BOUNCE JUMPING MY HORSE, NO HANDS WITH WINE ~ Don't try this at home | Equestrian Vlogmas Day 1

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021

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    I think I've said it all in the title... I have decided to start vlogmas off with a bang and see if it is possible to do a line of bounces on Jam, whilst holding a glass of warm mulled wine. You will see by the state of my outfit that it is not.

    I hope you enjoy this video guys and the whole vlogmas series. See you in two days time!

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Comments • 295

  • Lydia Parnell

    Don’t think anyone is going to beat your vlogmas this year😂 can’t believe it is vlogmas 2021 already!!😍

  • Sian Rodgers

    Pete getting roped into this madness is fantastic. Poor naieve man 🤣

  • Souders
    Souders  +29

    The little “I’ve lost my orange” 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍 well done Meg!

  • Gig Racer
    Gig Racer  +73

    OMG Pete laying an egg 🤣🤣🤣. He’s a very good sport! Your mulled wine recipe was rather Nigella-esque too 🤣. Enjoyed the vlog immensely!

  • Emily Bamford

    Alternative title: tye dying my white shirt and polar bear! 😂 So glad Vlogmas has begun, I love your vlogs and what's better than lots of vlogs and Xmas fun! Have a good December Meg, Hobbit, Pete and ponies 🎄

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca  +51

    You don’t understand how happy this made me! This will be the first vlogmas that I’m watching along with when it’s being posted and now watching it 2 years after it was haha!

  • Avery Brown

    Keepin us entertained through December!

  • Jan L
    Jan L  +12

    Great start to vlogmas, Pete was a superstar to get involved and Hobbit was adorable as always. Jammy was a superduper pony even if she did get a bit splattered! Lol brilliant Meg xxx

  • Jorja
    Jorja  +28

    literally cant believe its already time for vlogmas 2021🤯🤩

  • Vikki Neish

    Brilliant I started laughing the second it started!! Jam Bam is the most epic pony ever. Can’t wait for the next 14 xx

  • xGingAR93x

    Yesss Vlogmas! Best time of the year!! 🙌🏻🥰🎅🏻🎄❄️

  • Elessarion30

    Well that new pony at the end looks a bit different to the ones you already have but I think he's got a pretty good jump. Reckon he can get round Badminton despite only having 2 legs?

  • DD_ Equestrian

    Been waiting for this all day! Can't even express my excitement!!!

  • Jessica Shaw

    Yesss vlogmas 2021 lets go!! You don't know how excited I am to watch them all! These vlogs make my December so much better!

  • Heather Radford

    O how I needed a good laugh and u didn't disappoint 😂😂😂. Well done to Jam as she's such a cutie. Hobbit had me giggling too as did Pete ha ha xx

  • Andrea Olle

    Glad you explained the jods situation. I did think they looked a little less flattering than usual 😂😂 Amazing video, can't wait for the next one xx

  • Anna Doyle

    Love vlogmas and can’t wait for the 14 more videos! Pete is very funny and makes a great addition to vlogmas! Your poor washing machine!! 🤣🤣

  • anubisblueNK

    LMAO Jammy is such a good pony. So much fun to watch. Thank you! x

  • Annabel Chandler

    Thank you for the quality content! Can’t wait for the next few weeks 😂 We ALL love watching someone of any age spill wine over themselves. The turkey can jump! Who knew 👏👍🏻

  • Chloe Wild

    That made me laugh so hard 🤣 😂 😆 well done Meg and Jam. I wonder if the wine will stain your clothes or not 😄 can't wait for the other 14 videos and I can't imagine how crazy the other videos will be 🤣 it will definitely keep me entertained throughout December 😊