• Published on Oct 28, 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I have a special guest all the way from Dallas, Texas... Introducing Cole Carrigann! I discovered him on Twitter and was blown away by his artistry... he started uploading makeup looks THIS JANUARY!! When I found out he was going to be in LA for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Halloween party, I knew we had to do something epic!! Cutting up a Louis Vuitton bag for a makeup look? Had to!! Cole wanted to mix our worlds and I am IN LOVE with the end result! We also get candid and Cole get's really deep about the state of the beauty community and how it's hard as a new influencer to make it in this industry. Looks served, tea spilled.
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  • Cindy M
    Cindy M 21 hour ago

    I love how Cole makes an overbite cute. He and Alyssa Edwards are making that happen.

  • Dessie Koleva
    Dessie Koleva 23 hours ago

    Jeffree : “i dont even know how to buy fake lous vuitton “
    Me: “cant relate”

  • Bri Bri
    Bri Bri Day ago

    Why cant i be as pretty as cole😭

  • misis marzan
    misis marzan Day ago

    Wow 😱🤭😊🤗

  • BMB 12
    BMB 12 Day ago

    But but your a boy

  • Griselda Esquivel

    Omg I live by Dallas I live in sa

  • Christy Ables
    Christy Ables Day ago

    He also reminds me of Taylor Swift for some reason.

  • Wil The Wanna Be

    You both are beautiful independent MUAs that should listen to anyone that disagrees.

  • NOBOX7
    NOBOX7 Day ago

    Satan should be here any second now , its official

  • Karthik Tangirala

    Gurl you gotta bring the music back, I’ve been LIVING for love to my cobain for the last few days omg

  • Nevo Cohen
    Nevo Cohen 2 days ago

    Real Louis vouitton or fake I’n the vid beacause why to woring the bag it’s so exepensive

  • k RaRe
    k RaRe 2 days ago

    so they had a 3some right?

  • ii Diamond_Apple
    ii Diamond_Apple 2 days ago

    I keep forgetting jeffree has no brows..

  • Tanya Arceo TV
    Tanya Arceo TV 2 days ago

    I love these 2❤️

  • Anoumes user
    Anoumes user 2 days ago

    That guys contour is tooooo heavy

  • Glossy Gwen
    Glossy Gwen 2 days ago

    *crying in poor*

  • sxvxge
    sxvxge 2 days ago +1

    Yo what’s up with the gay boys trying to look like girls wtf

  • Donovin holmes
    Donovin holmes 3 days ago

    Another cookie cutter makeup artist 🤦🏾‍♂️😭 of course he has talent but... I just want to see a actual unique and different make up artist 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Lasly Bihole
    Lasly Bihole 3 days ago

    Omg they are 2 rich and they throw stuff away I would be so great full for that

  • Hanie Hedayati
    Hanie Hedayati 3 days ago

    I don't like his brows

  • Hanie Hedayati
    Hanie Hedayati 3 days ago

    Jeffree is funny af

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 3 days ago

    He’s the child of Jef and James

  • Henny van Veldhuizen

    You could’nt use make-up? That was the point right? What is next baby seals?

  • jmjames1684
    jmjames1684 3 days ago

    my first thoughts - dear God I hope this was a fake, wait, this is Jeffree........ no way is it a fake. But I do love the end look waaaaay more than the bag - talk about a unique and bespoke look!!!

  • sarah hitchen
    sarah hitchen 3 days ago

    No words. Other than: Iconic 💓

  • Betsy Pretty
    Betsy Pretty 3 days ago

    jeffree just propa fancy's this guy lol x

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith 3 days ago

    *we have platinum james charles in the building*

  • Eli Kee
    Eli Kee 3 days ago

    I want the handles I could totally make a new bag out of that!😂😂

  • Riley Brown
    Riley Brown 3 days ago

    What a darl!

  • hanen Gh
    hanen Gh 3 days ago

    omg cole looks like a gay version of D'trix smh right ? or is it just me ?

  • Jemeeli Plascencia
    Jemeeli Plascencia 3 days ago

    When he ment Louie I think he ment Louise life

  • Sans X Frisk Undertale

    Jeffree: Cuts up a bag I'll never afford in a 1000 years

  • Josefine Wikström Selking

    A kid who watching this video:“Mom! I wish a LV purse in b-day present.”
    Mom: “Why?”
    The kid: “Because I want be like Jeffre Star on Halloween and turn me into a purse.”
    Mom: “....”

  • Emmylou Lng
    Emmylou Lng 4 days ago

    this guy is a gay version of James Charles

  • After party Games
    After party Games 4 days ago

    Nate sees another boy looking st jeffrees cheats for a couple good seconds

  • After party Games
    After party Games 4 days ago

    Can’t relate....
    Cousin: No bitch you can but you waste your money on bull crap like bleach... and then you waste it

  • Jessica and the meansters

    I love Jeffree's laugh like the one @8:54 I live for it!!

  • Widad Alashkar WA
    Widad Alashkar WA 5 days ago

    omg!!!!!!!! cool

  • Kimmy Ho
    Kimmy Ho 5 days ago

    it hates you. gave no mercy bitch

  • Wendy Riley
    Wendy Riley 5 days ago

    If people can't live for people's channel why watch and hate just leave!!!

  • Master Soddy
    Master Soddy 5 days ago

    Savage and the makeup is creative!

  • Letisha Spellman
    Letisha Spellman 5 days ago

    Weird flex... but it’ll glue

  • Sishtar Shook
    Sishtar Shook 5 days ago

    Cole carrigann say mhm for 2 minutes straight

  • Luna Rivera
    Luna Rivera 5 days ago

    Correct me if im wrong but didnt cole complain about James never liking or hyping his looks up? Then he's over there riding his dick re creating his "unleash your inner artist" look lolllll

  • Baobai Lee
    Baobai Lee 5 days ago

    Tell me why I thought cole was James Charles 😂😂

  • Darleny Gonzalez
    Darleny Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Why would you that to those purses when whole time my mom wants one so bad🥺🥺

  • Cheri Moistcrotch
    Cheri Moistcrotch 5 days ago

    ...hunting creepy motherfuckers like you for sport and fun should be legal...

  • TheRindyrae
    TheRindyrae 6 days ago

    I want to know was it easy to take the Versace cutouts off. Great video: now following Cole

  • Natalie Soto
    Natalie Soto 6 days ago

    “The only Laura that we fuck with in this house” BAHAHAHAH DEAD

  • Ronald Pevahouse
    Ronald Pevahouse 6 days ago

    Yes but sometimes money has to be just right or else its better to have less or no money my wives have money lots a zillion dollars but the planet is fucked up so we must use it right but sometimes when im sick i start thinking they are some kind of jews

    • Ronald Pevahouse
      Ronald Pevahouse 3 days ago

      +hermione granger my robot says your systems are both ai and flesh types are you borg or doomed

    • Ronald Pevahouse
      Ronald Pevahouse 3 days ago

      +hermione granger i own this planet when i go the planet will go too

    • Ronald Pevahouse
      Ronald Pevahouse 3 days ago

      +hermione granger also i hear you do know

    • Ronald Pevahouse
      Ronald Pevahouse 3 days ago

      +hermione granger lady i really am a time jumper changling either your a fake thing those things are allergic to telling the truth or a brainwashed victim of the jew or a time warp pop up person that just doesnt know if you dont have extremely evil thoughts 99percent of the time then your probably borg whats up this planet may get vaporized soon because the fake jews and fake blacks are manipulating people like you wake up

    • Ronald Pevahouse
      Ronald Pevahouse 3 days ago

      +hermione granger yes im a time jumper parrallel dimensions im the real borg queen a changling moment one aka god

  • M N B Society
    M N B Society 6 days ago

    Jeffree Star, omg your Louis Vuitton purse /design-bloody gaping wound look is such a cool, creative, & unique idea!!! Love it! It looks awesome!! I think you’re such a great example 💜 Even though you’ve had a hard life growing up (like a lot of us have (🤚🏻) you turned it around & made something of yourself & went from rags to riches 💕 If I had the $ to fly & see ya, I would. You would be like the sister I never had

  • Sibylle
    Sibylle 6 days ago

    Jeffree got metamorphe

  • KLynn G
    KLynn G 6 days ago

    *"The only Laura we fuck with in this house. Period."* OMG! IM SCREAMIN! lmao

  • KLynn G
    KLynn G 6 days ago

    Honestly I would chop up that Louis bag too.... She's not cute lol

  • Kara Terzano
    Kara Terzano 6 days ago

    literally wish I could afford that and its the cheapest bag they sell

  • Marge Sauls
    Marge Sauls 6 days ago

    I love how sloppy SFX makeup is.
    Side note: he said that saying one can’t afford makeup is kind of an excuse and that pissed me off like, I’m a college student. I’m broke. I have priorities like survival. I cannot afford makeup, I’m unemployed right now because I’m a freshman at a private liberal arts college, I’m too focused on my education to get a job ya know? It just rubbed me wrong and I’m just like Oof.

  • Roxanne Brower
    Roxanne Brower 6 days ago

    1000% agree! Jeffree should have been on that cover for sure! No shade at Kylie but if you were rich before you're not "self made"

  • Nick Roden
    Nick Roden 6 days ago

    I love that you guys started the conversation about how gay guys in general tend to try to tear each other down and not want to see the other succeed not only in the beauty community but in the community in general. I think our community, the beauty and LGBT+ community, would be such a better place if we reach out and lift each other up.

  • Vicky Contreras
    Vicky Contreras 6 days ago

    Oh damn that intro made me feel poor

  • Kandrien Evander
    Kandrien Evander 6 days ago

    LIVING for the way they vibe.

  • Chelsea Foulkes
    Chelsea Foulkes 6 days ago

    I love Jeffree so much!! BUT... this actually makes me so sad, he’s cutting up LV bags for fun 🤭 and I can’t even afford Christmas this year for my little girl! And we work our arses off l every week in shitty jobs! What I’d do for the money he just ripped up 😂🙈😩

    • hermione granger
      hermione granger 4 days ago +1

      Chelsea Foulkes do remember that he was in the exact position as you 10 years ago. Getting shamed for who he is. And he managed to self build himself from nothing. That’s hard work

  • Shadey Lady
    Shadey Lady 6 days ago +1

    I am from dallas

  • Creepypasta & Squirrels

    My boss's granddaughter's family nicknamed her Hailey Star so often she thinks its her actual last name. Shes a sweetie. Lol.

  • It'sJustTrin :/
    It'sJustTrin :/ 6 days ago

    Anyone else thought this was clickbait???

  • Monica Marchione
    Monica Marchione 6 days ago

    If you ever have the need to get rid of a bag, feel free to DM me!!! 😉

  • Jordyn Lucero
    Jordyn Lucero 6 days ago

    I think what makes it hard to also grow in the beauty community is the fact that people won’t let you grow because if you barely copy or make the same move or design or anything there is always one person trying to throw fucking shade and stir some tea for someone to spill because there saying it’s copying or stealing even tho multiple people have most likely done something the same or similar the beauty community needs to get its shit together because there are to many damn people who can’t shine it’s low key a shame to grow up in the generation because we live in such a high tech society where others we post and comment and say to help or 1 like 1 help but that’s not truly doing anything there are people hiding,running,crying,dying,people being ripped from their families. It’s a bullshit way of life but we keep living it and every day keeps becoming harder and harder. I could say so much more and I wish that I could meet you so I could but you stay a slaying queen with your king right by your side

  • Jazmine Alexis Melgar

    Please do a make up tutorial with a korean brand ETUDE HOUSE. Pleasee! Really love their products

  • Rihanna Cadmen
    Rihanna Cadmen 6 days ago

    HES that rich that he actually uses that bag that cost about $234 instead of fake fabric 😂😂😂

  • Laura Fitzpatrick
    Laura Fitzpatrick 6 days ago

    Guess I’ll have to change my name so...

  • Ihatemylife
    Ihatemylife 6 days ago

    Gucci is *shaking*

  • Emma
    Emma 6 days ago +12

    *when you’re so rich you bleed Louis Vuitton*

  • piggy bbb
    piggy bbb 6 days ago

    Jefree can you adopt me please?

  • Ellie Bennett
    Ellie Bennett 7 days ago +1

    Why are there so few comments on the fact that they just cut up a Louis Vuitton bag?

  • Alex Cam
    Alex Cam 7 days ago

    Hes acting like hes been in the beaty community for years but he hasents hes over confident.

  • Dunya Sabery
    Dunya Sabery 7 days ago

    Jeffree star: *cuts up Louis Vuitton bag
    Must be nice

  • Carolina Gray
    Carolina Gray 7 days ago +1

    Cole Carrigann reminds me of Todrick Hall. I think it’s the similar faces and smiles & personalities.

  • Emma Jones
    Emma Jones 7 days ago

    Wtf you selfish prick i hate you so much i cant even pay £5 for electricity and heres you fuckig cutting up a $1000 bag

    • hermione granger
      hermione granger 4 days ago +1

      Please remember that he was in the exact position as you 10 years ago. Getting shamed for who he is. And he managed to self build himself from nothing. That’s hard work

  • Theresa Shaw
    Theresa Shaw 7 days ago

    @ 2:26 I went dumpster diving Sisss that purse is my monthly paycheck I love my career , noted I need a side hustle

  • B I C T H !?
    B I C T H !? 7 days ago +1

    *I felt poorer after watching this*

  • Lena Yavrouian
    Lena Yavrouian 7 days ago

    very interesting for jeffree to cut up a NEW louis bag. interesting choice. as a person with money and many many bags i normally wait to cut them up until 2-3 wears. fascinating to watch

  • Mrs. Hicks
    Mrs. Hicks 7 days ago

    Jefferee makes me feel rich. I'm motivated 🤑💲💰💵👑💰

  • Molly Alimia
    Molly Alimia 7 days ago

    you literally couldve bought louis leather on ebay for MUCH less and not destroyed a bag that someone else would enjoy..........

  • Juleah
    Juleah 7 days ago

    And wow the talent the hair he could be your little son love that

  • Someone Not Important

    Alyssa Edwards' little brother!!!

  • Juleah
    Juleah 7 days ago

    All hail jeffree he did all the best shit first

  • Mackenzie Lewis
    Mackenzie Lewis 7 days ago +2

    James Charles Morphe pallette Jeffree Star approved???

  • Smidgeroo
    Smidgeroo 7 days ago

    Is he shading the Speedy because the new ones have lower quality construction, or because he doesn't like the silhouette/style? o___O It's an iconic bag! (That said, it's a knockoff magnet.) Also, if it's ~So ugly~, why did he use it for a skin rip, implying that it's a part of him/inside him? WE HAVE QUESTIONS, SIR

  • Jessica Hendrickson
    Jessica Hendrickson 7 days ago

    My sis used to be friends w Cole I’m so shook

  • RedCoolFire
    RedCoolFire 7 days ago

    what gloss was cole wearing? love it

  • Faith Corral
    Faith Corral 7 days ago

    Buying a bag that’s worth thousands and cutting it up and here I am carrying around my son in his older sisters pink car seat 🤣 we live different lives

  • Tülinay
    Tülinay 7 days ago

    I really dont understand why so much people are making drama just because of the bag...there is so much quality talk in that 34 minutes. Lets please pay attention to that and respect these two talented people❤

  • Henriette Aamodt
    Henriette Aamodt 7 days ago

    Bro the fuvk why so fake

  • Alyona Grigorian
    Alyona Grigorian 8 days ago +1

    I love this 😍😍💗💗💗💗

  • piri pie
    piri pie 8 days ago

    I think cloe forgot to blend his contour

  • Eva Bradley
    Eva Bradley 8 days ago

    jeffree spilling tea and smoking is my aesthetic 💅🏻

  • Mr Sarcasm
    Mr Sarcasm 8 days ago +2

    I'm not a hater but...that thumbnail though...

  • Cecilia ;
    Cecilia ; 8 days ago

    He doesn’t like gucci
    He is gucci

  • Tiggy Zerker
    Tiggy Zerker 8 days ago

    Cole looks like the glam version of Freddie from Queen 😱😍😘

  • brenton.
    brenton. 8 days ago

    he’s the prettier version of James whatever his name is

  • The 6Shorty
    The 6Shorty 8 days ago

    “ KKW WHATEVER “ 😂