Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Announcement

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • For the first time ever, The Master Chief’s story comes to PC. Featuring Halo: Reach along with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, the Halo 3: ODST Campaign and Halo 4, this is the definitive Halo experience.
    Honoring the iconic hero and his epic journey, The Master Chief’s story is brought together with a total of 67 campaign missions plus more than 120 multiplayer maps (including the original Halo Combat Evolved maps) and Spartan Ops maps. Now built for PC with mouse and keyboard support and up to 4K UHD and HDR.
    Connect with us!
    Web: www.halowaypoint.com
    Twitter: twitter.com/halo
    Instagram: instagram.com/halo/
    Mixer: mixer.com/halo
    Twitch: www.twitch.tv/halo
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  • Shanty Town
    Shanty Town Day ago

    hmm, havent played a halo game in forever

  • A.a.DfromtheRobotic

    I love ps4 i only like xbox cuz of halo but getting an xbox for one game is pointless so im glad its coming to pc

  • Wander Freitas
    Wander Freitas Day ago

    Xbox is Dead 💔

  • Marcos
    Marcos Day ago

    Sólo había una nave....

  • Abhinav Rawat
    Abhinav Rawat Day ago

    Release date cant wait for it

  • Alejandro Pérez

    I dont know why I get excited, I dont even have a good pc :(

  • Dynamic Recon
    Dynamic Recon Day ago


  • Ruku the Dragon
    Ruku the Dragon Day ago

    Cortana: "Wow. Look at all the cool stuff here."

    Everyone: "Don't get any funny ideas."

  • Brooks Townsend
    Brooks Townsend Day ago

    I have a question though, is this a part of Xbox play anywhere? So if I have it on console will I automatically get it on PC?

  • Edgar Osvaldo Pérez Aquino

    Me vale si n me entienden.
    En serio odio la decisión que tomo 343i, pues Halo siempre ha sido un juego libre de Hackers por que había sido exclusivo de Xbox, pero ahora con este giro que tomaron para PC se irá todo al carajo, habrán Modificadores que le van a romper la madre a Halo :(

  • Wizardhacker 70
    Wizardhacker 70 Day ago

    I need _steam funds_

  • XxitzNick04xX
    XxitzNick04xX Day ago

    I wonder if halo 1 and 2 on disk will be backwards compatible?

  • Patrick Nugent
    Patrick Nugent Day ago

    My longest yeah boi ever....

  • AuxyZero1
    AuxyZero1 Day ago

    Is there also a new version for xbox one? Or is it done through updates

  • Eurobeater
    Eurobeater Day ago

    I have been cumed

  • Faketendo swatch

    Well this is by far one of the best things I seen TheXvid recommended me

  • Restoredd420
    Restoredd420 Day ago

    big C U M S T

  • heyfellowhumanbeing


  • UrLocalPoolman
    UrLocalPoolman Day ago

    Took long enough

  • Garry Combine
    Garry Combine Day ago +1

    Sony: Look at our exclusives...
    Microsoft: watch this advert.
    Sony: *gulp*
    Microsoft: Checkmate!
    In the corner
    Steam: Finally Halo and Half Life on the same platform in complete (4k, 60fps, HDR) harmony. Wait until Lord Gaben comes online to slay all!

  • Frosted Wheat Thins

    Cross play??

  • Somerton
    Somerton Day ago


  • MC cm
    MC cm Day ago

    es para halo 3,4 y 5?

  • Cold Boi
    Cold Boi Day ago

    stilling nutting over this

  • Joshua Quinones
    Joshua Quinones Day ago

    What kind of lunatic do you have to be to down vote a dream come true for ever halo player who started out with playing this great game on PC.

  • Avoozl
    Avoozl Day ago

    Please for the love of god put these games on GoG.

  • Ken narville
    Ken narville Day ago


  • Rabbid020012
    Rabbid020012 Day ago

    Welcome back to home chief

  • L3yon
    L3yon Day ago

    May your framerates be high and your temperatures low

  • Justin's Garage
    Justin's Garage Day ago

    Took how many years? 😂

  • Ivan Cervantes
    Ivan Cervantes Day ago

    Honestly was wondering why this wasn’t a thing 3 weeks ago and was so annoyed. Well, I’m freaked out by the timing but also happy 😃

  • Shadow919 Assassin


  • Foy20
    Foy20 Day ago

    ill be back gona look up pc builds

  • Joe V
    Joe V Day ago

    “Whatever the cost”

    • Joe V
      Joe V Day ago

      MYTHICALTWINKIE you’re right


      Halo4 quote 2012 vs marvel quote 2019. Other way around bud

  • The Comic Man
    The Comic Man Day ago

    Time to finish the fight.

  • lol 090
    lol 090 Day ago

    420 dislikes blaze

  • Havesumjoe
    Havesumjoe Day ago

    After almost 12 years. I cant wait to get on and play with the xbox users and boost the playerbase to where it should have been from day one!! also cant wait to see all the mods the community wil make, cant forget the custom games lobbies! its gonna be great!

  • RD
    RD Day ago


  • Gareth Williams
    Gareth Williams Day ago

    Please tell me my Xbox One digital copy will work on PC. Probably not, and wouldn't stop me buying it again, but would be very handy.

  • Le1Arquero
    Le1Arquero Day ago

    Well time to stay only as PC Gamer

  • Gunnery Sergeant Eddy


  • El Patchino
    El Patchino Day ago +1

    Plot twist : it was an early april fool .. And it will never come to pc 🐸

  • El Patchino
    El Patchino Day ago

    Apex stole the wraith portal from halo
    Proof : 0:19 🐸

  • something
    something Day ago

    One step closer to killing Fortnite.

  • Ethan Williamson

    Im crying and shaking rn

  • Nickiamx
    Nickiamx Day ago

    So wait does this mean I can play the only important Halo game on PC soon? (Halo 3)

  • Sauceyfire94
    Sauceyfire94 Day ago

    420 dislikes lmao

  • Potater Shoe
    Potater Shoe Day ago

    I couldve sworn Halo was supposed to be a console exclusive. Well then.

  • Nukran
    Nukran Day ago +1

    So long! I have waited SO GOD DAMN LONG for this!!! Finally, I just can't describe my excitement.

  • TitanEureka
    TitanEureka Day ago

    Time to call in for a week! ueheheheheehe......................

  • KillerGaming109
    KillerGaming109 Day ago

    What's the song in the background?

  • Sebastianbaraj5
    Sebastianbaraj5 Day ago


  • Astral Cotter
    Astral Cotter Day ago


  • Bruteposting the Foodnipple

    "5 years, 5 long years."

  • Maphothagus
    Maphothagus Day ago


  • Tommy Picco
    Tommy Picco Day ago

    What? How Many are crying?

  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload Day ago

    Valve: Half tree being released only on Wii switch

  • PainTrane117
    PainTrane117 Day ago

    I don't even have a gaming PC and I'm still buying this.

  • Heckett
    Heckett Day ago

    "Master Chief, what are you doing on that ship?"
    "Sir, finishing this fight, on PC"

  • glitchtutorial
    glitchtutorial Day ago

    I just hope we get to enjoy it before Sony announces Haze 2.

  • Wibble
    Wibble Day ago

    Microsoft straight up admits that their console is worthless.

  • OS Reptar
    OS Reptar Day ago

    Will it have separate achievements or run through the same game through Xbox if you get it for pc?
    Like gears 4 and halo wars 2 do

  • Derp Mcderpinton

    Finally...We can finish the fight! DUUN DU DUUUN

  • Papa ForeverPL
    Papa ForeverPL Day ago

    Where halo guardians :(????

  • David Coulter
    David Coulter Day ago

    Short story: I switched from Xbox to PlayStation in 2007 (aged 14), so unfortunately due to being a bit young and the timing I missed out on Halo, and it's probably my biggest gaming regret. Whilst Destiny was the game I dreamed of, and somehow so much more (laugh if you want but I adored it), I still felt some disappointment at never having played Halo.

    Having built my first gaming PC six months ago, I now can't wait to finally play Halo. It's gonna be sick.

  • Mat
    Mat Day ago

    Thank you 343! I love Xbox and Pc!!

  • Sense Tactical
    Sense Tactical Day ago

    I gotta snag myself a xbox one so that i can get mcc 😭😭 i just wanna play reach in 1080 60 😭😭😭

  • Jazzy Darty
    Jazzy Darty Day ago

    These pc wanks dying to play halo probably have a pc worth well over 5K...... The PC race say they have everything and yet they continue to cry and complain 😂😂😂

    • Maarten Rutten
      Maarten Rutten Day ago

      No they don't, and you can still get a pretty good pc for under 600

  • Playing Games
    Playing Games Day ago +1

    Too bad I don't own a PC...

  • Guilherme Quinelato

    I caralho eu to ansioso pra porra toma no cu mano

  • Nuke 4 Duke
    Nuke 4 Duke Day ago

    Im Cummings buckets for reach multiplayer

  • GB _82
    GB _82 Day ago

    Well I ain’t got a pc nor an Xbox ... only a ps4

  • Benedict Hince
    Benedict Hince Day ago


  • KebabCentral
    KebabCentral Day ago

    Finally i get to complete my childhood

  • Norman Gray
    Norman Gray Day ago

    Been waiting for this for so long.
    I have this all on xbox but don't care I am still buying it for pc :)

  • Croutons
    Croutons Day ago

    Welcome brothers

  • Lange
    Lange Day ago

    The madmen, they actually did it.

  • Ineedmore_ Subscribers


  • Wave Emperor
    Wave Emperor Day ago

    What have we done to deserve this?

  • Charmike
    Charmike Day ago +1

    Assassination Tower here I come! Like if you agree!

  • Fenix
    Fenix Day ago

    Why doesn' this have 1M views already ?

  • Spooki
    Spooki Day ago


  • Kidpeppers3
    Kidpeppers3 Day ago


  • Csongor Borbély

    What part of the OST is the song at 0:13? I've been trying to find it but I can't.

  • Louis Arias
    Louis Arias Day ago

    Please make it windows 7 compatible!

  • CrashBurnman95
    CrashBurnman95 Day ago

    1 like = 1 pizza🍕

  • Edmar100
    Edmar100 Day ago

    0:29 _the chills_

  • Scottis
    Scottis Day ago

    you guys really fuckin did it. thank you.

  • thrax
    thrax Day ago

    Halo reach 😘😘❤️❤️

  • Noah Beier
    Noah Beier Day ago

    I can only get so erect

  • Ryan Heisler
    Ryan Heisler Day ago

    so glad all you PC players can experience this!!
    Xbox one owner

  • Boss Daily
    Boss Daily Day ago


  • Masterchief
    Masterchief Day ago +1

    this cured my depression.

  • R H
    R H Day ago

    "For the first time ever..."

    Halo CE & Halo 2 Multiplayer: "Am I a joke to you?!"

  • Your Lord Kermit
    Your Lord Kermit Day ago +1

    I bought this on Xbox one...
    Will I be able to download it on the windows 10 app?

  • Alex Rau
    Alex Rau Day ago

    If you have it on the Microsoft store does it cross play with steam? I own an xbox and have the gamepass so I'll have reach for pc but I feel like the majority of people on pc will buy it on steam

  • T T
    T T Day ago

    I really hope there is online co-op!!!

  • SandyOrbGaming
    SandyOrbGaming Day ago

    I am rock solid for this 🤤

  • jjj0309
    jjj0309 Day ago

    My life is still far from complete, but now it's more closer to get completed.

  • Guilha Gomes
    Guilha Gomes Day ago

    played halo 1 and 2 but since i became a pc gamer, never played the rest i can say FINNALY!