Would You Rather Get Unbanned Or Date Sommerray?

  • Published on May 2, 2020
  • Would You Rather featuring @Sommer Ray @FaZe Kay and @TeaWap ! You guys wanted to know if I would rather get unbanned from Fortnite or date sommerray LOL
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  • Chris
    Chris 2 years ago +441

    anyone else laugh their ass off whenever the “SO HARD” jarvis clips gets played

  • Pink
    Pink Year ago +2

    gotta give teawap some respect he has been editing for the whole faze clan

  • Lauriane
    Lauriane 2 years ago +4

    I just love TeaWap so much he's the funniest 😂

  • spiin 3x
    spiin 3x Year ago +33

    Sommer: I swallow, looks at jarvis

  • appleegg
    appleegg Year ago +86

    As soon as someone says “hard” on the video:
    Teawap: edits “Its so hardddd” 😂

  • Spider-Man Theories
    Spider-Man Theories 2 years ago +352

    TeeWop: Would you rather Be Unbanned Or Date Sommer Ray?
    Jarvis: It’s So Hard

  • Landon Kies
    Landon Kies Year ago +4

    4:16 the moment Jarvis proved he’s one of the boys

  • OneWrld AJ
    OneWrld AJ Year ago +18

    Bruh I die laughing every time with the “Sooo Hard”

  • #get bopped
    #get bopped Year ago

    3:20 that made me laugh sooo hard

  • Vxrsevfx
    Vxrsevfx Year ago

    Jarvis: *Why are we still here, just to suffer*

  • TruestReligion
    TruestReligion 2 years ago +1027

    When Somer ray said “I do swallow.” Ik Jarvis was the happiest he’s been in he life😂

  • Pseudo
    Pseudo Year ago

    4:38 look at how angry Jarvis is LMAO

    CRYPTIC FOOTBALL Year ago +65

    Yo literally I laughed so hard when Jarvis said f*ck fortnite it was the funniest thing ever to be said 😂😂😂

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago +3

    Faze kay: I would be able to teleport to mars bro
    Editor: Show's picture of saturn

  • VTcyclone
    VTcyclone Year ago +263

    Frazier said mars and they put up a picture of Saturn

  • shoobadoo123
    shoobadoo123 2 years ago +350

    You can just teleport into the sky and “fly” and then teleport yourself back down on the ground before you hit it. Teleport is easily the best answer cause it’s kind of both options

    • mmMaiamm
      mmMaiamm 2 years ago

      anyone who still thinks flying is the option to go for, go watch a movie called Jumper and then come back

    • mmMaiamm
      mmMaiamm 2 years ago

      @I M no because you're teleporting. you're pretty much dissembling your body and then reassembling it at another location

    • I M
      I M 2 years ago +1

      Actually if u go to the sky and fall to “fly” and teleport back down, wouldn’t ur momentum crush u?

    • Audrey Moore
      Audrey Moore 2 years ago


    • Swiff
      Swiff 2 years ago

      you can just fly by the way monitors works, like that is frame by frame by frame, but flying is teleport and teleport and teleport probably like 130310 in a second so...

  • B1aZe 2010
    B1aZe 2010 Year ago +2

    Sommer- I do swallow. Frazier and Jarvis-ok. Goddamn really

  • Unknown Name
    Unknown Name Year ago +4

    4:37 this question probably made jarvis crazy

  • LB TV
    LB TV Year ago +6

    Sommer: I do swallow
    Jarvis: alright im gonna take note of that

  • TheRealChamp
    TheRealChamp 7 months ago

    Jarvis: Busted bro
    Teawap: puts Alex’s head on screen

  • dylans
    dylans 2 years ago +816

    Kay: We can teleport to mars.

  • Josiah Hayes
    Josiah Hayes Year ago

    2:55 - 2:58 had me dead.😂

  • Rahdidntask
    Rahdidntask 2 years ago +17

    2:57 made me laugh so hard

  • flipping_J
    flipping_J Year ago

    Jarvis knows how to make a thumbnail

  • 102. .clavilux
    102. .clavilux Year ago

    Jarvis: simping tf out

  • Raqueese
    Raqueese 2 years ago +270

    It's funny how frazier was just there being a 3rd wheeler and making every thing awkward 💙🤣🤣

    • Cj Tam
      Cj Tam 2 years ago

      jzxy neither on you bro

    • Stolen
      Stolen 2 years ago +1

      LOL the next move is probably gonna be more cringey tik toks

    • Stolen
      Stolen 2 years ago

      And TeaWap kinda

    • Stolen
      Stolen 2 years ago


    • Raqueese
      Raqueese 2 years ago +1

      @Cj Tam ik no hate on him

  • ATKMagic
    ATKMagic 10 months ago +1

    Teawap really shot his shot damn

  • Lord Uchiha
    Lord Uchiha 10 months ago +1

    0:56 they couldnt of chose teleport because if they fly they can go anywhere but if u have teleportation u can travel faster

  • mr pimp
    mr pimp 2 years ago

    0:53 Jarvis just switch's to sommers answer😂😂

  • axora
    axora 2 years ago +1

    Jarvis you destroyed epic community 😂

  • The Blueberry bill
    The Blueberry bill 2 years ago +369

    Frazier:I could go to mars
    Jarvis:*shows picture of Saturn*

    • Samuel Aguirre
      Samuel Aguirre 2 years ago +1

      Teawap edits his videos BIG BRAIN

    • kian 123
      kian 123 2 years ago +1

      bill so u didn't know it says *edited by teawap* at the end of every video, nice.

    • Erika Musinskiene
      Erika Musinskiene 2 years ago +1

      Its teawap

    • Mitch Welborn
      Mitch Welborn 2 years ago +1

      The Blueberry bill fr

    • flaco ❄️
      flaco ❄️ 2 years ago +1

      The Blueberry bill it was teawap but yeah

  • ColtBull
    ColtBull 2 months ago

    4:51 I bet Jarvis was jealous for a second

  • HILLS私はヒルボットです

    Frazier: I can teleport to Mars!👀
    teawap: *edits in jupiter*

  • joshua chavez
    joshua chavez Year ago +19

    “i can teleport to mars bro” *shows saturn*💀😭

  • Sergio Sislian
    Sergio Sislian Year ago

    2:57 got me😂😂😂

  • Aspect
    Aspect 2 years ago +437

    Frazier: "I can teleport to Mars bro"
    *Shows Saturn

  • Cryx
    Cryx Year ago +2

    Frazier: “I was just interested in that fruit”

  • Sir clutches !
    Sir clutches ! Year ago

    Jarvis in my opinion u are the best faze member and funniest out of all I watch ur vids all the time

  • idk
    idk Year ago

    Jarvis crying so hard😂

  • Størm
    Størm Year ago

    For Jarvis:
    Would you rather be kicked from faze or date sommer

  • Lutteur _04
    Lutteur _04 2 years ago +180

    Jarvis at the end when sommer say yes:
    This is so hard...

    • Ir
      Ir 2 years ago +3

      Lutteur _04 THATS what she said

  • SwanGamer
    SwanGamer 7 months ago

    ''I could teleport to mars bro what?''
    Editor: Shows a picture of Saturn

  • ElCuhCarloss
    ElCuhCarloss Year ago +2

    Teawap is fucking amazing 💯

  • Sora
    Sora Year ago

    Something I rlly want is for Jarvis to go out with Sommer bro

  • Dman?
    Dman? Year ago

    Jarvis is the goat at posting and without fortnite he is still good at TheXvid

  • John He
    John He 2 years ago +179

    Are we going to ignore the fact that Teawap put himself as Sommers ex🤣☠️

  • Rayan AL ali
    Rayan AL ali Year ago

    2:38 made my day

  • Kage影
    Kage影 2 years ago

    Jarvis can coach sommer any way

  • Darijan Mitev
    Darijan Mitev Year ago +1

    Kay: Teleport to Mars
    Shows picture of Saturn

  • z_dog0704-_-
    z_dog0704-_- Year ago

    Jarvis swithced to the same answer as sommer as soon as she answered for the second question lol

  • Day Zero
    Day Zero 2 years ago +177

    Jarvis was lowkey hurt when sommer said she would go on a date with teawap

    • Bram Copermans
      Bram Copermans 2 years ago

      lmaoo fr f r

    • Li Von
      Li Von 2 years ago

      Onm I thought the same thang

    • jmw.17_
      jmw.17_ 2 years ago

      i cringe watching it i can feel the painn lolll

    • AF1 gang 1
      AF1 gang 1 2 years ago +3

      in jarvis head he was punching the air

    • Jayden Pressley
      Jayden Pressley 2 years ago +2

      facts it would have been funny if Jarvis went up and like tackled teawap or something like that

  • Dan Holvy
    Dan Holvy Year ago +1

    Tewap: she has to swallow it
    Summer: I do swallow

  • Alexander Cilia
    Alexander Cilia Year ago

    I bet Jarvis really and truly wants to get unbanned from Fortnite that was literally his life

  • Leomar Noguez
    Leomar Noguez 2 years ago

    sommer sounds like such a good voice for harley quinn

  • Darien
    Darien Year ago

    The moment you all have been waiting for:
    [ 4:15 ]

  • Vadim Lissitsine
    Vadim Lissitsine 2 years ago +500

    Teawap: asks the last question
    Sommer: A
    Jarvis: ayy lets go
    Jarvis’s brain: ima beat him up

    • sOuRpATcHkId
      sOuRpATcHkId Year ago +1

      No cap i thout that too

    • epic Rest
      epic Rest Year ago

      Why do you think he ran outside

    • Devilwolf Gaming
      Devilwolf Gaming Year ago


    • Naila Shahid
      Naila Shahid Year ago

      LOL but I definitely think they be forcing Sommer to date with Jarvis but not like showing or telling or something to date they just be like he ur boy friend sumthin

    • Cosmic_GamingYT
      Cosmic_GamingYT 2 years ago +3

      Bro I thought that too

  • Kacee Doonan
    Kacee Doonan Year ago

    Jarvis could just play on a random account and no one would know!!!

  • 3k_bandz
    3k_bandz Year ago

    I like how Jarvis tryd to fit in with summer

  • Jonathan E
    Jonathan E Year ago +1

    When Kay said it's so hard and when Jarvis said so hard to i started dieing 😂🤣

  • Janine Higgins
    Janine Higgins Year ago

    Kay sos “I can teleport to Mars bro” *edit shows Saturn*

  • Ruby fortnite
    Ruby fortnite 2 years ago +625

    When Sommer Ray walks in on Jarvis and he is naked
    Jarvis: Its so haaaaaaard

  • Max Ewald
    Max Ewald Year ago

    Sommer - "Alex I'll look at your head"
    Audience - 👀

  • Alfie Thorpe
    Alfie Thorpe Year ago

    4:17 is what you came for my dudes

  • Martin S
    Martin S Year ago

    Whoever edits ur vids needs a raise

  • Mr.SlimJim
    Mr.SlimJim Year ago

    When jarvis see sommer the meme It's so hard

  • Jvcey
    Jvcey 2 years ago +425

    frazier: i could teleport to mars
    Editor: puts a pic of SATURN

  • Shaheer Hassan
    Shaheer Hassan Year ago +1203

    If the like button is grey , you can’t eat sommer Ray

  • Real ButFake
    Real ButFake Year ago +15

    Kay: Bro I can teleport to mars
    Me: That's saturn

  • Mohamed Abdelkarim
    Mohamed Abdelkarim 2 years ago

    Notice how sommer and Jarvis got the same answers the whole time

  • Ashton Smith
    Ashton Smith Year ago +1

    When they hit em’ with “so hard” though😂😂

  • DaveSzn
    DaveSzn 2 years ago +2625

    So we gonna act like we didn’t hear sommer say “I do swallow”

    • Carlos Borboa
      Carlos Borboa Year ago

      After the video Jarvis took her to his room to find out if she was lyin or not😂

    • zinovioua
      zinovioua Year ago

      Sommer so simp

    • zinovioua
      zinovioua Year ago

      Haha bro

    • Cole Merkley
      Cole Merkley Year ago

      My like button is black sooooooooo

  • Pizza Grease
    Pizza Grease Year ago

    I swear Jarvis has been a joke since the apology video to epic

  • F r i c k
    F r i c k Year ago +2

    A. not eat for 24 hours?
    B. not drink for 24 hours?
    "Have you ever had not, like have you ever had like,*not water*

  • Hollister Freeman
    Hollister Freeman 2 years ago

    You know Jarvis has to put on his Balenciaga for sommer

  • Jacob Pro
    Jacob Pro Year ago

    Make a meme when Jarvis is saying it's so hard and show a Sommer Ray

  • Dg_06
    Dg_06 2 years ago +379

    "Do you want to date Sommer or be unbanned in fortnite"
    Jarvis: "Yes."

  • Bdot.structure
    Bdot.structure Year ago

    Sommer: I do swallow Jarvis Brain: has a flashback to last night yea you do

  • Drahomira Konecna
    Drahomira Konecna Year ago +1

    bruh Frazier do be a savage thooo He really said Alex's head was DISGUSTANG lmao

  • pcwz_
    pcwz_ Year ago +1

    U can tell sommer thinks Jarvis is cute bc she was proper staring him down

  • Prima Murdock
    Prima Murdock Year ago +1

    This explains why sommeray seems so ditzy - she dropped out as a freshman!?! 😲😬

  • black monkey
    black monkey 2 years ago +213

    Jarvis typa guy to do retakes when the girl on top

  • ZoAcZ
    ZoAcZ Year ago

    4:50 Mission completed

  • Tidak Litty
    Tidak Litty Year ago

    It’s funny when sommer says”Alex I’ll eat your head”

  • M and N Nation
    M and N Nation Year ago +5

    I feel like If jarvis gets unbanned our w’s are endangered

  • Vrexx
    Vrexx 11 months ago +1

    Best ending ever.

  • Oscar Verduzco
    Oscar Verduzco 2 years ago +213

    I love how he is starting to act like a human being and ignore fortnite

    • ZeeVAL
      ZeeVAL 2 years ago

      @Hypershot your ruining the inside joke, just because hes hanging around a girl which you can never do doesn't means hes a "simp"

    • Erinda Sulovari
      Erinda Sulovari 2 years ago +1

      Im with you

    • Erick Valencia
      Erick Valencia 2 years ago +3

      Rczza 迪 i’ll simp for sommer ray any day no 🧢

    • mute
      mute 2 years ago +7

      NECRO SMASH you prolly use the word simp too much and out of context

    • VirtualBero
      VirtualBero 2 years ago +1

      Oscar Verduzco yo that’s soooo goddamn true

  • Moises Solano
    Moises Solano Year ago

    Teawap shouldn't have asked Sommer that question like Jarvis must have felt sad.

  • Zander Thegod3
    Zander Thegod3 Year ago

    When sommerray said she swallowed I laughed so hard

  • Xm5
    Xm5 11 months ago +1

    "i can teleport to mars bro"
    *shows Saturn*
    **intense breathing**

  • dscoboll
    dscoboll 2 years ago

    Technically (don't call me nerd) you can teleport at a fast rate making it look like your flying and not be fatigued after landing. So B. Teleport

  • Cash Langston
    Cash Langston 2 years ago +440

    Frazier: I would fly to Mars
    Shows picture of Saturn

    • Cash Langston
      Cash Langston 2 years ago

      Ian Rotheroe preach bro

    • Cash Langston
      Cash Langston 2 years ago +1

      I’m sorry I said fly instead of teleport geez

    • StechixM
      StechixM 2 years ago +1

      Glydes nasa has entered the chat

    • StechixM
      StechixM 2 years ago +1

      TeaWap big brain doe

    • Zerxcii
      Zerxcii 2 years ago +1

      Frazier: says teleport
      Brad Langston: fly

  • retr6
    retr6 2 years ago

    Bruh I fucking died when the so hard meme ce on 😂😂

  • Erickson BigEagle
    Erickson BigEagle 2 years ago +7

    Why would sommer go out with teawap

  • Pranksters
    Pranksters 2 years ago

    Liked it when teawap asks the question about getting back with your ex . He puts his own pic on sommer thinking that’s his ex .did anyone notice that ?

  • mossy
    mossy Year ago

    I’m pretty sure kay said “my ex hit me up after the breakup”😂😂

  • Trify
    Trify 2 years ago +124

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Faze Jarvis Making everyones day by posting a video :)

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G 2 years ago

      No cap

    • Brittany Arteaga
      Brittany Arteaga 2 years ago

      I know right

    • Excho
      Excho 2 years ago +1

      R3yT 5at sometimes happens, like when I comment it randomly puts 2 comments

    • R3yT
      R3yT 2 years ago +3

      U don’t have to post the same comments so many times

    • callme Jaydon
      callme Jaydon 2 years ago +1


  • Alfie Swift
    Alfie Swift 2 years ago

    Faze Kay: Says mars editor:shows Saturn

  • AncientFromYT
    AncientFromYT Year ago

    IT's funny how someone cried about getting banned on a video game..

  • Milo Bhatnagar
    Milo Bhatnagar Year ago

    : Jarvis “I’m gonna teleport to mars”
    : camera guy “shows picture of Saturn”

  • Dhaaib Hussain
    Dhaaib Hussain Year ago +1

    I honestly the "so hard" is the best meme for me LMAO