What Happens to You if You Upload Your Mind to a Computer?

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
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Comments • 2 093

  • Paul
    Paul Day ago

    I would not. Black Mirror.

  • Addison DaMan
    Addison DaMan 12 days ago +1

    The thing about uploading my conscience is that I will be dead. I will still be in the endless nothing. The robot or AI would be alive but I won't.

  • Rose Vio
    Rose Vio Month ago

    anprim gang

  • Meme Bot
    Meme Bot Month ago

    Neuroromorphic computing might make it possible.

  • Diakon Ragnarock
    Diakon Ragnarock Month ago

    These are my thoughts on it, and yes I know I am a believer in god I take in all possibilities of creation, spirituality, possibilities of how reality and everything was created, these are my thoughts.
    the issue of copying one's memories isn't the problem, your messing with information in our brains your not actually messing with what makes us alive or determines life and death or in this case the soul and or spirituality, copying memories only copies things that already exist and adds it to something new, that sounds more like reincarnation that transferring information, Transferring data from one point to another would be most likely the way to do it because then in that theory you would discover what consciousness really is, take the movie chappie, it's basically based on this, but it doesn't matter if you figure out how to make us immortal, you will still die while your copied version of yourself remains alive, it's the same as cloning, that's not really you, that's just you reincarnated, it won't have a soul or spirit, it will simply die like a computer dies and it will go nowhere.

    when you die however, if you believe in god or don't doesn't matter if god exists, then god is the source to all that exists which includes your mind, your data, your everything, meaning that makes god the source of it all, you can copy yourself all you want, but that will never make it you. You can't outrun the devil, your messing with shit you don't fully understand, and I am not saying stop your experiments and tell you to go back to church, I am actually curious whether or not this is possible, just understand that you copying yourself will never be "you", only if your figure out what makes consciousness us and are able to not only understand what the soul is but transfer that into another body the other body or vessel becomes dead afterwards, that is tansferrance, avatar hit the nail on the head with that, even if they did it using trees on an alien planet, reincarnation is a cheap knock off way to stay alive or immortal, I think you should focus on transferring yourselves rather than copying yourselves.

  • man in overalls
    man in overalls 2 months ago

    Andrew Yang 2020

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 2 months ago

    I have heard that a human brain contains the same amount of memory capacity as a VCR running nonstop for 200 years.

  • Can we get 5000 subs ?
    Can we get 5000 subs ? 2 months ago +1

    Any Portal fans here? Cuz I am

  • dora Liu
    dora Liu 2 months ago


  • Sugar Gaming 24
    Sugar Gaming 24 3 months ago

    Uploads mind to minecraft: Dies

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 3 months ago

    me: *uploads brain into internet* i can see all

  • SirJohnatan
    SirJohnatan 3 months ago

    Be cool in maximum 10 years will be possible. In present it's an microchip that connects on your brain using tiny microscopic wires and let you control devices with your brain wirelessly. You can just think to click like on this comment or video and would be happened. If you have intelligent house you just can think to turn on or off lights , you can change TV programs , volume etc with your brain :) from this won't be much time till brain uploading:)

  • Ronak Nikam
    Ronak Nikam 3 months ago

    I'll just copy paste instead of cut paste

  • Cheeseburger Monkey
    Cheeseburger Monkey 4 months ago

    4:21 wait wait wait
    -THAT'S YOU?!-

  • Black Tim Howard
    Black Tim Howard 4 months ago +1

    "It would take 20,000 TB of information to store a fully detailed map of the human brain"

    Depends on the brain, I know some dumb mf'ers out there

  • Aidar O' Sullivan
    Aidar O' Sullivan 4 months ago +1

    Origins is a beautiful game

  • Vasilis Moschovos
    Vasilis Moschovos 5 months ago

    The level of stupid in this video is infinite^2

  • Long Shlong
    Long Shlong 5 months ago

    I think if I lived a long happy healthy life, even if this technology existed I would just want to pass away just like everyone for the past million years it’s part of life it’s self.

  • Paulo Sagario
    Paulo Sagario 6 months ago

    Uploading your mind into a computer or... an ELECTROSPHERE.
    Abyssal Dision has entered the chat.
    Ace Combat Fans Anyone?

  • Eric Lawrence
    Eric Lawrence 6 months ago

    I never thought of these problems.

  • sharknut
    sharknut 6 months ago

    ....too high for this...

  • Grexios
    Grexios 6 months ago

    Totally would.

  • Daksh Pat
    Daksh Pat 6 months ago

    i think ill just keep my body

  • Cubazcubar
    Cubazcubar 7 months ago +2

    5:11 do you mean half a millennium ago?

  • ndsteam
    ndsteam 7 months ago

    Detroit : Become Human

  • Ray Kim
    Ray Kim 7 months ago

    I would do it, but I would wait for 2048, and have the biological version of me killed so that there can be only one of me.

  • Daniel Auz
    Daniel Auz 7 months ago +1

    This is a dangerous game. We have to be very careful with how we approach this tech. Uploading ourselves is way more than downloading our consciousness. We ourselves are consciousness; but our awareness that we ARE conscious is how we recognize beauty, awe, and love. If we download just awareness without it's ability to recognize itself as aware, it would be no different than an animal with the primal instincts of survival and attaining more. It will be a new race of animalistic, mind driven machines

  • space nerd
    space nerd 8 months ago

    you just described fallout synths in a nutshell

  • Cooling Heat
    Cooling Heat 8 months ago

    I can finally play ROBLOX fe2 realistically

  • Patrick McCrime Dog
    Patrick McCrime Dog 8 months ago

    You're not downloading disease and illness and a dying body...so by "cloning" yourself, you no longer care about the original and move on with the new and improved. I'm not thinking like using an identical clone to accomplish tasks for me. If I'm uploading myself into a digital copy, I'm digital for eternity...or until my CPU goes boom or my memory storage gets erased.

  • pavillon 117
    pavillon 117 9 months ago

    I'm willing to do it. Seriously I feel that humans life spans are to short in my opinion. Yes I understand we live longer now than in the past.

  • miss misanthropist
    miss misanthropist 9 months ago

    a lot of "ethical issues" are just about what if humans aren't the only intelligent life

  • Bluckets
    Bluckets 9 months ago

    reminds me of uss callister

  • Lord Kornington The LXIX

    People who are into this should play Soma.

  • Fran98
    Fran98 10 months ago

    1:58 This part was very scary

  • nikkalick
    nikkalick 10 months ago

    Upload isn’t a word anymore omg

  • Dark
    Dark 10 months ago

    Who else has this as their rs hw

  • Swapnil Upadhyay
    Swapnil Upadhyay 10 months ago +2

    Suck it old fucks I am 17 now so I will certainly live to see mind upload tech in 2045😂😂

  • Conner Moyer
    Conner Moyer 10 months ago

    I would, without hesitation, become a computer. I’d just make sure the computer isn’t using any windows version.

  • Kyler Kay
    Kyler Kay 10 months ago

    oh lord that last thing he said you could be a upload just straight up scared me to death im literally freaken out right now

  • Joschka Bock
    Joschka Bock 10 months ago

    So no information about technology , just speculations and questions....wow

    IAN DUCAO 10 months ago

    My clone can't handle the stream if data that my consciousness possess, my clone might say "now i understand"

  • LesoTheGamerBoy
    LesoTheGamerBoy 11 months ago

    When you play too much S.O.M.A

  • Αντώνης Δρόσος

    Nah, im good with vr getting better in the future

  • Thijsprooi
    Thijsprooi Year ago +1


  • daniël Crisafulli

    And two houses from here two people from duitsland working on this, and this is a crime. And they say I hear from people they want help while they do this to stolen money and milions. And the office work on this and thirst they do or they don't know about this and this is a lie or there is a new group that never hear that they do this

  • daniël Crisafulli

    And this country do this things to people and this is corrupt. THis is corrupt in the netherlands

  • J vdB
    J vdB Year ago +1

    No sir thank you

  • Maryo_Nicle7
    Maryo_Nicle7 Year ago

    This is interesting, mind copy just like sublimation from Ace Combat 3 game. But however, in AC3 it's more diversed as sublimation is not just copying mind, but also body, which later the copy of someone's body would live in Electrosphere after being uploaded. By the way, the game is set around 2040 with fictional world.

  • James collins 69
    James collins 69 Year ago

    If you did this then maybe you could do wahatever shit you want in fortnite

  • SaltyBoi
    SaltyBoi Year ago

    I, Robot 2 starring the upload of Will Smith

  • Rocky Boy
    Rocky Boy Year ago

    maybe this universe is a software made by God , and we all are players in it

  • Unearthlysoap
    Unearthlysoap Year ago

    When it comes to this, if you make a copy of yourself it’s not exactly you since it’s a copy. If you wanted to be in a computer or a robot, you would basically have to do a direct transfer of your brain. But the tough part about this is how are we suppose to transfer our brains process of thought that makes you you without having to transfer your actual brain over? You wouldn’t exactly want yourself to be connected to the computer. Your human body would have to die basically. If you ever wanted a direct transfer of yourself. But everything contains atoms, electrons, neutrons etc. so I don’t think it’s impossible to actually become an ai. It would just be very complicated. Also if you did make a direct copy of yourself it would be you, at least for them. It is you, so it will have all the emotions and thoughts of the original person. But the original person would never be the copy.

  • Larson Holleman
    Larson Holleman Year ago

    Hackers> _

  • IAmWaffling
    IAmWaffling Year ago

    Renaissance was clearly half a CENTURY ago, not a millennium

  • GiveMeMilkPls
    GiveMeMilkPls Year ago


  • Matt Carrasquillo

    Altered Carbon on Netflix

  • ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    I wouldn't wana do that anyway

  • Naked Hardware
    Naked Hardware Year ago

    If you want to see why this might suck, play SOMA

  • TheRealRaybis R
    TheRealRaybis R Year ago

    Does that mean I can live in pornhub