Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? - 5 Reasons You’ll Love to Know

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Have you ever wondered why your cat sleeps with you? Whether on top of your legs, on
    your arm, draped over your chest, warming your feet or even on top of your head, this
    behavior has several meanings. In this AnimalWised video we explain why your cat sleeps
    with you, showing 5 common reasons you’ll love to know.
    If you want to know why your cat loves to sleep with you and snuggle in while purring,
    you’ve come to the right place! Continue watching this informative video and don’t miss

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Comments • 4 622

  • Khalid Abushahin
    Khalid Abushahin 10 minutes ago

    What kind of cat is the orange one at 1:20? I want one like that but idk what that breed is called. Help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Ken45
    Ken45 2 hours ago

    My cat is my little companion. She sleeps on my chest every night. I love feeling her purring lol. Unfortunately she has congestive heart failure and the vet said she only has max 2 years to live. She's responding really well to the medication so far so I'm hopeful she will beat that.

  • V See
    V See 3 hours ago

    We use to have two boy cats who adored me and never left my side. Now we have two girl cats and they adore my husband and never leave his side. Payback's a bitch.

  • JB Knight
    JB Knight 3 hours ago +1

    Pets aren't supposed to sleep in your bed.
    The Bible says animals are to be separate from humans, that's some disgusting shyt LOL!!! 💢😵💢

  • OCnStiggs
    OCnStiggs 4 hours ago

    My cat starts out on my chest side but eventually, I roll over. When I do, she stays on my back and slides down between my back and my sleeping pillow. She stretches out (cat spaghettification!) enormously and totally zonks out. My cat weighs 12 lbs. I weigh about 18 times her weight. That's like me sliding in next to a baluga whale! She trusts me and sleeps with me in winter when its cold or in summer when the AC is wailing. I'll miss her when she is gone.

  • Mokeshwaran R
    Mokeshwaran R 11 hours ago

    My cat always sleep at the edge of my bed near my foot. I don't know why.

  • Lakiesha Powe
    Lakiesha Powe 17 hours ago

    Why my cat nibble on my fingers? Lol.

  • Kayla Ivy
    Kayla Ivy 18 hours ago

    Ditto with butters and beans.....my cat monitor's my breathing cuz I'm ill...if my breathing is different he'll wake me up with head but to my nose.🐺🐾🐾❤💋💋🌷🌻

  • William Orr
    William Orr 20 hours ago

    Because it knows you want some pussy😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Mary Wren Turman
    Mary Wren Turman 22 hours ago

    He loves you that’s why

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 23 hours ago

    One of my cats knows when I'm going to bed once the tv goes on and TheXvid on my phone is done she's in the bed less then a min later

  • Scorch Tail
    Scorch Tail Day ago

    I have three but it’s Elmo (came with name) who sleeps with me every night in fact I’ll lift up the covers and he will get under them and sleep so that our heads are very close to each other.

  • Christos Kaloudis

    I have 3 cats and a feral cat that sleeps in my garage on a bed I made for him.. I love them all the same

  • jessxxy
    jessxxy Day ago

    Because they love and trust you.... isnt that enough? :)

  • cementra2007
    cementra2007 Day ago

    I miss my cat. Disappeared without trace.

  • Drake Koefoed
    Drake Koefoed 2 days ago

    if your human wakes up st 0400, and you're not there, you might miss out on some petting.

  • TheSeventeenBall
    TheSeventeenBall 2 days ago

    Maybe my cat doesn't spend time with me because I'm quite literally freezing every time I make contact with her.

  • Dan Basta
    Dan Basta 2 days ago

    There was a little kitten that came to my back deck, Sunday October 27th of 16. He and mg little Sheltie Collie becsme the very best of friends, however, this little guy always followed me around and slept with me by my feet in my bed. Sad to say, let him out in June of this year, 18, and never saw him ever again. I miss him very, very much. He put a dent into my heart.

  • Catzilla GamerYT
    Catzilla GamerYT 2 days ago

    Cats Are cute :D

  • King Bora Beats
    King Bora Beats 2 days ago

    If he doesnt sleep with me, my cat will sleep my ps4 because its warm lol

  • Sam Nikole
    Sam Nikole 2 days ago

    I rather have a cat in my bed! Oh wait I got one! And she is my alarm clock, too!
    And she used to sleep on my chest a few min every night before she had her kittens!
    I miss her sleeping on me!

  • Mary Ann R. Strohl-Young

    Think of you as the Pride Leader, this is what you are to your Cat!

  • Bridge Animator X
    Bridge Animator X 2 days ago

    I wish I have pet now ;(

  • ann vining
    ann vining 2 days ago

    bothe of mine sleep with me

  • Johnny Rodriquez
    Johnny Rodriquez 3 days ago

    Sleeping with cats is disgusting hope you love cat litter shit on your bed

  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina 3 days ago

    Whenever I'm in a lot of pain my Micah will curl up right against me. The heat from him helps a lot.
    They also absolutely love my plushie blankets too. Both will sit there kneading my plushie blankets. Or will curl up in them like a nest.

  • Mert Esdeath
    Mert Esdeath 3 days ago

    I have no problem with sleeping with my cat . Love my cat

  • flysomethig damitdotcom

    What the he'll are talking about why would my cat whom is the love of my life not be invited to cuddle and sleep with me?

  • Darksythe22 Gaming
    Darksythe22 Gaming 4 days ago

    I miss my cats I wish I could see them one more time

  • Biggu Bosu117
    Biggu Bosu117 5 days ago

    My cat is always near me, he tends to follow me everywhere. He's 8 years old and my first cat, he sleeps with me since I brought him to home.

  • AshIsDead
    AshIsDead 5 days ago

    my cat is in my bed right now

  • Alyssa May
    Alyssa May 5 days ago

    I’m really sick and usually my cat knocks stuff over in my room before sleeping at the end of my bed, but last night she didn’t knock anything over and cuddled up to me. She woke up in the middle of the night to annoy my parents

  • Uniroyal Mish
    Uniroyal Mish 5 days ago

    I can never get another cat as my cat Smoky lived 23 years and no other cat could EVER replace him. :(

  • Pheenic
    Pheenic 5 days ago

    i have such a hard time sleeping when my kitty doesnt join me in bed. its rare that she doesnt do it, but i always end up looking for her and make sure she's alright. she only started sleeping with me a few years ago when she hit her 10s. i've had her all her life and i love her so much. ;w;

  • Theresa Safarino
    Theresa Safarino 5 days ago

    Stewie sleeps next to me so the others cant. He is claiming the best prize, my bed!

  • Shaheen Shazz
    Shaheen Shazz 5 days ago

    1:17 that cat be like "who disturbs me from my slumber!!!" 🤣🤣

  • Keith Pecchio
    Keith Pecchio 5 days ago

    My cat is also my best friend, she follows me everywhere and its bedtime she will come let me know she's ready to cuddle.

  • Flob
    Flob 6 days ago

    My cat almost only sleeps with me.

  • Leon Yu
    Leon Yu 6 days ago

    @1:19 woot u luukin at hooman

  • bee pot
    bee pot 6 days ago

    Most of the time I wake up to my cats paw on my face because he's taken my pillow.

  • Crazy Cat Gamer Girl

    I have three lil Kittys that sleep with me they are so cute

  • Lonely Truether
    Lonely Truether 7 days ago

    I have 5 cats all who follow me everywhere I move around my house. One cat in particular sleeps right next to me every night. He is territorial and will not allow the others next to me. He really is king of our house. The others are okay at the end of the bed but only he can lay right next to me.

  • Percuss
    Percuss 8 days ago

    Don’t ever say “facade” like that, again.

  • Lili Gacha Playz
    Lili Gacha Playz 8 days ago

    When i sleep my cat checks if im not dead 🙂

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 9 days ago

    My cat is my bestfriend in the whole wide world.

  • Terri Diane C
    Terri Diane C 10 days ago

    My furry babies are spoiled brats.. They own me.. I wouldn't have it any other way..

  • Chris Gomez
    Chris Gomez 10 days ago

    My sister's cat follows me everywhere I go he/she loves to sleep in my bed and if I don't let him/her he/she meows until I do

  • firecracker 91
    firecracker 91 11 days ago

    Im ruthless with my cat. I had to stop sleeping with her because im a very jumpy person esp in the morning and nearly had a heart attack everytime she tried to wake me. So i just take her and put her out now. Lol

  • Paul Yang
    Paul Yang 11 days ago

    1:16 is it human ?

  • Paula Abell
    Paula Abell 11 days ago

    My 15 yr old ragdoll , Skyboy has always shared my pillow .Resting his little head like he is a person and letting me cover him up with the blanket . My husband says he's waiting fr the same attention lol .

  • Judah Iam
    Judah Iam 11 days ago

    cuz they want to infect you with toxoplasmosis so that you will get them more meow mix flavours

  • Thû
    Thû 12 days ago

    Human beds? 6out of 6 paws! 🐾 🐾🐾! Greatest invention ever!

  • Anzar Kunhi
    Anzar Kunhi 12 days ago

    This is why Prophet Muhammed loved cats and animals. When Prophet Muhammed saw a cat sleeping on his praying mat he cut that portion of Mat without disturbing the cat and prayed.

  • Yugoslaviaball Pro
    Yugoslaviaball Pro 12 days ago +1

    When one of my cats ( I have two cats) sleep next to me I find it nice cos I’m not alone

  • Tom tommyL
    Tom tommyL 12 days ago

    reason number one: you are warm.

  • Ssss Aaaa
    Ssss Aaaa 12 days ago

    01:13 LOL! 😸

  • fooos
    fooos 12 days ago

    Cats are just a very nice family member. Always love you and show you affection or sometimes try to protect you.

  • The Furry Doctor Channel

    Mine sleeps with his butt firmly towards me, no matter how much I tried to change his position.

  • Daniel Burnd
    Daniel Burnd 12 days ago

    Although I love my cats personality, I truly think, he thinks, it’s his bed....lol

  • Derlin Clair
    Derlin Clair 12 days ago +2

    My two cats also sleep with me.I,ve also had little dogs sleep with me as well,friend.For me at least,it helps to have some animal sleeping in bed with me,whether dog,or cat.At least it,s some kind of companionship at night.God bless them.

  • rotorlite
    rotorlite 13 days ago +1

    Often I go to bed before my cat is ready to turn in for the night but she will jump onto the bed, get very close to me and do all the nice loving cat things. Then when she determines that I am settled in, safe and ready to sleep, she jumps off the bed so she can stay up a while longer. Later she returns and is there to purr me awake in the morning. I believe that she honestly cares about me. It is so wonderful to have such relationship with her.

  • Christian Gamer
    Christian Gamer 13 days ago +1

    I miss my cat 🐈 good video

  • James Savik
    James Savik 13 days ago

    I only object when he tried to sleep on my face

  • Matthew Beattie
    Matthew Beattie 13 days ago

    My cat hates getting up early just as much as me, so she is the perfect defence weapon against parents.

  • Gabriel Jolabero
    Gabriel Jolabero 13 days ago

    I sleep with my 4 kittens right now😸😻

  • Alex Common
    Alex Common 13 days ago

    I think that laziness has a little bit of a cat side, and that's cats, lol

  • JoAnna Johannesen
    JoAnna Johannesen 13 days ago

    My cat, Renegade Houdini, sleeps with me to make sure she can keep an eye on my whereabouts. She is so attached to me that whenever I leave for the day or the weekend, she acts lost and cries in every room in search for me. this makes it sad for me to leave. When I return, it is like a puppy dog welcome as she gets in my lap and starts licking me. I think she has reactive attachment.

  • Tempo Nelson
    Tempo Nelson 13 days ago

    Cats are mother nature when my cat sleeps with me he verifies that I am alive and nature myself. Priceless!!!!

  • theobytrice
    theobytrice 13 days ago

    After the last week my cat has been amzing. She doesn't care about my night terrors that I have had

  • Aafiya Hamidah
    Aafiya Hamidah 13 days ago

    Cat: yes. I let you sleep with me in MY BED, hooman

  • Prog4Prog
    Prog4Prog 13 days ago

    Here’s 5 more evil reasons for cats to sleep with you:
    1. Deprive you of sex
    2. Deprive you of space
    3. Deprive you of sleep
    4. Deprive you of blanket
    5. Deprive you of reading

  • critic MC
    critic MC 13 days ago

    i have 4 cats sleeping with me every night,i think its because i give them food and they always to want to be near me. Also the bed is warmer:D

  • United Brony
    United Brony 13 days ago

    my cat sleeps under my bed

  • Eun Garcia
    Eun Garcia 13 days ago

    You can try to tell me otherwise but I still think my cat is just looking for the opportunity to get me. Those striking eyes says so...

  • Cynthia K.
    Cynthia K. 13 days ago

    I slept with five kittens and the momma cat for a year. It was wonderful

  • Tripnotick
    Tripnotick 13 days ago

    My cat sleeps with me because I MAKE HIM

  • Patrick Bastiaensen
    Patrick Bastiaensen 13 days ago

    Yeah my cat loves me!!

  • Ermal Koci
    Ermal Koci 13 days ago

    This is what I love about internet science! First of all you have no idea, the best you can do is an educated guess. Or you found a speaking cat somewhere. So someone who had nothing to do, started guessing about why cats sleep with us. You guys found it laying around somewhere and decided to make a video about it. Do you have any idea about how wrong you can be, and how annoying is the internet becoming since everybody is trying to make some money with the "10 best of this" and "5 reasons why that"??
    P.S. Accidentally heard the first one. And No! it's not true! My cat sleeps with me even during summer!

  • Thewinner OfGames
    Thewinner OfGames 13 days ago +1

    I sleep with my cat because i like to fuck her

  • Unknown Texan
    Unknown Texan 13 days ago

    Our cat is 24 and can't climb on the bed.

    • Unknown Texan
      Unknown Texan 7 days ago +1

      Robyn yes 24 years

    • Robyn
      Robyn 7 days ago

      Unknown Texan 24!!? What, years??

  • Philip Hartleip
    Philip Hartleip 13 days ago

    #2 is false, at least for my cat he seems to prefer a sheet of paper on the floor

  • Anarchist Atheist
    Anarchist Atheist 13 days ago

    An animal like a person is most vulnerable when asleep. It does not require much study to know if a cat sleeps in close proximity to you, it means it is happy, and feels safe and trusts you.

  • PandoraWolf
    PandoraWolf 14 days ago

    My cat used to be my alarm clock, everyday exept sundays he would wake me up at 5:00 in the morning without any fail for 7 years straight.

  • elz zino
    elz zino 14 days ago

    next vid; ten reasons why you should NEVER sleep with you're cat

  • rockisdead25
    rockisdead25 14 days ago

    I miss my cat

  • Felhek Lehrian
    Felhek Lehrian 14 days ago

    My cat everyday wakes me up a few minutes before the alarm.
    She keeps meowing if i keep on the bed.
    She knows i have to get up.

  • IndigoA144
    IndigoA144 14 days ago

    One cat likes to sleep in the armpit or if i sleep on the side, she goes with here full lengh from stomach to head, someties i cant breath because her head is blocking my nose. The other cat likes to sleep on top of me or near the foods. in summer it is too warm for me lol

  • Mianah 9A
    Mianah 9A 14 days ago

    Haha very nice too bad I’m _ALLERGIC_

    MS POES 14 days ago

    She picks me of all the people in the house! 😁

  • Dan B
    Dan B 14 days ago +1

    The first thing my cat does after jumping on my bed is lick his butthole. For that reason my bedroom door is closed.

  • LifelongHoosier Homegrown

    Haha, if you startle your cat while you're sleeping in the same bed they will sometimes freak out from being touched and not being able to see you, and bite, scratch, or leap off the bed in a burst of fear and adrenaline.

  • Gilbert Sanchez
    Gilbert Sanchez 14 days ago

    My cat is sweet and a jerk at the same time, acts like a spoiled kid

  • Jyn503
    Jyn503 14 days ago

    My cat doesn’t sleep in my bed but in the chair in the other room connected to mine

  • Orange Otter Games
    Orange Otter Games 14 days ago

    Now I know, every night my cat either lies on my bed or he randomly sleeps in his vet case

  • muttkat
    muttkat 14 days ago

    When I'm at the computer my cat wants to be on my lap or in the way. When I take her to bed, she'll stay for a minute as long as I pet her and then take off.

  • stacey del bucchia
    stacey del bucchia 14 days ago


  • 권아연
    권아연 14 days ago

    I miss my cat.. He always sleep beside me, but now he's gone... I miss his purrs.

  • Sherlock Gnome
    Sherlock Gnome 15 days ago

    I miss my kitty cat

  • norm card
    norm card 15 days ago

    My cat sleeps next to me and sometimes I wake up to getting a dental cleaning by that mousy, sandpaper tongue.

  • Leserolith
    Leserolith 15 days ago

    No kitty this is my bed