they go on to watch other videos by the same author, and then even going so far as to be notified though all their online gadgets when the author puts out a new video for them to be enamored by until the dopamine rush just isn't enough, the user looses interest, which makes the author step up their game. which only makes them seem wide-eye paula dean / george lopez crazy.
    I just hate everyone on youtube.
    mainly becuase I don't make videos.

    MEGABLAMP 2 days ago

    using emotions, for favorable odds to generate captial?
    I know a few borderline gambling addicts.
    I wonder if they would be more successful on youtube.

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    Macarabioli 2 days ago

    I think that it will be interesting you do a follow up about TheXvid Personas since it seems to me it is a very complex topic. There is a very varied quantity of Personas used on TheXvid and a myriad of ways TheXvidrs use them. There is the obvious exaggerated personality like Miranda Sings and I hate Everything that are not mean to be taken as real. The talk show personality which is obviously reading from a scripted yet highly stylised "you" paper like Quinton Reviews or you. The "authentic" persona that work in two ways: You control your personal information but show your real personality (Rachel Oates) or the positive better you (Zoella, Shane-maybe this is just personal bias). Lastly there is the TheXvidr which appeal is their Personas. People as Filthy Frank and BionicPig which Personas purpose is comedy, and ContraPoints Personas that are use to do Dialectic Dialogues. There are people like you that obviously make this Persona; however, there are TheXvidrs which their real self and persona are more difficult to discern. This, of course, is done to make yourself more marketable; however, there must be a certain point when you do not know if this "You" or "TheXvid You", or if there was ever a difference.

  • Brent Tichon
    Brent Tichon 2 days ago

    This video is interesting because its all kind of meta. Lindsey's talk with Hank, two people authentically sharing the weirdness of their shared experience, or an interaction that cultivates an artificial sense of authenticity? Probably both

  • Insidious DrNine
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    B... b..b...but WE'RE actually friends right Linday, right?

  • Aaron Gnaga
    Aaron Gnaga 2 days ago

    Can't watch the hobbit with my wife anymore after knowing about the process behind it.
    Can't enjoy satire anymore since delving into the satire paradox.
    Can't watch the next video without being reminded about influencer culture.
    Lindsay, i love your content but it's tearing me apart! 🤣

  • Dr. Chemo's Lab Home Of the OP

    posted proudly on 9/11

  • Dr. Chemo's Lab Home Of the OP

    Who's from MatPat?

  • Shen
    Shen 2 days ago

    What you said about affect & burn out also applies to a lot of SW, including internet SW. I really wanna share that bit with a lot of my peers.

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    I will watch this video on a loop until it hits 55M views like it deserves

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    This might be your most awesome video yet!

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    Thanks for this video.
    You have a new subscriber.
    Very informative. 😊😊

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    ive missed you...

  • Ian Thomas
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    is this the woman that got all those weiners to the face?

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    Hell yeah,

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    I was trying to click on your square space link. It ain’t working.

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    New sub, Film Theory brought me here 😀

  • Kim Noob
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    New sub, Film Theory brought me here 😀

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    Ok new viewers from probably Film Theory, just scrolled through some new comments and saw something that I need you to understand Now. She does not upload very often, you'll be happy if you get a video a month. Her videos are however as you can see on a completely different level when it comes to research, comedy, and execution than most other essay channels. Therefor you will either be happy with the upload schedule (that really doesn't exist) and stop telling her that she needs to upload more often, or you can leave and not pressure her. Thank you.

  • Τζένη Χιονίδη

    The best cameraman that does actual genuine and hilarious commentary and I WISH he had a mic is Julien from Jenna Marbles

  • SaveMeMoon
    SaveMeMoon 3 days ago

    I have to say, even though I am happy that new people are coming from Film Theory I am worried that it might lower the average age of viewers on this channel.
    I've been following this wonderful woman for 10 years and Film Theory since it's initiation and the community is way more mature here than it is over on the Theorist channels.

    • Brooke Worley
      Brooke Worley 2 days ago

      If the content is too mature for people, they either won't stick around too long, or they'll learn a lot. Either way, it shouldn't change how YOU interact with her content.

    • Luke Graziani
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      This is a really strange level of gatekeeping. Just say "welcome fellow viewers. please be nice and enjoy the videos."

  • Nick Vale
    Nick Vale 3 days ago

    In the end I was like
    Waitaminut, this was sponsored?

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    In the off chance you read this comment: I think this is a good video and I hope you have a pleasant day.

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    haha you own the book

  • haku8645
    haku8645 4 days ago

    What is that music at 10:59? I know it and it's driving me mad

  • BingBongBarn
    BingBongBarn 4 days ago

    Lindsay, You are a beautiful and wonderful person. You deserve all the best things in life ❤❤❤

  • ya blew it
    ya blew it 4 days ago

    Can you please upload another video!

  • Tyler Hall
    Tyler Hall 4 days ago

    This video is a great supplement for my brain as I still continue to process the things Hank talks about in his book An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

  • Gogo
    Gogo 4 days ago

    So guys like Jeremy Jhans, or Chris Stuckmman... I'm guessing they're still in this "authentic" area?

  • Efe X
    Efe X 4 days ago

    My brain appreciates this a lot. 💙

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    MatPat sent me,

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    from matpat

  • Dan McLeod
    Dan McLeod 4 days ago

    The community and comments surrounding this channel are far too civil for a 'proper' TheXvid channel.
    This disgusts and unnerves me.... For the sake of balance :
    *Generic misogynistic comment*
    *Homophobic remark*

  • lordofhnajuty
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    6:00 Like when Game grumps started to call out to Barry to do things. I liked the Game grumps before but once I started to get a feel for Barry then I really started to like the show.. I guess connect with it.

  • lordofhnajuty
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    I have been a fan since the the end of that guy. Also hey, Film Theory referenced you.

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    Hello. This real person came from a video from Film Theory. This human would like to inform you, that they found this video very interesting and subscribed to watch more. Thank you for your time. Human out

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    This was fantastic! Amazing work!!

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    "The medium is the message." #coms

  • Emily Ellis
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    The cake is a lie

  • Greg Box
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    I am now an instant fan!

  • Megan Pinch
    Megan Pinch 6 days ago

    The time it was PAINFULLZ OBVIOUS Yolanda hadn't watched a Simply Nailogical video before doing a cameo video

  • WumboCorp
    WumboCorp 6 days ago

    Wow this was an incredible deconstruction of youtube. Seriously, this was brilliant stuff.

  • hiiminafield
    hiiminafield 6 days ago

    You go to a gathering of friends and wonder how your time could be better spent? Dude.

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    All right, Lindsay Ellis -- if that is your real name. You won me over. Subscribed.

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    Come baaaaaack

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    Thing exists

  • minieyke
    minieyke 7 days ago

    Honestly, the impression I get from Lindsay’s YT persona is that she’s well-read and chooses her words carefully.
    Also, Lindsay was that thing about a guy threatening to kill themself and you true?? I’m so sorry, that sounds terrifying to go through.

  • James Walker
    James Walker 7 days ago

    Huh, man about cake looks more produced to me than cake it, but now cake it is arguably just as produced as man about cake. I think it's in the way the shots look standard and professional, vs having that amateur look that we've come to associate with youtube. Maybe as a new medium develops and new creators have a chance to come in (before the old producers see the value of the new medium), it's a lot of trial and error, so they see what works and what doesn't and figure it out for themselves, there's less copying of style and so a much greater need for actual personality. As people start to figure out the new medium they share what works and a unique style develops, and this style is associated with authenticity (to the viewer), because it's generally been true, but then as that style gets copied and re-purposed to use our association with authenticity, it is less necessary to have personality involved, and the medium becomes diluted, and the visual style becomes less true to life than it was. The audience starts noticing this and at some point will invent a new visual style. Of course it would be a continual process, but maybe with watershed moments or ebbs and flows, but basically continuous. So style communicates but once we all figure out what a style communicates we copy it into absurdity.

  • Elastichedgehog
    Elastichedgehog 7 days ago

    Loved the clever satire and conscious hypocrisy in this video. Enjoy your content a lot, keep it up!

  • Carl Andrews
    Carl Andrews 7 days ago

    Authentic AF! Well done you! You made my day - great insights and funny AF. What's the problem with all the haters below who really didn't get the message at all. You guys need to lighten up and listen. Oh and smarten up to here the truths she's dropping between the sarcasm. And you know Squarespace is all about the quirk and "makers" of all kinds.

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    VagusDoc 8 days ago

    "More like Man About Fake....." I died.

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid Kertész 8 days ago

    you look the best without the make up.

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid Kertész 8 days ago

    I often get the feeling that money ruins everything.

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid Kertész 8 days ago

    Maybe Man about cake is a long term investment, and they hope to have more subscribers in the future, and to be profitable.

  • Michael Matherne
    Michael Matherne 8 days ago

    You need to post videos more often.

  • broadwaymelody33
    broadwaymelody33 8 days ago

    “Or they got drunk in public and had a run in with the police. It happens.”
    I applaud you for that.

  • Kaefer1973
    Kaefer1973 8 days ago

    Translated video titles? I don't like it.

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 8 days ago

    Omg. Was lonely girl 15 a foreshadowing of what would happen to TheXvid??

  • MrInuhanyou123
    MrInuhanyou123 9 days ago

    Lindsay, i just wanted to say, i remember seeing you on NostalgiaCritic many years back and your review on Pocohantas really opened my eyes to how fucked up and whitewashed media has been in America over the decades, from cartoons like looney tunes and such. Really investing stuf

  • ravenscape vids
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    "laVElier" "leviOsa"

  • Jordan Orlando
    Jordan Orlando 9 days ago

    I love your content so much!! I'm curious as to why you stopped making new videos?!

  • lafayette the baguette

    Hank! Hank Green! Yay yay he’s the best this was a fun surprise!

  • Kim B.
    Kim B. 10 days ago

    “Squarespace- [cuz] you don’t know what you’re doing” 😂 Literally if I didn’t have a website already I would have done it right THERE lol

  • Darren D. MacDonald
    Darren D. MacDonald 10 days ago

    It's funny that you mention the whole People have a different way of talking when presenting or whatever. There's a youtube channel I like called Cultaholic (Join Us), and they have a podcast, and the one presenter was saying that he will find himself unintentionally doing his presenter voice if he knows that other people are listening. Like his mom would call wishing him a happy birthday and he'd slip into his presenter's voice. I'm Canadian, so I watched the Red Green Show, and one of the rumours that would go around about why they stopped the show (I could look up to see if it's true, but that's not the world we live in), is because actor Steve Smith (plays Red Greed) would find himself doing things in character at home, and he knew that it was time to stop the show, because he couldn't break character.
    Not sure if what i said actually connects, But i already typed it before realizing "This might not be related", so it stays.

  • Diasus
    Diasus 10 days ago

    The last B&W part starting around 26:00 felt like listening to a monologue from The Ghost In The Shell... Great content, thanks.

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    wow you're beautiful

  • arma jiro
    arma jiro 11 days ago

    Occupy the same physical space as other human beings? Just makes me think of teleporter mishaps/telefragging..

  • RM B
    RM B 11 days ago

    32:26 But what was Hank going to say???

  • Spencer Good
    Spencer Good 11 days ago

    This is a legit vid! She's so good at facilitating conversation

  • theowornbegd7
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    Please release more videos. Never have I seen a channel with such a clear vision for story telling backed by research and facts. Your videos are an absolute gem.

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    Your voice sounds like Patricia Tannis from Borderlands.

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    lordwisehammer 11 days ago

    I would use square space if i needed a website just because the Wix ads are really patronising and annoy the shit out of me.

  • pacoromes
    pacoromes 13 days ago

    Did she just call me out for putting on her video essays in the background while I do housework? I mean I deserve it but still...

  • Luis The Humanist
    Luis The Humanist 13 days ago

    Hi Lindsay: How do play clips of movies on my channel in order to analyze them without running into problems with the copyright law?

  • Krysten
    Krysten 13 days ago

    I'm glad you agree that fondant is fucking disgusting; because it is.

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  • Fl4dd3rm0uz
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    Niche. is. Nee'sh not Nitch! Arrrrgh. Pet peeve.