Peloton Member Community + Boutique | Fall Collection 2017 - Built For You

  • Published on Oct 13, 2017
  • The Peloton Boutique Collection, is inspired by you, our Members! 6 of our amazing members wore some of our favorite athleisure looks for a photoshoot in NYC. Check out the behind-the-scenes video and hear more about why they love rocking their favorite Peloton workout gear on and off the bike. #WearPeloton
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    [Jill F. - Director, Peloton Boutique / Apparel] The theme behind today's photo shoot is kind of a behind the scenes theme because we are bringing the riders in and part of the Peloton team today.
    [John M. - Home Rider] I've always loved the excitement of meeting other community members. It makes me feel included as a part of Peloton.
    [Jill F.] I love seeing the enthusiasm behind the bike, behind riding together, behind the apparel. And just to really see firsthand the community.
    [Pam L. - Home Rider] When I have my favorite Peloton outfit on and when I get on my bike, I feel strong, I feel powerful, and I feel like I can get this done.
    [Jill F.] My team - we make clothes for real people. You know, we're making clothes for our riders. We make this apparel with our community in mind.
    [Jaime M. - Home Rider] Every day I have something on. There's a piece somewhere on my body and I'm definitely a walking billboard, for sure.
    [Jill F.] I want them to feel excited to put it on and I want them to be excited to get on their bike and wear it. I want everyone finding something that they can wear, that they like, and put it on and be modeling for us is really special.
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