YouTube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit!)

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  • Brad Knapp
    Brad Knapp 14 hours ago

    Professional Lindsay in the blazer with her hair up is a total smokeshow!

  • Brad Knapp
    Brad Knapp 17 hours ago

    Channels like Yolanda's make me cringe. She is so obviously over-acting the "quirky, spunky" personality. That's not a real person. Do you know one person in daily life that acts like that?

  • Finn Kenyon
    Finn Kenyon 4 days ago

    the Lindsay Ellis brand is weird, each video feels different creatively.

  • Blah Anger
    Blah Anger 5 days ago

    LoL I'm such and Anti-foodie

  • B F
    B F 5 days ago

    Thanks for your work Lindsay! You're awesome.

  • Galaxy Fox
    Galaxy Fox 5 days ago

    Every time you said "thing bad" it hearkened me back to Burke & Hare's diary. Completely irrelevant....or is it? At any rate, the juxtaposition delighted me. Plus, you sound a little like Grumpy Cat, which also delights me.

  • Ale PinFer
    Ale PinFer 5 days ago

    FANTASTIC VID but baby Pewdiepie was never a vlogging channel

  • Brian Hotaling
    Brian Hotaling 6 days ago

    Is TheXvid a "Hot" Medium, or a "Cool" Medium? MMMmmm, Marshall McLindsay?

  • Adam Campbell
    Adam Campbell 6 days ago

    Oh, we own the same rug.

  • Sooner Smith
    Sooner Smith 9 days ago

    I love “subtle” product placement in movies. Next time you watch Fight Club count how many Pepsi machines you see

  • Jakub Adamčík
    Jakub Adamčík 10 days ago

    Thank you for blowing my mind and I look forward to more of said mind blowing...sincerely J. xoxoxo

  • The Fantastic Paul
    The Fantastic Paul 11 days ago

    There are way too many bodies in my basement for me to be referred to as "One of the Good Ones." Even ironically with a look of total dread on your face.

  • Victor Aragon
    Victor Aragon 11 days ago

    My mom a cake decorator, me, and my step dad make fondant basically a lot of marshmallows and powdered sugar it's way too sweet for us we don't like it either.

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  • KarolaTea
    KarolaTea 13 days ago

    Thank you for your work, have a nice day!

  • Carlo Blanch
    Carlo Blanch 13 days ago

    Ok so when i started watching this, it was almost 10pm, i was almost asleep and all i was thinking was "hey, its that cool girl who made the Starscream and Hades videos! I bet this will be funny and cool."
    This was then actually a really deep and intellectually stimulating presentation on TheXvid and it influences and is influenced by us.
    Now i am right now very much impaired by my exhaustion so this will not be as elegant or articulate as i might wish it could be, but could not go to sleep before i expressed how impressed i am by this post, how much i want to thank its creators for making this.
    I am grateful and appreciate your work and want you to continue.
    I have therefore smashed that like button (i was already a subscriber) but i hit the bell too (why not i mean its not like it costs me anything). ;-)

  • Princess Sparrow
    Princess Sparrow 13 days ago

    I love you Lindsay

  • Henry Myers
    Henry Myers 13 days ago

    That was just about devastating

  • Captain Zork
    Captain Zork 14 days ago

    Okay. So around 8:00 my question is answered as to how Lindsay can pinpoint which episode the 4th wall was broken

  • Daniel Whittelsey
    Daniel Whittelsey 14 days ago

    This video is both insightful and depressing.

  • Alex Boylan
    Alex Boylan 15 days ago

    it's not thine

  • Enayah Rahman
    Enayah Rahman 15 days ago

    that's why i like maths channels like ViHart and Three Blue One Brown. education, not calls to action. i also find channels like makoccino interesting. just after she hit one million subscribers she hit the 'millionaire' mindset, quantity over quality. also, have you seen a UnspeakableGaming episode?

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  • Say10WarShipper
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    There is so much more to be said in terms of an individual completely shedding the veil of authenticity and suddenly they have lost all of the appeal they once had, an example of this happening is the conversion of danger dolan to planet dolan; the channel used to be one guy who would do interesting countdowns in a way where his personality was clear and a guest would come one the channel very occasionally but they had their own appeal. Now dolan makes virtually no appearances and his friends are the main stars of the channel and they no longer write their own scripts and a good few people work on each script. This of course applies to when they do countdowns and now primarily do reddit videos that a good portion of their audience hates, as a result their channel is slowly collapsing. They managed to ruin a channel with a concept that shouldn't have been that hard but then again this is from the POV of a viewer and not anybody actually running Planet Dolan.

  • Nicholas Couillard
    Nicholas Couillard 15 days ago

    Meta af

  • Say10WarShipper
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  • Artificer
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    My method is simple - if asked to perform a call to action, I won't.
    It strikes me as a desperate and patronising trend that only serves to alienate your intelligent viewers.

  • julio meneses
    julio meneses 17 days ago

    again i love love ur mind... but u do the same..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

  • Alec Pavelich
    Alec Pavelich 18 days ago

    Does anyone else notice that in every new video there’s at least one really creepy/unsettling/jumpscary transition? What’s up with that?

  • Cantrona
    Cantrona 18 days ago +1

    I stopped watching How to Cake It because all the calls to action were seriously bothering me and the format got too repetitive for me. I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed, thanks for this breakdown!

  • Sean I
    Sean I 18 days ago

    I love how $50m made the Man About Cake guy hotter

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  • Duocaster
    Duocaster 19 days ago

    Is Lindsay married?

    • nanophosis
      nanophosis 12 days ago

      Duocaster Yeah she got married a few months ago

  • Gethazzor3
    Gethazzor3 20 days ago

    This video felt very Contrapoints-esque

  • sanityd1
    sanityd1 20 days ago

    Great video, if you want to make money off of ads you need to release more videos, but you know that and I know that you put lots of time into each video and don't want to dilute your brand, although your motivation is probably deeper than brand.

  • Improbabilities
    Improbabilities 21 day ago

    I thought fondant was liquid? I’ve had muffins filled with ”chocolate fondant” that oozes out as soon as you bite into it.

  • dwc1964
    dwc1964 21 day ago

    As someone who finds ads, product placement, "calls to action" and long Patreon shout-outs annoying, and also enjoys videos and wants the people who make them to get paid so they can keep making videos and also live indoors and eat, I enjoyed this exploration & analysis. And unlike so many commenters, I appreciate the difference between "thing exists and is worth a closer look" and "thing bad".
    As I watched, I thought of once TheXvid channel that seems more "authentic" than any other, even the bare-bones individual-talking-to-the-camera-in-their-bedroom ones. I'm thinking of Fact Fiend with Karl Smallwood. The format is: Karl stands in front of a green screen on which images appear throughout the video, engaging in dialogue with his producer Brad who is standing behind the camera and to our left, and they discuss a particular topic. The topics are widely varied, to say the least - history, movies, wrestling, science, people who don't give a f**k, among others - and they always eventually do get around to the topic, but there's a lot of tangential discussion which is a large part of the fun. He's got a Northern English accent that I enjoy but a friend of mine said he could understand one out of three words, his vocabulary is casually expletive-laden, and his manner is very amiable.
    And as for "calls to action" there's just a title card at the "end" (which I guess is the actual end of the video on his website or somewhere?), followed by whatever the topic in parentheses in the title was, and then another title card at the real end, and that's the only mention of "Like, Share, Subscribe"; in his older videos he'd reluctantly read off the "calls to action" at the first title card, but that stopped about a year ago I think.
    I could go on describing the channel, giving examples, etc. but this is already too long and fanboy-ish. Check out the channel, I think you'll enjoy it.

  • David Bussell
    David Bussell 21 day ago

    I want a link to the Linsay & Hank podcast. Please.

  • eu static
    eu static 21 day ago

    @Lindsay Ellis "call to action" was an advertising term long before social media or the internet. if you were trained at a "non commercial" college radio station, that FCC designation is defined by an educational purpose and a ban on "calls to action" or even taking a 'sales' tone toward events

  • StraightOuttaJarhois
    StraightOuttaJarhois 22 days ago

    Yeah, we _are_ the good ones!

  • Nathan Jacquez
    Nathan Jacquez 24 days ago

    I came to this channel for the snarky and insightful film critique, but I stayed with this channel because of how much is has taught me about myself and the crazy world I live in.

  • Alexander Chase
    Alexander Chase 24 days ago

    Soooo your educated, wine loving, permiscuous, well spoken, 90s obsessed personality is all a facade? I've never felt more violated. I'd unsubscribe but you never told me to subscribe in the first place.

  • Kaci Tobin
    Kaci Tobin 25 days ago +1

    I think about what Hank said near the end alot. About like, y'know, that manufactured sense of community. What does it mean that I and other viewers think of TheXvidrs as acquaintances or friends? Realistically do I know these people are strangers? Yes. But it's something.
    And that, I think, will have real consequences on people's social lives and relationships to media going forward. For the worst. Because in the end: I can have a make-believe conversation (or even a real one if you count this comment) with Lindsay Ellis, Dodie Clark (oh boy does she feel like my friend), John Green, or whoever the fuck. But it's not real; that's not a replacement for genuine community.
    But what do we do about it?

  • PoseidonXIII
    PoseidonXIII 26 days ago

    Lot of food for thought. I really appreciate this video!

  • Kirt Kirt
    Kirt Kirt 26 days ago

    on Fact Fiend they admit the guy off screen has a mic

  • medusa apologist
    medusa apologist 26 days ago

    "man about cake? more like man about fake!" im crying oh my godbjverhhvjekksd

  • flareontoast
    flareontoast 27 days ago

    NGL I was afraid you'd be trashing How to Cake it, and then it turns out you like her too

  • Wendy Moss
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  • McLolzable
    McLolzable 27 days ago

    I love this woman in a very special way.

  • Keaggan
    Keaggan 29 days ago

    This is one of the better ones you've done. The meta level commentary was great. Coming from both sides of the subject added depth to your essay.
    BTW people that see people speak with confidence without smiling feel they are being brash. Truth is they aren't used to having deep or serious conversations...and in the era where conversations are 140 characters at a time it's no wonder most people misinterpret your well thought out and explained views as confrontational. There's no need to stop speaking like an adult :)

  • Benno Lee
    Benno Lee 29 days ago

    Oh wow.
    1. Amazing interview with hank (sweet fucking callout)
    2. Genuinely Interesting subject that deserves to have attention drawn to it.
    3. Sorry u had a run in with the piggies :(

  • Nikola Novkovic
    Nikola Novkovic 29 days ago

    a TheXvid celebrity red carpet in the comments realness

  • M B Equestrian
    M B Equestrian Month ago

    I couldn't watch all the way through because of illness, but I think a funny thing is that the interaction thingy (I forgot what you called it already) is a very culturally american thing. Because I'm from another country, with a Very different culture to US americans, my reaction is to never subscribe, never push like, and definitely not buy anything. Also the whole bell thing on youtube annoys the s*¤t out of me...

  • LLFTAIPmetalman
    LLFTAIPmetalman Month ago

    I was playing Muse Hysteria on bass while watching this video and I was like "What in the goddamn?!"

  • B Koozy
    B Koozy Month ago

    for the record, i smashed that like button

  • SewerRoamer247
    SewerRoamer247 Month ago

    reminds me of "wes" from nailed it on netflix.

  • JmastersJ
    JmastersJ Month ago

    smarts make my peepee go hard.

  • Alex Medina
    Alex Medina Month ago

    "If you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life" should also come with the warning "if you love what you do you'll be working every day of your life"

  • daveruda
    daveruda Month ago +11

    Late stage neoliberal capitalism. Hyperfocused on individualism, comercialism, comodification. The labour market is so shallow and useless that people can sit and make a living on whining about feminists destroying videogames.Imagine how much creative potential that could be used for the good of ourselves, humanity and world if these shackles were discarded now? .

    • daveruda
      daveruda 16 days ago +4

      +Jeremy Jones except that only happens in some rightwing fantasy land. Like all the ones creating the same fake controversy over the same games and movies. At the same time is super upset about women and people of colour in other games and movies. It's just projection.

    • Jeremy Jones
      Jeremy Jones Month ago

      Or vise versa where feminists whine about video games and constantly victimize themselves.

  • Questionable Object
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  • 122333444455555
    122333444455555 Month ago

    Amazing video, +1 viewer engagement

  • R M.
    R M. Month ago

    this reminded me a lot of when I was younger and worked as a live cam performer. I had to quit because it got too draining to keep up the fantasy facade of always being happy and playful and pretending I was fascinated by boring discussions, or turned on by things that couldn't possibly actually turn me on, creating a fake 'real' version of myself because the best clients wanted to believe there was something authentic in our relationship. the physical nature of the job wasn't a problem, it was the emotional labour that got to be too much.

  • Leo Méndez México

    please be a celebrity!

  • Abracadabra
    Abracadabra Month ago

    omg Shoes. I'd forgotten about Shoes....
    hold on, need to go rewatch it again!

  • Bri Koala
    Bri Koala Month ago

    I'm currently citing this in an essay! But I do really wish I had a transcript because trying to remember where in the video the quotes I want are is hellish

  • Bill Keck
    Bill Keck Month ago

    Authenticity: I have instant crushes on petite women with light complexions, black hair, blue eyes & red lips. You know, Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews in "Charmed!" I was devastated (DEV-ASS-TATED!) to see one of your videos with with your natural brown hair! BROWN?
    BTW: This "real experience" "authenticity" thing. To my knowledge the (maybe) first "streamer" was from around mid-1990s-something. He was gay and to finance his rent, in NYC, he posted video cameras all around his apartment and built a web site. For a fee, you could subscribe to his web site and view him living his life - live. He got on the news for it. This was long before TheXvid.

  • Shill for Science
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  • A Comment
    A Comment Month ago

    This is why people are so passionate about "_*subscribe to pewdiepie*_". It is the battle between a self made TheXvidr and a gigantic entertainment company that is basically indian vevo

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Nice touch using the service infomercial aesthetic in the video. I was half expecting you to tell us to "call now".

  • Juzpop Creations
    Juzpop Creations Month ago

    I had to watch this twice in a row, love ya content AND persona 🤘🏽

  • VNA
    VNA Month ago +2

    I got introduced to you by pbs. I'm so thankful I looked at your stuff.

  • Jennifer Woolley
    Jennifer Woolley Month ago

    I love this whole video, and I especially love your conversations with Hank. Insightful, smart people being insightful together! And being funny together.

  • BlackScarabFilmZ
    BlackScarabFilmZ Month ago

    I don't know if it's just me, and no offense to anyone who likes Man about Cake, but it just seems... sorta soulless. Like the Man's eyes seem sorta dead.

  • Außen Gelaender
    Außen Gelaender Month ago

    I am so easily persuaded by calls to action. Having watched a bunch of your videos that I genuinely liked, this was the first I was remembered to subscribe and while I was at it I also liked the video even though I didnt really like this video more than those other videos I didnt like (Good luck deciphering that mess of a sentence).
    And now I am commenting to further please the algorithm. And I havent even finished watching the video.

  • Andy Wilson
    Andy Wilson Month ago

    I wrote this to make your youtube algorithm favorable

  • Andy Wilson
    Andy Wilson Month ago

    This is a great video. Thank you for explaining this.

  • Orchid Braid
    Orchid Braid Month ago +1

    Sounds rough.

  • Jonathan McGaha
    Jonathan McGaha Month ago

    thing bad

  • ActionTurnip
    ActionTurnip Month ago

    It's kind of amusing to me that Doug Walker is still doing the same god damn thing he was doing 10 years ago while you're out here trying to save youtube from the fascists... albeit with half the sub count.

  • Henry Tjernlund
    Henry Tjernlund Month ago

    At the risk of upsetting some younger people, I think these topics are being overly analyzed. Every generation discovers what has been going on with humans for hundreds or thousands of years. They form their own phrases to describe it. You may have tens of thousands of viewers who you feel the need to present a different side of you. But that hunter-gatherer leader tens of thousands of years ago had to do much the same thing with their clan. The had to present a leader side of themselves. Though the people who followed them was much smaller, they had to worry about getting a spear in the back by a competitor on a hunt. Discovery is often fun, but these same things have been going on for a long long time.

  • Atomicnom
    Atomicnom Month ago

    Cake it til you make it.

  • Gae Bren
    Gae Bren Month ago

    Someone subscribed to my channel recently and I haven't even produce anything...yet. PS You don't need to make any of her cakes, you just look at the pictures then go make yourself some noodles.

  • Jamaigar gar
    Jamaigar gar Month ago +1

    Your manufactured autheticity is a nice one. Please continue portraying it on the webs ^^

  • Tessa Barre
    Tessa Barre Month ago +4

    You are how I imagine Daria Morgendorfer turned out to be.

  • Matthew Northenscold

    3:27 "She also reminds her viewers to buy her book ... a tactic which ONLY a SUCKER would fall for" *grimaces* Best moment!

    • Matthew Northenscold
      Matthew Northenscold Month ago

      Ok, actually the late 80s squarespace sponsorship might be the best.

  • WaspandUnicorn
    WaspandUnicorn Month ago

    You're my new favorite TheXvid person. So glad to find a bad ass woman who talks about the shit I love!!

  • MondoJohnny
    MondoJohnny Month ago

    To me its not so much that its "authentic" but that its not sand papered down into a smooth featureless object by a think tank of corporate space men trying to sell one product to every warm body occupying reality.

  • Joan Esperanza
    Joan Esperanza Month ago

    10:43 no middle man 13:42 look at that surprise

  • E Potter
    E Potter Month ago

    ....Paused an unhhhh episode to come here

  • Michael Ribeiro
    Michael Ribeiro Month ago

    I really enjoy your stuff! This one seems the most revealing about you, but maybe not. Keep it up.

  • madison symons
    madison symons Month ago +7

    Lindsay should start a new series and call it “The Whole Cake”

    • mokana713
      mokana713 3 days ago

      Nothing but the cake, so help me god.

  • Brian Freiter
    Brian Freiter Month ago

    It's really satisfying to see well researched and intellectually nuanced content like this. Wish there could be more in general.

  • Eliina
    Eliina Month ago

    How To Cake It? More like How To *Fake* It!

  • John Hagan
    John Hagan Month ago

    I didn't expect this. Two of my favorite edutainers in one video. Almost makes we want to build a website on Squarespace...

  • Simone
    Simone Month ago

    Hank green sounds EXACTLY like my history teacher

  • KolonaRulez
    KolonaRulez Month ago

    I wish so badly Stuff with Scout Fly was mentioned in this. His fall from grace would've fit well into manufactured personalities

  • Babakifo
    Babakifo Month ago +6

    "I am the version of myself that I need to be for my own... mental health, but also for, like, the impact that I'm gonna have on other people."

  • Neurotyczny Kot
    Neurotyczny Kot Month ago

    one thing gamers do is min/max... if there was friendship app there would appear guides how to "farm" more friendship, what is the best build for friendship gains and Looking For Group to farm it more efficiently.

  • Neurotyczny Kot
    Neurotyczny Kot Month ago

    something becomes popular... corpos are gonna snatch it and corrupt it to the bone because they care about $ and do not understand why things are popular...