Supreme Lacoste Predicting The Resell! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • On this episode Andre, stops by to give his predictions on this week's Supreme Lacoste drop. We shall see if his aftermarket knowledge is accurate. Again the market shifts so sporadically, let's see if Andre's numbers stand the test of time.
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Comments • 60

  • longstyle16
    longstyle16 Month ago

    This guy doesnt know anything about fashion.. And its still fuck resellers and supreme!

  • Shevi Miller
    Shevi Miller Month ago

    Shoes used to be made with actual good quality materials and were able to be used for performance & lifestyle now shoes are made with shit.

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez Month ago +3

    some one tell this man to fix his hairline

  • Bobby Lit
    Bobby Lit Month ago

    all wrong damn

  • Freshfromthemob _
    Freshfromthemob _ Month ago

    Him and racks should have a show

  • Oliver Medina
    Oliver Medina Month ago +1

    Dre is one of the contestants of PTH ( Price The Hype) Co Hosted by Brendan Dunne. 🤭😭

  • lupe martinez
    lupe martinez Month ago

    Andre on FULL SIZE RUN!

  • YoungOldTimer 915
    YoungOldTimer 915 Month ago

    The G is Back!!🔥🔥💨💨😃🙃

  • Money Millo
    Money Millo Month ago

    What are the name of dem 2nd Nike's dey showed ??? Wit all the colors?? Thank u in advance

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown Month ago

    Pretty much 50 on top

  • 2 B irie 4life
    2 B irie 4life Month ago

    Andre is a cool dude, I bought some stickers from him last week. My favorite reseller out there!

  • kenny neur
    kenny neur Month ago

    0:28 how you leave him hanging and then wipe the dust of that shirt 🤣

  • tdotgnoh
    tdotgnoh Month ago

    My birthday is today too! Hbd to your daughter Morgan

  • Thermal D T-1000
    Thermal D T-1000 Month ago

    Dres hairline brighter than Tony poossssss personality

  • Get me to 10k subs for no reason!

    I have Some Inspiration for those wanting a change

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor Month ago +1


  • Dilbert Doe Fanboy
    Dilbert Doe Fanboy Month ago


  • Pedro Siqueira
    Pedro Siqueira Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this supreme dude sounds arrogant as fuck?

    • SoleStreet
      SoleStreet Month ago

      Pedro Siqueira 😑🚶🏽‍♂️😑🚶🏽‍♂️

  • shortymac
    shortymac Month ago +2

    bags reselling and hoodies are retail just goes to show how much stock levels influences resell. hoodies restocked a million times and bags not once

  • The Master Hour
    The Master Hour Month ago

    Lacoste collection dead dirt I can’t believe I waited for that bullshit

  • RSLR
    RSLR Month ago

    why even bother a week later?

  • jack frost
    jack frost Month ago +3

    You shouldn’t print photos in order to save paper man just show them on a I pad or something

  • Cabbie DEEjay
    Cabbie DEEjay Month ago

    Lol bags doing bits and hoodies are retail...go figure ...skill sets in street hustling 100...price predictions 0....

  • The Inquirer
    The Inquirer Month ago +2

    Is it me or is shaving your mustache down to the top of your lip a weird look? Especially since you can see the shadow too

    • lupe martinez
      lupe martinez Month ago

      The Inquirer idk I like the way I look with mine. I guess personal preference ?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Brandon Maldonado
    Brandon Maldonado Month ago

    Full size run please

  • Kevin Trust
    Kevin Trust Month ago +12

    Meanwhile they going for 20 over retail on stock x. Lol

  • Bryce Connelly
    Bryce Connelly Month ago +3

    Straight flames I appreciate the content

  • TheBoyz305
    TheBoyz305 Month ago +1

    Need these weekly or videos with him

  • TheBoyz305
    TheBoyz305 Month ago +1

    More Andre !! Dope ass video

  • Louis B
    Louis B Month ago +1

    Vive rené Lacoste

  • Yungpope
    Yungpope Month ago +2

    Has he ever resold sneakers?

    • Yungpope
      Yungpope Month ago +2

      84unisol alright

    • Facts Kellerman
      Facts Kellerman Month ago

      He said without backing its hard as a career, I just started in the game because I missed getting kicks for retail and to climb in this game without 4 -5 grand to start is a steep Mountain. Even with funding getting bots ain't easy plus you need a good cook group. It's alot of work and time.

  • Roberto Fernandez
    Roberto Fernandez Month ago +7

    can we get Andre on Full Size Run?

  • Fucc Yoo
    Fucc Yoo Month ago

    This guy doesn’t realize that in a way he’s hurting the reseller guy when he asks him to do stuff like this. He created a show that he barely contributes to. He’s just getting game from this guy. What he should actually do is come together and create a show WITH him about this type of stuff. Instead of using him to carry the show. He’s literally using this dude.

    • The Inquirer
      The Inquirer Month ago

      I'm sure the reseller got a little bread for this and with the frequency he's been on complex shit lately, they're probably offering him a job of some sort

  • Pedro Molina
    Pedro Molina Month ago +3

    Complex should give him a job.

    • The Inquirer
      The Inquirer Month ago +2

      Word. He's been around them too much so they might as well by now

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Month ago +26

    Title should have been “Predicting the resale value of Supreme Lacoste”

  • mike jordan cryface
    mike jordan cryface Month ago +4

    TheXvid and the 12 year olds that follow them ruined supreme and resell culture. Only the real ones remember that wave 2013/2014

  • Andre Sene
    Andre Sene Month ago +4

    Lemme tell you this is 💯 french culture, the resell here in Paris is a lil bit higher, if you know you know...

    PIERRE Month ago +3

    Love dre and tony! Also appreciate the new couch setup lol

  • mike jordan cryface
    mike jordan cryface Month ago +3

    If u wear supreme or yeezys still ur prob from kansas

  • Sean Watson
    Sean Watson Month ago +44

    Why do this almost a week after the drop...

    • Jose R
      Jose R Month ago

      Sean Watson forreal her birthday is past shoutout tho

  • Bigheadted 3
    Bigheadted 3 Month ago +21

    Best series, need this weekly for every drop.

  • Peso G
    Peso G Month ago +16


  • Daniel Franco
    Daniel Franco Month ago

    A little late?

  • Fran6 _bigVB
    Fran6 _bigVB Month ago

    Ho wants jorden. Suprem.....but can't😂

    • Sidney Money
      Sidney Money Month ago

      Give a younger a chance and go listen on Spotify he hard 🔥🔥

  • ATL4NTIC __Menace
    ATL4NTIC __Menace Month ago

    What’s up guys

  • King Handles
    King Handles Month ago +2

    Fred vanvleet

  • Martin Rosales
    Martin Rosales Month ago +1

    Un saludo para los primeros comentarios? :)

  • Fighter Beverages
    Fighter Beverages Month ago +3

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  • Howell Consultations
    Howell Consultations Month ago +2

    Almost 2020!! The next 3 months are all about being dedicated to your craft and to yourself. Hope our channel helps!!

  • kracked
    kracked Month ago +1

    *Who enjoys spending time with friends/family?* 😇

    *But ím sußíñg to everyone who Łîkès and sußš to mę!* 💯