Are United Facing Relegation? | Insta Q&A

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Insta Q&A time again, a lot of possible relegation and Ole questions getting thrown around so given my thoughts of those & a lot more.
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Comments • 370

  • craig Wynne
    craig Wynne Month ago

    We won't get anyone huge in January....maybe summer

  • Anthony Roy
    Anthony Roy Month ago

    No manky united wont be relegated.
    But we can still hope!

  • Theoutlawtroysanchez

    Deluded gimp

  • Exviking 6709
    Exviking 6709 Month ago

    I came here for the adverts, the pointless bollocks in between was naive diarrhoea

  • Exviking 6709
    Exviking 6709 Month ago +1

    Asking for the opinions of fan channels makes the following phrase understated !!! “Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool that follows him “

  • Jen J
    Jen J Month ago +2

    He’s lucky he’s got a decent barber, because underneath that he’s got a face like a bag of burst cement.

    • craig Wynne
      craig Wynne Month ago

      Haters gonna hate ...people need to grow up

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson  Month ago +1

      Just wondering how bad your life must suck...

  • HaytersTV
    HaytersTV Month ago

    Howson, last big club to be relegated? Leeds in 2004?

  • Andre Castello
    Andre Castello Month ago

    Arsenal are better than United at the moment it’s just Unai Emery has negative tactics

  • Niandra
    Niandra 2 months ago

    Not great to hear TFM and bad news linked with him.

  • Ali Aun Syed
    Ali Aun Syed 2 months ago

    I'm a United fan but the hubris is getting nauseating. United ARE in a relegation battle, and will be very much in the mix if things don't change from the board, from the players, and from Ole. Stop pretending we're even a half decent team. We are rotten top to bottom.

  • Lord Waffle
    Lord Waffle 2 months ago

    Dose not matter who's managing us at the moment because our team is just not up there or even close to a top 4 team

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling 2 months ago

    The thing that was mentioned about cycles ending at city and Liverpool is spot on. Our 20 odd year winning cycle came to an end when fergie left. Other clubs started a winning cycle and we are down a few levels. Another winning cycle will happen at United at some point in the future. Story of football for years and years. Otherwise it would end up like France where you know who’s going to win the league every year!!!

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling 2 months ago

    The Blackburn game in 1993 was brilliant but I would put the last game of the 92/93 season at Wimbledon up there as well. That big holmesdale road terrace being packed full of reds was great. Always will be one of my favourites.

  • Joshua Heasman
    Joshua Heasman 2 months ago

    This aged badly. They came out and said they're not backing him in january. 😂.

  • kevin coelho
    kevin coelho 2 months ago

    Academy. United is the shitiest Academy.
    Only McTominay nTuanzebe in the last 10 or so years.
    Trashford n Lendcunt were always shit.

  • Pandonision X
    Pandonision X 2 months ago

    Come to South Africa you can stay at my house

  • Alex bionicsqwint
    Alex bionicsqwint 2 months ago

    Signing mark Noble would improve or midfield that's how bad it is matic fred and pogba need gone

  • Light Owl
    Light Owl 2 months ago

    No Guts No Glory. They need to grow a pair and fucking give it everything every game ffs, I'm tired of watching shit.
    Edit: and im tired of us lot paying for it making stupid little rich boys.

  • Younis Arshad
    Younis Arshad 2 months ago

    Howson is full of shit, he does this every year. Expects 3rd and then when it goes shit he says oh other teams are better why didn’t you see this at the start of the season like fans like myself did

  • Jimmy james Computers
    Jimmy james Computers 2 months ago

    gave you number 1k like

  • John Kamleitner
    John Kamleitner 2 months ago

    We need to appoint a DofF as quick as possible to act as a conduit between Ed Woodward and Ole . The Dof F would back the manager or in fact not if required. Player movement would need to be cleared by the DofF . Ed or the Glazers are not going anyway but Ed needs to be told to stay out of football matters and leave that to the Dof F. Ed would need to approve the decisions as he need to sign off on finances but that is the only involvement ED has with the Football side

  • Viveshan Phillips
    Viveshan Phillips 2 months ago

    Didn't Howson say at the beginning at the season that united will finish 3rd in the league and said the team was the 3rd best team you coming your BS stories ...give me break!!....Own your BS...absolutely clueless

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson  2 months ago

      I said I thought we could finish 3rd. Didn’t mean we had 3rd best squad.

  • Mynameis Unimportant
    Mynameis Unimportant 2 months ago

    Allegri In all day everyday and twice on Sunday. He would be an upgrade on Mourinho I know not popular thing to say but he is the best manager available in world football right now and there’s still time to turn the season around. In the absence of a DOF you need an elite manager to handle transfers tactics and long term planning and this is the guy

  • Daniel Crowe
    Daniel Crowe 2 months ago

    Decent vid, but probably hand pick the questions beforehand maybe. Same questions came up a load of times about sacking Ole and chellenging for titles again.

  • Miles McGrew
    Miles McGrew 2 months ago +1

    1:04 - It actually isn't that hard to pinpoint a lot of things that have changed that have led to our horrible form.

    1.) Formation, formation, formation. Sitting with 2 deep mids, essentially CDMs, one of them being our best *attacking* mid, is a good place to start. The 4-2-3-1 is a negative formation. In the modern game it is usually reserved for teams who fear their opponent and just want to limit the damage, or teams who apply the appropriate players and tactics to make something of it, which brings us to number 2...

    2.) Tactics, tactics, tactics. Having Pogba sitting next to McSauce is bewildering. The man can score goals, assist goals, and provide great surging runs forward. He has clearly told Pogba to sit deep, told McSauce to sit deep, and then because they are so deep it forces Mata, or whoever is at the advanced CM/CAM spot, to drop deep into the midfield, leaving an even bigger gap between them and our forwards. Secondly, he has decided to have the lads continue to whip in crosses when we have no one in our forward line who can head the ball. Maybe Greenwood can, but he isn't playing him much right now, which brings us to number three...

    3.) Team selection. He is choosing the wrong players for the wrong formation. The modern game is quick. It is not made for Juan Mata or Matic. The only reason to play Matic is to sit him deep, alone, and have the other mids press forward. He keeps trying to play Greenwood off the right, the same Greenwood that Ole said was "the best finisher at the club". I always play my best finisher wide. He keeps trying to play Rashford down the middle. Marcus Rashford does not have the finisher's instinct. His movement and bravery in the box is not there, and he has not been able to add it in three years. I am not sure it will ever come. He does not have a cerebral poacher's brain. When Martial comes back Rashford needs to go play on the right wing. If he wants to play with a single forward mid, and wants to sit Pogba deep, then he needs our best creator there, Angel Gomes. Lingard can run around, but he is not a decisive passer. He should be an impact sub at best. Currently he has injuries, and even then with a limited squad, he is still putting people in the wrong spot, which brings us to number 4...

    4.) What the hell are they doing in training? We show zero recognition of a plan, or drilled movement, of space filling or evacuating, of breakout plans, or corner plans, of free kick plans. Rashford can hit free kicks until the sun dies out and he will only ever score 1/30 or more. He needs to be taken off FKs. Stop playing corners to Maguire at the back post. Put Maguire square in the box and whip in a fast ball and let him go head it into the net. Show a sense of organization on offense. There is no movement, just a lot of people standing around, which shows me they do not practice movement in the final third. If you watch City you can see exactly what they do on the training ground. They are well drilled and do not even have to think about their movement and positioning, it is just second nature by now.

    I could go on and on about transfers/recruitment, scouting, etc etc. However, right now, in mid-season, none of those things can make ann immediate impact. All that can be done is for Ole to get the formation right, the in game tactics right, the right substitutions, reacting and adapting in game, the work in practice, and the right player selection.

    I am not Ole out, yet. However, he has until December to show me some improvement. Show me that he can recognize his errors and try to correct them. Right now he has shown none of that. We have regressed. He was hired because he played a brave, attacking 4-3-3, but then he gets the job, actually gets *better* defenders, but suddenly switches to a Btek Mourinho style and is worried more about giving up a goal than he is about scoring. Ole, getting a draw every game will get us relegated. Wake UP.

  • Chriswhitt 66
    Chriswhitt 66 2 months ago

    What I do with my enormous cock is I wrap it around my neck, like a big veiny neck scarf. It's very warming now the dark nights are closing in. My penis reduction is a double edged sword.

  • Usama Makani
    Usama Makani 2 months ago

    Why don't we go for Son??

  • Loren Couch
    Loren Couch 2 months ago

    As soon as Jose Mourinho leaves the team goes from supposedly under performing, to terrible and not good at all.

  • Darren Gorin
    Darren Gorin 2 months ago

    When is pogba gonna bend down to the knee and kiss james Milner's boot. Pl winner/ CL winner fucking leader that ain't injury prone and can do a job at rb rm cm but pogba needs to be lcm to get best out of him and still acts like a raw young talent

  • Waeid Wasim
    Waeid Wasim 2 months ago +1

    I think that ole should bring back Renee muenstein and move mike phelan on to DoF

  • Waza88
    Waza88 2 months ago

    Dof: van der sar
    Manager : diego simone
    Assistant manager : Roy keane

  • Rory Sullivan
    Rory Sullivan 2 months ago

    After you beat Liverpool: 'Are we title contenders?'

    • KingsHeathDon91
      KingsHeathDon91 2 months ago

      No after we beat Looserpool, we will most likely lose our next game.

  • shane gray
    shane gray 2 months ago

    I think mandzukic is a great signing ( on a short term contract) because he’s another player up front and he could also keep the system of playing a LW/ST who switch often, and also be a target man and help break down teams who sit back

  • Ste Culkin
    Ste Culkin 2 months ago

    Desperate not to mention Allison who picked up THREE golden gloves and a champions league medal last year 😀.

  • Michael Griesel
    Michael Griesel 2 months ago

    Will be fantastic if UTD get relegated !! 🍾

  • Lowry TV
    Lowry TV 2 months ago

    Too much negativity these days, its sucks how we are playing and the results but being negative isn't helping anybody. We have to stick to this team until January so support the manager and players until then and see how we fair in the table.

  • Wise Hakim
    Wise Hakim 2 months ago

    Scholes? Giggs? For me Scholes both the greatest English player and Red Devil I seen. As a pure footballer he was a sexy muthafucka. The way people give props to Biscuits, Xavi, Peeniesta... Scholes done all their jobs at a better level. Unfortunate he was taken the piss out of my Sven the Helmet

  • corbin limb
    corbin limb 2 months ago +4

    On par with arsenal who are sitting 3rd with 1 loss all season being anfield🙄😂 good logic howson

  • Joey
    Joey 2 months ago

    Ruud the total opposite of rashford.

  • oi bruv
    oi bruv 2 months ago +1

    Arsenal are a lot better than you lot

  • Jimmy Knizzle
    Jimmy Knizzle 2 months ago

    Can’t say Utd can’t get relegated, stranger things have happened and nothing looks like changing at the club. Toxic from the glazers down to the canteen ladies

  • Tiki Taka Masala
    Tiki Taka Masala 2 months ago

    How is it possible to get through an entire video about United's problems without once mentioning the Glazers or Woodward.

  • Winnie Pooh
    Winnie Pooh 2 months ago

    October - relegation? LOL. LET THE MAN WORKING - he needs time, Manchester United needs time not another manager... STABILITY, TRUST, TIME and SUPPORT! PEOPLE!

  • SayWhat IThink
    SayWhat IThink 2 months ago +16

    This guy is deluded he contradicts himself a lot and talks absolute BS

    • SayWhat IThink
      SayWhat IThink 2 months ago +6

      CAMZAB you're a special kind of stupid 😩

    • CAMZAB
      CAMZAB 2 months ago +3

      If you think he talks BS but contradicts himself you must think he speaks sense?

  • piputd
    piputd 2 months ago +1

    I don't want Potch, 25 signings he has made at Spurs and 2-3 currently play in the first 11, He isn't that great when it comes to making signings, not the right man for Utd

  • iluvmuusic
    iluvmuusic 2 months ago

    Par with Arsenal? In your dreams!

  • raynewooney10 S
    raynewooney10 S 2 months ago

    I think pogba and martial
    Are not up for this challenge
    And are hiding through they're unavailability what ever the reasons

  • Josh J
    Josh J 2 months ago

    Face it ste youse are finished

  • jermaine tobin
    jermaine tobin 2 months ago +5

    The best keeper in the world is Jan Oblak meanwhile Alisson is FIFA and UEAFA's goalkeeper of the year being salty isn't gonna make your shit team any better you clueless clown

    • xFullysikx9
      xFullysikx9 2 months ago

      jermaine tobin huh? Honestly I have no idea, I don’t watch enough different teams to tell who deserves what. I don’t think I missed the point at all?

    • jermaine tobin
      jermaine tobin 2 months ago

      @xFullysikx9 That moment you completely miss the point 🙄 did Alisson not deserve to win goalkeeper of the year yes or no

    • Daniel Crowe
      Daniel Crowe 2 months ago +1

      Salty? Pot calling the kettle black. 🤦‍♂️

    • xFullysikx9
      xFullysikx9 2 months ago +1

      jermaine tobin The awards aren’t definitive to be fair, Modric won a Ballon D’or the other year and let’s be honest, he isn’t and wasn’t the best player in the world.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 2 months ago +1

    Allison is the best goalkeeper in the world. Fact.

  • Aidan Magill
    Aidan Magill 2 months ago

    Holy wall of adverts Batman!

    • CAMZAB
      CAMZAB 2 months ago +1

      Looks like his utility belt.

  • Bjartur Thomsen
    Bjartur Thomsen 2 months ago

    Beckham the best english player 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joncie Elmore
    Joncie Elmore 2 months ago

    In denial that Utd could actually get relegated

  • Joncie Elmore
    Joncie Elmore 2 months ago +1

    Funny how this guy thinks Utd are on par with Arsenal? It's actually hilarious. Arsenal 3rd in table and where are Utd? lol The delusions of grandeur that Utd fans like this work on.

  • Coin Toss
    Coin Toss 2 months ago

    Steve said united are par with arsenal when we're better than Leicester😂

    • KingsHeathDon91
      KingsHeathDon91 2 months ago

      Arsenal are shit, banter club and have been for 10 years.

  • Lee Laird
    Lee Laird 2 months ago

    Man Utd well not go down tham 3 what are down there now,well go

  • luke griffiths
    luke griffiths 2 months ago

    The Liverpool boot room didn’t fail because there was a culture of ex players, the boot room was around during the 70’s and 80’s at our most successful point, the boot room was demolished and the culture was scrapped before the premier league era and then we hit our decline, the boot room was the reason we had our successes not our failures

  • GybonBL
    GybonBL 2 months ago

    The players that you can buy rather than should buy. - big difference - What ever Manchester United was in the past, doesn't exist anymore.
    You can't buy/sign who ever you want anymore, big foreign names, etc. etc. Your only chance is to buy young British/Irish talents and build on that.
    Its not like you are big football club anymore. Only relatively big, due to the financial value of your club.
    Sports wisely, right now, you are a mid table Premier League club at best.

  • Pete Zahutt
    Pete Zahutt 2 months ago +1

    United are shit😂😂😂

  • mark c
    mark c 2 months ago

    This guy thinks he knows everyone and everything don't forget your embarrassing inter 2.0 vid absolute clueless

    • mark c
      mark c 2 months ago

      @Stephen Howson shut your mouth u know it all zzzzzz

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson  2 months ago

      What was embarrassing about it? Great video that. Go watch it and learn something.