Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? - 5 Reasons You’ll Love to Know

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Have you ever wondered why your cat sleeps with you? Whether on top of your legs, on
    your arm, draped over your chest, warming your feet or even on top of your head, this
    behavior has several meanings. In this AnimalWised video we explain why your cat sleeps
    with you, showing 5 common reasons you’ll love to know.
    If you want to know why your cat loves to sleep with you and snuggle in while purring,
    you’ve come to the right place! Continue watching this informative video and don’t miss

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Comments • 7 602

  • justcruisina1ong
    justcruisina1ong 3 hours ago

    Why does your cat sleep with you?
    Because they can. 'nuff said.

  • Locals Only
    Locals Only 6 hours ago

    my kitty, she sleeps on top of me when i’m in bed


    mine dosent

  • karena222fu
    karena222fu 14 hours ago

    Yes I have cats but no dogs 😕 yes they sleep with me, but they go all over other places to in apartment 😁

  • Adarsh M G
    Adarsh M G 17 hours ago

    I appreciate a cat's cuteness but I am scared to even touch it.

  • SKinSKorea
    SKinSKorea 22 hours ago

    I think they are competing a bit for my affection, plus everything in the video. They also love to bring theirs toys into my bed- maybe they think I should be up all night playing? In winter, I appreciate my 3 vibrating space heaters. Saves on my electric bills!

  • Sis Marion
    Sis Marion Day ago

    1:49 (number 4) So true. Very kind of my cat to let me stay in HER appartement. Lol
    She even leaves me some room in the bed most of the time

  • Jimmy McShlong
    Jimmy McShlong Day ago

    My cats currently passed out on my shoulder ♥️

  • Jenny Pham
    Jenny Pham Day ago +4

    I grew up with dogs and thought I hated cats. Until I found a kitten in the garage and decided to “nurse him back to health”. Omg... I am so in LOVE with this wonderful, amazing, purring, rolling, pawing, licking, curious, timid, brave, crouching, jumping, running, climbing, scratching, head-butting, incessantly meowing ball of Adorableness!! Ha ha ha!! He sleeps in my bed and gently pats my cheek every morning to wake up. I’ve needed a cat for so long and didn’t even know it. Where has he been all my life and how lucky am I to find him all alone in the garage?! 🥰

  • Ben Mak
    Ben Mak Day ago

    We have two big cats, I've built them two cat condo over the stairs. But they like to sleep in our bedrooms daytime. Sometimes also coming at night and finding cozy place in our big bed. When my wife leaving for work I find frequently one of them sleeping next to me, face to face with head on my wife pillow.

  • chingaso316LOST
    chingaso316LOST Day ago

    # 6 the cat is hungry and is waiting for you to wake up so you can start feed him/her.

  • Kurt Slotkowski
    Kurt Slotkowski Day ago

    I have a cat that seems to like to sleep near my head. I always chalked it up to their natural sympayhetic/psychic connection with their owners and also senses my dreaming while I am asleep.

  • Laura Willits
    Laura Willits 2 days ago

    Yes there is a large Russian Blue on top of me at this moment. And my husband has a Tortie on his feet.

    • Genevieve
      Genevieve Day ago

      Laura Willits that’s so sweet 😭

  • opwave79
    opwave79 2 days ago +2

    When it got real cold in January, my cat came over and tucked herself under the blanket and against my chest.

  • mozart Avila
    mozart Avila 2 days ago

    this canal copy your logo, is a Brasilian canal look pls thexvid.com/video/Knb_8-R_nZA/video.html

  • stachelbeere91
    stachelbeere91 2 days ago +2

    Watching this while lying in bed snuggling with my Cat xD

  • Stephen O'Connell
    Stephen O'Connell 2 days ago

    When adopting our two cats. One of the questions on the paperwork was. Where would you let your cat/s sleep? What a stupid arse comment. They have about 5/6 different spots in each room. But unfortunately for one of my cats. He doesn’t like to sleep next to me. He likes to sleep on me. Have multiple times woke up hanging off the edge of the bed and he’s all spawned out with all the duvet fast asleep. Hell I want to be a cat when I go and in a loving home like mine. What a life to live lol.

  • Paul Dolan
    Paul Dolan 3 days ago

    I miss my lil Harry sooooo much unfortunately put him down 2 weeks ago sooooo sad was 16 a Turkish Angoran the miss affectionate cat loved him sooo much

  • liverpool ynwa
    liverpool ynwa 3 days ago

    so that if you die they’ll eat you

  • Martin Price
    Martin Price 3 days ago

    The order of the Paw. Means love. Your in like Flynn. Like when they reach out and set their paw on you. Purr. Rub on you. Then. There's the gentle love bites.

  • Jaess501
    Jaess501 3 days ago

    My cat never sleeps with me 😭 he hates it I want him to sleep with me

  • WileyK
    WileyK 3 days ago

    Definitely look to us for security. My cat was out one night. I could hear him howling at another tom. I went out to make sure he was ok. The look he gave me was "sweet! Here comes the cavalry, let's smash this bitch!" He got all brave and chased off the other cat then came in for a fuss. Miss that cat.

  • Spring09
    Spring09 3 days ago

    LOL! for Reason 4 at 1:55

  • Butter me Buns
    Butter me Buns 4 days ago

    Shane Dawson’s thoughts exactly

  • Kevin Groeneveld
    Kevin Groeneveld 4 days ago

    My cat does go outdoors and i'm eligble to sleep in her bed.

    I'm one lucky motherfucker, imagine sleeping on the floor.

    (What we already do).

  • elijah mikle
    elijah mikle 4 days ago +1

    The cat sitting in front the heater. 👍😁

  • Lilly Shooter
    Lilly Shooter 4 days ago

    My cat sleep with me, too. Every night as long as i turn off the light she then will come and tried to flip the blanket to let me know and let her squiz in then she sleeps on my arm like human, very cute.

  • Ryvaken
    Ryvaken 4 days ago

    I picked out a beautiful calico in a shelter who already had a family looking to take her in. Figured that was a pipe dream but she fell asleep in my arms when they let me pet her. Got a call a few days later; the cat was sick and the previous claim was canceled. The shelter was willing to let me take her and give me medicine, but they wouldn't give her meds themselves. I didn't have anything ready, had never had a cat before. Drove down to the shelter, got the cat, went to a pet store, my brother helped me work through a checklist, got her home. That night she curled up on my chest and went to sleep. Any time we're somewhere new, like a hotel room, she climbs on me to go to sleep.
    The on normal? She climbs on my pillow and shoves her back into my face. Then a few minutes later she wanders off to make noise and drive me insane.

  • Celine S
    Celine S 5 days ago

    I love it when my cat sleeps between me and my boyfriend but unfortunately she doesn‘t always love it the way i do. But when she does i‘m the most happy cat mom on the planet. I love her, she‘s my baby 😂😻

  • Courtnxxy
    Courtnxxy 5 days ago

    bro I was trying to move my cat when she was sleeping on me and that hoe scratched my face

  • Melynda Dunn
    Melynda Dunn 5 days ago

    My bed becomes a zoo at night. 1 dog, 2 cats and 1 child. I usually end up in a cliff hanging position by morning but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Aris Spyratos
    Aris Spyratos 5 days ago

    I can't sleep without my cats!

  • IngotAU
    IngotAU 5 days ago

    When my mom came home from the hospital and entered home hospice, our cat jumped right into bed with her, snuggled and slept and rarely left her side during those weeks. So sweet!

    • IngotAU
      IngotAU 16 hours ago

      +Genevieve 😻♥️ She was so happy when Mom came home... I got a pic of Aubrey's paw slipped into Mom's hand 💕

    • Genevieve
      Genevieve Day ago +1

      IngotAU that’s so precious! 😭

  • Chloe L.
    Chloe L. 5 days ago

    My cat sleeps next to me to start meowing when the dream gets good..

    13BRAVO REDLEG 5 days ago

    My cat will sleep under the covers with me!

  • Nina Athena
    Nina Athena 5 days ago

    My kitties take over my bed lo!

  • Stazi Belvin
    Stazi Belvin 5 days ago

    My little girl sleeps in my bed cuz she was born in her bed on my bed. Idk y she decided we need to share a pillow though and lays in a way that if I move my arm she’ll roll off the bed (I’ve moved accidentally before and she did fall and landed on her side)

  • Ricky E.
    Ricky E. 5 days ago

    Somehow i wake up with my cat nestled in my arms every morning.

  • Donteatacowman
    Donteatacowman 6 days ago

    In the winter when it's chilly, my cat and I are so much clingier at night.

  • Marsha Brislin
    Marsha Brislin 7 days ago

    Love to read and hear these about cats

  • C.C T
    C.C T 7 days ago

    Hi from Greece. Nice video. I have 😺😺😺 cats. They all like to sleep on my bed with me every night. The youngest who is a year old, a male: curls up and sleeps in my arms, like a baby, literally 😊all the time....awww💗

  • Sami editor
    Sami editor 9 days ago

    Is it ok to sleep with you cat? HELL NO

  • Sami editor
    Sami editor 9 days ago

    Fuk em sleeping on my pillow ye Cheekey bastards

  • Ray Patton
    Ray Patton 9 days ago

    My cat Forest will sleep on my feet even if I move them. When my boyfriend sleeps over Forest will sleep in between us. 😂 he’s is the best cat ever

  • Jon Harris
    Jon Harris 9 days ago

    My cat sleeps with me because she a snuggle bug and the person I got her off of when she was ready to leave the litter was already adapted to sleeping with a human.

  • TheGamerH2O
    TheGamerH2O 9 days ago +1

    Im as old as my cat thats 16. I do have allergies towards cats but its a special bond that can't be broken.

    • Genevieve
      Genevieve Day ago

      TheGamerH2O I love hearing this! So many others get rid of their cats because of allergies, but we can almost always take allergy meds ave not kick the cat out of the house.

  • M C
    M C 10 days ago

    Ew I don't wanna know why you weird furry

  • Sophia The Oofer
    Sophia The Oofer 11 days ago +1

    5 Reasons Why Cats Let Humans Sleep In Their Beds**

  • ZZR03
    ZZR03 11 days ago

    how about why dose my cat breath in my ear every chance it gets?

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 12 days ago

    Shane Dawson must think he's normal 😕

  • Katie Lyvers
    Katie Lyvers 13 days ago

    He sleeps with me because the same reason why this video says he sleeps with me and because he loves me I comfort him and he comforts me

  • Beth Tussey
    Beth Tussey 13 days ago

    My cat Stella has slept on top of me since she was a tiny kitten. She is now too big to lay comfortably on top of me, but tries anyway and eventually settles for between my legs or against my back.

  • MathiasJames2002
    MathiasJames2002 14 days ago +1

    Shane Dawson likes this video.

  • Denise Stadnik
    Denise Stadnik 14 days ago

    Me cat likes to sleep on me is that the same reasons they sleep next to you?

  • Meer Pirat
    Meer Pirat 14 days ago

    the most obvious reason is missing. If they sleep enxt to you, they don't miss breakfast.

  • Gacha wolf
    Gacha wolf 14 days ago +1

    My kitty boi sleeps next to me every night

  • kavita redkar
    kavita redkar 15 days ago


  • The Dankest meme
    The Dankest meme 15 days ago

    Cat Video: *exists*

    Shane Dawson: owo wahts this?

  • YaBoi_ MrSir
    YaBoi_ MrSir 15 days ago

    My cat sleeps under my bed lol

  • Suzanne Espen
    Suzanne Espen 15 days ago

    All three!❤😻😻😻

  • Lunar Nova
    Lunar Nova 15 days ago

    “Does your cat sleep with you?”
    Me: “No she breaks everything”

  • Mohamed Salah
    Mohamed Salah 15 days ago

    Good for you. My cat never sleep besides me or any of my family. Why, she hates any worm place even in coldest Winter day. So weird right!

  • Daddy Paddy
    Daddy Paddy 15 days ago

    My 12 week old kitten Bailey has already began training me "im his not the other way around bless him"

  • MAV
    MAV 16 days ago +1

    I haven't got a cat but by my neighbour has. Her cat comes over for a visit almost daily and it is such a lovely ritual. He spends a few minutes or sometimes a few hours with me and quite often I'll find him asleep on a chair or even on my bed! Even though I'm not his rightful owner, he has adopted me as the next best thing LOL!🐭🐭

  • Ian Layman
    Ian Layman 16 days ago

    Had a dream that I was being suffocating woke up to 3 cats on my face apparently my dad found one day j his car engine and let her in (he’s a night worker)

  • Boyd Ferdinand
    Boyd Ferdinand 16 days ago

    Masha Allah

  • xpoltas satlop
    xpoltas satlop 16 days ago

    My cat likes to sleep on my head

  • Mirjam Lizovic
    Mirjam Lizovic 16 days ago

    I would really like a kitten but I have a dog who doesn't stand other animals.....advice?

  • Altaay Mattila
    Altaay Mattila 16 days ago

    My cat thinks I'm her kitten and likes to watch over me, especially at night

  • Morgan Carser
    Morgan Carser 16 days ago

    Are you Northern Irish?

  • Bella Dee
    Bella Dee 16 days ago

    I used to have 3 cats and now I have 2 but soon we are giving 1 away. We have to give 1 of my cats away since we are moving soon and she lives in our basement because that’s where she’s always been and wants to be. So we will only have 1 cat left. He is 4 years old and he is the cutest thing on earth. Oh right, my other cat died... he was very old. He was 17 years old.. he’s in a good place now though... he really is.... Anyways, back to my 4 year old cat. He litterally sleeps on me EVERY NIGHT! He purrs and purrs all night long. He is my best friend and will always be... even when it ends... I’m not exited for this day to come... I’m just never going to think about it and hopefully he won’t pass for along time until I do.".................... love you Oliver and Dogey and Shaggy! 😘😘😘

  • Jug or not?
    Jug or not? 16 days ago +4

    "Is it ok to sleep with your cats"?
    *Shane Dawson* wants to know your location*

  • Brittany Reed
    Brittany Reed 16 days ago

    I have a handful of cats and there is one of the cats that sleep with me every night but there are times that another cat of mine decide to sleep with me well the cat that always sleep with me will get jealous and decide not to sleep with me he will be on the ground beside me or else where in the room!! Anyway I love cats always and forever!! And cats like to have schedules they know the time to feed what time I get home from work cats are super smart super cool and awesome!! I've turned my husband into a cat person over the years!!

  • Theo Young
    Theo Young 17 days ago

    My cat sleeps on me and next to me for 16 hours

  • Namasa Otnen
    Namasa Otnen 17 days ago

    6th reason--- because cat waiting his owner to die and eat them. LOL

  • enkibumbu
    enkibumbu 17 days ago

    Just use a condom.

  • Cindy Gonzalez
    Cindy Gonzalez 17 days ago

    yes she's a kitten and I barely got her I can't sleep because I move a lot I don't know what to do

  • D&L Supply Plumbing Parts Solution

    Anyone else get the Kitty Poo ad? 😹

  • AlaZenH
    AlaZenH 17 days ago +1

    Who came here to see the Shane Dawson comments.

  • Lol Fortnite
    Lol Fortnite 17 days ago +2

    True title:why cats sleep with you THE TRUTH WILL SHOCK YOU!!!!!

  • Janna Mathia
    Janna Mathia 17 days ago

    my mother’s cat waits for her to get in bed

  • Dylan Eggleston
    Dylan Eggleston 17 days ago

    I hate cats. I dont know why im watching this video.

  • Royalist -Z
    Royalist -Z 17 days ago

    Join patto ur catto group please

  • T4DHG
    T4DHG 17 days ago

    Shane Dawson sleeps with his cat;)

  • nsbhater
    nsbhater 17 days ago

    So...my cat doesn't want to sleep next to me...does this mean he doesn't love me, doesn't feel safe with me, doesn't need my warmth and all the other reasons? 😔

  • Sylvia Christodoulou
    Sylvia Christodoulou 17 days ago +1

    I love cats sooooo much☺💕💚💙

  • Sunny Khatri
    Sunny Khatri 18 days ago

    I dont have a cat :C

  • nhihihi5
    nhihihi5 18 days ago

    My cat doesnt sleep with me the whole night. But she will either sleep with me for 2-3 hours and flee away or she will guard until I actually go to bed and then flee away.

  • baerleon
    baerleon 18 days ago

    Whether sleeping with your cat is okay depends upon your definition of such activity.

  • LoverofGOD Always
    LoverofGOD Always 18 days ago +1

    My cats are in and out all day...they also like to sleep in my bed at times but not all the time but a lot...is this bad since I let them go outside. I love the company at night, really.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 18 days ago

    I always sleep the best with my cat on me.

  • Sunset Gao
    Sunset Gao 18 days ago

    Everyone has such lovely stories about their cat sleeping with them, but my cat doesn’t like my room for whatever reason, and if she does stay she most likely won’t even sleep with me but on the floor somewhere. Then at about 4/5 am, she’ll wake up and start meowing.

  • muhd faris
    muhd faris 18 days ago

    cat is tsundere

  • Gacha Soda
    Gacha Soda 18 days ago

    My cat sleeps next me
    When my brothers come I usually tell them to go away so maybe that’s why?

    EPIC GAMER73 18 days ago +3

    Can we get an episode on why my cat doesn't sleep with me..

  • SpriteCanberryIs MyWaifu
    SpriteCanberryIs MyWaifu 18 days ago +19

    Why am I watching this I dont even have a cat :(

  • -__- NoCakeNoSnake
    -__- NoCakeNoSnake 18 days ago +4

    I miss my cat.. He would Always sneak in and my ex always hated it. He would also would love to be in my arms while i game which never lasted long. I miss the most is the hugs. He was my first cat. I know i probably never again have that type of bond but glad he came in my life for he forever changed my view on 😺 .😭😪 you be missed my forever lil orange fur ball😂

  • CakeFrost
    CakeFrost 18 days ago

    My cats hate me

  • Black Infinity
    Black Infinity 18 days ago

    I am as good as a cat

  • Black Infinity
    Black Infinity 18 days ago

    I don't seem to sleep comfortably unless my kitty's on my side/on my stomach 🤗