YouTube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit!)

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
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  • ContraPoints
    ContraPoints 7 months ago +8547


    • Musical Rambling
      Musical Rambling 4 days ago

      OH WE STAN

    • LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
      LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté 12 days ago

      +Beo2X well if Natalie liked it....then your OK by me...

    • awesoeCAMI
      awesoeCAMI Month ago

      Imagine if Lindsay and Hank took a picture instead of a video.

    • James
      James Month ago

      It seems wherever I set foot... Contra hath set foot before.
      This video and Contra's XOXO presentation were really enlightening and humanizing in a way I did not expect. The affect you both present is so well-performed that I did not know how effortful it is. It gives me a new respect for you as people, and makes me low-key lament the fact that I won't get to know your other affects.
      I also was surprised to find I enjoy content with hundreds of thousands of followers. In the time and place I grew up, the media presented to me as desirable (or desirable to be a consumer of) was not typically what I would choose to consume. I figured I had to be watching small, catered media channels for an intentionally small audience, until I looked at your subscribe buttons with the intent to click them. I find joy in knowing I'm a part of a much larger community that enjoys hearing intelligent people pick apart political issues, artistic experiences, and their own lives as content creators. The world feels a lot less... lonely?
      Anyway, though I now fully realize I don't know either of you from your videos, I have trouble imagining that you're less than interesting or fun to be around. There's not a chance in hell that either of you will read this, but if you do, I hope I am able to reach across the boundary of content creator and customer to let you know that you both rock. Hearts and butterflies.

    • Writer Delighter
      Writer Delighter 2 months ago

      I see that TheXvidr ContraPoints is here on this TheXvid show.
      This, I think, is a new type of fourth-wall break, rather like a dream I had as a child that the (animated) cast of Speed Buggy appeared as "guest stars" on Scooby Doo.
      Maybe not. Maybe Contra is real! Maybe Natalie is here too!
      Let love unreined reign over and rain upon us all in any case. For we are the clam before the store.

  • dk240996
    dk240996 20 hours ago

    "I'm coming for this dog"


    (that's an awful no good joke that I feel the need to apologize for but also feel the need to tell it, so I am sorry)

  • James Gaubert
    James Gaubert Day ago

    love this!!!!

    SHOOKEN Day ago

    Being a TheXvid personality sounds like being stuck in an almost 24/7 retail/customer service position with no breaks. And retail work sucks balls

  • ntt
    ntt Day ago

    that epic 90s music that abroad in japan uses for his bicycle show

  • datafoxy
    datafoxy Day ago

    Fondant is the work of the devil.

  • Adam Collier
    Adam Collier 2 days ago

    Okay, what is that weird thing in the corner at 32:55 and onwards? Did the camera lens crack??? It's unsettling me!

  • bvansenu
    bvansenu 2 days ago

    Hidden episode of Content Cop. Respect, Lindsay

  • TH ///
    TH /// 2 days ago

    Brad from ba is so funny but I feel paranoid every time he addresses vinny

  • TH ///
    TH /// 2 days ago

    I hate when the facade is the only notable substance

  • Jimmy T. Malice
    Jimmy T. Malice 2 days ago

    Lindsay: says *"affect",* repeatedly
    Subtitles: "effect"

  • XkidXuglyX
    XkidXuglyX 3 days ago

    The compressed VHS audio effect is on point.

  • Pau Liebre
    Pau Liebre 4 days ago

    This video became 1000% better the moment I saw Hank onscreen.

  • monica carranco
    monica carranco 4 days ago

    Caketube ......... Caketube........ok

  • Josh Stephens
    Josh Stephens 5 days ago

    I feel like I just watched a modern mini-take sequel to the Human Condition.

  • Demoy Blake
    Demoy Blake 6 days ago

    You have some loud volume spikes in some parts of the incorporated Man A Cake clips. Your voice is slightly breathy (not a bad thing) warranting increase volume, the sudden sound spikes are horrible to hear
    EDIT: you kinda sound like Velma from Scooby-Doo ❤

  • Anne
    Anne 7 days ago

    Man, BA totally ripped Yolanda's format. Phil defranco is another. Also, I see what you did there with all the, "authentic" moments in this video. Well played, Ellis, well played.

    • TH ///
      TH /// 2 days ago

      Funny, the Bon appetit people joke about trying to get sponsors

  • Amanda D
    Amanda D 7 days ago

    the intro reminds me of mitski

  • MountBücke Kreative

    So...the cake is a lie(?) but entertaining(!)

  • Elder Lemon
    Elder Lemon 9 days ago

    bless this. emotional labor is such a big part of success which is why I've given up on capitalism and success for myself. not worth the crash and burn. I could only work at Disney for 6 months and I was only there for having it on my resume lol i really don't like small talk and fast paced customer service and abuse

  • pokekitty1
    pokekitty1 11 days ago

    there is also the phenomenon of people being so used to the call of action that they have become blind and deaf to it thus never interacting with the video beyond watching it.

  • LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    especially profit.....

  • Fred Raybould
    Fred Raybould 12 days ago

    After seeing the bit about CTAs in TheXvid, I can't NOT see it now. Everyone asks you to "Leave a comment on what _your_ favourite XYZ is in the comments!"

  • eliquate
    eliquate 13 days ago +1

    There is nothing wrong with this, as long as people are having fun doing it! I also recognize you’re not saying “thing bad”

  • OhMyGoshItsALeg
    OhMyGoshItsALeg 14 days ago +1

    I put this video on just to have something the background while I worked on a stupid inconsquential project of mine in another window, but I became so engrossed with it that in order to pay better attention to your video I closed the other window without realizing I hadn't saved the hour and a half of work I'd done previously.

    This isn't to say I blame you for the loss of my efforts, but to compliment your skills at making your product so worth engaging with I lost a bunch of time and effort to it.

  • Mimico Florido
    Mimico Florido 15 days ago +2

    I should find a way to monetize all the time I spend watching Lindsay, because I don't even notice the videos are 45 minutes long until she points it out.

  • Michael Graham
    Michael Graham 16 days ago

    Was the barking dog added in post production?

  • Reid Pattis
    Reid Pattis 16 days ago +1

    Matpat brought me here.

  • The Netflix Knowhow
    The Netflix Knowhow 17 days ago

    You're so talented and smart and funny, Lindsay. I bet someone as talented and smart and funny as you probably has a good website, and only the most talented and smartest and funniest people use Squarespace.
    Squarespace - for the talented, smart, funny person in you.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 17 days ago

    I like Man About Cake WAY more than Yolanda’s channel, just because the calls to action and constant selling at me makes me feel used.

  • Robot Lyra
    Robot Lyra 18 days ago

    Monetize your existential angst today, click here to find out how

  • S Tabarnak
    S Tabarnak 18 days ago

    l Love the little "industrials", complete with the music from every 1950''s office/factory training videos ever made. Honestly Lindsay, you videos are a joy in their low key "quirk"

    You are one of the few channels where I pay no attention to video length. Most times if I see 30-40 minute run-time, I run in the opposite direction...but I know that you will have reseearched your topic, and polished your presentation, and filled the time with more information and analysis than fluff (hate fluff...hate perpetual happiness eve more)

    Never been about athenticity with you, it's about well presented, engaging content, regardless of the topic

  • Socks Alexander
    Socks Alexander 20 days ago

    You do great work and I hope you're proud of it, you deserve to be.

  • Lola Jahn
    Lola Jahn 21 day ago

    ... why does this video have so much hate? I genuinely enjoyed it. I didn't think anything bad about any of the youtubers she called out for being inauthentic. She didn't make villains out of anyone. She just simply commented on a trend and put a face to it. She clearly stated that her content isn't authentic either.
    The problem she points out is that the parts of her show (as well as the other cake show) that isn't authentic evolved naturally over time. Where the Man About Cake had those parts worked in as part of the concept from the beginning... seriously? Thank you Lindsay for making this. I enjoyed it

  • Patrick Dallaire
    Patrick Dallaire 21 day ago +1

    I envied Hank so much when he said: "I don't know what work is anymore." [30:38]
    I feel like people are lucky to have a passion, especially one that you can make a living off of. Even then, I also believe you have to be lucky to have the time, energy and support (social).
    I don't know if I have a passion, even when I suspect that I do, I'm dissuaded by psychological (anxiety/depression avoidance issues) and biological factors (complicated medical history).
    I envy and look up to people like Hank so much... keep it up for the rest of us. As long as you do, I'll keep getting back up, I'll keep trying too.

  • Faraday Speaks
    Faraday Speaks 23 days ago

    I am 50 secs in and love it already. Glad to have finally heard about you!

  • brendan makes videos
    brendan makes videos 23 days ago

    Great video

  • Сэл Вундерлин

    We're the good ones! Yay! :Ddd

  • Patrick Wayland
    Patrick Wayland 24 days ago

    You are hilarious

  • Justin Szabo
    Justin Szabo 25 days ago

    Great Video. Very intelligent points and a lot to think about.

  • quatricise
    quatricise 26 days ago +1

    The dynamics in this video are so bad, can you make everything similarly loud so i don't have to move the volume slider left and right all the time? It's distracting.

  • Al Burtuqal
    Al Burtuqal 27 days ago

    Capitalism has monetized socialization

  • J. Levi C.
    J. Levi C. 27 days ago

    I wonder if anyone has told Yolanda that the ❤️ in "cake" makes it look like "All You Need Is Coke"

  • Honest Burglar
    Honest Burglar 28 days ago

    I've enjoyed saw of this video, but it's a little long. Peice

  • 09yulstube
    09yulstube 28 days ago

    Man about cake is like the kpop version of sorted

  • Captain's Orders
    Captain's Orders 29 days ago

    I smashed like and left a comment .

  • Julia Niel
    Julia Niel Month ago

    Thanks, I'm being manipulated

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago +3

    Lonelygirl taught me that though the internet seemed like a new free place where real people would dictate content, it was all fake just again like television. Just this time, it had the facade of seeming like a real nobody uploading something.
    Everything must be sold.
    Thanks for affirming this lesson

  • Peter Hunt
    Peter Hunt Month ago


  • Edward Patterson
    Edward Patterson Month ago

    This video is awesome, I love the aesthetic, I love analysis, I love all of it. 10/10 would watch for the 4th time again.

  • Gastronomic Disaster

    The script is impecable

  • Adrian Bozic
    Adrian Bozic Month ago

    this is the video, where i finally realizede, thar your lips are too red. youre samartn. i am drubnk.stay redlippedless, cause you are toosmart for halfassed plotiticclas corredctnesxx

    NEIGHT nEIGHT Month ago

    Did not expect this much reasoned critique on Any YT channel, Sub earned ma'am

  • TheSScrewdriver
    TheSScrewdriver Month ago

    Not bakers! Not TheXvidrs! Not content creators!
    They are cake scientists!

  • eringrl101
    eringrl101 Month ago

    Don’t think we didn’t notice that sly edit to cut out Eureka. (Which is a good thing)

  • Annie Holt
    Annie Holt Month ago

    H Y P E R R E A L I T Y

  • S.C. Jones
    S.C. Jones Month ago +3

    I had to pause mid-video and go take a shower after that man about cake mini exposé.

  • Gregory E. Gardner
    Gregory E. Gardner Month ago

    Would that I had more thumbs to 'up.'

  • Lara M Ihara
    Lara M Ihara Month ago

    Well, no one is really authentic, whether for profit or not. Because we're all just dicks, but civilisation requires us not to be dicks, at least not all the freaking time.

  • erejnion
    erejnion Month ago

    And that's why Pewds is on top. Because he's The Best at manufacturing authenticity and dealing with the related emotional labor. Unique spoke about it. How Pewds is the best possible face of TheXvid.

  • TB
    TB Month ago

    I just read the new Wired article about you. I've been a fan for a long time but had no idea the level of harassment you've had to suffer. I knew fragile men were always threatened by you since you're a woman who speaks (doesn't require much). When the article mentioned this was uploaded right afterwards, I understood a whole new layer to this video. I know you don't read comments, which I'm glad for, but I wanted to show my support for you from one woman to another. I admire how openly progressive you are for such a wide audience of strangers and I hope you continue to find courage in that.

  • JCV
    JCV Month ago +1

    i'm just so happy that someone else hates fondant as much as i have since i tried it and saw how much they abuse it in cake boss

  • Alexandra Ljadova
    Alexandra Ljadova Month ago


  • Aidan Xavier
    Aidan Xavier Month ago

    Wow this has memes and a contrapoints name drop and a e s t h e t i c and I'm not even halfway through. This is too good

  • awesoeCAMI
    awesoeCAMI Month ago

    Ever since SiIvagunner did their whole series with Chad Warden defeating the Voice Inside Your Head with the power of the MF Like button I have never taken any calls to action even kind of seriously.

  • Leslie Smrekar
    Leslie Smrekar Month ago

    We get it you went to film school.

  • Matty
    Matty Month ago

    I guess this is part of the reason content creators or celebrities flock towards each other, because there's this solidarity that you might not be able to have with someone who hasn't been there, who doesn't get it. I always felt this 'wall' between me and artists I like, both youtubers and celebrities, because even if you want to know them - you can't exactly do that.

  • mykas0
    mykas0 Month ago

    Really interesting video...

  • Danilo Meneses
    Danilo Meneses Month ago

    ( o Y o ) I love it

  • Leftmont Rimose
    Leftmont Rimose Month ago

    "But luckily... I don't have to worry about that. You're the *good* ones."
    ...Holy cow, that's haunting.
    That was really brave, Ms. Ellis. And I'm glad you shared it.

  • Ayde
    Ayde Month ago +61

    " ..a woman: speaking with any-kind of confidence sounds aggressive."
    I spent years' working in the hospitality industry, trying to explain this exact concept to myself. Whenever I couldn't hold the tone of my voice in a squeaky high saccharine pitch; I'd be treated horribly. There's this strange gas-lighting that happens in the service industry. Women are held to a different standard than our male-counter-parts. While I prefer to have an exacting stoic persona; I found myself disallowed to act in this way. Constantly being asked if I was "okay" when I didn't have the emotional energy to put behind creating this false perky stereo-typically feminine personality. 'Emotional Labor' Whoa, thanks so much for explaining this concept:

  • GamingForever87
    GamingForever87 Month ago

    Just imagine if you bantered with *NELLA* like this on topical movie subjects!!! 😍😍😍 Ooooo I'd love that!!

  • Sergio Bautista
    Sergio Bautista Month ago

    my like was given because of the "a brief history of youtube" bit lmao ugh! ohmygod, your mind!😫😫

  • Paul G
    Paul G Month ago

    I'm especially jarred by videos with scripted bits of people going off-script.
    The presentor is obviously not doing the video spur of the moment: they spent hours doing research and have things set up to do multiple takes. They consciously decided to present one persona to highlight that their role is another kind of persona.
    Is it a meta-commentary, an attempt to be funny, an act of sincerity or an "act" of sincerity? I don't know, but now I lost the thread about branding and capitalism. I'm looking at you, hbomberman.

  • Clint Hobson
    Clint Hobson Month ago +1

    22:55 No, it’s not because she’s a woman - I can think of plenty of female TheXvidrs who are confident in their presentation and convicted in their opinion who don’t come off as such a hard ass as Lindsay does. It really is delivery. Perhaps because she’s so apologetic in real life, she has to overdo it in the videos to compensate. Nothing wrong with that - it’s entertaining every time :) I love her Beauty and the Beast tear down - I’ve watched it twice recently!

  • Violet Aurora
    Violet Aurora Month ago

    "you don't know what you're doing just use squarespace" is probably the best ad ever

    TGDRAW Month ago

    Some people are not allowed to express their true self because certain worldviews are not permitted because of a select group of ... "SJW"s (if I may) that mob those who dare even joke about alternative ideas. You guys can talk casually about trying to be authentic to the public, but you are lucky enough to fit into the generally "allowed" worldview, while just discussing alternative concepts can get you destroyed publicly and make it extremely difficult to get into future public circles. Just felt like pointing that out since you had John Green on who can afford to be himself more because he falls in line naturally

  • crypticnonsense
    crypticnonsense Month ago +1

    Good video. It seems an altruistic gesture: “in case you didn’t know, all of this is manipulation. I’m morally against it but I also need to make money so I’m just making you aware that yes I am manipulating you.”
    The medium is the message
    Don’t just attend to the content of whats being said, think also about how the medium by which the content is conveyed affects the meaning of the content. How does TheXvid as a platform affect the meaning? How does video itself affect the meaning? How would the meaning be different if the content of this video essay were written down instead? Orated to you? Transmitted in Morse code? What does the medium “do” to the content to produce the meaning you perceive?
    Irony abound
    Author points out to us how cake show uses conversations with camera person to convey authenticity and then show us Authors conversations with camera person.
    Author wears casual clothes to show us how Author lives when not on camera, but Author is in fact on camera.
    We Are All in the System
    Author shows us the cookbook: Author is both influencer and, like us, the influenced

  • Isabella Miller
    Isabella Miller Month ago

    18:37 this line had me laughing so hard

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B Month ago

    liked and subbed !!!!!11!!1!!!! phone bad , real good!!

  • HowdyIzzy
    HowdyIzzy Month ago

    fuck yeah dolly parton

  • French Toast
    French Toast Month ago

    A lot of produced TheXvid shows do the “talking to the crew” thing all the time it’s actually ridiculous lol

  • Shea Dastrup
    Shea Dastrup Month ago

    I felt called out when you started talking about Cast Members

  • William Bud Latanville

    look up "David Holzman's Diary."



  • Cmd Delete
    Cmd Delete Month ago

    Re: manufacturing authenticity and 'spontaneous' crew participation. First time I saw this used was on live Saturday morning live children's television in the UK. Both the programmes Tiswas and Swap Shop had the crew responding to presenters from off-camera. As these shows were broadcast live this has the same function as the canned laughter tracks on pre-recorded shows. This kind of manufactured spontaneity is commonly referred to as the Zoo Format.

  • Betaflow
    Betaflow Month ago

    Man. I got really confused then you were trying to illustrate the point, then you were talking with Hank. Dialog felt genuene, but you think, this is probably scripted, because its the theme of the video. But if it is scripted, does it make it all lie, or there still sincere thoughts poured into the script? Or may be relatable parts are just sprincled? Big outline to hide fake details. Or maybe you are just good actors, what remain consistent even playing authenticity? It makes brain working twice as hard, doubting everything. I assume that was intentional. Anyway splendid work. P.S: I might have butchered a few words here and there

  • Kees Kees
    Kees Kees Month ago

    I hate that green gude... yuk..hope he chockes on porkchop ..f creep

  • Benzi514
    Benzi514 Month ago +1

    Such a long video and no mentioning that a show about cakes has no cakes in them?!

  • Matrixtechno
    Matrixtechno Month ago

    Who was the sponsor of this video ? I mean I'm so used to hear literally EVERY youtuber except Contrapoint talking about squarespace ... right after I've seen a rolling ad of Wix ( this is kind of wrong advertisement but anyway ) that in this video I'm ... unsure who the sponsor was.

  • Tatiana Kos
    Tatiana Kos Month ago

    Anyway, all I have to say is 'all you need is cooo...ake ! All you need is CAKE'

  • Prague Uprising
    Prague Uprising Month ago

    Where do I sign up for critics camp?

  • Dullard D. Bones
    Dullard D. Bones Month ago

    LiKe, coMMenT, And/oR SubScriBE, Or YoUtUBe-ThuLLu WiLL fEasT oN YouR SOULS!


  • Jonathan Nunez
    Jonathan Nunez 2 months ago

    How’d you get the SpaceX Tee?

  • Mario Galvao
    Mario Galvao 2 months ago

    Somebody touched the wrong part of that camera in the end lol

  • Mario Galvao
    Mario Galvao 2 months ago

    "I guess I'm a woman, and speaking with any kind of confidence sounds aggressive" amazing

  • jojolafrite90
    jojolafrite90 2 months ago

    Never even gave ONE like to any of those ugly empty shells of human beings crying for attention. Only dislikes and very few vies.
    Good channels, like yours, though, it's the other way around.

  • eleventhclara
    eleventhclara 2 months ago

    This analysis has Latour written all over it.

  • Bryan Steele
    Bryan Steele 2 months ago

    I have zero problem with a lot of youtubers who make and produce their own content with production values. It's the growing cancer of youtubers that just spit all kinds of bullshit to their web camera, or those that steal other peoples content

  • Kenny Bentley
    Kenny Bentley 2 months ago

    25:30 - when hank talks about coming to terms with the difference between his internet self and real self, he says that the internet self inspired him to be a better person, more thoughtful and stuff -- more authentic.
    I thought that was a really interesting insight because me personally I don't have an internet self and a real self difference. I am always me in every case, and I have at times given the idea to mind, since everyone's watching anyway, why not just do the better thing (even if the worse thing would be my typical reaction).
    I thought that was interesting, because I just realised that in almost every case I would have to agree that being broadcast has forced me to make better choices and to come to terms and perceive difficult things in new ways.
    cheers :) the medium is the message