Jordan, Collins share takeaways from today's impeachment hearing

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • The two House Judiciary Republicans go after Democrats' push to impeach President Trump on 'Hannity.' #Hannity #FoxNews
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Comments • 3 020

  • nanasshi 07
    nanasshi 07 9 days ago

    I'm not american but why this whole impeachment thing makes me furious

  • nanasshi 07
    nanasshi 07 9 days ago

    holy sh!t in today's america you can easily impeach a president just because you don't like him I'm baffled

  • Official Tac
    Official Tac 14 days ago

    im so glad that fox became alot more conservative, i can watch fox now and see republicans slam dems. thanks.

  • Beverly Beigbeder
    Beverly Beigbeder 26 days ago

    I think these guys are super dont back down

  • Cnc
    Cnc Month ago

    Thank you ....... someone had to say it.

  • Gabriel Ruvalcaba
    Gabriel Ruvalcaba Month ago

    The bad thin about menudo.. the house mother in law
    Cooks it every Sunday.

  • Ichabod Crane
    Ichabod Crane Month ago +1

    We aren't as gullible as Hannity is . Prisons would be empty if these clowns were in charge of the court system !

  • Jon Drexhage
    Jon Drexhage Month ago

    Yep, they both look like babbling idiots that can’t focus on the facts, only attack the process. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin. Make America real again.

  • MikeHott VODdotCom
    MikeHott VODdotCom Month ago


  • MikeHott VODdotCom
    MikeHott VODdotCom Month ago


  • MikeHott VODdotCom
    MikeHott VODdotCom Month ago


  • Jackie B
    Jackie B Month ago

    😍😝😘 good jobs 👍

  • Barbara Plate
    Barbara Plate Month ago

    Jordan is an embarrassment to Ohio

  • Sixty Seven
    Sixty Seven Month ago

    Not True Republicans .You Are All American Sell Outs. Why Dies Trump Trust Russia Over USA

  • Sixty Seven
    Sixty Seven Month ago

    Trump Takes Russian Money Over USA 🇺🇸

  • Sixty Seven
    Sixty Seven Month ago

    Russian Sell Outs Treason.Treason Treason. Not True Americans 🇺🇸

  • lamabob2
    lamabob2 Month ago


  • Matthew Leonard
    Matthew Leonard Month ago

    This is disgusting. That you would lead such an egregious and flagrant misinformation campaign is absolutely stomach-turning. I dare anyone in this chat section to sit down for one hearing. Listen to both sides with an open heart and mind. When people get personal and ugly, we lose ourselves in hate and forgo the facts.
    I challenge Fox News to tell both sides, to not cut and splice the videos to change the narrative. This is against America. This is against democracy. This is against the public people and what we need: fair elections. We already have Russia interfering in Ohio elections AGAIN. Are we really going to let foreign powers influence us in 2020? Wake up, my patriots. We must listen to the facts and not ONE SIDE of the story. Only hearing one partisan view is called propaganda. Clarification: I have been a Republican up until 2019. I now consider myself independent.

  • Notterma d
    Notterma d Month ago

    news channels doesn't know how to keep their feelings out of it do they?

  • Lee Banning
    Lee Banning Month ago +1

    Hannity worships Satan and smells his muffler fumes.

  • leslie Hall
    leslie Hall Month ago

    Mr. Jordan, Mr. Collins and Mr. guys are awesome

  • Brian Sumner
    Brian Sumner Month ago

    Why don't all the republicins just all walk out, and don't take part in any progress any more.

  • Annette Thompson
    Annette Thompson Month ago

    A waste of money grrrrrr

  • robogenus
    robogenus Month ago

    Collusional Delusional Dems DeezNutz! ... MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS All Very Fake News! ... Red Wave Coming In 2020 To Drown All The Swamp Rats! GoTrump2020! ; ]__~~ (Fourth Direct Great-Grandson of Col. Benjamin Cleveland - True Patriot)

  • robogenus
    robogenus Month ago

    Woot! Burn'em, Grill'em, Cook'em Mr. Collins ... Great Job Sir! So proud of you! You Rock! One side of my family (Keiths) are Murray County, GA : ) So grateful and glad that we have you fighting this embarrassing circus this 'Pseudo-Impeachment' process ; }__~* ~

  • Carol Harris
    Carol Harris Month ago

    The 3 professors were there to make bad jokes.

  • Randy Reinwald
    Randy Reinwald Month ago +1

    Gaetz crushed it!

  • may wilson
    may wilson Month ago

    I am Appaulled at Jordan, and Nunes at the way they disrupted, the testimony of a witness. They don't even care what the evidence is, they don't care what Trump did. I am APPAULLED at the Republicans act of Breaking their OATH, by their actions in the HOUSE. Maybe this is a joke to the Republican about Trump being Trump, IT IS NOT TO THE PEOPLE OF THE USA. WE pay Trump to do HIS JOB, NOT EVERYONES JOB. Why do we pay Ambassadors, Investigators, Congress, Senate, CIA, FBI, and a To large Government, IF ONE PERSON GOING TO DO IT? TRUMP IS NOT A ONE MAN BAND< HE IS A PRESIDENT ONLY.

  • T Thorn
    T Thorn Month ago

    No facts, only hatred......
    The Gravy Train over for these jokers!

  • Teleah Cross
    Teleah Cross Month ago


  • J. Vonhögen
    J. Vonhögen Month ago +1

    Pamela Karlan should be fired from 'her' university and be given a very tough day job in a coal mine filled with asbestos and all kinds of unhealthy gasses. That should teach her humility and respect. If not, then she is just a bad person full of hate, just like most democrats. Anyway, keep her underground at all cost, as far away from students and books as possible (maybe someone should take away her glasses, just to be safe). Enough with the pseudo intellectual political activists, our civilization is at stake!

  • Mutant Artificial Intelligence

    Can I sue the democratic party for causing me PTSD? If not.... I will become a sleeper cell that gets the job done to save humanity. And it will be a pleasure.

  • Mike Chan
    Mike Chan Month ago

    No exit strategy. No plan to resolve the crisis.

  • Mike Chan
    Mike Chan Month ago

    No exit solution. No plan to resolve the crisis.

  • Mutant Artificial Intelligence

    Obama was an imposter.

  • Darrell Talbott
    Darrell Talbott Month ago +1

    Wine and philosophy is easy er than politics and politically correct

  • David Joseph
    David Joseph Month ago

    How many shows like the Schiff and Nadler show do we have to see befor seeing these crminal minded fake politicians serving not the interrest of the people of America but that infiltrated Deep State org? Time to see action now they have ahd 3 years pushing lies and no proof of any wrong doing.

  • Lee
    Lee Month ago

    We must also remember that there was 2016 election fraud of millions of illegal voters----making President Trump also win the popular vote.

  • wingmanalive
    wingmanalive Month ago

    It's hilarious watching liberals cheer in their glory as they take what "evidence" they have as their GOLD. Their GOLD is nothing but painted lead. You can't impeach a president on a presumption. The house will vote to impeach and the Senate will dismiss it. That much we all know. Trump will win his 2nd term and the left will continue their mutiny. In the history books it will be written that Trump was impeached by the house but acquitted by the Senate, all with an (*) by it. The only partisan impeachment in US history. The Dems are staining this country and they simply don't care.

  • Steven Rodriguez
    Steven Rodriguez Month ago

    I don't recognize Pelosi, Nadler, or shittforbrains , as any kind of leader of mine.

  • beast1949
    beast1949 Month ago

    I thought there was 3 branches of our government so why is the House doing this illegal act ;without the Judiciary and the Senate agreement on this impeachment ,then why are they not stopping this impeachment which is illegal!,,

  • Darlene Sigler
    Darlene Sigler Month ago +1

    She has broken the law. She should be sent back to where she came from. But that is not going to happen.

  • Dean Martin
    Dean Martin Month ago


  • Michelle St John
    Michelle St John Month ago

    All 3 (THREE) branches of US Gov't. should be REQUIRED TO TAKE AN EXAM, 1) Take the same Common Core test required of Sr.s to graduate (C.C. put into place by LEGISLATURE CONTRARY TO ALL FEDERALLY FUNDED RESEARCHES ON "BEST" WAY TO ASSESS A STUDENT; MULTIPLE GUESS/TRUE FALSE ONLY prove 2 things: A) the student has good memory & is capable of returning stretching it up.
    B) How well a student can take a test.
    2) Next all three branches must take an essay exam on the USA Constitution AND Bill of Rights; followed by essay test requiring them to take scenario provided, apply US Constitution to event, along with SOUND BRACING OF DECISION BY WHAT PART/PARTS OF US CONSTITION is being applied. Less than 90%, your job is history. How can ANYONE swear to "protect & defend the US Constitution, both foreign & DOMESTIC."
    It has to be a fair test, after all those virtuosos of EDUCATION, surely should be able to pass the very exam they forced on our school systems. They were "worried" about what kind of product (human speak= students) our educational system was/is turning out.
    Shouldn't that be even MORE RELEVANT when discussing Billions of $, Ability to make war (any gov't worker being tested if failing THAT question should be automatic failure), and all the other skills taught by high schools now.
    They are to busy teaching the ridiculousness needed for C. C. with not enough time in the day to have a Government/Civic/History of how 3 branches were established AND why...not the drivel the last classes to still have Gov't. Required... the real story before 2 professors, having done NO RESEARCH, just decided they wanted to rewrite history; no one vetted them, nor vetted ANY resources. (At least the "news" is still the same=no research, no proof. Etc

  • truserv1
    truserv1 Month ago

    1:28 it's an oxymoron to say that there's a smart Democrat but this guy's is closest you will ever find.

  • truserv1
    truserv1 Month ago

    Monday morning only one out of these 4 Teachers should have a job.

  • graphicats 3D
    graphicats 3D Month ago

    Where are the old school liberals to join this man's rational thinking? Have almost all of them become Socialist progressives?

  • P Hawthorne
    P Hawthorne Month ago

    Finally the truth, from a non Trumper. Thanks Turley, they needed that. Dems got a wake up call, an embarrassment in front of the country. You crapped your pants and everyone knows! Clean house, change your diaper and grow up. Be an adult, do the job you were elected to do.... And it wasn't to get your way, because you're still pissed you lost the election. We, America, won. Get over it or go home!

  • Keyna Maynard
    Keyna Maynard Month ago

    I pray it doesn't get Arkansuided!

  • Margo Bradley
    Margo Bradley Month ago +1

    This is impeachment out of fear that he will be re-elected , and if re-elected he will continue to keep Democrats lust for power in check

    ARIMATIONS YT Month ago

    I was unaware that “against Trump” was an option on the ballot.

  • HahaWhyIamHere
    HahaWhyIamHere Month ago

    1:33 what dude? Trump was invited to participate in the hearing process but he refused, what's congress abuse of power nonsense?Trump is indefensible, period, stop your nonsense; just bc u did not vote for him it does not make your speech weigh more and impartial.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    Wow - Pelosi calling the president and imposter - that's projection of Obama's presidential election - Book for Radials play book comment.

  • Western V
    Western V Month ago

    I voted for him

  • andrew hager
    andrew hager Month ago

    And we taking the house back buhbye dems!

  • nuran arrowood
    nuran arrowood Month ago


  • Wyoming Wyoming
    Wyoming Wyoming Month ago


  • Steve Snyder
    Steve Snyder Month ago

    These professors gave compelling evidence for the damaging effects of mental inbreeding.

  • Paul Oxo
    Paul Oxo Month ago +1

    Listen to these disgusting Trump apologists and enablers laughing at the crisis facing America.? I know many Dem voters and swing voters tune in to remind themselves how low the republicans have sunk. To anyone out there that cares about our constitutional and democratic rights and freedoms. I say its time to take to the streets in a national day of protest demanding Trumps removal. There are many groups and organizations which attempt to voice their concerns, like Me Too, Gun Control Activists, LGBT Rights, Abortion Rights, Black and Colored Rights, Climate Awareness Activists. Its time for all of us to come together against this corruption and madness thats destroying everyones Human Rights. There needs to be a day of action, a general strike across America against Trump and the gangsters. Pass it on folks.

  • Aws Swa
    Aws Swa Month ago

    The constitutional experts has no say in whether the president should be impeached or not. Congress and the house are not judicary organs. Instead they are political. Every member of the house has the right to vote in either way. The jury is the individuals. If impeachment case would have been seen in the supreme court experts case would be right. In which the jury has no say. Democracy is the people🤝.