Jailbreak Tweak Cydown ios 14 /14.2 / 14.3

  • Published on Feb 18, 2021
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Comments • 49

  • OM TK
    OM TK  Year ago

    Cydown repo

  • Black panther epic
    Black panther epic Year ago +1

    Good vid :)

  • burhan sindy2000
    burhan sindy2000 Year ago +1

    Nice bro

  • burhan sindy2000
    burhan sindy2000 Year ago


  • burhan sindy2000
    burhan sindy2000 Year ago


  • sleman sindy
    sleman sindy Year ago


  • Fernando Soto
    Fernando Soto Year ago

    No funciona el iOS 14.3 iPhone 8 Plus

  • burhan sindy2000
    burhan sindy2000 Year ago


  • Terzo
    Terzo 9 months ago +1

    Thank you but you shouldn’t do gods work

    • OM TK
      OM TK  9 months ago

      Welcome 🐸

    WIKL IRAQ Year ago +2


  • Aaban Bhuiyan
    Aaban Bhuiyan Year ago +2

    I pad 14.4 jelly break plz bro

  • A
    A Year ago +1

    Tutorial how to download cydia broooo

    • A
      A Year ago

      @OM TK where bro

    • OM TK
      OM TK  Year ago +1

      I have it bro

  • Mesh
    Mesh Year ago +1

    How to get cydia

    • Mesh
      Mesh Year ago

      Also I have admin rights which makes it a lot harder and i have some experience

    • Mesh
      Mesh Year ago

      @Maro sure your right but at least i can try so i could get better.

    • Maro
      Maro Year ago

      @Mesh you're better off not doing it if you have 0 experience

    • Mesh
      Mesh Year ago

      @OM TK I dont have a plug that I could connect to my ipad :/

    • OM TK
      OM TK  Year ago

      @Mesh thexvid.com/video/WKzjdm4JBek/video.html

  • Aaban Bhuiyan
    Aaban Bhuiyan Year ago +1

    Hello bro

    JOSEPH Y EMILY Year ago

    Muy mala no explicas ni hablas donde entrar malos tu videos

  • Daytel (Dayz)
    Daytel (Dayz) Year ago +6


    • 8DMusic 603
      8DMusic 603 Year ago

      I called the repo he’s using malware and the dude removed my comment

    • DINA !
      DINA ! Year ago +1


  • Black knight
    Black knight Year ago

    Cydia ios 14.1 plsss

    • Cristhian Haro
      Cristhian Haro Year ago

      Use unc0ver lol

    • RalexOCE
      RalexOCE Year ago +2

      Ok then just wait for the jb update and do not upgrade to iOS 14.4 ok

    • Eh Htoo
      Eh Htoo Year ago +2

      @Black knight just wait in 1-2 week

    • Black knight
      Black knight Year ago +2

      @RalexOCE i know but im not have pc 😢😢

    • RalexOCE
      RalexOCE Year ago +2

      Use checkra1n