Doctor Who - Let's Kill Hitler - The Doctor meets Hitler

  • Published on Feb 23, 2016
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  • BeMostAsAll
    BeMostAsAll 11 days ago

    "Shut up Hitler " Lmao 3:01

  • Boris The Animal
    Boris The Animal 12 days ago

    Believe me...
    It was an accident.

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  • Rhayymnd Rhymhndhhooh

    Well, that didn't end up in a huge controversy didn't it?

  • Julia Naylor
    Julia Naylor Month ago

    Oops! Talk about interfering, in interfering, besides he killed himself. "Sit still, shut up. Shut up Hitler." Priceless. Imagine getting to say that.

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago


    -Rory Williams

  • Rahul Ravanan
    Rahul Ravanan 2 months ago


  • COMRADE Renegade
    COMRADE Renegade 2 months ago

    Yes the greatest punishment THE COUBOURD

  • Alani Perez
    Alani Perez 3 months ago

    doctor : the British are coming
    Me : just as planned

  • marshmallowbudgie
    marshmallowbudgie 4 months ago +1

    das war ein Befehl!!!

  • Lucas
    Lucas 4 months ago +1

    shUT uP HiTLer

  • Thomas Anjema
    Thomas Anjema 4 months ago

    shut up hitler

  • TCR biker
    TCR biker 4 months ago

    Damn that was a very good ep

  • Meg Kemp
    Meg Kemp 4 months ago

    'Shut up hitler' 🤣🤣😭

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith 4 months ago

    Imagine an episode where Hitler stole the Tardis and changed history

  • Cyka Blyat: The Movie
    Cyka Blyat: The Movie 4 months ago

    But isn’t World War II the whole reason why the world questioned what is right and wrong? Ik this sounds bad but if not for Hitler, lots of equality laws and the like wouldn’t of been made and we would be in the same Bureaucratic society like in 1910.

  • jakarta gamer
    jakarta gamer 4 months ago +2

    wow they literally missed the chance to use the luger, one of the most iconic weapons of all times
    instead they use the good old British revolver

  • Seb 2407
    Seb 2407 5 months ago

    Iv never seen so much bullshit.

  • AssAt_ life
    AssAt_ life 5 months ago +1

    I wonder what Steven Moffat was thinking with this one

  • Logan Godson
    Logan Godson 5 months ago

    Why do that to such a great man

  • Monsieur Tea Slurper
    Monsieur Tea Slurper 5 months ago

    2:49 Damn that must've been satisfying.

  • The One Whit Epik Skills

    Dat ending tho... 😂😂😂

    Hitler : who are you?
    *slams the door on his face*

  • Cedak RC
    Cedak RC 6 months ago

    Everybody gangsta til Hitler speaks english.

  • Cedak RC
    Cedak RC 6 months ago

    Everybody gangsta til Hitler speaks english.

  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername 6 months ago +1

    "but I am the Fuhrer!"

    no, you're a poor old man *laughs*

  • Ian Gardner
    Ian Gardner 6 months ago

    Wonder how Felicity Smoak from the Arrowverse would react if she saw him.

  • cyberwolfy37
    cyberwolfy37 6 months ago

    of all the crime and atrocity the doctor can never forgive himself for, this is probably in his top 5.

  • The Mr. Man
    The Mr. Man 6 months ago +1

    *_Stalin's wet dream to put him in the closet_*

  • Baked Beans
    Baked Beans 6 months ago

    he has chubby fingers lol

  • Anime Fangirl
    Anime Fangirl 6 months ago

    For an hundred year old alien, he really hated Hitler

  • Gaming Comics
    Gaming Comics 7 months ago

    2:48 who does he think he is? Captain America

  • AC
    AC 7 months ago

    I mean if you killed him then everything that’s happening in the world now would have never happened

  • Jon Ruff
    Jon Ruff 8 months ago

    Did anybody else say “Oh shit!” when he said “ I think you’ve just saved my life” ? 2:04

    • Jon Ruff
      Jon Ruff 5 months ago

      Doctor, Rory, and Amy did have that look on their faces

  • Jocelyn Lazarte
    Jocelyn Lazarte 8 months ago

    I thought hitler will be like this “GET OUT DUMKOPFS”

  • 재스민레이디
    재스민레이디 9 months ago

    hhhhhhhhh who're u hhhhhhh

  • CapitanoGUC
    CapitanoGUC 9 months ago

    why should anyone kill this nice guy who has saved Europe from communism ???

  • Frosty Frozone
    Frosty Frozone 9 months ago

    That's a bruh moment there

  • Christopher Ramsey
    Christopher Ramsey 9 months ago +3

    “I think he was going to kill me”
    *“Shut up Hitler”*

  • annabelle
    annabelle 9 months ago

    "shut up hitler" SKKKSSKKSKS

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master 10 months ago

    Shut up hitler

  • Piers Spicer
    Piers Spicer 10 months ago +2

    Men: speak
    Radical feminists: 3:02

  • Sheina T.
    Sheina T. 10 months ago

    Love this He is Soo confused

  • kyle lano
    kyle lano 10 months ago

    *I thought dis is a sci fi family friendly for kids episode thing*

  • MTheGrey
    MTheGrey 10 months ago

    So, Hitler only speaks English and his accent sounds like he lived 10 years in Germany but then moved to Britain?

  • anouk reumers
    anouk reumers 11 months ago

    They actually never let him out of the closet in the episode😂

  • I Forgot
    I Forgot 11 months ago +1


  • Davenport.
    Davenport. 11 months ago

    Man.... i REALLY hated the music during this era. Don't get why after Davies the soundtracks had to turn into Disneywho...

  • Kilnkin Fox
    Kilnkin Fox 11 months ago

    One time Rory saved the day....... Well done

  • Joky Bones
    Joky Bones 11 months ago

    Is the Series worth to watch?

  • Shelley Allan
    Shelley Allan Year ago

    Probably the worst thing the doctor has done

  • that one nice comment

    Hitler: thankyou who ever you are ..I think you have just saved my life
    Doctor: beleive me was an accident
    LOL I see what you did there

  • Trevor Humphrey
    Trevor Humphrey Year ago

    i’m kinda impressed that they portrayed Hitler as a human being, like yes he was AWFUL but he didn’t act stereotypically evil like a lot of other things have, evil people look and act the same for the most part, that’s why they’re dangerous

  • Samuel Laird
    Samuel Laird Year ago

    Fuck Hitla!!!!

  • S.M.A
    S.M.A Year ago

    Despite the episode being called let's kill hitler this is the only scene he's in

  • Blank
    Blank Year ago

    Don't you just hate it when you accidentally save Hitler?

  • Blue-Eyes White Swagg'n

    It took me till this morning to figure out Rory is Rip Hunter from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.
    This guy must really love time traveling...

  • Braedon Belair
    Braedon Belair Year ago

    Believe me. It was an accident

  • S3nS31cr1n93
    S3nS31cr1n93 Year ago

    Pewdiepie sneezes news companies shut up hitler

  • Androo 64
    Androo 64 Year ago

    So this what happens during the Kritzkreig?

  • no u
    no u Year ago

    When did this happen?!

    • Mr. Snarky
      Mr. Snarky Year ago

      It never happened, Schicklgruber. And it will all be over soon. *cocks 9mm pistol*

  • Niko T
    Niko T Year ago

    Why the hell a revolver, he would use a Mauser or Walther pistol.
    He also shoot six times the chambers are empty.