Huawei P30 Pro Teardown! - How does a 'Periscope Camera' work?

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • The Huawei P30 Pro has a pretty awesome Periscope camera on the back with 5 times optical zoom and 50 times digital zoom! The P30 Pro has some pretty intense hardware. Lets appreciate it from the inside. This is the tool kit I used:
    Taking apart the Huawei P30 Pro is easy enough. The whole thing is glued together. Like most smartphones these days. But with enough heat and gentle prying we can get the back cover off the P30 Pro and get access to the internals. Like the 4 rear cameras, internal battery, and underscreen fingerprint scanner.
    What do you think of the periscope camera? Should every manufacture add one?
    See the durability test of the Huawei P30 Pro Here:
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    Awesome Smartphone Tool Kit:
    LARGER tool kit:
    Green Pry tool:
    Metal phone opening tool:
    The camera I used to film this video:
    The Lens I used for this video:
    Wide angle lens:
    And this Metabones adapter:
    This is the drone I use:
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  • kawsar ahmad
    kawsar ahmad 16 hours ago

    This one waterproof??

    INFERNAL CARD 17 hours ago +1

    Is it 5 times or 50 times 🙄

  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson Day ago

    That's a great tear-down, thanks for doing it, love your calm voice too :) I wouldn't have the patience for anything like this.

  • Robo Virtuoso
    Robo Virtuoso 2 days ago +1

    The 5x zoom is not variable zoom, is it? That means, in most cases 2x zoom (anything >1x and

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    Lich 1969 3 days ago

    Love your videos
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    Md sumon 5 days ago

    Oppo reno 2 brand testing!

  • ConfusedSniper 2357
    ConfusedSniper 2357 6 days ago

    I would really love to see what would have happened when you opened the camera app and tried using the periscope zoom lense after you took it apart

  • al mantol
    al mantol 8 days ago

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  • Yannick Blurise
    Yannick Blurise 11 days ago

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  • Simple Chan
    Simple Chan 12 days ago

    Best phone ever by far....Exect the No Phone maybe...

  • Above the Clouds
    Above the Clouds 13 days ago

    I have the knock off, the p36 pro. It was a scam :(

  • Revanth Raj
    Revanth Raj 13 days ago

    Can I please get the internal picture of this mobile for my wallpaper? You started doing it a bit later. It'll be awesome if you can do that for me.

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    Zack is the funniest tech youtuber😂😂😂

  • The Foodie Geek
    The Foodie Geek 15 days ago

    Jerry's voice is so soothing. Should be considered ASMR lol. The tear-down was really interesting but the voice almost made me sleep. Anyway, another awesome video!

  • Jacqueline delving
    Jacqueline delving 16 days ago

    Nobody's gonna talk about my baby p30? Ok I see you you know how upset I am? P30 is sooo unrated man just like the iPhone 8 and 8plus some things your phone has you don't even know because nobody's reviewing about it.
    the p30 pro has wireless charging but does the p30 does see idk because nobody's talking about it!

  • Evan Leeson
    Evan Leeson 17 days ago

    Amazing. Thanks for the tour, and for putting my mind at ease after, like many others it seems, I put the SIM tool in the microphone.

  • Xander Cage
    Xander Cage 18 days ago

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    Amer Mohamad Ali 20 days ago

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    Paul Smith 21 day ago

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    Samsung A9 Pro 23 days ago

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  • CerealForProtein
    CerealForProtein 25 days ago

    Great phone hardware but trash OS with no possibility of rooting...what a shame

  • johnyboytown
    johnyboytown 25 days ago

    It's such a good phone. Always had iPhone, from 3g onwards. But decided to try android and the p30 pro for the camera. The phone is amazing. Makes me wonder if I should have dumped apple years ago.

  • Noman Haider
    Noman Haider 25 days ago

    just give me the phone lol, you killed it

  • Ali Akbar Faiz
    Ali Akbar Faiz 25 days ago

    jerry daily tasks include killing the phone then doing its post-mortem/autopsy and switching to next phone for same procedure

  • DR1FT M4ST3R
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  • Johny
    Johny 26 days ago

    *Apple for 4 years: we know have for the first time in smartphone hystory periscope camera.
    Huawei: i think we got that 4 years ago.
    Tommorow news: Apple is going to she huawei for copping their periscope camera technology!*

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    What will happen if you go to the camera app and try to switch to the 5x zoom camera without the camera installed?

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