• Published on Jul 20, 2019
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    Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is an online multiplayer gamemode included with Garry's Mod. The game is about a group of "terrorists" who have traitors among them, out to kill everyone who's not a traitor.
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Comments • 680

  • Derpzman
    Derpzman 19 hours ago

    ThatMadCat, yes, this one right here, sir.

  • Jonathan McInnes
    Jonathan McInnes 8 days ago

    Lewis "Kids are smart" Uhhhhhh yeaaaaaah not true, people today are dumber then ever.

  • LeoTehJester
    LeoTehJester 10 days ago


  • Yvash
    Yvash 12 days ago

    Parrots are one of the most intelligent species on earth, right up there with the corvids and favourably comparable to the high apes. Some can have a working, contextual vocabulary when communicating with humans and most are consistent puzzle solvers and tool users.

  • Nick Boon
    Nick Boon 12 days ago

    Did it work🤣🤣🤣

  • Toby Howard-spink
    Toby Howard-spink 13 days ago

    #Bring back old intro music

  • Jose Angelo Santos
    Jose Angelo Santos 16 days ago

    No. Minecraft is.

  • PenguinEdd
    PenguinEdd 16 days ago

    6:10 is top

  • Stray Moose
    Stray Moose 17 days ago

    Deathtroopers...finally some EU love :')

  • Fernando Leamshake
    Fernando Leamshake 17 days ago

    Really terrible plays

  • Lemon Sheep
    Lemon Sheep 17 days ago

    I replayed Ben blowing himself up with that Doncon about 5 times... it was so perfect

  • Reznik2
    Reznik2 20 days ago

    Zoey gets introduced and she's already got a bat. Upvoted.

  • Oscar Vissers
    Oscar Vissers 22 days ago

    Parrots are among the most intelligent animals there are...

  • RealityMan101
    RealityMan101 23 days ago

    Sjin just standing around and the traitors dying anyway is the definition of him.

  • vesoha
    vesoha 23 days ago

    Ben and Rythians 100% fail rate strikes again.

  • Nicothewerewolf
    Nicothewerewolf 23 days ago

    I miss yogscast Nielsy

  • Paradoxed
    Paradoxed 24 days ago +1

    Ben's laugh at the start just made my day

  • Jim Bovens
    Jim Bovens 24 days ago

    No one complaining Zoey's skin too small? WEIRD.

  • Isaac Vogel
    Isaac Vogel 25 days ago

    Parrots and corvids are literally both of the smartest animals out there lol

  • Xander
    Xander 25 days ago

    As a kid a can say auto chess can’t physically be comprehended by are brains

  • Darker_Minds Joker
    Darker_Minds Joker 25 days ago

    Sorry guys but Roblox beat you to the icecream van simulator

  • TheFoxGamer 1
    TheFoxGamer 1 25 days ago

    3:03 the inner star wars in me: Ihf9siuhauiwwuahfvsidhfdshfrnius ITS A FREAKING STAR DESTEROYER

  • jekanyika
    jekanyika 25 days ago +2

    Has Bouphe been practicing?

  • Sips' Number One Fan
    Sips' Number One Fan 25 days ago

    🎶Rythian and Ben!🎶

  • Toby-wan
    Toby-wan 25 days ago

    "Birds. Aren't birds pretty stupid? Isn't that a thing?"

    I just want to point out that Rythian is a Skånejävel and not Swedish and his statements do not reflect the opinions and values of the Swedish people in general.

  • Egg Sherbet
    Egg Sherbet 25 days ago

    Hello the voice of reason speaking here

  • Jamie Cole
    Jamie Cole 25 days ago

    The fact that people still don't know double jump is a feature is painful to watch

  • Jubs AU
    Jubs AU 25 days ago

    I just came here to say that the title is about 6-7 years too late

  • Francis
    Francis 26 days ago

    Raw is starting to become my favorite

  • GravityFallout
    GravityFallout 26 days ago

    *Z O E Y ! :D*

  • AdamHoweMusic
    AdamHoweMusic 26 days ago

    13:00 birds are literally one of the smartest animals lel

  • Namoth
    Namoth 26 days ago

    I guess thats the budget ,dont leet the ocuppied planet zoom in to close star destroyer of the empire.

  • IronBrandon22
    IronBrandon22 26 days ago +1

    Sjin killed Rythian as a Jester!

  • NinjaLemingZ
    NinjaLemingZ 26 days ago

    Ben referencing Death Troopers

  • - Lijosu -
    - Lijosu - 26 days ago

    birds are literally one of the most infamously intelligent pets you can have (especially parrots)

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 26 days ago

    That doncon displate looks pretty good, I have to admit

  • Natalie Holch
    Natalie Holch 27 days ago

    you know ever sence i sawhow lewis looks like i thought he was good looking and in a video he did say he would sleep with someone if they buyed a game for him.

  • Gormathius Nightstrider

    4:04 Skill not found.

  • mishap
    mishap 27 days ago

    It's been a while since I properly laughed at a yogs video but this did it multiple times. Love it

  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam 27 days ago

    That was the best opening round in TTT history

  • Jacob Nosbush
    Jacob Nosbush 27 days ago

    🎶Rythian and Bennnn
    Completely Incompetent 🎶

  • bmxdude1337
    bmxdude1337 27 days ago

    Lewis kids that play fortnite or pubg aren’t smart they are dumb

  • Jonathan Hurst
    Jonathan Hurst 27 days ago

    It's too bad that Sjin is in this given the allegations.

  • Illswyn
    Illswyn 27 days ago

    I do not understand why GMod is played so much by the Yogscast. It's boring to watch. I have watched a few, but generally, no, I just ignore them entirely.

  • Alenthas
    Alenthas 27 days ago


  • Gravy
    Gravy 27 days ago

    I feel like playing with lawyer the Rythian, how can you compete with his logical lawyer mind.

  • total destructinator
    total destructinator 27 days ago

    "I'm hungry! humry... gid me food" rythian, seconds before dying

  • MadMadgic
    MadMadgic 27 days ago

    Ravs is really quick with witty answers! So good!

  • Supergoo 21
    Supergoo 21 27 days ago

    Awww we need lewis in a park with a megaphone....

  • COLT Fin
    COLT Fin 27 days ago

    You have 7.2 million subscribers and you still can't break 500 000 on a video. How is that even possible?

  • fishpop
    fishpop 27 days ago +1

    8:28/10:10/14:50 Blargh!

  • fishpop
    fishpop 27 days ago

    3:53 - 4:23 30 seconds of failure for Rythian & Ben. XD

  • xSPYDRx
    xSPYDRx 27 days ago

    YAY! i missed Zoey!

    • xSPYDRx
      xSPYDRx 27 days ago

      also parrots are smarter then cats and dogs, especially African Grays (best talking from any bird). also corvids like ravens and crows are the smartest birds on earth, they can even use tools and be taught to talk.

  • fishpop
    fishpop 27 days ago


  • _Shad
    _Shad 27 days ago

    lewis that hoodie in the outro bit looks good on u

  • Rottot Creations
    Rottot Creations 27 days ago

    *While looking at each other, innocent Bouphe slowly approaches traitor Ben as Bouphe awkwardly describes how she is going to shoot him with a shotgun.*
    Ben: *Doesn't shoot at Bouphe and gets killed by a shotgun at short range*

  • Jared
    Jared 27 days ago

    Feels like Lewis could have ended that a lot faster considering he hid in a corner for 45 seconds while watching Lewis run into the traitor tester room

  • SmallMediumLarge41
    SmallMediumLarge41 27 days ago

    This is one of the funniest episodes in awhile

  • Maltek
    Maltek 27 days ago

    TTT stats
    Detective rate All: Times detective:2592 Victories:1657 Losses: 1044 Success rate:64 %

    1. Mikey: Times detective:1 Victories:1 Losses: 0 Success rate:100 %
    2. Dr simon: Times detective:9 Victories:7 Losses: 2 Success rate:78 %
    3. Caff: Times detective:4 Victories:3 Losses: 1 Success rate: 75%
    4. Hanna: Times detective:19 Victories:14 Losses: 5 Success rate:74 %
    5. Tom: Times detective:253 Victories:184 Losses: 71 Success rate:73 %
    6. Zozo: Times detective:46 Victories:32 Losses: 14 Success rate:70 %
    7. Dont know: Times detective:26 Victories:18 Losses: 8 Success rate:69 %
    8. Radders: Times detective:41 Victories:28 Losses: 13 Success rate:68 %
    9. Zaylus: Times detective:265 Victories:175 Losses: 90 Success rate:66 %
    10. Lewis: Times detective:409 Victories:266 Losses: 143 Success rate:65 %
    11. Barry: Times detective:72 Victories:47 Losses: 25 Success rate:65 %
    12. Rythian: Times detective:239 Victories:154 Losses: 85 Success rate:64 %
    13. Turps: Times detective:33 Victories:21 Losses: 12 Success rate:64 %
    14. Wilsonator: Times detective:25 Victories:16 Losses: 9 Success rate: 64%
    15. Sjin: Times detective:239 Victories:153 Losses: 85 Success rate:64 %
    16. Mousie: Times detective:13 Victories:8 Losses: 5 Success rate:62 %
    17. Ross: Times detective:62 Victories: 38 Losses: 24 Success rate:61 %
    18. Duncan: Times detective:246 Victories:150 Losses: 98 Success rate:61 %
    19. Pyrienflaxs: Times detective:29 Victories:17 Losses: 12 Success rate:59 %
    20. Ben: Times detective:293 Victories:172 Losses: 127 Success rate:59 %
    21. Allsmffy: Times detective:52 Victories:30 Losses:22 Success rate:58 %
    22. Simon: Times detective:48 Victories:28 Losses: 20 Success rate:58 %
    23. Daltos: Times detective:7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate: 58 %
    24. RTGame: Times detective: 7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate: 57 %
    25. Sips: Times detective:32 Victories:18 Losses: 14 Success rate:56 %
    26. Trott: Times detective:55 Victories:28 Losses: 27 Success rate:51 %
    27. Ravs: Times detective:2 Victories:1 Losses: 1 Success rate:50 %
    28. Lydia: Times detective:40 Victories:20 Losses: 20 Success rate: 50 %
    29. Checkpoint: Times detective:2 Victories:1 Losses: 1 Success rate:50 %
    30. Alex: Times detective:4 Victories:2 Losses: 2 Success rate:50 %
    31. Peter: Times detective:4 Victories:2 Losses: 2 Success rate: 50%
    32. Loic: Times detective:6 Victories:3 Losses: 3 Success rate: 50 %
    33. Bouphe: Times detective:41 Victories:20 Losses: 21 Success rate: 49 %
    34. Kim: Times detective:13 Victories:6 Losses: 7 Success rate:46 %
    35. Tom B: Times detective:5 Victories:2 Losses: 3 Success rate: 40 %
    36. Neb: Times detective:1 Victories:0 Losses: 1 Success rate: 0 %

    Infected: round:262 Victories:86 Losses: 180 Success rate: 33 %
    (Note: Some of the numbers don't add up, but I do not have enough time to fixs the errors.)

    JAKOBOBO GAMING 27 days ago

    If an infected hits a jester what happens? Like I'm actually curious about this

  • 9yearoldkid
    9yearoldkid 27 days ago

    Bouphe got GOOOOD

  • Nemo Nobody
    Nemo Nobody 27 days ago

    just imagine mr. blobby coming around the corner with a shotgun aimed at your face

  • The Elite Onyx General

    If Sjin is still on the main channel is this confirmation that the allegations against him were untrue? Sorry for bringing the drama here but I'm eager to know.

  • Filip Gasic
    Filip Gasic 27 days ago +1

    6:55 on repeat

  • ChiaroscuroxX
    ChiaroscuroxX 27 days ago

    Is this the next big game????? (On a 10 year old game with an already large following)

  • Pratalax
    Pratalax 27 days ago

    Good lord that opening round was fucking beautiful.

  • HoRi Chit
    HoRi Chit 27 days ago

    Top vid funny asf me likey give likey yes

  • Deep Sea
    Deep Sea 27 days ago

    Are you saying that some species of birds are more intelligent than others? That sounds a little racist

  • yellowfishstick
    yellowfishstick 27 days ago +2

    All but one innocents are dead, and both traitors are still alive. Even better the last surviving innocent is in passive mode and refusing to fight back! There's NO WAY the traitors could lose this one!

    Rythian & Ben

  • pvt mclaren
    pvt mclaren 27 days ago

    sjin is a predator

  • Kerry Benton
    Kerry Benton 27 days ago

    I love how Ravs hesitated for literally 0 seconds before saying "PARROT" lol

  • hayleythompson123
    hayleythompson123 27 days ago

    Can we get some BADDERZ back on ttt soon? I desperately need a Bouphe, Zoey, Radders & Lydia sesh

  • Liam Wood
    Liam Wood 27 days ago +1

    i thought sjin was asked to stay off the main channel for a little bit?

  • kwintin1000
    kwintin1000 27 days ago

    Ben solo killing everyone, and then killing himself accidentally to his own Doncon is the universe balancing itself out.

  • Kyle Leitch
    Kyle Leitch 27 days ago

    Are we just going to ignore Ben at 7:50?