Think you know how to pack a suitcase?

  • Published on Feb 24, 2008
  • Ginny McGrath is challenged by a hotel concierge who's an expert on travelling light

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  • maqueo81
    maqueo81 13 years ago

    "mannyarts" says the truth!! the rolling up works excellent for me since a few years ago. That's the way I pack up for my husband, my baby and myself all in the same suitcase (but obviously the suitcase is bigger than the one in the video). It really works ;-)

  • Loretto Bennett
    Loretto Bennett 9 years ago

    Great video! Included quite a bit of information in short period of time

  • Gooey26
    Gooey26 13 years ago

    I was packing and I tried this method and now i think its possible to fit this mess here in this here suitcase. Thank you!

  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel Perez 13 years ago

    Actually, the best way to pack a suitcase is to roll your cloths up and pack them in, taking up less space per item, thus maximizing the use of space. w/ this technique I can pack twice the amount of clothing as they did in this video.

  • rollsroyce336
    rollsroyce336 8 years ago

    the best way is to roll everything up shirts and t shirts, my daughter told me this, on my last long haul i wrapped up 12 t shirts and a lot of shirts, (wrap them together to form a ball) and packed them round the outside of my case, on arrival i just unrolled them, a brill job, i saved lots of room and the clothes were crease free,

  • ianrkav
    ianrkav 11 years ago

    @Retronicer Yep, it does sound and look like a belt! Thanks:-)

  • Conrad Barclay
    Conrad Barclay 9 years ago

    this is my geography teacher ahaha

  • Jack
    Jack 9 years ago

    i would class this woman as a pretty savvy traveler

  • anotherashley1985
    anotherashley1985 14 years ago

    Good tips. Like the leghthwise fold of jeans and then over other items, also the toiletry bag!

  • MajaM
    MajaM 10 years ago +1

    my mum can pack 3 times bigger amount of clothing than they did

  • Pietro Lais
    Pietro Lais 9 years ago

    whoever has this geography teacher must have some shit luck

  • Ken Bassig
    Ken Bassig 10 years ago

    How to pack suitcases? Watch Mr. Bean

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  • ianrkav
    ianrkav 11 years ago

    1:17. He always puts what, around the edge of a case?

  • Trevorthespaghettifox
    Trevorthespaghettifox 11 years ago

    @Pixelrid3r that's why I don't use electric tooth brushes anymore, people get the wrong idea. :(

  • Silent CG
    Silent CG 10 years ago

    well i always Martha Stuart and Florence Henderson pack my bags, then proceed to leave them unattended on the street corner for several hours. once at the airport i let let Muhammad Aba and Shalki Alibaba watch my bags while i take a tinkle

  • Amanda Cioffi
    Amanda Cioffi 11 years ago

    would the pants thing work with long skirts?

  • kate vergara
    kate vergara 13 years ago

    i think this works better than the rolling...imo

  • ClaireTheCelt
    ClaireTheCelt 12 years ago


  • simy524
    simy524 9 years ago

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  • DC808
    DC808 13 years ago

    show us how if you think that!

  • AC
    AC 10 years ago

    Where does the gun go

  • Retronicer
    Retronicer 11 years ago

    @ianrkav A belt I think.

  • Emperorlm
    Emperorlm 10 years ago

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  • Baumi75
    Baumi75 12 years ago

    @1ashley707: Didn't you read "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? :)

  • kristian bujaj
    kristian bujaj 10 years ago

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  • simy524
    simy524 9 years ago

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  • zitttu
    zitttu 13 years ago

    What is on the bottom?? Anyhow thanks

  • unknown
    unknown 10 years ago

    Trolly bag..... hah.

  • Rob
    Rob 10 years ago

    yes trolling

  • emal510
    emal510 10 years ago

    Is there a version of this for terrorists?

  • The Awesome Dude
    The Awesome Dude 10 years ago

    @TrillKong I don't get your UN. How did you get TrillKong from HongKong?

  • Jimmy Go
    Jimmy Go 13 years ago

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  • simy524
    simy524 9 years ago

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  • Its Irv
    Its Irv 10 years ago

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  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

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  • TrillKong
    TrillKong 10 years ago

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