TurboJet Powered Scooter-IT'S ALIVE

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • The Jet is alive and sounds and looks AMAZING!!
    So the turbo is at fastturbo to get some new seals n bearings then once back I need to try work out how to afterburner this bad boy.
    Stay tuned Subscribe as it will return with more noise n heat and hopefully more speed.
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    The Track is called "Where did I go Wrong" by "Old Glory"
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  10 months ago +1684

    Boom we have lift off, so just a rebuild then its AFTERBURNER time and hopefully some more speed. Stay tuned and subscribe to keep posted about this brilliant project.

    • Mark Peel
      Mark Peel 9 days ago

      whats the link to the afterburner scooter? you're the inspiration of a generation, don't stop what you're doing!!

    • default boi
      default boi 13 days ago

      Dude. Afterburner. Do it.

    • Marcus Nouwens
      Marcus Nouwens 17 days ago

      Where is the after burner?!!

    • KnifeKnut
      KnifeKnut 27 days ago

      Subscribed, but still waiting on the afterburner. And Please wear a helmet. It would be terrible if your youtube career was cut short by simply not wearing a helmet.

  • Sam Bortowski
    Sam Bortowski 3 hours ago

    Hi, I'm your fan, could you give me a hint? How do I make a propeller to give me just a little force at the time of the jump? Call of duty style.

  • Donovan Parmeter
    Donovan Parmeter 18 hours ago

    I think the front of the turbo needs a bell mouth to help with the airflow in to it. I believe it might help a little with the thrust. Even when a military jet engine is ran for operational checks uninstalled in an aircraft a bellmouth is installed on the front.

  • mister nobody, pour vous servir.

    I think the reason why the Aliens never come to our planet is because they are afraid of Colin and what he can do to them XD

  • ProPlayz 1234
    ProPlayz 1234 Day ago

    You should put a afterburner

  • Nithin Danday
    Nithin Danday 2 days ago +1

    Needs a reverse thrust system

  • nicholas cuss
    nicholas cuss 5 days ago

    Crash helmet?

  • Вася Котов
    Вася Котов 8 days ago

    This one will be better thexvid.com/video/_O4mw0OMukE/video.html

  • Ko La
    Ko La 9 days ago

    kids dont ever try this at home

  • Magnus Hederstjerna
    Magnus Hederstjerna 10 days ago

    How much extension-cord?

  • 907Adventures
    907Adventures 10 days ago +2

    I am ready for the next video! where's this afterburner???

  • usernamelane1986
    usernamelane1986 13 days ago

    I love this ch!

  • Frederick Burger
    Frederick Burger 14 days ago

    No helmet, proper clothing and a gas bottle between your legs. What can go wrong.

  • Pocket Pot
    Pocket Pot 14 days ago

    U should be a mechanic

  • Леонид Агарков


  • Fred Flynstone
    Fred Flynstone 17 days ago +1

    needs after burners bro

  • Redneck Mechanics
    Redneck Mechanics 17 days ago

    Hey colin, you are aware that in a normal application these turbos run 4 bars of oil pressure.

  • Uk Vary
    Uk Vary 17 days ago

    Good idea

  • Southron Jr
    Southron Jr 18 days ago

    Now, how about you build a geared turbine to power a ATV or motorcycle? If you could gear it trough a gearbox that would be even better.

  • Vani Kalapčiev
    Vani Kalapčiev 18 days ago

    I really want to have your playlist :)

    THE_ TECHNOIST 19 days ago

    Why do you not wear a crash helmet??? Seriously

  • Daniel Middleton
    Daniel Middleton 19 days ago

    Why don't you have a bash at actually making your own compression blades and housing instead of the turbo, then you don't have to try and pull minimal thrust out of a huge inefficient lump of metal?

  • Shiveer Moodley
    Shiveer Moodley 19 days ago

    Make a jet go-kart

  • joshua smith
    joshua smith 19 days ago

    At being a cow lol

  • Austin Hobizal
    Austin Hobizal 21 day ago

    Your fucking Hilarious bro I love your videos thank you for them!

  • Dontasme Eydidnudoit

    That socialized heath care works wonders..Why do republicans in America hate it..OH I know it helps all Americans not just the wealthy..The morons..

  • pandarama67
    pandarama67 23 days ago

    Colin, I don't know what you do with all of your finished creations but I imagine you have created and collected quite a number. My suggestion would be to open the museum of Colinfurze. Where you keep all of your gadgets and creative goodies for people to see on display. I think there interesting and people would love to see them.

  • KLASS podcast
    KLASS podcast 24 days ago

    glad to see he had his safety tie on lol

  • Garry G
    Garry G 25 days ago

    Hmm what would happen if your tie got sucked into that turbo.. just sayin

  • Nikhil Gopale
    Nikhil Gopale 27 days ago

    Madness show innovation

  • Dániel Deák
    Dániel Deák 27 days ago +4

    This guy is like an ork from Warhammer 40k.
    He builds stuff that are basically suicide machines, yet he lives.

  • Just Russ
    Just Russ 27 days ago

    your awesome, ask your mom if I can play at your house !!

  • Joseph Woodall
    Joseph Woodall 27 days ago

    Great stuff

  • Ravi Sanghvi
    Ravi Sanghvi 28 days ago +1

    Did I mention?
    Colin Furze is a genius!

  • Danyal Hussain
    Danyal Hussain 28 days ago

    Put a bigger Turbo and see how fast it goes.

  • Richard Ervin
    Richard Ervin 28 days ago

    i like your videos, but could you make the voice audio louder than the music..

    VISHWA MARTUR 28 days ago

    How km and mileage price make video on it

  • Ja va
    Ja va 29 days ago

    So a jet engine usually is connected to a large fan that produces the thrust. The jet engine spins that fan. Why is he relying soley on the engine for thrust?

    • MRBC G
      MRBC G 29 days ago

      the flame tube gets in the way, planes use a different type of jet engine and making a fan and duct is probably harder than making the entire rest of the machine.
      if you are interested in jet engines then i recommend the channel "AgentJayZ"
      Link- thexvid.com/user/AgentJayZ

  • Richard Joyce
    Richard Joyce 29 days ago

    A bee and and cow

  • Shubham Katiyar
    Shubham Katiyar 29 days ago

    Abey engine zyada garam ho gya to gaand me aag lag jayegi

  • Ez Zee
    Ez Zee 29 days ago +1

    You are a nutter but I mean that in a good way. Your vision and engineering and mechanical skills are something special. Well done and extremely enjoyable to watch.

  • Shevron Bartholomew
    Shevron Bartholomew 29 days ago

    Is anyone here because of fitment industries?

  • Frank Mendoza
    Frank Mendoza 29 days ago

    Stay safe

  • Natalicio Viana
    Natalicio Viana 29 days ago

    Sem nenhuma proteção, tá maluco kkkkk

  • derek davis
    derek davis 29 days ago

    wear a damn helmet for fuck sake!

  • derek davis
    derek davis 29 days ago +3

    love your videos! please turn the volume of the music down! lol

  • Sokpheap Thorn
    Sokpheap Thorn 29 days ago


  • plunder1956
    plunder1956 Month ago

    So - what did the new turbo come from? A truck or a very serious car?
    Secondly - have you considered building something like a home central heating system based on this technology.

  • james dolph
    james dolph Month ago

    what ever did you do with the hover bike??? more videos on the hover bike

  • 1992djg
    1992djg Month ago

    Moar fast pls

  • DoctorDarts
    DoctorDarts Month ago

    Did You ever get round to making the afterburner?

  • Udhayakumar R
    Udhayakumar R Month ago +1

    What if he plans to rest his bud for a moment 😂 when riding

  • mughal electro lite

    تیری پین دی سری گورے

  • 1984GW
    1984GW Month ago

    at 3:28 listen at the pee wee Herman ahhha!!

  • fit boy
    fit boy Month ago

    Omg ,this exactly why people do not try this at home

  • gamers world and racers

    Awesome man booooooooooommmmmm

  • koko max
    koko max Month ago

    Nice turbo

  • Nikhil Rasal
    Nikhil Rasal Month ago +2

    That crazy man totally amazing ✨✨

  • Saket Soni
    Saket Soni Month ago

    Supper maza aa gaya

  • DJ Onex
    DJ Onex Month ago

    Next project, add an afterburner >w>

  • Param Singh
    Param Singh Month ago

    2 things are missing. Helmet for your face and a seat for your base

  • Khánh Phạm
    Khánh Phạm Month ago

    Hâm mộ anh quá

    NINJA SUMAN Month ago

    You are my boss

  • Sebas Sanchez C-137
    Sebas Sanchez C-137 Month ago +1


  • chuy Rush
    chuy Rush Month ago

    De lujo esos videos, de lujo 👌

  • Jaffer M.
    Jaffer M. Month ago

    It seems to maintain its self at being a cow

  • prima gama
    prima gama Month ago

    We like turbo,

  • Munna Sultan
    Munna Sultan Month ago

    বাইঞ্চুদ 😂😂😮😮😮

  • berbagi ilmu
    berbagi ilmu Month ago

    Pinter di Segala bidang 👌👌

  • br60066
    br60066 Month ago

    If you look at about 0:45 you can see a pipe line running to the exhaust via a solenoid valve. Looks like its going in to some form of injector in the exhaust. Looks like he was playing with after burner the idea for a while so hopefully we see the final version soon.

  • Odeo
    Odeo Month ago +1

    hey can you put a #3 in the title so youtube auto plays it after part 2

  • daniyo Paul
    daniyo Paul Month ago

    Safety first bro

  • World Cricket
    World Cricket Month ago

    You made a 🛫🛬✈️
    But forgot to install a shit....Lol

  • Kevin Galindez
    Kevin Galindez Month ago

    Se cargó fundiendo

  • Andrei Preda
    Andrei Preda Month ago