Casting Metal in Kinetic Sand (Oddly Satisfying?)

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • Today we're seeing if we can successfully cast metal in bright colorful kinetic sand!
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Comments • 10 845

  • Gabby Brooke
    Gabby Brooke 13 hours ago

    What would happen if you added the burnt sand to the kinetic sand 😊

  • HEXX
    HEXX 18 hours ago

    Melt a bunch of candy (jolly ranchers) and make a giant hard candy sucker

  • #gamerules
    #gamerules 2 days ago

    Can u try getting a Beyblade brust and try to make it on fire while spinning it??

  • Thomas Cynor
    Thomas Cynor 2 days ago

    You should try putting gallium in liquid nitrogen and then smashing it with a hammer

  • Jor Scarlett
    Jor Scarlett 2 days ago

    Can you guys mix kinetic same with liquid nitrogen

  • Olly Van der Horgan
    Olly Van der Horgan 3 days ago

    Can you melt magnetic sand

  • sairam babu
    sairam babu 4 days ago

    Mix luminol with kmno4 and a catalyst

  • Kimberly Cline
    Kimberly Cline 5 days ago +1

    You should see what happens when you burn Yelles

  • Johnnie Hoffman
    Johnnie Hoffman 6 days ago

    Can you turn a car window into a magnifying glass

  • Archit S
    Archit S 6 days ago

    Can u test what happens if we try to combine molten magnet with copper and acid

  • Blake Kiddy
    Blake Kiddy 6 days ago +1

    I wonder that sand can you make it as hard as like cement or so giving it more durability, more hard state vs it's sandy stick together/pull apart ways but a strong hard to break brink or so.


    Can you do kinetic liquid sand

  • Ben Lyon
    Ben Lyon 7 days ago

    And i oop

  • TechX _YT
    TechX _YT 8 days ago

    Your So bad at pouring

  • Cat Craft
    Cat Craft 9 days ago

    Hey nate! You know when you drop a small amount of liquid from a height it turns into a perfect sphere? Well using this principle you could make little balls of metal e.g gallium (because of the low melting point) by dropping small quantities of the molten metal into a deep vat of water. You could also try it with glass and make marbles.

  • Todd Bender
    Todd Bender 9 days ago

    mix different metals together for example copper and iron

  • Ben Du
    Ben Du 10 days ago

    7:30 he poured it on the side 7:42 he said it spilled over

  • TOVG
    TOVG 11 days ago

    What about liquid nitrogen and liquid salt in kinetic sand

  • lps inky
    lps inky 12 days ago

    Make a light light up with a pickle

  • Luke Behlmann
    Luke Behlmann 12 days ago

    Can you melt a frying pan 🤔

  • Anime Lover4life
    Anime Lover4life 13 days ago

    Use slime to cast metal, please.

  • MagicatForest 12579
    MagicatForest 12579 15 days ago

    Gallium is just a liquid mirror.

  • Elyk Son of kyle
    Elyk Son of kyle 15 days ago


  • Faheem khan
    Faheem khan 16 days ago

    Try to melt magnetic balls

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 18 days ago

    Use clay!!!!

  • Harmony Lane
    Harmony Lane 19 days ago

    You should try to mix oblek with gallium and ignite it

    NOUB KING 20 days ago

    Can you make a vid of "How to increase internal storage of cellphone"

  • Snee Sister's
    Snee Sister's 22 days ago

    He looks like pewdiepie when you have glasses on
    Like if u agree

  • Soumyadeep Borthakur
    Soumyadeep Borthakur 23 days ago

    Cast gallium in baking soda and super glue

  • Animal Tales 27
    Animal Tales 27 24 days ago

    You guys do some of the coolest experiments!

  • linsy jackson
    linsy jackson 25 days ago

    can you turn maple drops or heath bars into cotton candy?

  • Just Kapt
    Just Kapt 27 days ago

    Can u melt sand

  • Aaryan Nair
    Aaryan Nair 29 days ago +2

    What happens when you cool a mixture of liquid metal and slime

    SUPER GIRL Month ago

    Can you guys freeze liquid metal and then leave it in hot water.

  • Mustafa AliBaig
    Mustafa AliBaig Month ago

    What happen when you mix super glue with lubricants
    Can you do the experiment of SUPER GLUE with
    1) Engine oil
    2) Petrol
    3) Diesel
    Or other lubricants

  • sceptic
    sceptic Month ago

    Can u make clouds indoors

  • Noelle Larocque
    Noelle Larocque Month ago

    Could you try making Buckley's cold and sines cotton candy?

  • Manogna Parupudi
    Manogna Parupudi Month ago

    Can you light kinetic sand and proto putty on fire.

  • Winter Wings
    Winter Wings Month ago +1

    Hey... What if you take a egg and cool it in liquid nitrogen and then heat it up again? Will it keep it's shape or will it bust

  • Johnny Buchanan
    Johnny Buchanan Month ago +1

    Can you make kinetic sand and if so a lot and make a life size sand castle with it

  • Johnny Buchanan
    Johnny Buchanan Month ago +1

    How high can you build kinetic sand before it falls down

  • It'sMe! MZ
    It'sMe! MZ Month ago +1

    Try to make liquid sand with kinetic sand!

  • Lovely Talay
    Lovely Talay Month ago

    Can you guys try to melt a magnet with metal

  • Chiew Joshua
    Chiew Joshua Month ago

    Can u try to put kinetic sand in lava?

  • CONCEPT by Harsh
    CONCEPT by Harsh Month ago

    can you take liquid nitrogen in a bottle with hot water and see what happens then

    • Paola R
      Paola R Month ago +1

      CONCEPT by Harsh uhh he passed away

  • Umaiyah Raziq
    Umaiyah Raziq Month ago


  • Brandy Ives
    Brandy Ives Month ago

    You should definitely try casting with magnetic sand

  • Shaqueer Jenkins
    Shaqueer Jenkins Month ago

    Can you Cast Barbie dolls or plastic

  • Shaqueer Jenkins
    Shaqueer Jenkins Month ago

    Where do you buy gallium

  • It's your Girl jayla

    What happens when you burn a slush

  • A W o K e n
    A W o K e n Month ago +2

    Oh he ded

  • Mehul Darshni
    Mehul Darshni Month ago

    Anthill art

  • A Good Doggo Who Totally Deserves Treats

    Can you mix Kinetic Sand with different slimes?

  • ROunD The CloaK
    ROunD The CloaK Month ago

    totally rubbish

  • chris tube gaming
    chris tube gaming Month ago +3

    He said small barrier lol I saw him clearly poured it there

  • Wyatt Baker
    Wyatt Baker 2 months ago

    You should try to boil and freeze paint

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor 2 months ago


  • David tay
    David tay 2 months ago +1

    plz make this happen
    what happen if you cast knife from soldering wire (that used for soldering circuits

  • Balian Kiggell
    Balian Kiggell 2 months ago

    I watched this video while playing with kinetic sand

  • Kara Born
    Kara Born 2 months ago

    The TKOR logo...thing should have been backwards on the press...thing.