Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? - 5 Reasons You’ll Love to Know

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Have you ever wondered why your cat sleeps with you? Whether on top of your legs, on
    your arm, draped over your chest, warming your feet or even on top of your head, this
    behavior has several meanings. In this AnimalWised video we explain why your cat sleeps
    with you, showing 5 common reasons you’ll love to know.
    If you want to know why your cat loves to sleep with you and snuggle in while purring,
    you’ve come to the right place! Continue watching this informative video and don’t miss

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Comments • 4 018

  • Gurn Blanstein
    Gurn Blanstein 8 hours ago

    My cat sleeps by my head every night

  • radar 211
    radar 211 Day ago

    Because your breath smells like cat food.

  • Riri Jazzy
    Riri Jazzy 3 days ago

    We must love cat...😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Bruh bruh bruh
    Bruh bruh bruh 3 days ago

    Is it okay to fuck your cat too?

  • XxMariahxX
    XxMariahxX 4 days ago

    I call my cat bubby 😸

  • Kelli Xpenguinx
    Kelli Xpenguinx 6 days ago

    Hi.im new.i have 2 cats.they both sleep with me.recently theyve been outside.i think they think its there bed and they love me 🐱💚

  • HitSpot
    HitSpot 7 days ago

    My cat put his head on my leg when he and i sleep

  • GayLord
    GayLord 7 days ago

    Not going to lie, I definitely cried during this video

  • Geral indestructible

    My kitten sleeps on my head...
    I mean i love him but why tf does it need to be on my head?

  • John Beckman
    John Beckman 8 days ago

    Why does my cat poop in my bed

  • fungjungkung
    fungjungkung 8 days ago

    Because he's gay!

  • Ann Pacelli
    Ann Pacelli 9 days ago +1

    Yes she sleeps with me every night

  • Jayden Bagley
    Jayden Bagley 9 days ago

    Right now I'm watching this sitting on the floor next to my cat on my computer chair

  • joan L
    joan L 10 days ago

    And my cat prefers to sleep with my roommate 😑😑

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark 10 days ago

    I’d like to let people know you can drop them off at the SPCA or animal control instead of Dumping them in the woods or on the street because they will die suffering of starvation and alone. All you have to do is tell them it’s a stray and you don’t want it and it can Get medical attention ,food and possibly new loving people. I found a cat with Mange and dropped it at the SPCA and I gave them one hundred dollars but you don’t have to pay anything. 30 dollars will last a cat a month or more. You can chose to do the right thing and feel good about yourself.please!

  • Dave Schozer
    Dave Schozer 11 days ago +1

    My Dart, use to lay every night with his back against my chest.... Under the covers & his head on the pilllow.. Had him 15 yrs... Rip buddy 😢😢

  • Saiswathi Kiran
    Saiswathi Kiran 12 days ago +1

    My cat always Sleeps with me😊❤

  • Wilhelminna Brown
    Wilhelminna Brown 12 days ago

    My cat is in the middle of my legs sleeping, if I move, I'm afraid she might kill me 😬

  • D.A.R.K
    D.A.R.K 14 days ago

    I'm allergic slightly to cats but when I saw my kitten Charlie I dropped everything. Yes my eyes puff up some times but I love Charlie he is my best friend.

  • Vaughn Tongio
    Vaughn Tongio 14 days ago

    My cat prefers to sleep in my bed rather than my aunt who lives with us and provide our cat with food, water and cleans the litter and all that. But our cat barely goes to my aunt and prefers me EVERYTIME. He never sleeps or goes to my bed day or night unless I am there with him, he never sleeps with my aunt in her bed (and again she is the provider of food, water, litter and others stuff that cats need) i’m just here petting him, playing with him, hanging out with him and just overall always in his sight. I never ever heard him hiss, he never bites, that’s why I can carry him whenever I want (I’m also convinced that he’s more scared of rats and other cats or kittens and never is territorial towards meeting cat strangers in our home).
    After all that, my question is “how come i’m the one he, not so say loves more, but prefer being with than my aunt (who they say because you provide cats with what they need they love you) who is a provider and i’m just another person my cat is with, in our house?”

  • Intergalactic Imaganation

    My cat named Felix sleeps next to me and purrs

  • your mother
    your mother 16 days ago

    that weird ass motherfucker kissing the grey cat looks like a meth addict

  • Shelray Sam
    Shelray Sam 16 days ago

    Why my kitty mow at night

  • Timothy Dingman
    Timothy Dingman 16 days ago +1

    I have three cats. They range in age from 5 to 16. They range in weight from 8 to 20 Lbs. They are all neutered and one is declawed ( not my fault, I inherited all of them). Two of them sleep with Susan and me. Susan thinks that one of them tries to sleep on...well..my crotch out of jealousy a possessiveness. She may be correct because the cat tends to jump onto the bed and move to a spot directly between us. There are no shortages of nasty glances if Susan turns to face me (and the cat). the cats are good for my blood pressure and general mental health

  • Elcia Veckarolmes
    Elcia Veckarolmes 17 days ago

    Watching at 3am cuz my cat is sleeping on top of me, I need to go to the toilet T-T

  • Señora de Mendoza
    Señora de Mendoza 17 days ago

    I'd let my cat sleep on my bed IF he wanted to, but he doesn't. 😅

  • Hina Rocks
    Hina Rocks 17 days ago +1

    Omg the first cat looks exactly like my cat right now omggggg and he is sleeping right now!!!!

  • EmDrew Appleby
    EmDrew Appleby 17 days ago

    My cat generally doesn't like sleeping in a room without me in it but sometimes she likes to shake things up

  • Raylene Podosky
    Raylene Podosky 17 days ago

    My cats asleep right now,Rolled up,And purring!!!!!But her tail is down,Maybe because she is sleeping 🐈 💤.She has her ‘Paws”Crossed,And her feat as well...With her “paws”.Is my cat weird!? 🐈 💤.

  • krishna makwana
    krishna makwana 18 days ago

    I love my cat...she too sleeeps with me🐱🐆🐈🐈🐈

  • Elements 206411
    Elements 206411 18 days ago

    My cat used to do this, he first does his kneading and purrs REALLY loud!!

  • Star87
    Star87 18 days ago

    Miau !

  • Lisa Robbins
    Lisa Robbins 18 days ago

    my kitty sleeps on my pillow above my head. I use two pillows now.

  • Angela C. Taylor
    Angela C. Taylor 18 days ago

    I love cats!

  • Aaron Kolatch
    Aaron Kolatch 19 days ago

    I love sleeping with my cat. He's my best friend. A few years ago rats found a way inside of the walls of my house and I am terrified of rats. It sounded like people were stomping behind my walls, I guess they were pretty big rats. I let Tigger come in and sleep in my bed with me and I would fall asleep like a baby just because I knew he was there with me and he would kill any rat that came into my room. Every once in a while I'd wake up throughout the night and as long as he was still laying there beside me I would just fall back asleep. There were a few times I would wake up and he wouldn't be on the bed and I would sit up and look for him just to find him laying on the floor beside the bed looking up at me as to tell me everything's okay, at which point I'd fall back asleep. I love my Tigger so much.

  • Christine Lin
    Christine Lin 19 days ago

    My cat wakes me up, so I can wake my sister up and he can sleep in her room. I'm a human doorbell...

  • Kylie Belverstone
    Kylie Belverstone 19 days ago

    1:14 the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  • Royalty M
    Royalty M 20 days ago

    Omg was that cat perched in front of a heater???? My word 😨😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😩😂😂😩😩

  • Linda McIntosh
    Linda McIntosh 20 days ago

    my cat always slept with her butt facing us. sometimes her head was facing the wall so watching out for danger wasn't the reason. I always figured the reason for this this way there was more area on her body that got loving petting. I was told she was just weird. Well she wouldnt have been my cat if she didn't like weird. we fit like a hand in a glove.!!

  • Katie
    Katie 20 days ago

    I’m about to adopt my first cat (I’ve grown up with cats and taken care of em, but this will be the first one I own on my own, I’m 23 and have been at my first job for a while now), and I don’t know if I want to adopt a kitten or an adult cat...I know it’s probably harder for grown cats to get adopted from shelters.

  • Kerry Meade
    Kerry Meade 20 days ago

    My kitty is 17 and then after long time of being away he's come back and insist on sleeping between my husband and I I think for security

  • Beverly Fowler
    Beverly Fowler 20 days ago

    My cat sleep on my arm or between my knees. She loved me and I her! Lost her to cancer! Now I have a long hair Chi just couldn’t stand to replace my Phoenix!😢❤️

  • Norah Hill
    Norah Hill 20 days ago

    As I’m watching this my cat is curled up in my side, purring as he sleeps. He doesn’t sleep with anyone else in my family, but the two of us have bonded over the past six years that we have been able to enjoy his company.

  • Ashiah Indigo
    Ashiah Indigo 20 days ago

    But why do some of them lay on your head??😆

  • Adders Dewinter
    Adders Dewinter 21 day ago

    All my cats have been loved and loved me right back. 😀

  • thejiddy
    thejiddy 21 day ago

    Sometimes our cat sleep in my room and in the middle of the night he would wake me up and ask me to scratch his head. So I did. But when I fall asleep and stop, he bit me. The next minute, he sleeps outside the room and I sleep peacefully.

  • Jamie Jamie
    Jamie Jamie 21 day ago

    My babies are never uninvited on our bed.

  • FlameHaze59
    FlameHaze59 21 day ago

    Yeah, she loves me and I loves me too ❤

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444 21 day ago

    My boy sits next to me whenever he can. He sometimes pats me, begging me to love on him, and will even try to lay on my shoulder cx

  • A.J. Young
    A.J. Young 21 day ago +1

    MY cat sleeps ON TOP of me. Sprawled out. It's adorable, she's the most chillax cat ever.

  • Bang Supa
    Bang Supa 21 day ago

    my cat treat me well

  • Chef
    Chef 21 day ago

    My cat passed away just a week ago. Every cat video I see makes me cry

  • Teresa Keplinger
    Teresa Keplinger 21 day ago

    Love my kitty!

  • Trumbning Grunnies
    Trumbning Grunnies 21 day ago

    I’m not crying you are

  • Yoginirunner
    Yoginirunner 21 day ago

    They think its their bed and Im just sleeping in it at night 😂😂😂 they have it 24/7

  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White 21 day ago

    "Kane" takes turns w sleeping w me in my bed , lying right up against my side and the kids beds.he was a orphan teenager ( about 2 years old) wen my kids found him outside cold wet and 😨 scared. loads of fleas!!- we scooped him up gave him a flea bath a visit to vets and made him part of the fam. he rulez the house. i just pay the bills💜

  • Sims Junkie
    Sims Junkie 21 day ago

    I needed my Fur-baby to my bed with me. He helped me fall asleep. He loved to sleep with me. He share part of my pillow and blanket.

  • Charlotte White
    Charlotte White 21 day ago


  • Paula Zemeckis
    Paula Zemeckis 21 day ago

    1. kitties sleep with their human BECAUSE THEY LOVE THEM. Period. Should not be #5!

  • 《Meme 》
    《Meme 》 21 day ago

    My cat loved to do this. She was a very gentle and sleepy sweetheart, and such a loving one too. She passed on the 25 of May, sadly. Due to expainable complications, I do not have her remains. However, I have since rescued a beautiful little solid gray kitty and he loves to nap beside me too.

  • Ashley Siegfried
    Ashley Siegfried 21 day ago

    My cats sleep on top of me

  • denny smith
    denny smith 21 day ago

    Dogs have MASTERS ... cats have STAFF...

  • Christine Villanueva

    My cat owns the bed, they own everything

  • rm roy
    rm roy 22 days ago


  • Molly ross
    Molly ross 22 days ago

    my cat loves to sleep in the middle of my legs.....

  • Andre Ivory
    Andre Ivory 22 days ago

    Make a video for dog owners

  • LV Brandenburg
    LV Brandenburg 23 days ago

    They wake me up at night when they want to be petted :')

  • bax
    bax 23 days ago

    my cat is laying on top of my right now

  • Breana Charles
    Breana Charles 23 days ago

    My cat is laying next to me now. It's rare that she won't sleep literally cradled in my arm like a baby or on my chest and she always holds my face with one or both of her paws ❤️ she purrs and gives me a million kitty kisses. I love our bond

  • Raven Vaughan
    Raven Vaughan 23 days ago +1

    Aw I love this

  • Steven Kesler
    Steven Kesler 23 days ago

    I rescued a female black kitten once who's mother passed away one October and since there were five kittens that my friend found from that litter she couldn't hand rear all of them so she kept two and I took one and the other two went with another friend (all doing great and in loving homes now) anyway I had to bottle feed her and keep her warm so at night I would keep her next to my chest under the covers. now she is three years old but still gets under the covers next to my chest at night so I know it's because she loves me and sees me as her adoptive parent.

  • Rebekah Parkinson
    Rebekah Parkinson 23 days ago

    All three of mine try to sleep on the bed with me every night. Best feeling is waking up extra cuddled.

  • TheLambdaTeam
    TheLambdaTeam 23 days ago +1

    I like my cute cat to sleep with me. I can always rest my head and rely on her sensitive hearing and smell. She is my only companion, I actually trust her a gazillion times more than humans.

  • Jeremiah Dinkins
    Jeremiah Dinkins 23 days ago

    For number 1
    Sometimes my cats go over the ac when its blowing cold :u

  • Shima Amiri
    Shima Amiri 23 days ago

    This makes my heart grow 1058409475960 sizes

  • Mary Ann Farley
    Mary Ann Farley 24 days ago

    My mom passed away six weeks ago. I've been absolutely devastated, yet I'm so deeply grateful for my Olive. The first night I came home, she wouldn't leave me, even if I went to the bathroom, where she would sit on my shoulders and rub her head against mine. She's been an extraordinary comfort since then, too. She's always been loving, but this is a whole other level. It's like she knows and is caring for me.

  • Sher Lock
    Sher Lock 24 days ago

    Or the dining table chair

  • Sher Lock
    Sher Lock 24 days ago

    My cat sleeps in the sofa lol

  • rumble fish
    rumble fish 24 days ago

    Because she's horny?

  • Anna-Maria
    Anna-Maria 24 days ago

    I watched this why my cat was sleeping in my next it me

  • Marie Conlon
    Marie Conlon 24 days ago

    Every night at 10pm it's bed time. This girl is known to bite you if you're not in bed. She will grab your legs if you walk out of the room, too. She has to do "lights out"; meaning i hold her and she flicks out every light in the house on the way to bed. Once in bed she demands being spooned. I'm big spoon and she's little spoon. Lol! She wants me to hold her hind legs feet and then insists on facing whatever direction my face is pointed. If i flip over she will walk around and sleep on that side. This is the only cat I've ever had that does that. So weird lol! Gotta love her!

  • shaddoe crow
    shaddoe crow 24 days ago

    I'd like to understand why my cat has to sleep on me.

  • Camila Moreno
    Camila Moreno 24 days ago

    This is so relaxing.😻

  • Lizabeth Gussman
    Lizabeth Gussman 24 days ago

    Cats are not uninvited on the bed. 🙁😑😦

  • Strahan Bleach
    Strahan Bleach 24 days ago

    I don’t have a cat why am I watching this

  • Ig: Brvnly
    Ig: Brvnly 24 days ago

    My cat sleep at my feet and I accidentally kick him sometimes I feel awful after

  • Gurp Gurp
    Gurp Gurp 24 days ago

    even though one of my cats was really dirty all the time because he was an outdoor cat and it would be really gross to have him sleep on my bed i still really feel super bad for all those times i kicked him off my bed. i miss him so much

  • Caelestis Nox Lunae
    Caelestis Nox Lunae 25 days ago

    I'm here because I don't have a cat but when I'm over with my boyfriend when we are able to sleep together, his cat sleeps by my head at night

  • Mobashrah Zubair
    Mobashrah Zubair 25 days ago

    2:18 the kittens!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😻😻😻😻😻😻 thank you soooo much. this is the first the I watched your video and I already subscribed. I love your videos and the way you put cats in it. *I just love cats* 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    My cat is a Siamese cat and she's very sweet. But she's not allowed to sleep with me at bedtime, unfortunately.😩😩😩

  • Danny Morano
    Danny Morano 26 days ago +1

    All of the cats i have ever had have slept along with me, especially in winter. Up close, under the covers on their back and lick my beard if I sleep to late. My furry little buddies.

  • Andrea Imperial
    Andrea Imperial 26 days ago

    Becoz i force them to sleep beside me lol

  • Raman Varshini
    Raman Varshini 26 days ago

    My male cat is called stripy. He is a yrs old. He circle my leg, when I leave the roam when he is eating but he meow and after I come in, he continues to eat. After he roams he calls me. I should first pet him only then he calms down. He sleeps on my bed.

  • Zilver Player
    Zilver Player 26 days ago

    Both my cats often sleep in my bed, at the same time, they take over half of the bed, but i love sleeping with them. Some times one of them sleeps on top of me.

  • Brandon McCaskey
    Brandon McCaskey 27 days ago +1

    My cat stormy sleeps next to me pretty much every night and has since I got him as a kitten the first night he was home, I love that cat

  • kelly Beck
    kelly Beck 27 days ago

    My cat Perry ( an 16 pound Blue Russian male age 18 that I truly adore) sleeps in my bed with me beause I'm a bed snacker lol and we love to share a bag of cheese doodles.....

  • dcalzini
    dcalzini 28 days ago

    I like to believe it's the last reason :)

  • Lulu Lulu
    Lulu Lulu 28 days ago +1

    I really enjoyed your video!😍😻❤💚💜Thank you!
    Thank you

  • Masterkavi
    Masterkavi 28 days ago +1

    "Becasue they consider you, as good as a cat." - Perfect line.

  • Lillyanna Wright
    Lillyanna Wright 28 days ago

    My cat never leaves my side and our napping and sleep schedule is the same

  • Sean Michaels
    Sean Michaels 28 days ago

    Reason #6: They're waiting for you to die in your sleep so they can eat you.