THE JOKER (2019) Teaser Trailer Concept - Willem Dafoe, Martin Scorsese Joker Origin Movie HD

  • Published on May 29, 2018
  • "Have you ever had a"
    The madness begins. #TheJoker 2019 ▼
    New CONCEPT trailer for Warner Bros. and DC's The Joker solo spin-off movie by Retcon Comics. The Joker Origin Story Movie with Martin Scorsese Producing and Todd Phillips to Direct.
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    Warner Bros and DC are in the early stages of another Batman Universe spinoff movie, this one telling the origin story of the signature villain The Joker. The studio has set The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips to co-write a script with 8 Mile scribe Scott Silver. Phillips will direct the movie, and Martin Scorsese will produce it with Phillips. This will be the first film under a new banner that has yet to be named in which WB can expand the canon of DC properties and create unique storylines with different actors playing the iconic characters.
    I’m told that the intention is to make an origin story that isn’t part of any other iteration. The Joker has memorably been part of two Batman movies in the form of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, and was most recently played by Jared Leto in the first Suicide Squad film. He will reprise in the Suicide Squad sequel and the Harley Quinn spinoff, but this new film will launch the character with a different actor, possibly younger.
    An intriguing part is the setting. The intention is to make a gritty and grounded hard-boiled crime film set in early-’80s Gotham City that isn’t meant to feel like a DC movie as much as one of Scorsese’s films from that era, like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull or The King Of Comedy. I’m told that Phillips and Silver are writing already, but there is nothing firm on where this will fit into the DC schedule.
    Joaquin Phoenix may soon have to don a green wig and white face-paint to play Batman's greatest adversary. The American actor is reportedly in talks to star in a new film about the Joker, produced by Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese.
    Although the 42-year-old's casting has not yet been confirmed, Variety reports that Phoenix has been approached, and has agreed to play the role.
    Last year, it was reported that producers hoped for the as-yet-untitled film to be "a gritty and grounded hard-boiled crime film set in early-Eighties Gotham City", with a similar tone to Scorsese's most acclaimed Eighties movies, Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.
    Further details about Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese’s upcoming origin movie about The Joker have emerged, with the film set to reportedly depict the villain as a failed stand-up comic.
    Phillips will direct the new DC and Warner Bros.-made film, with Scorsese acting as an executive producer. Joaquin Phoenix is the current favourite to play the titular villain, although Leonardo DiCaprio has also been linked to the famous role, as well as Willem Dafoe, many fans have suggested him as a possible actor to one day step into the iconic purple suit of The Joker.
    A new report from The Wrap has apparently shed light on some more details surrounding the forthcoming film, with Phillips set to depict Batman’s enemy as a failed 1980s stand-up comic “who becomes the clown prince of crime after bombing with audiences”.
    This take on The Joker has origins in the 1988 DC graphic novel The Killing Joke, which was written by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland.
    ✖ Amazing thumbnail art by William Gray/Vessling!
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    ✖ This is a Concept Trailer so YES, this video is "Fake" and "Not real". This was not made to fool or scam anyone, it is simply for fans to take a glimpse into what the movie could be like.
    ✖ Copyright Disclaimer: This video is protected under fair use, due to the fact that it demonstrates/conceptualizes a specific or non-existing film idea, and compiles clips from previously existing productions to create a creatively unique vision and give new meaning. The video displays visual commentary on how a film idea could look.
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  • Smasher
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  • XxgodlygamerxX 299
    XxgodlygamerxX 299 2 days ago

    Really evil Morty

    JOHN LEAHY 2 days ago

    They should ask dafoe just to do like a short joker film so we could all just see it dammit

    JOHN LEAHY 2 days ago

    I think Dafoe could still play the joker like how but if they ever finally get batman beyond ? Dafoe as joker Clint Eastwood or Michael Keaton as older batman and Robert Pattinson or zach Efron I think as terry mcguiness !

  • Razor BG
    Razor BG 2 days ago

    Really scenes from Gotham we can see the trailer is not real

  • Jaden Whitaker
    Jaden Whitaker 2 days ago


  • Кирилл Фролов

    What is music please

  • Callum Byrne
    Callum Byrne 3 days ago

    It's a teaser it's not really a real trailer it's parts from different things of the joker kind of pathetic put some up if it involves an actual real trailer. 😡

  • X100PreLeona
    X100PreLeona 4 days ago

    0:48 name of the song??

  • Bernardo Escobar
    Bernardo Escobar 4 days ago

    De donde sacan tanta paja

  • Radicle Revolution
    Radicle Revolution 4 days ago

    William already played the joker in Tim burdens Batman;a younger joker that killed Bruce parents!

  • Radicle Revolution
    Radicle Revolution 4 days ago

    William defoe could play both characters goblin,or the joker!

  • Joy Bennett-Porter
    Joy Bennett-Porter 5 days ago


  • Carl Chaovski
    Carl Chaovski 5 days ago

    Theres more hype with pheonix tbh..

  • Rose Flu
    Rose Flu 6 days ago

    What is that title of that song again

  • kyle seymour
    kyle seymour 7 days ago

    this movie dosent just SHOW who he is, it DEFINES joker.

  • MR Robloxsever sarah

    wow there is amazing!

  • king Dragon
    king Dragon 8 days ago

    This is not the trailer

  • Luis Enrique Alvarado Martinez

    Extraño mucho a mi idolo hight ledger el mejor del mundo.

  • Çetin Kaya
    Çetin Kaya 9 days ago

    Şampiyon Trabzonspor❤️

  • Shanil sulaiman
    Shanil sulaiman 10 days ago

    1:25 witch movie..?
    plss. who knows it

  • Shanil sulaiman
    Shanil sulaiman 10 days ago

    its not real

  • Ulises Defelice
    Ulises Defelice 11 days ago


  • Orao_crealalious
    Orao_crealalious 11 days ago

    Why so serious?

  • Victor Brüńìk
    Victor Brüńìk 11 days ago

    What’s the song for this trailer??

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    that's an awesome and creepy dancer ever just don't forget to smile :D

  • Aletta Ocean
    Aletta Ocean 12 days ago

    What about a magic trick?
    I'm gonna make this pencil disappear . . .

  • #_Sophie Barbossa
    #_Sophie Barbossa 13 days ago

    Its real good but without heath ledger😢

  • #_Sophie Barbossa
    #_Sophie Barbossa 13 days ago

    My love is back

  • Х Мстр
    Х Мстр 13 days ago

    В смысле это ж зеленый гоблен

  • Claudinei Pereira
    Claudinei Pereira 14 days ago +1

    Asistino em 2019

  • The Principal
    The Principal 14 days ago

    Don't think you can sneak a clip from Boondock Saints in this bitch

  • Mr Bean k shashky
    Mr Bean k shashky 15 days ago

    movie realise date plzz

  • Alexandru Gabriel
    Alexandru Gabriel 15 days ago


  • Declan Lachacne
    Declan Lachacne 15 days ago

    One of the actors voices is from a movie called The Death Note. One of the lines from this trailer is from that movie...

  • Keyenl Colon
    Keyenl Colon 15 days ago

    TREVOR IS YOU 0:55

  • krisz 152
    krisz 152 16 days ago

    Lesz harvy rol is egy

  • RS 9
    RS 9 16 days ago +3

    Ledger was crying if see this

  • lil uwu
    lil uwu 17 days ago

    do you took scenes from "gotham"?

  • Juan Landell
    Juan Landell 18 days ago


  • Aiden Sandoval
    Aiden Sandoval 18 days ago

    48 this is a meme

  • Sad XXX
    Sad XXX 18 days ago

    nooo i want jared letooo

  • Syed Afif
    Syed Afif 19 days ago


  • Syed Afif
    Syed Afif 19 days ago


  • Trey Dangerous
    Trey Dangerous 19 days ago

    We all can go insane with just one . . . Bad . . . Day!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

  • naga raj
    naga raj 20 days ago

    Heath ledger only best joker

  • cute cute
    cute cute 20 days ago

    releasing date plzz

  • Mr. SanS_comics
    Mr. SanS_comics 20 days ago

    Хотя бы не оставили Лета -_-

    • Mr. SanS_comics
      Mr. SanS_comics 20 days ago

      Но... Актер асацеируется с Spider-man

  • Dev WoW
    Dev WoW 21 day ago

    goblin is playin joker!!!!! cant wait :)

  • emirhan özden
    emirhan özden 21 day ago

    dont rembembar just

  • XxadamantionxX XxadamantionxX

    Wait... Green Goblin is the Joker? Whaaaaaaat

  • Izabel Lutfi
    Izabel Lutfi 22 days ago

    Coringa? Duende verde? Essa dupla vai nos deixar louco também!

  • _t_a_r_d_i_s_ !
    _t_a_r_d_i_s_ ! 22 days ago

    A Fan Trailer ?

  • Big Thanungas
    Big Thanungas 22 days ago

    It has wakeem in it

  • Big Thanungas
    Big Thanungas 22 days ago

    They forgot to put Wakeem Feonix in the credits

  • gabi slavchev
    gabi slavchev 22 days ago


  • Ajeerah Zaharudie
    Ajeerah Zaharudie 22 days ago

    So there will be two joker movies

  • brunella fans harly zarate


  • Edmond Dantes
    Edmond Dantes 23 days ago

    Why does this look real

  • Alejandro Mtz.
    Alejandro Mtz. 23 days ago

    Re trucho el trailer pero nunca se me había ocurrido que Willem Dafoe interpretara al Joker, genial!!

  • Trí Lương
    Trí Lương 24 days ago

    Can you give me song Link

  • Anthony Budo
    Anthony Budo 25 days ago

    Evil Morty

    LORENZO THAYER 26 days ago

    Nothing better than the 2008 joker

  • loodiamexican
    loodiamexican 27 days ago

    The world can finally rest knowing Willem Dafoe is The Joker, now.

  • ISAABD133
    ISAABD133 27 days ago

    Laughed at 0:50 so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • Jai Ganesh
    Jai Ganesh 27 days ago +3

    No one can't beat Heath Ledger

  • Frank Leydon Velasquez Castro

    heat legen.

  • The Mighty Umbreon
    The Mighty Umbreon 27 days ago

    I can’t take this seriously with the song

  • Boppa -animations and stuff

    I first seen William Dafoe from Beyond Two Souls and he was amazing so I can confindantly say that I'm looking forward to this movie

  • Videogame expert
    Videogame expert 27 days ago


  • Rico The Dinosaur 123
    Rico The Dinosaur 123 27 days ago

    This sucks

  • Buttmanemoji440 Peters

    Is Willem Dafoe Joker

  • Rola assiri
    Rola assiri 28 days ago

    متى بينزل الفلم طيب

  • *Ayla* O.
    *Ayla* O. 28 days ago

    Evil morty theme-green goblin ?

  • agung faris
    agung faris 28 days ago

    THE SONG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • the danish devil
    the danish devil 29 days ago +2

    This is a bunch of old movie clips

  • gsywebby187
    gsywebby187 29 days ago

    Most of these scenes are from gotham

  • unofficialpostmalone
    unofficialpostmalone 29 days ago

    stop making concepts!! this is bullshit

  • Faruk Comakoglu
    Faruk Comakoglu 29 days ago


  • Xavi 47
    Xavi 47 29 days ago


  • Matt Carrasco
    Matt Carrasco 29 days ago

    They should make the rated R that way they can show the true brutality and insanity of the joker

  • John Fahey
    John Fahey 29 days ago

    I don't feel comfortable with the green goblin as joker

  • AtaraKetor Aster
    AtaraKetor Aster Month ago

    The joker: memer
    The song of the trailer: actually it's a meme

    Guys joker himself who made this trailer

  • Komal Mehta
    Komal Mehta Month ago


  • BlackBones89
    BlackBones89 Month ago

    Theres only one joker...

  • Jean cloude van damme
    Jean cloude van damme Month ago +1

    Por fin alguien a quien si le queda el personaje,identico al de la caricatura

  • Something New
    Something New Month ago

    the line
    You wanna know how I smile, that's how
    And that's how I'm not smiling
    A perfect joker line


    Tam adamını buldular

  • Phantom Fury
    Phantom Fury Month ago +1

    First green goblin then joker how much better could this be.

  • Android YT
    Android YT Month ago

    Ты охуел это фан трейлер даун

  • Grayman .
    Grayman . Month ago

    Why the fuck did this never happen?

  • DanyWildTV
    DanyWildTV Month ago

    der is doch schon der Kobold

  • Иван Богданов

    А почему бы не мог Джаред Лето сыграть Джокера? Он ведь в отряде самоубийц по моему мнению хорошо исполнил эту роль...

  • يوسف درويد youssef droid

    Heath Ledger the best actor in the world for me
    sleep Heath Ledger
    (Heath Ledger is joker)

  • Shoaib Shah
    Shoaib Shah Month ago

    Ledger is the best joker

  • frankenz26
    frankenz26 Month ago

    heath is dead. so move on guys

  • Ralphy Flores
    Ralphy Flores Month ago

    Mye. Favorite. New. Movie flim. 2019. The joker. Coming. Up. In. Theaters. Really. Soon. To📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️📽️

  • man x
    man x Month ago

    And why so serious

  • Cooper Scheider
    Cooper Scheider Month ago

    Who's the guy's name before he came the joker

  • poop dolla. kobgoate

    willem looks so right as joker