• Published on Feb 19, 2017
    The 5th Mini Album "What is Love?"
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  • Aitana Lopez
    Aitana Lopez 49 minutes ago

    I love this M/V is one of my favourites M/V's

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy Hour ago +1

    1:48 2:07

  • You Know I Know Lee Know
    You Know I Know Lee Know 3 hours ago +1

    I don't get why so many don't like this song, just because it was too cute 'again'.

    BINKTOPIA 5 hours ago

    soo ugly like a pig

  • Wesley Cup
    Wesley Cup 6 hours ago

    Mina's voice is actually really good.

  • 보드마카
    보드마카 15 hours ago

    1:45 와....겁나이쁨.

  • ใบ อนุญาติ

    1:09 ahhh cute 😍😍😍

  • ゐゑる
    ゐゑる 16 hours ago


  • Gorgonio Palencia Jr
    Gorgonio Palencia Jr 16 hours ago +1

    Now you're gonna die because you didn't let jyp in

  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best 17 hours ago


  • Zainab Ahmed Ahgase

    Hey Onces! It would mean a lot if you guys can help us Ahgases stream this incredible masterpiece called "you calling my name" by got7... It's an amazing song and I am sure you will not be disappointed. Pls don't hate on me, I love Twice and I am only asking for your help because got7 deserves better and you guys seriously need to check out how amazing they are or their songs are. Just give them one chance, please help us Ahgases. It would mean a lot to us and got7. Thankyou! Here's the video :

    • Zainab Ahmed Ahgase
      Zainab Ahmed Ahgase 14 hours ago +1

      @Zakia Moly thankyou once. Thankyou for not getting mad at me, cuz I am going to support twice along with you guys and yes I will post this on feel special too. And thankyou for your help, I am just trying to make people aware about Got7 cuz recently they're facing a lot of hardships in all aspects, they're going through a very hard time so I just want them to be happy :(

    • Zakia Moly
      Zakia Moly 14 hours ago

      I know their songs and I think almost most of the Onces knows Got7 and their amazing song . Ok I'll help in stre@ming . And if u want to tell this to more Onces then u should go to Twice's latest comeback Feel Special where every Once is more active than here . 💖☺️

  • Blanca Martinez
    Blanca Martinez Day ago


  • BTS y Blackpink
    BTS y Blackpink Day ago

    Fui la unica que le dio pena que le cerraran a jyp? :'v

  • 無名
    無名 Day ago

    2:40 サナ可愛い。守ってあげたくなる。


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  • 林莘蓉
    林莘蓉 Day ago


  • Jennie’s mandu
    Jennie’s mandu Day ago +1

    Now we know where tt came from...

  • Hind Abdullah
    Hind Abdullah Day ago

    For some reason this song feels sad):

  • Emmacarena
    Emmacarena Day ago

    1:10 Tzuyu is so cute

  • 香澄真昼
    香澄真昼 Day ago +1

    Who will you meet? (Last digit ofyour like)

  • dominicapds
    dominicapds Day ago +1

    1:10 okay thats cute!!!! 😭

  • am i your waifu yet?

    We all stan a rejected oppar

  • u can see me anywhere in yt area

    the ending i-

  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano Day ago

    "Sigo ahora con el pesebre ilas tuais" :)

  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano Day ago +1

    "hi once"

  • Sonika Tamang
    Sonika Tamang Day ago

    I am army but i like twice alot ...

  • JSNB #JxLandCxS
    JSNB #JxLandCxS Day ago

    Did they Time travel???

  • do rae mon
    do rae mon Day ago +1

    Yep. The legend is true. They froze to death.

  • love mitzu
    love mitzu Day ago

    Go for 250M!!!

  • love mitzu
    love mitzu Day ago

    Go for 250M!!!

  • Егор Федоров


  • Catherine Quinawayan

    They all look sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL, especially Jeongyeon, Momo, Chae, Jihyo, Sana, Nayeon, Dubu, Mina and Tzuyu. 😍😍😍😍

  • Roma Biswas
    Roma Biswas Day ago

    OHMIGOD the inneundos

  • F Iskandar
    F Iskandar 2 days ago +1


  • baby september
    baby september 2 days ago

    tbh i hate their haters

  • Алех Кайфовый

    ай лов момо

  • THCS Ba Le PGD&ĐT Huyện Ba Tơ - Quảng Ngãi

    I love Twice. I'm ONCE

  • 고향
    고향 2 days ago

    벌써 2020년이 다가오다니...

  • Pilipinas inang bayan
    Pilipinas inang bayan 2 days ago +1

    They were so harsh with Dahyun, momo and jeong with the pillowfight but became so soft with Mina 😂😂😂😂

  • Bilan Kautsar
    Bilan Kautsar 2 days ago

    Marathon all twice mv at the end of the decade

  • 짱고
    짱고 2 days ago

    이것도 3년이 다되가네

  • Min_ Suga
    Min_ Suga 2 days ago

    ok if your reading this go to 3:05 and your going to see the cutest thing ever

  • Ciano
    Ciano 2 days ago +1

    My bias is JYP and no one will stop me

  • Dayane Freitas
    Dayane Freitas 2 days ago

    Aaaaaa sou completamente apaixonada como pode ser tão fofas❤️❤️❤️❤️os amores da minha vida todinha 😍

  • Lin M
    Lin M 3 days ago +1

    This song makes me feel happy . ❤

  • Ana Gamer10
    Ana Gamer10 3 days ago

    easter egg

  • Micky Gonzales
    Micky Gonzales 3 days ago

    We will host a streaming party for 500M on TT next week, 9th Dec - 16th Dec 🚨
    Get your laptops, phones or tablets ready and spread the word to ONCE
    Please really spread this message :)

  • Micky Gonzales
    Micky Gonzales 3 days ago


  • Micky Gonzales
    Micky Gonzales 3 days ago +1


  • Cathy kounouz Zoubeidi
    Cathy kounouz Zoubeidi 3 days ago +1

    SO CUTE 🤗🤗🤗

  • Emily May
    Emily May 3 days ago +4

    I genuinely love how JYP makes an appearance in this.

  • Joanne Bagtas
    Joanne Bagtas 3 days ago


  • Joanne Bagtas
    Joanne Bagtas 3 days ago +1


  • Joanne Bagtas
    Joanne Bagtas 3 days ago +1


  • Joanne Bagtas
    Joanne Bagtas 3 days ago +1


  • Joanne Bagtas
    Joanne Bagtas 3 days ago +1


  • Micky Gonzales
    Micky Gonzales 3 days ago +1


  • Zakia Moly
    Zakia Moly 3 days ago

    Keep stre@ming

  • Jess Kookie
    Jess Kookie 3 days ago +4

    After two years people start waking up and noticing that JYP was in the MV 😂