BKCHAT LDN: S4 EPISODE 10 - "I Didn't Do BBL For Man, I Did It For My Confidence!"

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • On this episode the cast talk about BBL and insecurities!
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  • Andre Maxwell
    Andre Maxwell 5 hours ago

    That crocodile look alike needsto be removed from the platform crossed tge line by miles and as such a big platform you should have removed her from the show to explain to people that behavior is not acceptable we aint in school no more to be sending sym’s like dat. Dont think this show understands the influence they have on school kids and school environments. So called “adults” more like bigg kids. THE WORST SEASON EVER ALL BECAUSE OF S FEW STUPID MIND SETS AND IGNORANT PEOPLE FROM BOTH SIDES

  • I’m cute but your ah
    I’m cute but your ah 11 hours ago

    I hate MARC!!!!!

  • Ekema Brandao
    Ekema Brandao Day ago

    Again y’all stereotyping Chinese people. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Margaret Tembo
    Margaret Tembo Day ago

    OMG what the hell is going on😱😱

  • The Debby O Show

    News Flash! Fitness campaigns for all these brands do recruit influencers who simply fit the look. I've seen plenty of skinny girls get deals with big brands knowing very well they don't live an active lifestyle. Like GoGo said, it's all about selling a product at the end of the day.

  • The Debby O Show

    random question: why are the women always standing while the men have seats?🤨

  • Lol lol
    Lol lol Day ago +1


  • ChocoQueen28
    ChocoQueen28 Day ago

    Marc is dumb.... if he is a personal trainer, its disgraceful.... someone clearly did the exam for him🙄🙄

  • ChocoQueen28
    ChocoQueen28 Day ago

    Young P needs to be kicked off the panel...

  • ChocoQueen28
    ChocoQueen28 Day ago

    The boy Young P is a eeeediot!!!!

  • Raha Zeighami
    Raha Zeighami 2 days ago

    Who is here from Tik Tok

  • Golden Entertainment

    am in love with esther

  • Saus ferreira
    Saus ferreira 2 days ago

    It’s just dedication ... periodt

  • Qali Mohammed
    Qali Mohammed 3 days ago

    I love young P such a legend

  • Reduney Conceição
    Reduney Conceição 3 days ago

    Yes yes that guy in the beginning was correct to call a girl insecure.
    If all the stuff you makes in your butty just to get attention for a man or to please you community it is call "insecure", but if you make surgery because of handicap or injury is a different scenarios and respect that, we can call it something necessary to do.

  • Jazzy Jazz
    Jazzy Jazz 4 days ago

    Where is the decency

  • Captain OKZ
    Captain OKZ 5 days ago

    You ain't part of the gang 🤫

  • Amann
    Amann 5 days ago

    Lani is Jarring

  • Saint Soldier
    Saint Soldier 5 days ago +1

    Check how the girls were all laughing when she was talking about the guyd hairline until she dashes her own wig off and starts getting watery eyed and emotional when they turn to the guy and say "why you making it personal" and hover around her to console her. These girls are mad

  • Melvin Noor
    Melvin Noor 6 days ago +1

    Castillo kills me everytime 😂😂😂😂

  • R5RYAN live 55
    R5RYAN live 55 7 days ago

    Look at your foot

  • The Ultimate Girlfriend

    She’s so aggressive. It’s so embarrassing 😩🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Hish12345
    Hish12345 7 days ago

    8:40 is what you’re here for

  • Rosa Risqué
    Rosa Risqué 7 days ago

    8:41 "Look at your mum, huhuhuhuhu. Where is she? Not here. Oh, is your mum dead? Oh sorry."

  • GH Eli
    GH Eli 8 days ago

    Esther too cute bruh 🥺

  • Damian Murphy-Morris

    15:00 what’s the breast exercise? 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Ibiang Christine
    Ibiang Christine 8 days ago

    Why are all the guys here soo immature

  • RB999888
    RB999888 9 days ago

    8:40 btw

  • Nobubele Jele
    Nobubele Jele 9 days ago +1

    The guys here are very childish, episode was annoying, was there even a conversation

  • Ellarh Aderoju
    Ellarh Aderoju 9 days ago

    Esther looks cute in this episode tho

  • Gianina Chindia
    Gianina Chindia 10 days ago

    Where have they gone and carried this Young P or whatever he calls himself.... it’s a debate and he didn’t carry himself properly at all then wants to come and fight abeg throw him away🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Mathew Halloway
    Mathew Halloway 10 days ago

    Talking bout mans dead mum and has the audacity to say he crossed the line 🤦‍♂️🤧🤧🤧

  • Abigail Asare
    Abigail Asare 11 days ago

    I gotta question cox snapchat got me confused r Yasmin n Jay a ting 👀👀

    DAREALBIGFIBBZ OMA 12 days ago

    No but no one said you got black teeth and gums so where that come from

  • Gibeon Music
    Gibeon Music 12 days ago


  • carmeld45 101
    carmeld45 101 14 days ago +1

    This is stupid. Can't wait for the Brazillian Brain Lift. These women need it. Are they atrracting qualilty men?

    • K One
      K One 13 days ago

      Lol 💯

  • Kebra Dakowah-Dufrene
    Kebra Dakowah-Dufrene 14 days ago

    He was coming for her the whole episode, can’t scream victim when there’s a clap back

  • aluxvia via
    aluxvia via 14 days ago

    What's sad about this episode is everybody trying to justify having surgery to feel better about themselves after seeing other women online. It's sad that social media has clouded everyone's idea of what is attractive and individuality. I think everyone missed the point that insecurity really stems from wanting to fit an ideal rather than what they don't like about themselves.

  • tony grant
    tony grant 14 days ago

    Work less and lazy and yam to much and don't want to work on there body 😤

  • tony grant
    tony grant 14 days ago

    If only women train before they have kids and look after there body all there life.

  • Spartan300
    Spartan300 14 days ago +3

    Yasmin is tapped, mention my dead members to my face idc what's between ur legs ur finished

  • Amber-Louise Williams
    Amber-Louise Williams 14 days ago +1

    the second she said your moms dead i would have to stop playing and just told her to come outside no matter the vio that's someones dead mother never step on there name u don't even know them sha

  • Zanos
    Zanos 14 days ago

    Where's the part Yasmin cusses someone mum

  • Juanita Serrano
    Juanita Serrano 14 days ago

    Nah Castillo dun dead me!!!!!! My Guy said built like an ANT!!!! LOL!

  • Michael
    Michael 14 days ago

    "Breast tissue is made up largely of fat. Ligaments hold the breasts in place and over time will stretch and cause sagging. Exercise can neither firm nor lift your breasts. ... With the proper type of exercise, you can firm the underlying muscles of the chest wall which can offer a more desirable appearance in this area"

  • Umair Khan
    Umair Khan 14 days ago

    So she insecure about being called insecure

  • Pr 13
    Pr 13 14 days ago +1


  • Ra'quel
    Ra'quel 14 days ago

    i am 100% convinced that men are slow af lol

    • Live Evil
      Live Evil 14 days ago

      I am 100% convinced that women crazy af

  • Dreonix
    Dreonix 15 days ago

    wat she don't understand is it's not about if ur chatting to ppl and saying u aint insecure that it means ur not insecure. Cuz if u had to change anything in ur body in a non-natural way, then full stop u r insecure cuz of ur actions. U can tell as many ppl bs as u want but its just facts

  • Téshan H
    Téshan H 15 days ago +1


  • Dreonix
    Dreonix 15 days ago

    Mark, the brudda knows wat he's chatting bout. He understands logic still

  • K One
    K One 15 days ago +3

    Ms pink went to far talking bad about someone's dead mum smh

  • Live Evil
    Live Evil 15 days ago +3

    Young P is funny af, they need him on the show more... He's not afraid to challenge the women views, Pinky wanted to kill him LoL

    • Live Evil
      Live Evil 14 days ago

      @London Work YP didn't attack her, he answered her question about who looks insecure and her response proved him right.😂😂😂

    • London Work
      London Work 14 days ago

      A mysognystic freak who attacks personally instead of engaging in the actual debate. O. FUCKING. K

  • Campslew Fitness Training

    How old are these lot?? Can't be 30s

  • Danniqua Clarke
    Danniqua Clarke 16 days ago +1

    Tell him to stop doing that accent and make the request effective immediately

  • Bianca Johnson
    Bianca Johnson 16 days ago

    'she' almost perfect' my heart hurt when she said that 💔 I can honestly say no man has said anything to me to make me feel insecure thank God. If I'm insecure, it's because I want to be Rich

  • Bianca Johnson
    Bianca Johnson 16 days ago

    But men don't like surgery they are attracted to a surgery body thinking its natural, they don't think in that way

  • Peace obi
    Peace obi 17 days ago

    Excuse me but what is that on her head 🤦‍♀️😏

  • Issachar Keyesha Whyte-Makoni

    Woman are sexualised in society. Which is why woman do bbl there’s to much competition

  • Ce Nonya
    Ce Nonya 17 days ago +2

    Young P is the type of Jamaican man to diss black girls including his mum and then go and worship white girls