Saints can afford to rest Drew Brees, are playing Super Bowl-caliber football | SportsCenter

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Tim Hasselbeck and Ryan Clark react to the New Orleans Saints beating the Chicago Bears and give their take on whether or not the Saints should rest QB Drew Brees for another week due to the play of Teddy Bridgewater.
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Comments • 492

  • lionel howell
    lionel howell Month ago

    I'm trying to still figure out this Hasselbeck character!!! he said on a different post that Bridgewater needs a lot around him to be successful. they just told him what DREW had been putting up but wAs still losing games until he got a DEFENSE.. doesn't that count for having a lot around you to WIN???? ALMOST all SUPER BOWL representers usually have a lot around them. look at what RYAN had on that Atlanta team that made it to the "CHIP" so why would he single out TEDDY and say something STUPID like that?? all successful teams need a lot around them to WIN not just TEDDY !!!! HATERS ARE GOING TO HATE!!!!!

  • Steven Jenkins
    Steven Jenkins Month ago

    Their defense is finally getting rest. Marathon offense not Sprint defense.

  • Sree Daggupati
    Sree Daggupati Month ago +1

    Saints Are Going To The Super Bowl, Point , Blank , Period , so it doesn't matter who plays they are both great

  • Chad Pru
    Chad Pru Month ago +1

    Superdome is the only home stadium that doesn't get home cooking. It's the only place that refs cheat against the home team. SMH

  • J da high roller
    J da high roller Month ago

    3:27 I'm sorry but I literally Lol'd so hard when he said that

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Month ago

    Drew is feeling jealous about the attention TB, is getting.

  • Derek Bloom
    Derek Bloom Month ago

    I don't know why people are shocked with Teddy Bridgewater. Before he got hurt he was really solid in his first 2 years in the NFL with the Vikings.. over 6000 yards and 32 TDs in those 2 seasons combined. Obviously Brees is your best option but coming into this season and its easy to say now Bridgewater and Brisett were easily the 2 best backups in the league (not knowing anything about Allen in Carolina)

  • go crazy
    go crazy Month ago

    If everybody seems to think we have two starting QBs then why not make Brees and Bridgewater split playing time like we had Kamara and Ingram splitting carries. Ya'll care about winning, right. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Sean Payton should consider that.

  • Wayne Arrington
    Wayne Arrington Month ago

    Bruh u lying man looks good going down field did you see that roll out to his left him m.t. in stride you can't take nothing from him but you make up something negative have you seen brees do a lot of down field the past two to three years you guys find something to say negative about a black quarterback

  • lil nut
    lil nut Month ago

    Like how we split runs between Ingram and Kamara, we could split play time between drew and teddy

    • go crazy
      go crazy Month ago

      exaaaaaactly. Sean Payton should consider that.

  • Tommy Lee Jr.
    Tommy Lee Jr. Month ago +1

    Everyone has been sleeping on us, except the LEAGUE and the PATRIOTS. We're that team that has to prove something YEAR after YEAR. And difference between us and these other FLY BY NIGHT TEAMS..............we CONTINUOUSLY GET BETTER. 2 yrs straight SUPERBOWL should've BEEN OURS. Do y'all history of the last 13 seasons............what NFL team has been a 500+ team season after season???????

  • Rich Harrow
    Rich Harrow Month ago +2

    Ryan Clark is slowly but surely regaining his credibility in the city... he still cant come in the 9th ward though lol

  • Terrence Gilyard
    Terrence Gilyard Month ago

    Make it happen

  • Elisa Gauthreaux
    Elisa Gauthreaux Month ago

    I love Drew but Teddy is doing so well, I feel that he is more than a back up QB at this point. The defense is really magical as in the 2009 season. Now on to the next game....WHO DAT!

  • berncj
    berncj Month ago

    Teddy is the present and the future in NO. Geaux Saints!!!

  • lonzetta jackson
    lonzetta jackson Month ago

    You are so right Brock but he is definitely prepare now.i am so proud of them!

    SHAY TV Month ago

    Saints gonna run into the Rams again, this time Ramsey on our side! Hope we play Nola instead of SF, Nola don't match up good with the Rams,Who Datt lol

  • Richard Lacey
    Richard Lacey Month ago

    You guys are high as a kite .. Bree’s is ready to go. The fricken thumb is healed,! Bridgewater is a mediocre quarterback.

  • Nina Biniji
    Nina Biniji Month ago +2

    "Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy!!!!"The Saints MVP 2019.....

  • Tyrique Thomas
    Tyrique Thomas Month ago

    We going to the super bowl

    • Mel Turnboo
      Mel Turnboo Month ago

      Don't count ur chickens before they hatch because of injuries can happen quickly

  • EliteGaming
    EliteGaming Month ago

    I feel like the saints might be garbage when brees comes back... just kinda has the feel for this year

  • Lisa Smythe
    Lisa Smythe Month ago

    The two best QBs in the NFL are former U of L (Louisville) QBs. Fingers crossed, hope they meet in the Super Bowl this year. P. S. Teddy should stay with the Saints if they play him part time for the next two years while Drew Brees works towards retirement.

    • EL33T
      EL33T Month ago

      Drew Brees went to purdue...

  • Jamie Fuldeck
    Jamie Fuldeck Month ago

    End it on that note 📝 @3:50

  • Connie B
    Connie B Month ago

    Rams beat them last yr in playoffs , then again this year. Fools gold.

    • EL33T
      EL33T Month ago

      Nah fam, it's too early to determine that, plus we beat everyone the rams lost to, so if you use the logic that rams fans do, we better than the rams.

  • Diet Clorox Bleach
    Diet Clorox Bleach Month ago +1

    Lol I can’t wait till the saints bottle another play off game 😂

    • go crazy
      go crazy Month ago

      meanwhile your team won't be innthe playoffs or they'll be 1st round exits.

  • The Shaadcast
    The Shaadcast Month ago

    I'ma Saints fan and Teddy ain't playing well, he's playing good enough the D is playing well...

    • EL33T
      EL33T Month ago

      I agree. He is not at Drew's level (yet) and the defense is a huge factor. I'd say give him some time and he'll be ready for anything when Drew retires.

  • Quentin Meadows
    Quentin Meadows Month ago

    If I was teddy I would ignore the big check for horrible teams.... keep my steady 7-10 mill on a good team for years, then take over for Brees or back up the new guy for another 10 years.

  • Hotep Namaste
    Hotep Namaste Month ago

    Notice how credit isn’t given to a Black quarterback. It’s the coach it’s the team it’s the defense. No it’s Teddy Bridgewater and the team!!!

    • Qui P
      Qui P Month ago

      They literally said Bridgewater is playing well and is getting better . But sure they aren’t giving him any credit

    • The Piper Report
      The Piper Report Month ago

      Umm..? What? lol. You've never seen any analysts praise Watson, Jackson, Russell Wilson, Winston? You must not watch many pre-game/post-game shows

  • Noel Oommen
    Noel Oommen Month ago

    Remember when everyone wanted to bench teddy and called him trash.

  • Pao Lee
    Pao Lee Month ago

    The Saints are a whole different team now. Very scary too.

  • Jude Lloyd
    Jude Lloyd Month ago +1

    It's tough to go down there and win at least with out help from the referes 😂😅

  • Richard Burch
    Richard Burch Month ago

    Who Dat.

  • Diagonal_Fleece
    Diagonal_Fleece Month ago

    Saints fan here, they should rest Brees if he is clear to play until after the bye week in the Atlanta Game, and see how he does.

  • Shefvm0us
    Shefvm0us Month ago

    11 point win ? Or 15 point ?

  • Jeff Tatus
    Jeff Tatus Month ago

    Drew Brees is actually benefiting from watching the evolution of Teddy Bridgewater. He is seeing the field differently and will be a little rusty upon his return, however; he will be much wiser from a Team and Execution perspective.

  • Polaris Noah
    Polaris Noah Month ago

    I hate the media so much they dissed the saints when brees went down smh

  • Mike Lewis SELA
    Mike Lewis SELA Month ago

    WHO DAT baby!

  • xking5v
    xking5v Month ago +1

    unpopular opinion: teddy will be starter soon i feel like he is playing at or above drew's level and drew is getting the the end of his career (40)

  • Jason Stewart
    Jason Stewart Month ago

    I would wait until after the bye.

  • Khris Kay
    Khris Kay Month ago +1

    I'm scared about Eli Apple he really a underated stud for us

  • KASLtja
    KASLtja Month ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooow Saints can afford to rest Brees after " the Saints are done" talk?? SMD

  • Justin Hedgepeth
    Justin Hedgepeth Month ago

    ImO if saints had not gotten screwed past 2 season and made it and won superbowls I would argue that brees is the GOAT

    • Justin Hedgepeth
      Justin Hedgepeth Month ago

      Tom brady has had the luxury of playing I'm a division with the dolphins, Bill's and jets none have made it to a superbowl in awhile, saints play with Falcons, Bucs and Panthers all of which have made a superbowl in the last 10 years

  • badgyrl310
    badgyrl310 Month ago +3

    "It's tough to go in there and win, at least without help from the referees"

  • RockedThe/CrapOut
    RockedThe/CrapOut Month ago

    Nice to see a full wagon! There's a long way to go still nobody goes to the playoffs with six wins people stop the noise about Teddy getting paid he's a back up, just like Kennum and Cousins.

  • w9j15g
    w9j15g Month ago

    It takes time to rebuild strength after a tendon repair. If you bring Brees back too soon, his hand could fatigue during the game. They should wait till after the bye.

  • cdcolin
    cdcolin Month ago +1

    "Without help of the referees".
    We'll never see pure football again.
    I was hoping last years "fix" would be enough to right the ship, but it's only gotten worse.
    Not bitter, just honest..

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Hi 📡📞

  • F Scott
    F Scott Month ago

    "not very good at moving the ball down the field", lol, he has a 98.9 rating and won 5 straight games. 1,376 yrds, 8 TDs, 2 int. Brady has 97.5 rating, 1,743 yrds, 10 TDs, 3 int. and arguably the best offence line in the league. So the comment just seems ridiculous. If every QB had the protection Brady has, he wouldn't look like the superstar he is...just saying

  • ZoomZoomToys
    ZoomZoomToys Month ago

    If I recall correctly the Saints absolutely throttled the Seahawks just like they mauled the Bears yesterday. Both teams had lots of garbage time yards and points. Yesterday's game was a masterclass in offensive game planning.

  • TF you lookin at
    TF you lookin at Month ago

    Im just glad brees finally has a good team around him after all those bad defenses hes had, he maybe has a chance to go out on top this year and retire like peyton in his last year with denver

  • TheBrandonJahshone
    TheBrandonJahshone Month ago

    "If the refs dont help" thank you for letting that be known its always the refs fucking us over

  • Brad BradBradBrad
    Brad BradBradBrad Month ago +1

    *Teddy* ! Teddy ! *Teddy* ! Teddy !

  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams Month ago +1

    Sean Payton needs to allow Teddy to play versus Arizona at home so that the fans can thank him for what he's done for us so far. Let Drew rest during the bye week so that he can get ready for the 2nd half stretch.

  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams Month ago +1

    Ryan Clark was on the Rams and they made the Superbowl. I'm kinda glad that he's on the whodat bandwagon

    CEN CAL Month ago +1


  • Adino1
    Adino1 Month ago

    Brees was throwing for 5000 yards a season because he was forced to keep up with the massive amount of yards and plays his defense was giving up, and that was why they were losing games.

  • Nicholas Tarnowsky
    Nicholas Tarnowsky Month ago

    People forgetting the patriots are even better

  • steve will079
    steve will079 Month ago +1

    Alabama could beat my Bears

  • Adino1
    Adino1 Month ago +8

    I'm ok with resting Brees till the Falcon's game after the Bye. But I've been watching Brees on the sidelines, and I'm afraid he might physically explode if he doesn't get to play soon.

  • Amari Evans
    Amari Evans Month ago +1

    As a falcons fan this is reminding me of the 2015 broncos with Brock osweiler and Peyton Manning

    • go crazy
      go crazy Month ago

      There's a difference. Peyton was benched because he was terrible. Brees is just recovering from an injury