TurboJet Powered Scooter-IT'S ALIVE

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • The Jet is alive and sounds and looks AMAZING!!
    So the turbo is at fastturbo to get some new seals n bearings then once back I need to try work out how to afterburner this bad boy.
    Stay tuned Subscribe as it will return with more noise n heat and hopefully more speed.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Year ago +1795

    Boom we have lift off, so just a rebuild then its AFTERBURNER time and hopefully some more speed. Stay tuned and subscribe to keep posted about this brilliant project.

    • metalhed411
      metalhed411 18 hours ago

      Hey so uh... Yeah... Did u ever make the afterburner for the jet scooter???

    • Faisal Swvl
      Faisal Swvl 9 days ago

      03410222415 Faisal

    • Ludwig Ludwig
      Ludwig Ludwig 28 days ago

      With 10 bar fuel pressure you can fly. You need more pressure.

    • Mark Peel
      Mark Peel 4 months ago +1

      whats the link to the afterburner scooter? you're the inspiration of a generation, don't stop what you're doing!!

  • Savneet Singh rai rai
    Savneet Singh rai rai 3 minutes ago

    Thats why turbos reach 100000rpm sound is too good like a jet enginez

  • Travelioso
    Travelioso 11 hours ago

    You may try with cat 175-20 turbo, which could boost 6000cfm air

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks 16 hours ago

    Colin is crazy .., lol.. awesome job man

  • metalhed411
    metalhed411 18 hours ago

    So yeah uhm... 1 year later and Did u ever make the aftetburner?????

  • Fellype YouXwallet forex Reis

    coloca asas vai fica bom de mais

  • mali carter
    mali carter Day ago

    You like walking on the wild and dangerous side. Don’t you?

  • chris ALAS
    chris ALAS Day ago

    Beautiful 👍

  • Mr Baghdadi
    Mr Baghdadi Day ago

    crazy man-you are amazing

  • Tony Melo
    Tony Melo 2 days ago

    You boning your thrust trike made me sub. Well done.

  • cazadores del desierto cd.Juarez

    Exelente video

  • Confused Cactus75
    Confused Cactus75 3 days ago

    If you could increase the inlet flow you would get so much more thrust, something like a diverging duct that pokes out into the clean air rather than the the current inlet position that has you and the scooter in front of it.
    Also, plus one for after burner!

    MOTOCKOT 3 days ago

    если турбину разорвёт ошмётки воткнутся прямо в задницу

    SIRPUCK 4 days ago

    Hey Colin I’m sure we are equally equipped but you are sooooo much more amazing than me. Can you thrust thrust my wife for me

  • Skittif
    Skittif 5 days ago +2

    If he ever falls over on that.

    hes litteraly gonna explode

  • David91
    David91 5 days ago

    still waiting for the afterburner...

  • none none
    none none 8 days ago

    you are the dude who gonna do this. 8 pod copter for 1-2. each pod has 2 props on top each other. you have 2 flight systems. 8 battery systems. and 4 gps. failure isn't an option. 90 minutes flight time with top speed 70-80 mph.

  • bitterman co
    bitterman co 8 days ago

    Doing that without so much as a helmet is pretty reckless and stupid

  • Денис Коновалов

    А это безопасно,,, не не думаю

  • Mohd Azlyshah
    Mohd Azlyshah 9 days ago

    Kenapa anggap aku sebagai nama mahadhir norma........nama aku mengikut kad pengenalan ialah azly Shah bukan mahadhir norma......

  • Grayson Virtue
    Grayson Virtue 9 days ago +1

    Love you man, but wear a helmet. you've got kids now my dude

  • Mick
    Mick 10 days ago +2

    When are you going to build the afterburner for the scooter?.

  • Ken
    Ken 10 days ago

    i am a Aircraft mechanic and this thing is better than what we make in our projects.....

  • Юра Коробков


  • ricky christmas
    ricky christmas 10 days ago

    just dont hit nuthin

  • BK42 Channel
    BK42 Channel 11 days ago


  • Reble Deadpool
    Reble Deadpool 11 days ago

    Wonder how the after burner turned out

  • Copacetic
    Copacetic 11 days ago

    It's literally a bomb on wheels you could not pay me enough money to get on that thing👎❗

  • Peter Perfik
    Peter Perfik 12 days ago

    No flame retarded outfit - No skid lid on any vid when you test - them some massive balls dude lol

  • george waite
    george waite 13 days ago

    Yo may want to alter the rake on the steering castor angle as it becomes more critical as the speed rises. You may eventually hit "flutter" speed and experience what us older motorcyclsts would call a "tank slapper" I have also had it on a bicycle in a downhill race.

  • Gadgets Playzone
    Gadgets Playzone 13 days ago

    Man why this guy has not 100 million subscribers? He is more deserving, instead of garbage puediepai who just sit in front of camera and talk garbage..

  • edgotbait
    edgotbait 13 days ago +1

    I just love how you never wear a safety helmet

  • Baby Farks makeezacks
    Baby Farks makeezacks 13 days ago

    The oil gauge 🤣

  • Андрей Чепуров

    Хрень, да и только...

  • Мельников Евгений


  • Али Тологлы
    Али Тологлы 14 days ago

    Крутой далбаеб

  • Nectarine Production
    Nectarine Production 14 days ago

    Its just spitting oil everywhere when it stats XD

  • Max fébrile
    Max fébrile 14 days ago

    Sory my English is very bad .. you are a genius man !!! Y like your video !!!

  • Nathan B Ring
    Nathan B Ring 15 days ago

    Death has been waiting for you for to long now.

  • Andreas Koumides
    Andreas Koumides 15 days ago +2

    What ever happened to building an afterburner for this thing?

  • Leon Arkwing
    Leon Arkwing 15 days ago

    THAT is NOT a scooter.... that is a homemade MOTORCYCLE XD

  • Шилов Алексей

    Прикольные вещи делаешь!!!

  • #urAVERAGEbro
    #urAVERAGEbro 15 days ago


  • Ubay_ yOmanO
    Ubay_ yOmanO 16 days ago

    Good job 😁💞💞💞💞

  • Ubay_ yOmanO
    Ubay_ yOmanO 16 days ago


  • all the boost
    all the boost 16 days ago

    Turbo chargers that are on engines only need a dribble of oil... long as it's there and clean and cool. that's all that matters but since you're using it as a jet and pumping tons of heat through it. you probably want as much oil as possible without blowing the seals... so that's a tough call.

  • dark vision
    dark vision 16 days ago +1

    1:05 fucking his own invention 🤣

  • Dipak Singh
    Dipak Singh 16 days ago

    Brother use HELMET on your head

  • Ростислав Харченко


  • Jamie Wright
    Jamie Wright 17 days ago

    The brit from what I c likes it doggy style lol

  • Владимир Цариков

    Ты убил турбину от рено магнум

  • Расул Алиханов

    Приветствую всех .чувак галстук нельзя снять

  • Алексей Степанов

    Приветствую всех любителей турбо-реактивной тяги! Стартуем

  • Kieran Donnelly
    Kieran Donnelly 19 days ago

    You are such a dangerous human being, I love it!

  • Плехычъ
    Плехычъ 19 days ago

    Сумасшедший мужик!

  • Colonel Senders
    Colonel Senders 20 days ago


  • Fayçal Fayçal
    Fayçal Fayçal 20 days ago

    I think that you are a crazy man but i like you

  • Singha Nanta
    Singha Nanta 20 days ago

    This man he forgotten to die??!!

  • Chuck Philpot
    Chuck Philpot 22 days ago

    Wearing a tie working with a jet engine. Seems intelligent. Lol

  • Aus Merzer
    Aus Merzer 23 days ago

    привет всем любителям турбореактивной тяги